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As a hotel employee, what is the wildest thing you

ever caught a customer doing at your hotel?

Customers can be really unpredictable sometimes. And while most times, as
management, we might shrug our shoulders and say in an emotional huff,
“unbelievable.” This customer incident however, is really wild & unbelievable (but true.)

One morning, I get a call from the Housekeeping Manager and told me one of the room
attendants found something unusual in a checked out room and asked me to meet her in
the room.

What we found was unusual and concerning. It was a pair of work boots and a hotel
engineer’s uniform. The shirt had the employee name and hotel name sewn on the front
so we knew who it belonged to.

SO many questions! Where to start. How? Why would an employee sneak into a
registered room and then leave his uniform and work boots in it? Was something going
on between the guest and Engineer? How does the guest (a man attending a conference)
figure into this? WHAT THE HECK???

My first thought is to call the Engineer at home and ask him point blank why he was in a
guest room and why did he leave his uniform behind? The employee (a real nice guy,
never in trouble) denied being in the room or knowing anything about why his uniform
and boots were in the room. Dead end.

Next, I called the overnight manager at home and asked him if he knew anything about
this or if anything unusual happened during the night. He said he did not know anything
about it and told me it was a pretty quiet night. He just had a guest in the middle of the
night asking for a duplicate room key. “What time was that?” I asked. He replied around
2 am. “Ok” I thought. “That’s not unusual for a guest to ask for another key.” He offered
no additional information as far as I remember. Again, dead end.

Well, I had to check out every theory I could think of which was not many. I started with
a lock interrogation on the guest room door lock and found that the guest had entered
his room in the middle of the night around 2 am. Now I had a connection, the time a
guest key was made and issued and the time the guest entered his room, both around
2am. It was reasonable to deduct that the guest the overnight manager made a key for is
the same guest with the uniform in the room. But how and when did this guest get that
uniform? Why was it in his room? I decided to start with watching security camera
footage. If I could spot the guest entering the hotel or roaming around the public areas
just before the time the lock interrogation had him opening his door, perhaps some light
would be shed on the mystery. Did this guy steal a uniform in the middle of the night
and attempt to enter another guest room? That would be to say the least, bad.

I viewed the front desk camera video first, the one that faces the front desk. Because the
camera faces the front desk, I cannot see the front side of the guest, only their back. As
the guest stands at the front desk, I observe the manager conversing with a guest. OK,
this is the guest the manager told me about, getting a room key.

The manager makes a room key, hands it to the man, and the man leaves the desk
towards the guest elevators. The lobby camera was our worst camera and I could not
make out the face or what he was wearing. I went back to the front desk cameras but this
time, I reviewed the cameras that face the guests. Those are high resolution cameras so I
could see details. The guest getting a room key was WEARING the Engineers uniform.
That’s the guy! But that doesn’t explain anything and in fact, leads to the question, “Why
on Earth is he wearing an employee uniform?” Where did he even come from wearing
it? Next, I reviewed the footage in reverse so I could see him entering the lobby and this
is where it really gets weird. He entered the lobby from outside. SO many questions
now. WHY was he outside, without a jacket in the middle of a Chicago winter, and why
was he getting a room key, and why the heck was he wearing an employee Engineer’s
uniform? Where did he even get it?

At this point, I spent at least the next six hours or so reviewing about 30 different
cameras, in reverse mode. To find where that guest came from, I had to run the videos
backwards to backtrack his movements.

Starting from when he approached the front desk, I reversed it to when he entered the
building. One of the exterior cameras showed him walking towards the front door from
down the block. That didn’t make ANY sense. Why would a hotel guest be outside, in the
middle of winter, without a jacket, in the middle of the night, casually walking from
down the street?

I reviewed all exterior building cameras to see if I could see him. There was an alley
camera on the opposite side of the hotel entrance and it faced an exterior door and it
also showed most of the alley. It was dark but I could see a figure walking away from the
camera. Watching it reverse, that means he came from the dark alley. Is this the same
guy or just some random person walking down the alley at 2am?

As the footage ran in reverse, I can see it is the same guest. Man! this guy must have
been on drugs AND alcohol! Why was a guest in a dark cold alley in the middle of the
Chicago night wearing an employee uniform?

As I continued to watch, the camera showed him exiting from the building through that
door. As he stepped out from the building into the alley, he stepped too far. He turns
around and attempts to get back inside but the exit door closes and he is once again,
locked out for the second time that night. Ahha! This explains why he came into the
building from outside. He went out the alley door, got locked out, walked down the alley,
around the block to the street where the entrance was located, and walked back into the

But how and why was he wearing the uniform???? How did he even get it? Why did he
step outside? This is where it gets really interesting.
Again reviewing various camera footage, I find him exit from one of the non-public
(employee), back of house service elevators, walk down the hall and out a door to the
alley (that is when I saw him step out and the door shut behind him.) Well that
shouldn’t be…guests don’t use back of the house service elevators. More questions….
How and Why was he in the employee service elevator and where did he come from to
get on the elevator?

At this point, I really became concerned. Here is a strange guest, in the middle of the
night, who appears to have stolen an employee uniform, roaming around the back of the
house and probably the guest room floors but with no cameras on the guest floors, I
can’t tell what he is doing or where he came from. It would not surprise me that
criminals roam guest floors and check for doors that did not close all the way (always
double bolt your doors people!) Once they find a door not closed all the way, they have
complete access to the room, the guest property, and the guest. OMG! I could have a
guest in her/his room right now who was attacked or dead. Great!

I started watching all the back-of-house camera footage to see if I could spot him
wandering around and sure enough, I find him at the paint shop door, pulling at it to get
in. The shop is located in the top basement or basement #1. The property has two
basements. If you end up in the lower basement (#2B) and step out of the elevator, you
can get lost fairly quickly. If you walk down some stairs, you’re in the boiler room and
lost for good (figuratively speaking,) So what the…????

Continuing to reverse the footage, I see him exit the service elevator. This is when he
walked to the paint shop. Reversing some more, I see the elevator door open and close a
few times over a few minutes and this guy sticking his head out, looking around and the
doors closing. At some point, he exited and wandered and found the paint shop.

I then had to watch internal video cameras to see if I could spot him entering the service
elevator (and this part took a long time). I viewed every security video and kept
rewinding to see if I could spot him, anywhere. Nothing. He was gone. I lost him. From
the point he leaves the paint shop door and reenters the elevator, I can’t find him.
Where was he before ending up in the basement?

And then I spot him! He is sticking his head out of the service elevator on the first floor,
just down the hall from that alley door and looking around. And then…

And then (as I watch in reverse) I see him step out of the elevator…in his underwear! No
shirt, no pants, no shoes. Just underwear.

OK, so now I really need to know, what the F*** is going on??? Why is this guest riding
the service elevator in his underwear?

He looks around and quickly steps back into the elevator. Next video I find is him in the
lower basement, stepping out of the elevator in his underwear. He steps out. Elevator
doors close behind him. He disappears into a stairwell.
NOW I understand what happened. This guy experienced everyone’s worst hotel

Man wakes up in middle of the night in a very dark hotel room. He needs to use the
bathroom. As he gets out of bed in his sleepy state (perhaps a bit intoxicated), he comes
upon two doors, one is the bathroom, the other, the hallway. Being mostly asleep, he
goes through the wrong door, ends up in the hallway in his underwear, with no room
key in hand, as his door shuts behind him. Wrong choice of doors. There are no cameras
on the guest floor nor is there a hallway house phone.

Still mostly asleep and in a state of confusion, he walks right past the guest elevators
around the corner and down the hall when he reaches the two service elevators (there is
no door to where the service elevators are located). He calls for the elevator, steps in,
and presses “1” thinking he is taking the guest elevator to the lobby only it’s not the
lobby where he ends up. It is the first floor back of house. Now his nightmare begins.
Next he presses the “1B” button in the elevator and ends up in the basement.

He is lost in the first basement of a 100 year old building in his underwear (no shoes)
and nobody to ask for help. Not being familiar with what any of the hallways look like
and not understanding why the elevator stopped in the basement, he doesn’t know
where he is or how to get out of his dilemma. He steps out of the service elevator and
walks into the stairwell but he goes down the stairs to basement 2B, the second
basement where he finds the locker room for the building Engineers which is how and
why he was wearing the employee/Engineering uniform and boots.

This poor guy wandered around a deserted building like a mouse in a maze. Coming
upon locked doors, doors locking him out, stuck outside in the middle of a Chicago
winter with no coat and being unfamiliar with the surroundings. Not to mention he
started off in only his underwear.

But there was one more question that was unanswered and if you have ever worked at a
hotel front desk, you probably picked up on it.

When the guest entered the hotel lobby in the uniform and went to the front desk for a
new key, the manager gave him a key. There are two MAJOR issues with this.

1. The man had no i.d. which means the manager gave a key to an unknown
person to a guest room without first making a positive i.d.
2. This man, who was standing at the desk, WAS WEARING AN EMPLOYEE
UNIFORM!! It clearly had the name of the property and the employee name
sewn on the shirt.
When he returned to work, I asked him if it struck him as odd that a stranger
approached the front desk in the middle of the night, asking for a specific room key, had
no i.d., and was wearing an employee uniform? (Had the manager followed standard
operating procedure, I wouldn’t have wasted an entire day putting together this

His response was a bit distressing.

He said he was not from Chicago and that he came from a small midwest town where
everyone was trustworthy. “Everyone just trusts each other.” He just trusted that the guy
was telling the truth. Well, I WISH Chicago was like that however, it isn’t and we’re not
in Kansas.

“Well,” I replied. “President Reagan was also from the midwest, born right here in
Illinois, and he once said to another world leader, ‘Trust, but verify.’”

The manager was suspended for two days.

Edit: I have edited for clarification purposes.

In High School, I worked as a Bellman for a mid-grade hotel here in town. Two of the
largest groups of people that stayed there regularly were the blue-haired grannies on the
tour buses, and the “riggers” (guys that worked the oil and gas rigs up in the Arctic and
came to our town on their time off, to get drunk, party and blow all their money).

The hotel would regularly put the blue-haired grannies on the top floor (away from the
noise of the bars) and work their way down, and put the riggers on the second floor
(where they were closer to the bars) and work their way up, so they were away from the
grannies. Every once in a while, however, the hotel would get completely filled up, and a
middle floor would end up shared by grannies and riggers.

It was that way one Saturday night, when I was at my desk in the lobby, and the front
desk phone rang. The front desk clerk answered, and I could hear the screaming on the
phone from across the lobby. The front desk clerk told the caller they would send
someone up, hung up, and motioned me over. She said “I don’t have a clue what’s going
on up there. I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She’s hysterical. It’s one of the
grannies. Can you go up and check?” She told me it was room 501 (right outside the
elevators on the 5th floor).

So, off I went to the 5th floor. The elevator door opens, and I see an ice bucket and ice
cubes all over the floor, and the biggest rigger I’ve ever seen, sprawled face down on the
ice………………….and he’s completely naked. The top of his head is bleeding and it’s up
against a hotel room door, the hotel room that called downstairs.

The rigger doesn’t have any room key or anything else with him, other than the ice
bucket, so I don’t know where he came from. Then, I see a face poke out from a room at
the far end of the hallway, a young female face.

I pointed at the rigger and said “is he yours?” She nodded. (heavy sigh - crap!)

So, I tried to wake the rigger up, but he’s absolutely passed out, drunk. An air horn
wouldn’t wake this guy up. So, I grab him by the wrist and start dragging him down the
hallway. This guy is probably twice my weight, so I was really sweating, and it took a
while (forever, I thought, at the time), but I finally got him down the hallway, back
inside his room. The girl was a hooker he picked up, judging by the way she was dressed.
She said he had brought her to the room, and he was already really drunk, and he got
naked and then decided he needed ice for his drink, in that order. So, he stumbled off
down the hall to the ice machine near the elevator, and didn’t come back.

I’m guessing by what I saw when I stepped off the elevator that what happened next
was, he got his ice, spilled some of it on the floor, stepped on it, slipped and fell head-
first into the grannies’ door, and knocked himself out cold. Hearing a “knock” on their
door, the grannies opened it, to find a huge, hairy naked man face down outside their
door, and hence the front desk phone call.

Ah, yes, just another fun night at the Riviera Hotel in Edmonton……….

1. Customers Opening their room doors naked for the housekeeper or room
2. A lady who twice got employees fired. She stayed with her husband and two kids then
the husband left and she continued staying at the resort for a few more weeks. She
flirted with an employee, a bellman, invited him back to her room after hours and they
had sex while the kids took a nap. The next day she called Security to report the incident
that she is a married lady and one of our employees went to her room. The employee
was fired. The next year she came back. Prior to her return we put out a memo to all
employees that they are not allowed in guest rooms except for work business. Again she
flirts with an employee, invites him to her room, the next day she calls and reports it to
security. He gets fired.

3. We had guests go on the roof and jump off 31 stories high with parachutes.

4. Had a company have a Christmas party and the owner of that company invited some
employees back to his room for drinks, his wife went to bed and then he left the room
with his wife sleeping and two male employees still in the room drinking. The owner of
the company went down to another lady’s room and then one of the two men raped his
wife. The wife wanted to press charges, the husband did not. The police believed it was a
wife swap where he did not inform his wife.

This isn’t about a customer, really, but an employee. When I was a bellman during
college, I worked for the Sheraton for a few months. There were a bunch of strange
people working in the hotel industry in the high country of Colorado, but the guy I had
most of my shifts with was this bellman named Eddie. He was older, very dark-skinned
around 40 or so, with a wife and two kids at home. He was smooth talking , with a sort
of southern drawl, and a large jerry curl hairstyle that often stained his bellman clothes.

He was the one there with most experience, and knew how to sniff out the large tips. I’d
get the leftovers when Eddie was busy, bringing people’s bags up their rooms, running
the airport shuttle to pick up flight crews, etc. Eddie never picked up flight crews
because they were the worst tippers.

Most people on vacation in our resort town tipped pretty well. But what I did notice
about Eddie was his constant desire to hook up with as many female guests as possible.
When a flight crew did arrive, and a good-looking stewardess in the crew would catch
his eye, he’d offer to take her bag up to her room, in full-view of the other crew. I never
did see one take him up on his offer, but he said he’d scored a few times with that

One day a very cosmopolitan woman checks in wearing a nicely tailored suit, skirt and
scarf, and glasses. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail Her lips were full, and she
had a bit of a Persian flair to her. She came to the bell station. I ended up taking her to
her room after she checked in, because Eddie was busy taking an unsanctioned break in
the hotel bar. As she and I were waiting for the elevator, Eddie sees her as he walks by
and gives a smile.

After getting the woman to her room, I came back to the bell stand. Eddie says “That’s a
fine fine woman there. Solid as a rock.” I said, yeah, she was really nice. “What was her
room number?” I told him, then asked why. “Because I’m going to go up to her room
while she’s gone and sniff her panties. Shit a woman like that, you gots to sniff those
Panties!” He stared laughing. I’m like, are you serious? “HEll’s yeah. Every time a
woman like that come in, I always make time to go through her draws and sniff them.
Sometimes I takes ‘em, too.” Oh man…Over the next few weeks I’d see Eddie judging the
women as they came in, wondering what his criteria was for panty sniffing. He didn’t
like obese women. “That one’s ass looks like two pigs wrestling under a blanket. No
thanks, son.”

He’d often disappear for a while and come back with that panty sniffing look on his face.
One time I think I saw a pair of lacy red panties sticking out of his bellman’s jacket. I
was frankly a bit scared of Eddie so I never told anyone about his behavior.

I got another job a few weeks later…but, word to the wise, next time you see a bellman
take a bit to much of an interest in you, best to keep your panties hidden away from
prying noses.

One thing that happened at the hotel where I worked was that a guest came downstairs
in the late evening and went swimming, then when he came inside the hotel he was
naked and had no towel. Came right to the front desk to ask for a towel and a room key.

Once I booked the group Chevelle and they spent a little time sitting in the lobby
chatting with their girlfriends. We had some preteen guests that were staying at the
hotel, that were going to their concert later that evening. The girls were peeking from
around the corner of where the group was sitting and giggling and whatnot- as soon as
the group got up and went to their rooms, the girls bounced out from hiding and
snatched up the water bottles they’d been drinking out of and took them quickly back to
their guest room.

Once I had a famous actress/singer from Mexico at the hotel at the same time we had a
boys soccer team from out of town. She would sashay in and past us with her nose up
and her gaze down at us. On the night she was due to perform at Dos Amigos, she came
out of the elevator in skin tight shiny leather with boobs hanging everywhere and
bleached blonde extensions flowing everywhere, high heel thigh high boots with 9 inch
stilettos, the soccer team boys were falling over themselves ogling her as she was
escorted out and into her car. This same lady called down to have maintenance come
and fix her a/c. While the maintenance man was in her room, she hid in the bathroom
and peered out at him through the crack in the door.

I was working night audit when Solange Knowles came in with her long time companion
and a young girl. Solange was decked out in a pink satin bathrobe covering her head and
stood at a distance while the man and the young girl got her checked into her rooms.
They bought a bunch of snacks and drinks to take up. Never once did she look at or
acknowledge us as she waited near the elevators.

I came in to work one morning and was going through the register cards and noticed
one card said “Kathy Bates” ( i still have the original signed register card) and said
noooooo……. then about an hour later The Kathy Bates came out of the elevator and sat
in the chair in the lobby that was facing the outside doors and waited for her ride to
show up. We exchanged pleasantries.

I had booked the group Styx at the hotel. The lead singer was so funny, trying to take
stairs and back entries to his room… no one even recognized him or knew who he was
except us. The bassist and long time band member would often stand chatting with us at
the front desk. The guitarist stood in the dining area and laughed it up at the Ellen
Show, saying he just loved her. I agreed. In the evening many diners sat there with them
as they had dinner and no one ever knew who was sitting with them. Same thing
happened at the same hotel with Foreigner.

Of course, we are always given tickets to see the shows when we book rooms for these
kinds of guests. Its always a fun night out, foreigner even gave some of us VIP tickets to
talk with them even though we already had been for a couple of days.

Ben Stein once stayed at a very old well known hotel in Midland TX. He was known to
ask for a redo on his dinner plate if any of his food was touching any other food. Also he
wants many many many pillows. (better known as the clear eyes spokesman)

I once gave a tour of our best rooms to an Israeli Prince who owned Alon (7/11’s gas) .
He was not impressed with our rooms and asked about a presidential suite. (we were a
very new hotel but we did not have a suite like that) So I directed him to our sister
property, which was the Hampton, and he stayed there.

We had an oil company booked for many rooms during the oil boom, they stayed for
weeks at a time. One of the guys took a flying leap from the top of the tin awning near
the pool trying to land in the pool and he landed on the cement and broke his leg. This
group would often be found drinking at our bar, so there was that.

If I can think of any more interesting storys I will come back and post them there. Also
for funny front desk memes and humor follow the FaceBook fan page “Being a hotel
front desk agent”

I haven't told this story for a while so hear goes.

A cleaner at a hotel was doing her rounds early in the morning and when she passed a
room she heard a woman screaming for help. She let herself in and found a naked,
middle aged lady handcuffed, spread eagle on the bed and a banging noise was coming
from the wardrobe.

The cleaner, thinking a serious crime had been committed called for security and the
duty manager. When they arrived and unlocked the wardrobe they found a rather
embarrassed gentleman dressed as superman. See, this couple were playing a game
where the wife is handcuffed naked to the bed and he husband, dressed as superman,
would climb on top of the wardrobe and jump on top of her. The problem was that the
wardrobe couldn't quite take his weight and the top broke, dropping superman into the
wardrobe which was locked from inside.

I can only assume there was kryptonite inside the wardrobe as superman wasn't able to
break out for about 10 hours till he was released and with her hands and feet cuffed
without easy release cuffs, his wife wasn't able to free herself. So there they stayed for a
good 10 hours.

I have the best story for that one. Okay, so this couple checked in to the hotel. They were
pleasant, sweet couple. Nothingout of the ordinary, probably in their late 20’s. They
were due to stay a couple days around the holidays. So the next day after they checked
in, a housekeeper brought to our attention at the front desk that the guests are pretty
much moving into the hotel when she went to clean their room. They had a copious
amount of luggage and random items in their room! They even brought in a new
dresser, cooking ware, hot plates, tons and tons of clothes and presents for christmas.
We immediately got worried because guests cant cook in their room for the concern of a
fire. So no hot plates, no toaster ovens, no microwaves… none of that was allowed. It
was also worrisome when they were only booked for a few days. The housekeeper
refreshed their room and we let it slide for now. The front desk didnt want to make the
guest feel like we were snooping or anything. They are entitled to privacy and such until
they are due to checkout, as long as we have full payment.

Anyways, the next day comes. It wasnt a terrible morning… until the police arrived.
They informed the front desk they had recieved a domestic disturbance call and was
there to arrest someone… from that couples room. The room was in the ladies name.
And the man called the police on her for her beating him. She was a small petite girl, he
was a large bulky dude. There was no way she could even harm him… he didnt even have
a scratch. But since the room was in her name, she got arrested. The man, since he
wasnt added onto the room, and for causing such a disturbance,screaming in the lobby,
fighting employees, and being exaggerative had to be escorted from the property and
couldnt return. So both of them left… and left everything in the room. They even left
their car. So we put the room out of service for a few days because of all the belongings
in it. It was not possible for us to move all of it,… and we literally didnt know where else
to put it all.

A few days go by and we get a call. It was the ladies husband. From the story he was
claiming, she left him, cheated on him with this second dude who has been with her,
took his car, and his credit cards and money. She racked up $10,000 on his credit card.
He wanted the items in the room back and his car. He literally came with his whole
family to pack up the room and take everything. This poor man was cheated on and
broke because of this woman. They misplaced the keys to the car and it almost got towed
after a month because they didnt come back to get it for a while.

It was crazy. And we would never even have thought anything was wrong initially. They
were a calm, cool, collect couple at checkin. But people throw you for surprises. But im
sure the couple got a divorce and everything afterwards.

Had to go anonymous because this happened in a well known hotel.

So, I guess you can call them guests too because they were couple having their wedding
dinner at the hotel.

We should've seen the red flags when the couple came and decided the venue all within
the span of 2 weeks. Usually couples take some time to consider before deciding. It's
after all, a wedding.

As there's no way that the hotel could've sold the venue, they let the couple booked the
ballroom without having putting down deposit — big red flag.

On wedding night, groom made up fuss about the whole thing. Demanding the hotel to
give in to his every whim and requests. Turns out he baked a bun in the oven and
probably just want the wedding done and over with.

Dinner came to an end with some dramas but so far all under control. Groom was too
drunk to settle the bill so we decided to wait to tomorrow. After all, they are staying at
the President Suite (comes with the package).

Morning came, groom went missing. Left with a franctic wife all alone and a big sum
amount of hotel bills to settle. Her parents were involved, made a HUGE drama at the
lobby. Worst still, groom ran away with all the wedding gifts (cash mostly).

Made Police report, standard procedure. Groom’s personal documents were still with
the hotel. Didn't manage to track groom as he probably left the country by then.

Bride’s family settled the bill and never heard from them anymore.

Understand, I work for a small motel in a small tourist town so my stories should not be
that wild.

Now I have helped VPs of international companies to their rooms because they are too
drunk to make it. I have broke up several domestics. I have escorted several naked men
to their rooms because they have gotten locked out of the motel. Drug deals,
prostitution, public sex have happened at the motel. It’s all part of the industry because
we see all facets of life, from the bad to the truly inspirational.
But two stories stick out for me.

One time I found a lady f passed out in my hallway. I was able to get her coherent
enough to get a room number from her so I carried her up to said room. I knocked on
the door and woke up the guy in the room. Being funny, I asked him “Is this yours?”
Needless to say I was struck dumbfounded when he said no. Turns out the lady was a
local who followed a guy back from the bar and when she was too drunk to make it to his
room, he left her in the hallway. I was able to call her a taxi so she could get home to her

Second, I am a male who stands 6′1″ and weighs 300 lbs. Not what you would call sexy.
So when I caught a naked man watching me type on a computer, I found it disturbing.
So I chased him back to his room where his wife was watching TV. The only response I
got from said guy was he asked me “How’s it going?”

Not really wild maybe but funny at the time….

Edit: The weirdest thing found in our lost and found was pop rocks and lube….still
trying to figure out that one…..

As a former Assistant General Manager of a boutique hotel in Bay Harbour Islands, FL.,
you see some pretty wild things but this one was pretty strange.

I'm getting ready to leave the hotel one night, standing behind the front desk, prepping
my staff with things to do, etc., before I go, a guest/gentleman walks in. Now, we live in
South Florida with hot humid weather and steamy balmy nights but Mr. Guest walks in
with a long black leather coat, black combat looking boots, black leather pants and t-
shirt. Ok, whatever floats his boat but I know he must be darn hot with all that stuff on
but, as I said, whatever. He is carrying a HUGE black duffel bag. I mean, big enough to
put a body in, huge. My bellman reaches to assist with this bag and Mr. Guest snatches it
away and declines help with it. So, now, my radar goes up. I stand back as he gets
checked in, given the spiel of breakfast, parking, ice machine location, etc. He states he
is expecting a “female companion” but chooses not to add her name o the room.
Hmmm, ok, whatever. As he heads to his room I tell my staff to keep an eye (and ear)
out for anything strange coming from that room.

As I leave, I am parked around the side of the hotel and coincidentally, my vehicle is
parked facing his room. Although the windows had plantation style shades, if not closed
properly, any light from either inside or out, illuminates the room.

As I start my car and turn on my headlights to back out, I look up and what do I see? Mr.
Guest, in his room, totally transformed with now spike hair, tattoos all up and down his
arms, a spiked collar arouns his neck holding a whip! He was turned partly side ways so
he didn't see me but I proceeded to back out to go home. I called the Front Desk and
advised them that Mr. Guest looked like he might be enjoying a “freaky” night in and to
make sure there was no screaming/yelling coming from hia room tonight and if we got
any complaints, to give him a warning. Second time, contact local law enforcement and
have him and his guest escorted off of the property.
As I drove home, shaking my head, I thought, only in Miami….

P.S. For those of you wondering, Mr. Guest and company were quiet through out the
night and checked out in the wee hours of the following morning without incident.

***Wow! 60k views! Thanks for reading. And to the “one” person who frowned upon my
“description” of this particular guest - it was just that, a description. I was merely setting
the story and giving as much detail as possible. Didn't like it? Keep scrolling! Thanks

tldr; Kid gets super drunk, nearly gets his face beaten in by an alcoholic, passes out,
and is rescued by police from the grass.

I work nights at a hotel. I have been doing night audit on and off for a few years at this
point, and I have to say, all the fun stuff happens on my shift. Just ask the girl who
replaced me a for a week.

You have your typical drunk behavior, (wandering the halls whining that you’re so
confused and you don’t know where you are but refuse to stay in any room you’re placed
in) and your creep behavior (hi, no I’m sorry I don’t wish to do the naughty with you).
This is about to take the cake.

We had this long-term guest who was an alcoholic, not so fondly nicknamed ‘Dopey’ by
the other workers. He was always polite to me, but I guess when he’d been drinking he
could get a little mean, not that I ever saw that. Dopey liked to go out to our pagoda and
smoke and drink his nights away, before napping and going to work. He could be
somewhat aggressive when aggravated, as this kid found out.

One night, three guys got together, got drunk, and decided to share a room. Two of them
were ‘together’ and slept in the same bed while the third got the floor. The third guy,
drunker than he should have been, left the room and couldn’t even remember anyone’s
names he was so drunk, so obviously I couldn’t let him back into the room, as he
couldn’t even tell me what room THAT was. I told the kid he needed to leave, so he went
out to the Pagoda. He was smart enough to not go far.

Dopey was outside, drinking from a bottle of Jack, when this kid comes up, drinks
straight from the bottle, and proceeds to ‘talk too much crap’. Dopey, mad that someone
stole his alcohol, started to get worked up. His room mate was out there with him, also
smoking, and started to get alarm came to fetch me.

I don’t know what was said, or how it was said, but I know that Dopey got super angry
and asked me to call the police, as he was about to hit this kid. So I called the police
dispatched, asked for a patrol man for some poor drunk kid, and they (KNOW ME BY
NAME) obliged.

I was behind the desk sorting some paperwork, when Dopey came charging in, angry as
all heck, not mad at me but definitely venting as he went to his room to grab some
things to take back outside while ranting about what he’d do to the kid if he ever saw
him. I went outside. The kid had had a backpack, and it was sitting there on the table,
but the kid was nowhere in sight.

Just then, the police cruiser pulls in, and Officer Super-Bish gets out. Officer Bish
speaks to everyone present, while I run back inside because I have two very nervous
looking guys standing at my desk. One of them asks. “Have you seen our friend?”

It clicked. That young kid was friends with these two guys, and now he was missing. No
one knew where he’d gone. Officer Bish came in, reported that everything was calm, and
he’d do a quick browse of the nearby area for this kid.

Now, that kid leaving his backpack on the table tickled me. Usually drunk people don’t
just leave things lying around like that unless they’re planning on coming back for it.
Officer Bish had his bag in hand, which he gave to me. As Officer Bish left out the front
door, I hurried out the side door that faces our Walmart Super Center across another
hotel parking lot and a large 5 lane road. I did a quick scan, and thought I saw
something weird in the grass!

FOUND THE KID! As Officer Bish was about to drive past, I flagged him down. Pointed
out said kid, who was passed out face first in the grass. His friends were standing not too
far away, smoking, watching with interest. When I gestured them over, they came
running, and there was a lot of clucks of dismay. A second patrol car came pulling up,
filled with Officer Heavy-But-It’s-All-Muscle-Don’t-Mess-With-Me.

After a brief discussion, it was decided that the kid could sleep it off in the friend’s room
on the floor. I let the officers in the side door, then went to run interference with Dopey,
as the officers had to walk past his room to get the kid to the friend’s room.

Dopey was understandably upset to see the officers walking past his room, but after
much soothing, calmed down enough to at least have a mild conversation. The two
friends came and thanked me repeatedly, because they had been worried about this kid
when he didn’t show back up.

In the end, everyone was okay. Man was it WILD. I think the wildest part was the kid.

I worked at an Indian casino. A groups of girls came in late and had a room for the end
of a bachelorette party. The soon to be bride’s father was paying for the whole thing and
checked in earlier.

I checked the notes all was good so used her fathers credit card on file and set them up
in a suite.

About 2:00am my friend and bell boy “tony” was called to room for some help with
something heavy. This was not uncommon, he clocked out at 2 anyways perfect timing
and he joined their party.
About 5 am “Tony” asked for my key to open the breakfast lounge so him and bride to be
could get it on privately. I didn’t really care so I opened it up on the second floor and
said they had about 20 mins because the staff would be there at 530 to start setting up.

The breakfast lounge on he second floor was right above the desks on the first floor and
floor plan was open so the people on the 1st floor could see the breakfast area on the
second if they wanted to (the outside sitting part anyways).

Tony and the bride to be were being loud. Like over the top loud. Talking to “Tony” later
he did it cause he knew I could hear and thought it was funny.

About 10 minutes into the session a man came up to my desk to check out. It was a little
weird cause of the commotion right above us. The man asked if the the bachelorette
party was racking up a bill as he was the one paying for it.

Holy crap this was her dad. I said not really they hadn’t ordered anything and it was just
the room. The man took his bill and turned to leave.

Best part as he took the bill he laughed as “Tony” really was going for it and said in a
kind of awkward way “Man, wish I was that dude right now.”

No clue what to say. I kind of nervously laughed and said “That-would be something”

I only worked there for a year to finish up college. I could probably write a book about
the crazy crap I saw there. Casino Chronicles. Lol.

I have worked as a receptionist in a hotel. Well that's a normal lodge.

The hotel I am working is not that much high or low. It's a normal that everyone can

One day, a guy came probably he is in his mid twenties. He came and enquired for the

He : Is there any room vacant?

Me : yes sir but only Ac.

He : No problem

Me : How many days?

He : Just one night.

Me : ok

After that he paid the money and he went to his room.

In my hotel there are no restrictions. Sometimes I saw some people who say they are
wife and husband and enjoy the whole night.

On that day, I thought he too wants to enjoy may be. But I didn't see a girl with him. So I
thought he is good .

After that he called me from the room and asked if any room service provided like
getting dinner etc.

I said ok , he wants meals. So I took one full meals parcel in the neighbour hotel and
went to his room to give. As the service boy is doing some other work , I went to give.

I rang the door bell. He opened the door. I went inside. He suddenly closed the door and
he tried to hug me.

I don't know how much he dared to hug me like that. I have protested him and got run
from the room . I came home and informed the owner that I went home due to some
important work. When I came next day , he left the hotel.

My family owned a motel, and from the time I was old enough to do something there, I
was doing it. Front desk clerk at 10. Switchboard operator. Pulling weeds. Cleaning the
pool. Cleaning rooms. The whole family pitched in and every few weeks someone would
come up with a new “now I’ve seen everything” moment. Here are my two favorites.

#1. Late at night. Front desk gets a call about an overflowing toilet. My dad rushes
upstairs with a plunger. Finds out the plunger won’t help; the toilet is gushing water
because the ceramic bowl has cracked. He turns off the water at the valve and asks,
“How in the hell did this happen?” Turns out that our lovely guests were lighting
firecrackers and flushing them down the toilet to see what would happen.

#2. We had several teenagers staying, and by teenagers I mean 15–16 years old. They
were part of some youth group, I don’t recall if it was school trip or a church group or
what. Again late at night, Front desk gets a call about a loud party. My dad goes up, says
he can hear loud music even before he enters the hallway. Then he does, and is
overwhelmed by the marijuana smoke. Then he sees a completely naked girl run from
room to another, followed seconds later by a completely naked boy. He walks into the
room — the door is wide open — and finds what he would only describe as “an orgy”
going on. Where were the chaperones? No idea. I never found out.

1. Customers Opening their room doors naked for the housekeeper or room
2. A lady who twice got employees fired. She stayed with her husband and two kids then
the husband left and she continued staying at the resort for a few more weeks. She
flirted with an employee, a bellman, invited him back to her room after hours and they
had sex while the kids took a nap. The next day she called Security to report the incident
that she is a married lady and one of our employees went to her room. The employee
was fired. The next year she came back. Prior to her return we put out a memo to all
employees that they are not allowed in guest rooms except for work business. Again she
flirts with an employee, invites him to her room, the next day she calls and reports it to
security. He gets fired.

3. We had guests go on the roof and jump off 31 stories high with parachutes.

4. Had a company have a Christmas party and the owner of that company invited some
employees back to his room for drinks, his wife went to bed and then he left the room
with his wife sleeping and two male employees still in the room drinking. The owner of
the company went down to another lady’s room and then one of the two men raped his
wife. The wife wanted to press charges, the husband did not. The police believed it was a
wife swap where he did not inform his wife.

Customers are an interesting slice of the human race that you get to have relatively brief
encounters with.

There were three that immediately came to mind under “wildest”. I will deliver them
from sanest to wildest as far as my personal experience/overall impact on the staff.
There are other contenders, but these are the knee-jerk ones.

Leopard in the room: Circus/fair had a 6 month old that needed the feline version of
Pepto Bismol every few hours. Handlers asked if they could keep it in the room, so they
didn't have to run back and forth between it and their room in the middle of the night.
Said, “Sure, so long as you let us know when it's out of the room. Don't want the
housekeepers getting mauled. Insurance companies might not believe us.” I met the
kitty, about as big as a full grown Labrador retriever.

Requested rates for my “services”: Man three sheets to the wind, with a very strong
accent. Asked me, “How much are you?“. I hoped fervently that there might be a “lost in
translation” moment. I told the bartender that was closing up the on-site restaurant and
lounge, that I was walking the guest upstairs. Call the police to Room #***, if I don't
reappear in five minutes. As we walked, I explained his room was paid for by his
company, so no worries, he started to repeat the question with more emphasis on the
“YOU". When we arrived at his room, I all but threw him into it. Verbally tore him a new
one in front of his roomies, explained to their most English speaking coworker what had
happened so he could explain/translate back when the guy sobered up, and laid out a
reasonable plan for their future in regards to the hotel. I was profusely apologized to, all
my plans, to my knowledge, were adhered to.

Bodybuilder in mourning: Guest had a brother who committed suicide. Funeral was the
next day. Alcohol and grief are a rough combo. Add muscles and when a particular wave
of emotion overcame him, he released it all over the bathroom. The wall over the towel
rack, the toilet paper holder, and the toilet tank were damaged. Over the tank was the
worst . It was the wall that was against the hallway. From outside the room, you could
see it “turtle-ing out". (Looked like a turtle shell.) Only the tensile strength of the paint
was holding the drywall from collapsing any further. By the time I got to the room he
was a compliant, whimpering puppy of a man. Although I sensed he was done lashing
out, policy dictated I kick him out. I did find him another hotel and a cab. I even gave
him a hug and offered antibiotic cream and band aids for his knuckles (small cuts and
scrapes). The family offered to pay for the damages.

I worked at a hotel about two years ago.

Keep reading at your own risk!

Now, when you work at a hotel you know some guest are going to be having some sorta
sexual action. That’s fine. You know, this is your home for a day or however long you’re

HOWEVER! People need to remember there our people who have to clean up after
them. We are not your maids.

There were these two certain guest that had sex everyday until they left. Like I said that’s
fine. They used condoms, awesome their being safe. I just wished the guy would’ve took
care of his semen filled condom. Not even kidding, everyday there it was on the bed,
table or tv stand. Speaking of tv stand, me and another employee went in their room and
there it was draped over the tv. He knew we’d take care of it everytime because it was
our job. So we thought he just started making a game of it.

In the illegal category…

I used to work in a motel where a few prostitutes frequented, but one of them was
different. This working lady was older, uglier, and had A LOT of people in and out to see
her. How unusual, I thought (in the land of prostitutes). Well, it all made sense when the
police showed up with a sting operation, uncovered her game, and came running in with
the SWAT team and sawed open her room door. Past the front desk, I saw this woman
carried out writhing like a fish (in handcuffs), along with LARGE BLOCKS of white
powdered substance. The police then went at the room with sledge hammers and found
money and drugs in the walls and flipped the mattress and found holes with more
money. Needless to say, the woman went to jail…but when she got out…her gangster
friends came back to the hotel and demanded the GM give access to her room. The GM
denied access because the police had taken everything and the room was under
construction. So these gangsters started a shouting fight with the GM that why she let
the police “steal” everything. Then some more gangsters showed up and demanded their
“payment” for charges unknown (presumably for the lost cocain blocks). Then things got
scary when one of them pulled a gun out and started making threats. Luckily we had a
cop normally patrolling our motel, and he called in reinforcements and stopped it from
going crazier, arresting quite a few gangsters including the woman.

There were some interesting legal things I have caught guests doing, but nothing really
seemed to top that prostitute.

The wildest thing? Shooting porno videos.

This happened during our off-season, when our rates were low. The guests requested
two connecting rooms — one with a jacuzzi bathtub. While we don’t have suites, the
room with the jacuzzi tub is pretty expansive, and fairly nice, with tile floors and a
pillow-top king bed.

We thought these people were part of a sales group, recruiting college kids for those
“blue jeans jobs” you see advertised on telephone poles and community billboards. Well,
they were recruiting college kids, alright…

I got several noise complaints about the room around 3:00 am, so I called them. Several
times. No answer on either phone. So, with complaints mounting, I went out to the
room, through the courtyard, to the sliding glass doors. I can hear them, alright, and
from the noise, it sounds like there’s a dozen people chatting inside. Add to that the light
streaming out from under the curtains like there’s going to be a “close encounter” or

Well, as it turns out…

One of the guests comes out of the connected room to have a smoke, and she spots me in
my uniform and says, “Oh sh**, you’re going to throw us out, aren’t you?”

I told her it was a distinct possibility, and asked her what was going on inside.

She tells me they’re making porn.

I look at her for a few moments and ask her if they could do it a lot more quietly, and she
says, sure, she’ll go inside and tell them.

From then on, they were quite conscientious, and some of the people in the group were
really nice, down-to-earth people. The people who complained about the noise checked
out the next day, the porn-makers paid for the partial refund they requested, and we
kept other check-ins away from their room for the rest of their stay.

Whilst never an employee I've spent a lot of time in hotels, at one stage I was in hotels
more than home so I began treating them as so… whenever I shower I like to walk
around naked, air drying, this is assisted by exxagerated body movements, another thing
about me is I'm hard or hearing… so one morning I was running late for checkout, it was
an ibis hotel, if you could call it a hotel, tiny room, bed chair, cramped bathroom,
basically what you would expect for 20 quid a night…. Running late I still had my
shower, whilst wandering round the room air drying, I started sweeping my legs to get
the airflow going around my clacker bag, as I swung to face the door it swung open and
there stood the maid, towels in hand whilst my nutsack is swinging like a pendulum ,n,
she blurted that she was sorry and left the room again, she then knocked the door (turns
out she knocked already, I didn't hear she thought I'd checked out), I called out “come
in”, she came in, made no eye contact and went about cleaning the room while I dressed,
not sa single word was exchanged……

On the occasion when I've gone to a better hotel for longer stays I generally have
breakfast, toast with butter and marmite and some coffee, it was the day of checkout, I
wasn't running late but packed up my hand luggage like phone, charger, wallet, etc
whilst eating, with toast in my mouth I leaned across the bed to grab something and my
toast fell, butter side down on the sheet, there was crumbs and marmite everywhere, I
grabbed a tissue and tried to clean it but it just smeared. When I was ready I called for
the bag assistant who came to my room, he is chatting away and lifts the bags of the bed
and uncovers this long brown streak on the sheets, as he chatted I noticed he kept
glancing at it with disgust, as I picked up the bag nearest to the streak some of the
marmite got on my hand and I picked it off… I swear the bag boy was ready to throw up

the wildest was when working in a hotel in Amsterdam, used by new Ajax team players before
they set up their own home, some didn’t survive that long. Some of them were players for sure
and of course Amsterdam is a live and let live kind of place. I remember once being asked by
name to attend a room service call for the third bottle of Absolut vodka, fresh orange juice, etc.
This was just coming up to breakfast service about 6–7am I suppose. This intimate party wasn’t
hosted by a footballer, but whoever he was had eventually passed out and the remaining girl was
wide awake and bored in her leather boots and open robe. As I arrived back downstairs I had
again been requested to return to ‘assist opening the bottle of vodka’, or some other excuse. Five
minutes later called back for a special order of strawberries and cream. Whilst waiting for
service, I remember she had found a Fuji throwaway cameras which were in the minibar, I
started to become worried but she was just bored. Meanwhile, other business guests were
expecting their room service breakfasts to be served .. it was a tiring shift that one.

So we didn’t catch the customer but instead discovered the aftermath. Housekeeping
called me down to a guest room once day because they discovered the following in a
guest room that someone had just checked out of:

 Empty bottles of Fireball Whiskey

 Paint gun pellets for a paintball gun
 Empty boxes for a PS4 and assorted games
 Condom wrappers
 Cigarette ashes
And if all of those aren’t bad enough:

 A live snake in a glass cage

 A mouse in a box that we guessed was supposed to be the snake’s dinner
We called the guest to ask if they were coming back for their snake. They never did so we
called animal control. Fortunately they came out promptly and took the snake (and
mouse) off of our hands.

I caught two teenage kids banging each other in a fire escape when I was pulling a
weekend MOD shift one time in the ‘90s. They were about 15–16 years old and were
doing it standing up, sort of like Sonny Corleone in one of the opening scenes of The
Godfather. They were part of a religious youth group staying in our hotel at the time and
were so engrossed in their activity, they didn’t hear me coming (no pun intended). I
stood and stared for a second thinking they would have heard me and stop, but they
kept after it. So, I cleared my throat and scarred the hell out of both of them. As they
tried to regain their composure and straighten their clothes, I told them I knew they
were with the church group and if they didn’t want me to call their chaperone, to stay
the hell out of the fire escapes.
Lucky for them, we didn’t have cell phones with video cameras back then and there was
no Porn Hub.

At a hotel in Oxfordshire, we would hold quite a number of end-of-school proms. They

were well attended and, for the most part, very well behaved.

Of course, the reputation of some schools meant that for all of them, all large bags were
checked on entry and regular patrols by management, supervisors and teachers were
required to ensure there was no wandering into areas they shouldn’t be, under-age
drinking, drug taking or other ‘illicit’ behaviour happening.

Generally speaking, we usually found very little wrong, aside from occasionally finding
the odd bottle of booze.

However, on one very memorable occasion, myself and another member of the
management team were patrolling the garden, checking around the hedgerow path on
the formal gardens when we happened upon… a beast with two backs.

We made our presence known and advised the pair to make tracks. We could have
reported it, but the question would have been, to whom?

It was two teachers…

I was asked by one of my guests lawyers to keep an eye on her, as she had in the past
man friends ,read gigolos here. Therefore to make sure no one was taking advantages of
her. I subsequently noted that a male friend was taking her out to diner and she was
always paying for the meal+ I informed her lawyers who immediately cancelled all her
cheques and stopped her from writing out more.

Two days later one of my chambermaids came screaming to me that that lady was sitting
on the balcony and was about to throw herself off. I went up immediately to see her,
speaking to her from one of the windows to the side of her. she told me that she had no
friends and no reason to live as the bank had cancelled all her cheques, and was going to
kill herself, whilst she was telling me this I went to the window immediately behind her
and pulled her back into her room. Holding her there ( with tea and sympathy ) till her
lawyers arrived. She later went to a Nunnery.

Death! Nunnery or gigolo, sounds a little bit like “My daughter or my ducats “

I worked in hotels as a director and manager on duty for 20 years and i thought i had
seen it all until a BBW convention was booked by the sales department. We later learned
the the so called lightest member was 600lbs. So, to prepare the maintenance dept had
to purchase ply wood for the beds so they wouldnt collapse. Seclnd they were having a 2
am bikini show at the indoor pool so again maintenance had to drain 4 inches so it
wouldnt flood the area when multiple members lounged in the water.

Dining was overwhelmed with having to prep and serve not 3 but 4 full buffets all 3
The icing on the cake, as i was making my mod rounds i noticed that some on the
members had their doors propped open, tv on but no lights, I was putting a note in my
report when the door opened and out came my front desk associate adjusting his

Turns out that the members who left doors open was basically a free invitation to any
guy who wanted to have sex with a 600 to 800 pound female.

I didnt report the associate since he was off the clock but he was so worried i would tell
everyone what he did i had him by the balls for the rest of our employment.

Not really wild but disgusting.

I worked for a well known motel chain for while as a housekeeper. This type of motel
was all serviced apartments, two housekeeps to one apartment at a time.

My buddy and I unlock the door to enter the room and we’re hit with an awful smell. We
couldn’t place the smell but it wasn’t pleasant, this happens though as the rooms are
practically closed up all the time and I thought perhaps it was the bin.

My buddy went into the bathroom to start cleaning the shower etc whilst I started
stripping the bed. I removed the pillow cases first, as I went to pull off the top sheet I
noticed this odd liquid splattered across the blanket. Gross I thought, thankfully I was
wearing gloves. Pulled the blanket off the bed and it’s the same thing. It looked like
coffee but the scent turned my stomach.

I opened the balcony doors to ventilate the room and went to the bathroom to tell my
coworker about it. As I was telling her I absent mindedly picked up a soap wrapper and
open the bin to dispose of it. Glancing down I saw what created the mess. I was
absolutely disgusted to find a nearly empty colostomy bag.

Now I understand this would have been a sensitive topic for the guest, however staff are
trained to be discreet and hotels have specific procedures to deal with incidents such as
this and should have been notified instead of general housekeeping left to find the shit-

I quit not long after.

For me, It was a wild and weird thing. That time, I was working as a intern at the hotel. It was
just 2 more hours before I got off from work. Then, my manager told me that a guest who is my
friend requests for me to be in her room. That’s why I find it weird. Because I never told anyone
that I’m working as an intern at that hotel. Only my girlfriend knows. When I went to her room,
the room was filled with 4 girls wearing bra and panties. That was when I saw my girlfriend who
is 1 of them. She then told me the early birthday surprise. She arranged for her classmate who
had a crush on me for this surprise. She allowed me to have sex with them as long as my heart
belongs to her and only her.
Beating another guest from the group because he locked himself in the room the way I
was not able to open the door even with the master key (until now nobody knows how)
and the door needed to be taken away because
a) the other drunk guests refused the new room as they lost their card and I was not able
to open their previous room (I did not know that their friend is inside and they did not
tell it to me either, I ordered the technician to arrive in the morning as nothing serious
occured until…)
b) one of the guys made up he needs pills for epilepsy (so I called the technician
immediately no matter if it was true or not)
c) they got through the broken half of the doors (smashed by our technicians) just to
find out the guy from their group sleeping inside as a baby (more than 30 hard runs
against the door and smashing them, knocking, asking… nothing woke him up)

So the guy got his ass kicked by his friends and the guy was so scared he refused to go
back to the room (or new room I gave to the group as the doors were smashed) and he
had been sitting at the reception in his underwear whole night drunk

Once, there was a chinese couple from mainland china renting a suite room, our biggest
room. Sure, it was easily the most expensive room that was in our hotel. Our suite is big,
and was having a discount for promo for about $200 a night. It has 2 bedrooms, and
one common room with sofa. They didn’t order extra bed, so there was only 2 king sized
bed there.

What was strange, is that our employee noticed different people came into that same
room that night. We thought that they was having a meeting or something, and kinda let
it go.

But the next morning, someone caught a glimpse inside the room, and filed a report. So
we check the room, and there was easily around 20 plus people, packed inside that big
suite room, sleeping on the floor, at the sofa, and some in sleeping bags or mattresses.
About 5 families I think, judging from the male, along with their kids. Can you imagine
people bringing their own sleeping bags inside a hotel? About 6 to 7 people inside the
bedroom with 4 on the floor, 2 on each big sofa, another one sleeping by pulling 2
smaller couches together, and the rest were on the floor at common room, sleeping like

I worked the front desk at the Mutiny in Coconut Grove on sail Boat Bay during the 11 pm to 7
am shift. One morning one of the Bell hops swings by and said you should see all of the in hall in
front of door on the 10th floor. So I grabbed my master key and headed up, well like he said
clothed, food and chairs where in the hall. I knocked on the door no answer, so I went in. This
was a suite as I looked around bodies were on the floor, sofa, balcony, when I walked into the
bedroom here was this very beautiful woman tied up to the bed frame completely naked, bottles
of champagne laying around her empty. She had a very large dildo up between her legs.
Everyone in the room was passed out cold. I called the hotel manager and told him what I was
looking at from the room, he told me close the door he would handle it. We were a very expense
hotel with major clients who were to say the least very RICH!!

Right after college, I worked front desk at a high-end hotel in a well-known and very posh ski
town. In the 10 months I worked there, I have enough stories to write a book! Celebrities,
professional athletes, etc. were common at this hotel. The worst, by far though, was a guy who
committed suicide a few hours after he walked into the hotel looking for a room for the night
without a reservation. Shortly after I checked him in, the police arrived requesting his room
number to do a wellness check. Apparently, this guy’s sister had reported him missing & suicidal
and the police were tracking his credit card. The craziest part was this guy had driven from the
east coast to the Rocky Mountains before police caught up to him. I didn’t think too much of it,
as the police spoke with him and he assured them he was fine and simply took an impromptu
vacation to clear his head. Aside from showing up without a reservation in an old junky car (a
Bentley would’ve stood out less at this place), he seemed perfectly fine. Well, the next day I show
up to work and as I’m pulling into the parking garage, I see his car is covered in crime scene
tape. My boss is waiting for me and explains the guest I checked in last night committed suicide
and was found by housekeeping staff a few hours earlier and police would like to question me.
They just wanted to verify that he was truly alone and that no one else had a key to his room, to
verify it was truly a suicide, but the whole situation had me rally anxious as they were asking the
same questions but phrasing them n different ways. The poor woman who found him is still
probabably haunted by it. Thankfully, I didn’t have to see the room but it was put out of
commission for 3–4 months and needed all new furniture, carpet, paint, etc. as he shot himself
in the head.

When I worked as a line staffer on the graveyard shift. Delivering condoms to a large
suite. They let me right in, into an orgy. I had no idea who ordered them but I guess it
was for all of them. Out of nowhere this dude approaches me half naked and screams,
“You charged it to the room?” As he throws me a tip, a $Benji. As I was standing there in
a stupor with probably the biggest grin on my face. The gent slaps me on the back as he
hurdles away, muttering, “Stay for a while.” Come to find out it was a swingers party

True story haha.

The frequent guest had a habit of leaving his room a mess. To his credit he always left
$50–100 tips for the room attendant. The housekeeping supervisor asked me to come to
a room with a camera. When I get to the room the first thing I notice is a flat screen
television, and a DVD player on a cart from our AV department. Not unusual. There's a
stain on the upholstered chair, a trail of the same stain causing substance from the chair
to the bathroom. In the trashcan I see four mini bottles of vodka from the mini bar, the
blister pack wrapping from a dildo, two bottles of sexual lubricant,and a empty
prescription bottle for erection dysfunction pills. The
Curiosity got the better of me and I hit play on the DVD. Porn. I had to look twice cause
initially I thought I was watching what was filmed in the room I was in. I search the
armoire. I find 25 porn magazines. High quality, $15 and $20 magazines.

Bottom line, he was charged for reupholstering the chair, carpet cleaning, and
linen/towel replacement. And banned from the hotel.

I haven't told this story for a while so hear goes.

A cleaner at a hotel was doing her rounds early in the morning and when she passed a
room she heard a woman screaming for help. She let herself in and found a Unclad,
middle a serious crime had been committed called for security and the duty
manager. Hotel In Etobicoke Toronto Airport Hotel -Est HotelsWhen they arrived and
unlocked the wardrobe they found a rather embarrassed gentleman dresseaged lady
handcuffed, spread eagle on the bed and a banging noise was coming from the

The cleaner, thinking d as superman. See, this couple were playing a game where the
wife is handcuffed Unclad to the bed and he husband, dressed as superman, would
climb on top of the wardrobe and jump on top of her. The problem was that the
wardrobe couldn't quite take his weight and the top broke, dropping superman into the
wardrobe which was locked from inside.

I can only assume there was kryptonite inside the wardrobe as superman wasn't able to
break out for about 10 hours till he was released and with her hands and feet cuffed
without easy release cuffs, his wife wasn't able to free herself. So there they stayed for a
good 10 hours.

I worked in housekeeping at a hotel last summer. It was my second week on the job. I was 59
and overweight. (Almost everybody else was a third my age. ) I had been going up and down the
stairs all day. I was still huffing & puffing when I arrived in the assigned room to clean. I sat on
one of the beds to catch my breath. Unexpectedly, the occupant of the room came in and caught
me catching my breath on the side of her bed. I explained the situation. Nevertheless, the
woman immediately reported me to management for invading her privacy. I had to sign an
“incident report” as a consequence — something which looks really bad on your record. I almost
quit because I figured with a stroke of staggering bad luck like that, I must be cursed or
something. Anyway, I shouldered on for the rest of the summer. There was never another
contretemps with a hotel guest again. Looking back, the woman who made a big deal out of
something so minor must have simply been a bad person
It was late at night, early October, the time of year when this particular Comfort Inn had few
guests on any given night. I was the lone employee covering the whole hotel, no security, just
me, female, 5’.6”, 150lbs. A very large young man in his twenties comes down into the lobby to
use our one guest computer. He sits down, his back to the front desk - by necessity - and settles
in. I pop into the back to do laundry and take care of stock and incidentals. When I come back to
the front desk, I see he is wrapped in a blanket, hunched over the monitor, with one arm under
the blanket moving rapidly, up and down. I called my boss. He first asked me if I was sure I was
seeing things right…then he told me to go and check! It was a full second of eternity before I
heard my boss laughing hysterically!
I caught a bunch of people in our trees. I came in that day and was preparing my paperwork
when a guest comes in and tells me there is a bunch of people in my trees out front. I had to ask
him to repeat himself to make sure I heard him right. Sure enough I go out and there is 5 or 6
people IN one of our fruit trees pulling fruit off. Don’t get me wrong it is a decent sized tree
(about average size) but I don’t think any tree branch is meant to hold 6 150–200 lb people. I
asked them to leave, and they refused. I had to go out a second time and threaten to have them
trespassed if they don’t come down, and one of them starting yelling and screaming at me while
standing on a very thin branch. We were under a renovation at the time, and it turns out our
general contractor caught them the other day under a different tree, but this time instead of
having their ladder on the ground they had their ladder on TOP of their van, and once again they
were in the trees. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in my time in hotels but I think finding a gang of
people in my fruit trees tops it all.
I had an ex-boyfriend flood an entire bathroom since he drunkenly fell asleep with the bathtub
running while I was asleep in bed. When I woke up in the middle of the night to see him drunk
and asleep in a flooded bathroom, I freaked the f*ck out and was overly embarrassed when the
hotel checked on us the next day. Hotel In Etobicoke Toronto Airport Hotel -Est Hotels I
immediately confessed that what had happened the night before and they told me that it had
affected the room downstairs. I don’t know how I got out of trouble (maybe because I was
genuinely sorry and offered to pay whatever damages were done) but somehow we left that five
star hotel without repercussions. Lesson learned: don’t date a**holes that ruin your trip at a
fancy hotel and learn to put yourselves in the shoes of the people that have to clean up after you.
As a hotel housekeeper I see loads of weird stuff. I've never actually caught a guest doing crazy.
But I seen there left over weirdness. A plate of dirt looked like they were playing with it. A bed
full of dog hair , the couple stayed in a joining rooms they slept in the queen room in separate
beds while the dog slept in the king. A room were the guests slept in bed with there food?.the
smell! Pee-U.a room that was trashed by the dogs and there humans. Poo everywhere. It took 2
days to get that room clean! Bloody sheets! And one other housekeeper and found a penis ring
and a bloody bed, Gross! Other than that the weird left odds and ends. Just remember it's not
your home , we want to to feel like it's homie, but not so comfortable the weird comes out.There
is a human housekeeper that will have to clean that room after you. Be mindful!
In 2015 we had a local family (Dad, Mum, 2 kids) checking in to our hotel, The Dad had booked
the room for 1 night. During the night, when Mum and kids were asleep (or maybe sedated by
Dad), he went out into the parking area and got 2 jerry-cans of petrol and carried them back into
the room. There, he emptied the jerry cans and set the whole room a blaze, killing himself and
the others. Lucky for us, the fire was contained to just that room but it could have been much

As a night manager at the Marriott Amsterdam, I have seen some odd things, but the
funniest, which I have seen more then once was the appearance of naked people at
reception. Why you might ask?

Well the room doors would slowly swing shut if left open, there were ice machines on
every floor, naked people would,clutching they're ice buckets, make a naked, late night
dash down the corridor to grab some ice, only to get back and find they're door had
swung shut, locking them out.

They would then appear at reception, the bucket strategically covering they're privates,
begging sheepishly to be let back in.

Wildest thing I ever caught a customer/guest doing at a hotel was:

1. Making love in the pool at 1:00am (I did not interrupt them)

2. A guy jumping from his 5th floor balcony into the not-to-large swimming pool
below. He had to clear the near side pool deck while not over jumping and
hitting far side pool deck. Yes, we stopped him!
I manage valet departments for hotels and at one of my previous properties we had a guy call
down frantic from his room. He said he urgently needed his laptop that he had forgotten in his
car. He specifically said that he needed the computer as fast as possible. I took it upon myself to
run full speed to the garage, grab his laptop and personally deliver it to his room. After
knocking, he came to the door and he must not have realized that there was a mirror on the wall
right by the door because as he slightly opened the door (clearly trying to hide himself behind
the door) I saw him in the mirror, fully naked and with an erecrion. He quickly grabbed the
computer and said “THANKS!” and slammed the door. I stood at the door for a second in
complete shock. It was not a pleasant sight.

Guests at the hotel can act in the most absurd manner. One habit which is common and
known to everyone is how few of them misuse linen. They need to understand that it
takes resources and efforts to keep the linen spotless and germs free for hotels.

I have seen the most stringent spots like blood spots, henna or Mehendi and even the
shoe polish. It's unbelievable that many use towels and bed sheets to clean their shoes.
Generally, it is not possible to get rid of these stains from plain white linen.

The another most irritating habit is taking away the battery from remotes. Whether it’s
AC Or Tv. I believe that this act is cheap.

Guest/s -yes in plural- coming and spend thousands in just few days, tipping in the
hundreds and ordering all kind of largesse food, clothing, services all around… to end
all, by jumping off the rails from as high floors as they book. Leaving the mess behind,
not just rooms but asphalt, vehicles, pool sides or plants to clean as fast asap as soon as
paramedics, firefighters, coroner's and police clear the body remains away. Mostly to
spare other guests their stay ruined or worse. Many poor suffered hotel maids and
bellhops quit after more than one shocking duty as such.

I was in Hawai'i at the time, those tall towers…

Little know frequent facts avoided to publish publicly, so not to scare tourism from
paradise or magnet destinations for fun holidays, which seem to be also target for those
that want to leave in a great boasting departure, spoiling it -soiling it- for everybody else
around facing their bloody mess.
Like San Francisco trippers, that party all week long, even going gay for once sakes,
burning thousands like there is no tomorrow _as effectively dooms after from the
famous bridge made notorious because its Pilgrims to kingdom come fast forward

Fully functioning Meth Lab. A couple rented one of the most expensive suites and spent two
days cooking. This was at a high-end hotel twenty years ago, so the room was about $1k a night.
I wish I could say that they used Walter White’s safety protocols, but alas they were just two
meth-heads cooking a batch. Rat nasty and just trying to get a bunch made as quickly as
possible. They destroyed several pieces of furniture by burning tabletops, etc. When
Housekeeping went in on the second day because they forgot their Do-Not-Disturb sign when
they went out, we called the police. Cops treated the whole area as a bio-hazard. The couple
disappeared and never came back.

A wild party once in a hotel room....the occupants completely re-wallpapered the room
with labels peeled off beer bottles.

A similar party was thrown by a Platinum guest, but he didn't attend, it was for his kids
and their friends (all underage), mass drinking, etc., they all got evicted. And the father
had the nerve to dispute the charges (because they were evicted). FYI, we had his
Platinum account shut down until he made amends.

Two guests from North Korea.

They didn’t do anything wild.

I was a college student working part-time in one of the hotels in West London. I
remember being in awe seeing the very first North Korean I’ve ever met face to face. I
don’t know why. I’d never imagined I’d see North Korean in my lifetime except on telly.

The two gentlemen were far more intriguing than any celebrities I might have met.

My distinct impression about them was, they were super quiet. And I was told they were
regarded as highly intelligent people. In what capacity? — I never knew.

I worked the front desk at a small hotel for a couple years. Got to know some of the
guests fairly well. now that I look back, it was quite a fun time. Got to know this doctor
who would drive from san francisco all the way to the hotel in sac.

He would meet with a nice married couple at the bar. They would hang out for like an
hour just catching up having a good time. Then the doctor would take the wife to his
room for sex while the husband waited at the bar watching whatever was on tv.

turns out the husband could not perform sexually. kind of sweet if you think about it
from the right angle.

This story is a little boring, tbh…I had a pants-less guy ( I’ll be referring to him as PG)
walk up to our night window to ask a question. Couldn’t understand what PG was trying
to ask. I told him I couldn’t understand him. he wandered off.
I checked someone else in a little while later, to get called a couple of minutes later. PG
was still wandering around outside.

On this night, we had a manager on duty (MOD) in property. Our regular manager was
going out of town for some sort of meeting. I had to call the MOD to ask for help in
finding PG. She was out searching for him when Manager was just leaving. So both of
them are looking for PG. They find him and tell him to go back to his room. I assume he
did, because that was the last I heard of it.

I use to work overnight at an upscale hotel. There are just too many things to list.

One of the top things is this:

One time a married couple was staying at the hotel for a business conference. They were
married just not to each other.

They got into a fight and the man punched the woman in the face knocking out her

It turns out the man was the woman’s boss.

I work in housekeeping and one day I knocked on the door and no one answered so I used my
pass key to enter the room. On the far side of the bed there was a woman on her hands and
knees having sex with a big dog. The dog was really going at it and when she heard me she
looked right at me and smiled and said OH I'm sorry excuse me I didn't realize you were here.
OMG she was nuts
Had some pervert purposly exposing himself to one of my Room Attendants. I happened to be
on the floor at the time and actually witnessed this. I then went to the perverts door myself and
knocked. Yep, I got an eye full too. The solution was simple. I told him we we're proud to operate
a family oriented hotel and that he was leaving now, and that the police were on the way. He
took off like his butt was on fire. About an hour later he calls asking for a refund. I told him no
problem, that the police were still here and wanted to talk to him. Never heard from the
schoundrel again.
It wasn’t me, but my boss. He had a “couple” ask to see a room. After a while when they hadn't
returned, he checked and saw them going at it. He did nothing, but when the man returned and
said they didn't want the room, he confronted him and got payment for the room. Fifteen
minutes later the woman showed up looking for why the guy hadn't returned. Since he couldn't
stiff the hotel, he stiffed the hooker.

This is a story about one Lombard.

I have a friend who is work on a French Luxury Restaurant, and beside this restaurant,
there is a 5-star hotel.

One day, a frequent visitor ( Lombard ) at this hotel directly told to my friend didn’t
need work today, cause he needs my friends’ help, my friend's manager also knew that.
They went to the hotel, and start to count money, use hands and cash counter, about 1
million HK$.

After they finished, my friend got 2000$ tips.

Working in a hotel is like working in a disaster management field office. Nothing much to say
but a few words that mothers takes care of her small kids and we take care kids who r all above
21. imagine them getting drunk, ? think of a millionaire fighting or insisting to get discount and
if u don’t he would say i don’t have money etc etc but i believe the worst was finding a man
urinating in the lobby of a 5 star hotel and he wasn’t drunk but couldn’t get to toilets.