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SKF power


transmission products

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Linking power transmission products
to the supply chain

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Linking power transmission products Why are power transmission products
to the supply chain from SKF so unique?
To complement our well known, high quality line of
bearings, SKF now extends its range of solutions
to fulfill your rotating equipment needs.

A major part of your transmission needs can today be

sourced from one place: less inventory and mainte-
nance costs, more speed and focus on critical issues.

Extensive range of products available, well identified,

Power transmission products play significant user benefits apart from fied through the knowledge of power well packed and traceable become now accessible via
of mind
an important role in overall bearing the confidence that comes from a transmission. A few examples of those your SKF Authorized Distributor whenever you need it.
performance. They are the vital link well-known brand. SKF can provide industries are food and beverage, oil
between moving parts in equipment, a convenient single supply source for and gas, pulp and paper, textile, me-
and industry as a whole spends about products and services with a large talworking, packaging, mining, mineral By using SKF power transmission and maintenance
twice as much on these products as it stock of products. This, in turn, offers processing and cement, agriculture Maintenance
does on the actual bearings. the chance to simplify logistics to end and material handling. Combining products together you mount, lubricate, align and
By creating its own range of power users and reduce administrative work. an understanding of bearing systems maintain your application more efficiently.
transmission products, SKF® can now SKF already has its own sophisticat- with power transmission gives SKF
offer products that are well matched ed worldwide warehousing and logistics the opportunity to enhance the sup-
and give engineers a wide design systems through which power trans- port it gives to users. The SKF’s strong focus on sustainability is also
choice according to performance and mission products can be supplied. This The SKF power transmission ran- Energy
cost considerations. currently can provide access to more ge covers most common types of reflected in this new product line. Let SKF help you
SKF is the first bearing manufactur- than 27 000 power transmission items products, which can be divided into reduce your energy consumption continuously.
er to consolidate the sales and supply (and this number will continuously in- six main categories – belts, pulleys,
of power transmission products in this crease), which enables distributors and chains, sprockets, couplings, as well
way. The range, to be sold under the end customers to have smaller stocks as bushings and hubs. All SKF power A unique set of on-line calculation tools provi-
Group’s existing brand, is the result of and less capital invested in inventory. transmission products are identified Design
a thorough analysis of the market and As bearings and other power trans- by an SKF specific designation prefix. des you with the most efficient and economical
customer requirements. mission components work together Apart from that, the designation fol- solution for your belt or chain drive, any time.
Bringing power transmission pro- in many industries, many bearing lows international standards for easy
ducts under a single brand offers problems and failures can be identi- recognition and cross-referencing.
No matter in which industry you Pulp and paper

operate, SKF has the right solution

Example 1

Areas of use: Main applications:

for your power transmission needs

• Woodyard • Conveyor drives
• Pulp preparation • Agitators
• Packaging • Pumps

Mining, mineral processing and cement

Example 2

Areas of use: Main applications:

• Mining • Screens
• Mineral processing • Crushers
• Cement production • Conveyors
• Fans
• Pumps and compressors
• Mobile equipment

Food and beverage

Example 3

Areas of use: Main applications:

• Beverages • Conveyors
• Meat and poultry • Fans
• Sugar • Freezers
• Pet food • Packaging lines
• Dairy • Clarifiers and separators
• Other food processes • Dryers

Industry coverage • Food and beverage

• Oil and gas Metalworking
• Pulp and paper Example 4
• Textile
• Metalworking Areas of use: Main applications:
• Packaging • Steelmaking • Smelting
• Mining, mineral processing and cement • Continuous casting • Milling
• Agriculture • Rolling • Handling of finished good
• Material handling
• And many others
Product fulfillment Nickel-plated Improved wear resistance
Recommended for outdoor
conditions such as exposure
to rain
Zinc-plated An economical way
to increase corrosion

By developing its own Stainless steel Used in food processing

applications, high/low

range of solutions for temperature conditions

(–20 to 400 °C/

power transmission, –4 to 752 °F) and in

corrosive environments

SKF is able to offer Dacrotised Suitable for highly corrosive

well matched products.
Thus, giving engineers Chains Sprockets
a wide choice for better • From the raw material to the • A very large range of plating is • All sprockets are oiled, bagged,
finished product, our chain is available: Dacromet, Nickel, sealed and then boxed; this allows
performance at an superior by design: 100 % pre- Zinc and Stainless Steel the product reaches the customer
optimum cost level stressing, 100 % pre-loading and • SKF also supplies a full range of in perfect condition every time
running prior to packaging conveyor chain for every application • Sprockets are also available with
Belts Pulleys • SKF uses a heavy pre-lubrication hardened teeth, bored and keyed
• Oil and heat resistance/anti-static • Pulleys are all statically balanced process to enable optimum storage to size
properties meet and exceed to provide true running tolerances life; all of SKF chain is fully wrapped • All sprockets up to 300 mm (12 in)
industry standards at higher speeds in plastic prior to being boxed of outside diameter are boxed; over
• Globally sourced rubber along • Dynamic balancing is also available 30 kg (66 lbs) are base mounted
with stringently controlled tension on request
I had an application which is an members provide the superior • All pulleys up to 300 mm (12 in)
elevator with cups for transporting performance expected from SKF of outside diameter are boxed; over
caustic soda. SKF proposed us • Timing belts made of polyurethane 30 kg (66 lbs) are base mounted
to upgrade the drive with chains with steel cords are also available
made of a special stainless steel, • State-of-the-art electronic rubber
which is more suitable for a very blending/mixing processes maintains SKF is the only brand that has
high corrosive environment. SKF the superior quality offered us, besides bearings, a
has shown to have capabilities • Tight tolerance stability during the full range of power transmission
even in transmission! manufacturing process along with products, and we of course trust
superior raw material eliminates them in that business too.
Oltchim SA, Rm. Valcea, Romania the requirement to match individual
belts to a single drive IFAMAC, Valencia, Spain

Couplings Bushings
• Flexible Tyre, Jaw, Chain, Gear, • Taper bushes are designed for • Each bush has a number of
Grid, FRC, Universal and Rigid quick and easy installation and different bore sizes which
couplings: no matter which coupling removal with basic tools, resulting in translates to a reduction in the
your application requires, SKF offers minimum downtime each time they number of components that have
options for bushings, bored to size are fitted to be held in stock therefore
or simply piloted • The wide range of metric and reducing inventory costs
• All couplings are boxed or bagged imperial bore sizes 9–290 mm • The taper bush is designed to
for protection; over 30 kg (66 lbs) (C/h–12 in) available offers you accommodate under or oversize
are base mounted for ease of off-the-shelf availability and shafts allowing for a powerful grip
handling and safety eliminates the need for time even on worn shafts
consuming machining of products
Supply rationalization
Specialized General
Distributor transmission transmission
reseller house

Product range • ������������������

Power transmission • Belts and/or • �������������������
Power transmission
• ��������
Bearings • Pulleys and/or components of
different quality levels
• �����
Seals • Chains and/or
• �����������
Lubrication • Sprockets and/or
• ��������������
Mounting tools • Couplings and/or
• ��������������������
Maintenance services • Locking elements

Through an SKF Quality level

By applying all components of a good
Authorized Distributor quality level, the performance of your
the “one-stop shopping” machinery will be maximized
concept is a reality
Ordering time
With a complete range of power The fewer sources you quote for price
transmission components you are and delivery, the less time consuming
now able to reduce transactional and Timing belts Bushings Chains
the order placement will be
other related logistics expenses. Good
quality products can also improve the Delivery time
performance of your rotating equipment
The more simplified and integrated
and decrease your maintenance costs.
your supply chain is, the sooner you
With the right product, at the right place
will get the products you need
and at the right time, SKF enables you
to focus on what really matters to your
Operational costs
core business.
Better product availability and faster
Sprockets Couplings and U-joints V and wedge belts
replacement means less inventory
and more savings to your budget

Maintenance costs
By maintaining and re-designing your
equipment with the right tools, your
maintenance costs will drop each day

Special belts Pulleys Smart tools

We are always looking for partners who are able to decrease out total costs and by ordering a full package of power
transmission products from SKF we have moved another step forward. The upgrade we made with SKF belts, pulleys,
chains and sprockets showed significant increase of performance and therefore helped us to increase our profitability.

Mikrosan Makine, Istanbul, Turkey

Peace of mind
Step 1: Identify Step 2: Order Step 3: Replace
Don’t waste any time The world’s most SKF European Distribution Centre The old days of
searching for products. efficient bearing supply – Europe’s #1 ranked bearing inconsistency and lack of
distribution network
Find what you are chain is now covering • Highest customer satisfaction rating information are gone
looking for in a matter your needs for power in the bearing industry
• More than 30 000 part numbers A considerable amount of the power
of seconds transmission products in stock (9 000 power transmission transmission components traded at
products) present in the industry come without
Our comprehensive on-line catalogue And your SKF Authorized Distributor • Industry’s highest order accuracy a part number or an identification
(also available in printed version) is is the most important link to it. – no other supplier comes close of the source. Looking at the end
translated into 20 languages and Quick availability of products you Authorized
Authorized • 3 shifts, 365 days a year service, users’ needs, SKF steps up now as Most all of the products are wrapped
contains more than 30 000 different need is critical to your transmission with more than 1 000 order lines the leader in classification, marking, in plastic bags and inserted in carton
products. Through a user friendly application. Supported by the shipped per hour packaging and traceability of those boxes which protect them from
search engine, you are able to identify advanced logistics of the SKF supply products, including pulleys, sprockets undesired environmental damage (not
your needs, even if you don’t have chain, your SKF Authorized Distributor Advanced e-business portals and bushings. applicable to belts).
a part number. Technical data and has the systems in place to deliver on enable around-the-clock ordering
drawings will guide your choice. time, every time. Thanks to unique and tracking
e-business portals, collaborative SKF’s European Distribution Centre
logistics, inventory management, is linked directly to SKF Authorized
programs and a transportation Distributors via Electronic Data
network that functions with an Interchange (EDI) and other
astounding efficiency, the product e-business portals including
you need for your drive unit is endorsia.com, the world’s largest
typically waiting for you on your bearing marketplace. This advanced
distributor’s shelf. And if it’s not, your e-commerce tool enables your SKF
SKF Authorized Distributor can get it distributor to execute on-line order
quickly by tapping into a global SKF transactions and inquiries on price, Each power transmission product is branded SKF and well marked with a part
inventory capable of one of the fastest availability and order status number. That allows you to make a smoother replacement and also to easily
deliveries in the transmission business. – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. identify the source of the component.

We have found that SKF’s on-line PT catalogue is a fantastic resource. I was having difficulties in finding a supplier
Having all the product information in one place for the first time, in an for a non-standard type of chain. My need
easy-to-use format has had real tangible benefits for our personnel. was fulfilled as soon as I called an SKF
Authorized Distributor and found out they
AFC Ltd., Bristol, United Kingdom had it available for immediate delivery.

Multiserv, Châtelet, Belgium

Maintenance decrease
Belt-driven machinery downtime Pinpoint accurate shaft alignment Extend your chain life with the oil
SKF power transmission caused by misalignment is a thing of simply achieved range from SKF
and maintenance pro- the past The SKF shaft alignment tools TMEA SKF chain oils come in three
ducts together help The SKF BeltAlign, TMEB 2, aligns Series offer you simplicity with a convenient sizes to suit the needs of
the pulleys where it counts most – in high degree of accuracy. These highly most chain applications in industrial
you mount, lubricate, the grooves. V-guides and powerful innovative tools feature a three-step environments. The chain oils, medium
align and maintain magnets allow the BeltAlign to be process for correcting alignment: temperature, high temperature
fitted in the grooves of the pulley. Measuring, Aligning and Documenting. and food compatible (NSF H1), are
your application more With only two components, a laser- First, Measure the machinery’s current available in 400 ml (13,52 oz.) aerosol
efficiently emitting unit and a receiver unit, the alignment status. Then Align the cans, 5 liter (1,32 gallon) cans, and as
BeltAlign is easy and fast to attach. The machine vertically and horizontally. an oil fill for SYSTEM 24® single point
three-dimensional target area on the Finally, Document and keep track of automatic lubricator.
receiver unit allows the easy detection the alignment activities. These three
of misalignment as well as its nature; simple steps allow you to easily and
whether it is horizontal, vertical, effectively align shafts using advanced
Belt drives Chain drives parallel or a combination of all three. laser technology.
SKF supplies both the belts and By using high quality steel and paying
pulleys to precise matching angles careful attention to detail in the • Aligns grooves of the pulley rather • Compact, lightweight design
ensuring a drive that will last longer manufacturing process SKF chains are than its face, allowing the alignment • Spirit levels allow easy and fast
and operate with maximum efficiency. built for endurance. Specialized chains of pulleys of unequal width or positioning of the measuring units
High strength cords and premium such as the Dacromet coated chain with dissimilar faces – even fits • Selectable mm or inch reading
quality rubber mean SKF belts will allow chains to be run for longer in the applications where the pulley face of measurement facilitates
keep machinery running for longer most corrosive surroundings. cannot be used as a reference worldwide use
periods of time without having to re- • No trial and error. The laser position • Supplied in sturdy, lightweight
tension the belts. indicates the nature of misalignment carrying cases for portability
allowing easy and accurate • Supplied with high precision
Couplings adjustment SKF pre-cut shims for accurate
With the correct selection from the We had severe problems alignment
SKF range of specialised couplings with four critical pumps and
many hours of unnecessary downtime due to the use of low quality
can be saved by not having to move couplings and bad alignment
surrounding equipment to install we were forced to replace
/replace the couplings or check for all of them in one year. SKF
wear. SKF couplings also help protect came and performed vibration
machinery by absorbing shock loads measurements and offered its
and dampening vibration. Flex coupling solution. I’m happy
with SKF’s intervention.

Alpha Wood, Greneva, Greece

Energy saving
Let SKF help you Industry: Pulp & paper Industry: Forestry
reduce your energy Application: Roof fans Application: Draft fans

consumption Situation before the SKF Actions taken: Overall analysis: Actions taken: Results after SKF intervention:
intervention: • Re-calculation of the drive • Type of problem detected: • Mounting of new belts • Energy saving: 3 % (average)
By their very nature, bearings make • Low performance and reliability • Creation of a guideline for mounting low performance at the belt drive • Use of SKF tools to help ensure • Reliability improvement
a positive contribution to the natural of roof fans which were critical and tensioning and high energy consumption correct belt tension and pulley
environment, enabling machinery to to the production process • Use of SKF tools to help ensure • Main cause: pulley wear and alignment
operate more efficiently, consume less • Extra cost and downtime because correct belt tension and pulley misalignment • Measurement of energy
power, and require less lubrication. of belts and bearing failure alignment consumption
By raising the performance bar for our • Lack of tension and maintenance
own products, SKF is enabling a new procedures by the customer’s Results after SKF intervention:
generation of high-efficiency products maintenance personnel • Fan reliability improvement Fan type Initial electric Final electric Initial Final Saving
and equipment, which includes power • Process reliability improvement current (A) current (A) tension (V) tension (V)
transmission components. Overall analysis: • Energy saving (6 %) as a conse- A (208 HP) 239,5 233,0 402,4 400,8 3,1 %
• Type of failure detected: spalling quence of the tension and
• Main cause: high tension of belts alignment improvement B (300 HP) 261,4 252,0 402,1 400,8 3,9 %
• Others: The pulley diameter in the • A full solution was offered to the C (268 HP) 258,2 254,7 400,9 401,1 1,3 %
Have a look at this success story motor was below the minimum customer
which is a result of the SKF diameter required for the type of
contribution to a customer in belts installed; the pulleys was also
Argentina. misaligned

This is another reference case

taken from a customer in Chile
which was an early adopter of
the SKF power transmission
Design optimization Belt drives

SKF is the first industrial

Click on the
company to offer its cus- calculation module
tomers on-line calculation of your choice
tools for both belt and
Choose your preferred
chain drive designs language
The system will show you a list
of possible solutions for your drive
which can be ranked by weight or
price index

Whether you look for the best solution

for your belt or chain drive, those tools
will bring you recommendations based
on your input data.

See examples on the following pages

of how easy it is.

Add your company

The solution of your choice will
data (optional)
be prompted in this area; if not
satisfied, you can go back and
choose an alternative
Fill in the basic data
of your application

Press ”Automatic

Visit www.skfptp.com for free More specific details will

access and a wide choice of be displayed in this area
Design optimization
Chain drives The most efficient and
economical solution
for your drive is now
calculated and can also
be documented
The system will show you a list
of possible solutions for your drive
which can be ranked by weight or At the end of your calculation, you
price index are able to print and save a complete
report in PDF format. See the
examples on the right.

The solution of your choice will

be prompted in this area; if not
satisfied, you can go back and
choose an alternative

More specific details will

be displayed in this area

Thanks to the on-line calculation tools offered through the SKF website,
we are able to optimize the power transmission elements mounted in our
machines. Those tools are very useful and easy to use.

Talleres Serrano, Castellón, Spain