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2002 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 172 E/201

(2002/C 172 E/214) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0467/02

by Alexandros Alavanos (GUE/NGL) to the Commission

(22 February 2002)

Subject: Implementation of programmes under Regulation (EEC) 2078/92 in Greece

Serious irregularities have been reported in the press concerning the implementation of programmes under
Regulation (EEC) 2078/92 (1) and in particular the scheme for long-term set-aside of agricultural land. In
fact the Ministry of Agriculture has announced that investigations would be held into the implementation
of the programmes in the Prefecture of Ioannina to establish whether any maladministration occurred
during the period 1996-1999.

1. Has the Commission evaluated the implementation of the programmes under Regulation (EEC)
2078/92 in every Member State except in respect of 1997 (COM 94/620)?

2. Is it aware of 0 and has it investigated 0 the allegations of maladministration in the implementation

of the programme for the long-term set-aside of agricultural land in the Prefecture of Ioannina?

(1) OJ L 215, 30.7.1992, p. 85.

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(21 March 2002)

The Commission published a document (No VI/7655/98) on the evaluation of agri-environment

programmes, which is available from the following website: http://europa.eu.int/comm/agriculture/envir/

In addition to this evaluation, the Commission asked the Member States to assess the progress of their
earlier agri-environmental programmes in the new rural development plans for 2000-2006. The
Commission also considered this particular issue when making a general assessment of these plans with a
view to their approval.

The Commission knows about the problems in implementing the programme for the long-term set-aside
of arable land, particularly in the prefecture of Ioannina. On 9 January 2002 it sent a letter to the Greek
authorities asking for thorough controls of all beneficiaries and a detailed report on the matter. The
Commission is also preparing to undertake its own control visit.

(2002/C 172 E/215) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0475/02

by Jorge Hernández Mollar (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(22 February 2002)

Subject: Social conflict caused by the behaviour of young people in pursuit of ‘entertainment’

The recent judgement by the supreme court of justice of Andalusia stipulating that the city authorities of
Seville (Spain) should take measures against the youth movement known as ‘el botellón’ has once again
revealed the need for research with a sociological perspective to be undertaken into the behaviour of
young people in the Community in pursuit of ‘entertainment’.

The conflict between young people and their neighbours in the community is a growing source of concern
and research is needed to identify its causes and propose ways for society to tackle this disturbing issue.

Will the Commission lend its support to tackling this problem, which is affecting many sectors of
Community society, by helping to promote sociological research into this kind of behaviour that will
produce tangible proposals to resolve the conflict?