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Dear Dr………..

With reference to your application and subsequent interviews you have had with us, we are
pleased to appoint you, (NAME) (hereinafter called the Retainer) as (name of the post) in
…….. (hereinafter called the Hospital) subject to the following terms & conditions.

Whereas, the Hospital has engaged (NAME) as on contract basis and Retainer has agreed to
serve the Hospital as (name of the post) in that capacity on the terms and conditions hereinafter

This letter of appointment supersedes all other communications made to you prior to the date of
issue of this appointment letter.

1. The party of the first part shall remain in the service of the Hospital as (name of the post)
from …………. (hereinafter called ‘contractual period’) subject to the provisions herein
contained. Contractual period will be automatically renewed if both parties are agreeable.

2. During the period of contract, while functioning as (name of the post), the Retainer will
be entitled to a Professional Fee (not salary) of Rs. …../- (Rupees [in words] only) per
month. The Professional fee fixed is purely a matter between the you and the Hospital
and has been arrived at on the basis of your specific background & professional merit.
Hospital expect you to maintain this information, as strictly personal and confidential.
Further increments will be considered on merits or on renewal of the contract.

3. The appointment of the Retainer is purely on a contract basis and the Retainer would not be
entitled to any claims, rights, interests or further benefits in terms of regularization or
consideration of further appointment to the said post or any other post under the Hospital.
The retainer shall not be eligible for any other benefits including the retirement

4. In the discharge of such duties and in the exercise of such powers Retainer shall observe and
comply with all resolutions, regulations and directions from time to time made or given by
Hospital or its Director.
I. You shall during the continuance of this appointment, utilize your time and energy
mostly for the service of the Hospital and shall use your best endeavors to develop and
extend that services for the betterment of the Hospital and shall in all matters act loyally
and faithfully to the hospital management and shall not engage or be interested or
concerned either directly or indirectly in any other business or trade during the validity of
this appointment.
II. You shall attend to calls from ICU`s/ Emergency Medicine/Casualty department as per
III. Normal working hours of the hospital are from ….. am to ….. pm. However, you shall
conform to such hours of work as required from time to time reasonably required of you
by the Hospital.
IV. You shall be on on-call duty as allotted in tune with the policies in this regard which will
be intimated to him/her in advance by the sister in charge of the department.
5. While with the Hospital, the Retainer will not in any circumstances be permitted to work
for any other firm or person, either whole time or part time, to own, or in any way be
associated with any firm or person as advisor, director or partner, whether paid or not, for
Retainer`s services, without prior written permission of the Hospital.

6. The Retainer will not, during the continuance of this appointment and thereafter, disclose,
divulge or communicate to any interested or other persons, whatsoever, any information
relating to patient, activities of the hospital, its subsidiaries and associates, other
consultants, business practices or any other information of a confidential character.

7. The Retainer shall treat all information obtained by him/her during the course of his/her
employment with the hospital, either directly or from the other employees/consultants of
the Hospital, or during the course of his/her work with the Hospital, as strictly

8. The Retainer shall be entitled to avail …. days Casual leave, … days Sick Leave and
…..days Earned Leave including leave for attending conferences, in an year.
1. Casual leave shall be availed on pro-rata basis. Casual leave cannot be availed for
more than two consecutive days at a time. For casual leave as far as possible, written
application shall be submitted to the Director before availing the same.
2. Applications for sick leave in excess of … days should have valid medical certificates
in the prescribed format.
3. Earned leave/Leave for Conferences should be planned well in advance and intimated
to the Director and prior sanction obtained.
4. You will be eligible for Earned Leave other than for attending conferences only after
completion of one year of continued service.
5. Alternative arrangements in consultation with other consultants shall be made before
proceeding on leave.

9. Mandatory Rules:-
I. It is mandatory to attend all the clinical meetings, communication meetings and other
administrative meetings.
II. You are requested to participate in camps and other medical activities.
III. You are encouraged to serve in different hospital committees if nominated.
IV. You will be responsible for implementing Health & Safety Programs, Infection
Control Measures and Quality Policies in your area.
V. You are expected to participate very actively in all training programmes, academic
and teaching activities of the Hospital.
VI. You shall be expected to, be courteous, honest and professional within the Hospital or
with its patients/clients, and maintain and represent the standards of professional
Services at all times.
VII. You shall not publicly criticize, defame or misrepresent the Hospital and shall not,
knowingly, commit any such actions which may result in the Hospital’s
image/business being adversely affected.
VIII. You shall not engage in any activity that cause disharmony and indiscipline to the
Hospital and should obey all the rules and regulations of the Hospital in vogue and
promulgated from time to time by the Hospital.

It is further agreed as follows:-

I. If Retainer have any grievance relating to his/her services, Retainer should first raise
it orally or in writing to the ……. …. who at his discretion may take such steps as he
deems fit with a view to settling the grievance.
II. Any dispute arising under or relating to this appointment shall be resolved exclusively
by mutual arbitration, which shall be binding to both the parties.

10. The Retainer shall make good of any loss/damage caused by him/her to the Hospital by
remitting the amount accrued by the Hospital for such damages/loss, failing which
complaint against the Retainer will be launched as in accordance with the law of land
including revenue recovery procedure treating this as arrears due to the Hospital.

11. The Hospital also reserves the right to terminate this appointment without assigning any
reasons; provided that a written notice of ……. days is given to the Retainer. Similarly,
the Retainer can terminate this agreement by giving ….. days notice in writing.

12. The Hospital may, in lieu of the written notice, give the Retainer a sum equivalent to the
amount of his/her professional fee for ……. days or shorter notice than sixty days along
with a sum equivalent to the amount of his/her professional fee for the period of which
such notice falls short of …… days.

13. The Retainer, may, in lieu of the written notice, give the Hospital a sum equivalent to the
amount of his/her professional fee for …… days or shorter notice than sixty days along
with a sum equivalent to the amount of his/her professional fee for the period of which
such notice falls short of …… days.

14. You have to pay, additionally, the Hospital a sum of Rs………/- (Rupees ………only) as
recruitment agency fee, if you wish to terminate this appointment before completing one
year of service with the Hospital.

15. Upon termination of this appointment by either party, all payment obligations under this
appointment will immediately become due and payable. You shall immediately handover
to the Hospital all files and other details relating to the patients and also any equipment or
any other item belonging to the Hospital in the possession of the Retainer and obtain
necessary Clearance/No-Dues Certificate for the final settlement to be processed.

16. The Hospital shall have the right to terminate this appointment forthwith without liability
for compensation or damages upon the happening of any of the following events:-
I. That the activities of the Retainer is against the interest of the Hospital in any respect
and contravenes the provisions of this appointment, the decision of the Director of the
hospital shall be final and binding on the consultant.
II. If you are guilty of any grave misconduct or willful neglect in the discharge of duties
III. If it is proved beyond doubt that Hospital has incurred loss/damage due to the willful
act of you by way of theft, pilferage, damage etc of any of the movable or immovable
property of the Hospital.
IV. If you are incapable of discharging the duties upto the desired level assigned to the
post for which Retainer bound to do according to the job demand.

17. Health Check Up:

Before joining, you have to undergo a health check-up in the Hospital and produce
necessary certification before starting the work. Retainer may also be required to undergo
periodical / annual medical examination, if necessary, as may be stipulated by the
Hospital. Your appointment and continuation in the service is always subject to be
remaining medically fit and alert.

18. Credentials and Authenticity Of Information:

This offer is made on the basis of information provided by you in the application and also
at the time of interview. If any declarations given by you prove to be false or are found to
have willfully suppressed any material information, you will be liable to be removed
from service without any notice.

The above terms and conditions are subject to changes from time to time and the same would be
communicated to you.

Please sign the copy of this letter, as a token of acceptance of your appointment on the terms and
conditions mentioned above.

The Hospital assures you all support and co-operation in your new endeavor and look forward to
a long and mutually beneficial association with you. We welcome you to ….. Hospital family
and wish you every success.

Signed by authorized signatory of the Hospital:


I agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the letter of appointment.

Signature: Date:
Name: Place: Chethipuzha