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I believe that education is the most important asset and quality of a man and one should attempt his

best to acquire it. I have been consistently scoring 1st class in all exams in the undergraduate course
until now and I am confident that I have the ability to take up the Postgraduate course and complete
with flying colors.

My fascination towards Electronics and its related areas from childhood had intrigued me to opt for
Electronic and communication as my undergraduate course. I did My Intermediate at Ideal Junior
College. Then I joined my Undergraduate in SPHOORTHY ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Hyderabad. My
undergraduate program has exposed me to a stimulating academia.

During my college studies I always had an enthusiasm in observing the practical application of the
subjects I studied. Studies of subjects like electronic devices and circuits, pulse digital circuits ,linear
integrated circuit analysis, cellular and mobile communication, microprocessor and interfacing etc., in
my career gave me an ongoing interest in the field of Electronics and communication.

I had developed various projects and present in the events conducted in our college and in other
colleges . I had represented the college at national level technical events conducted by other
institutions. This real life experience helped me in understanding the importance of sequencing and
optimizing a task in a better way. I also did a Real time project work on “Wireless gestures controlled
robot with video and voice capture” using Embedded systems as Front end & Embedded C as Back end. I
think I have a very good exposure in the field of Application Development using different tools.

At this point I feel that pursuing Postgraduate studies in Electronics and Communications engineering &
related subjects would be the right thing to do, as it would put my abilities and interest together.
Graduate studies in ECE will give me all-round exposure in engineering. I would thus be able to
contribute towards the growth of the field and develop the best appropriate career for myself.

Your esteemed institution has a peerless reputation for emphasizing practical knowledge and innovation
for its students and promotes an excellent industry-institute relationship. I am confident that your
institution will help me contribute positively to the ever-changing industrial scenario. I look up graduate
studies in the department of Electronic and communication engineering & Related Subjects at your
esteemed institution as an opening to develop my skills and give a direction to my career & to fulfill my
core ideas.