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“Customer Relationship and Data


System Requirement


Customer Relationship and Data Management – SRS 1

Project Overview

Project Name

“Customer Relationship and Data Management”



Upvan Enterprise, Vadodara.

Jignesh Patel
Email: optimum219@yahoo.com

Team members

Hardik Sawalsa

Tejas Patel

Pankaj Vaishnav

Customer Relationship and Data Management – SRS 2

Project Description

 Upvan Enterprise is a dealer of accounting software like Tally, TDS etc. They are
currently using book keeping system for Customer Relationship Management.
The existing system is inefficient and cumbersome. The necessary for making
successful of this project is to have a new system that will be capable of running
electronically and record the data in database for each year.
 This project is designed to replace a manual book keeping system with a software
Customer Relationship Management system. This project will help operators
manage information received from calls.
 The customer is given AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) of either 24 hrs or 12
visits. A schedule will be maintained to visit and solve customers’ problem.
 There will be a single computer to act as the server, as well as several others to act
as clients. These computers must be connected to each other through a network.
 The system is also including backup utilities with time scheduling.
 It uses cryptography – encryption and decryption for security.
 The system uploads data on FTP after compression. There is a facility to coping
file at Network.


1. Customer Relationship Management

1.1. Client’s call entry
When a customer got any problem in the software –delivered, Supported
by the company, he informs to the company. The details of customers are
checked whether he is company’s customer or not. This detail is filled in
the database.

Customer Relationship and Data Management – SRS 3

1.2. AMC
The customers’ AMC is checked, how many visits and hours are left. The
validity of AMC is also checked. If AMC is available, one of the
engineers of the company goes to visit the client.
1.3. Scheduling
The clients problems (for specific software) which are complicated are add
to schedule- that is to be visited. A complain no is created to refer the
client’s complain later. It reminds the total day to day visits of an engineer.
1.4. Visiting
The customers who are scheduled are visited by engineers. The departure
and arrival time of engineer is calculated and this time is subtracted for
customers’ AMC hours and visits. The solution of customers’ problem is
noticed. If the problem is not solved, it is added in the further schedule.

2. Data Management
2.1. Cryptography
Here data in encrypted for security purpose. This encrypted data will flow
over the network. When the data is needed, it will be decrypted to view the
original content.
2.2. Compression
The data is compressed before send at FTP Server or Network copying.
2.3. Log file
It notifies the data uploaded, copied over network or compressed in a text
2.4. FTP upload
This module is setup on client’s computer. It uploads backup of their
system’s database on the server of Upvan Enterprise.
2.5. Network copying
This module is setup on client’s computer. It will also copy their backup
data on their own network by pre planed scheduling.
2.6. Timer

Customer Relationship and Data Management – SRS 4

There is a background process which back up the data that is scheduled by
user. It runs silently in background.

Functional Requirements:

That’s why it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the detail requirements which
we have tried to find out in below.

The new system should be able to:

 This software can be run only in Windows XP sp2 and above.

 Software to be design to get more detail report for AMC / Support / Engineer’s
ability to solve problem and more on Records of Software License – Version –
Type of Software – Graphical view of Area wise Visit etc.
 The data of client should be uploaded on the server of Upvan enterprise for
backup purpose.
 A secure database will be designed to store the data where only the administrator
can add, remove or update. Only the administrator will have the right to create or
delete any user. The user can be a part of administrator group or a regular user.


 This application is run on multiple systems in the company.

 It is centralized system that the database is at server and applications are at
client’s computer.
 If a record of a customer is being used by any user, it can not be edit or delete by
any other user.
 System administrator can mail to all of their customers by “Mass Mailing”.
 A new user can be added and his rights can be given dynamically by System

Customer Relationship and Data Management – SRS 5