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Masairi Food Stall

Marketing plan
Macro Analysis
1. Demographic Environment
The trend tells us that young generation has very strong attraction towards food especially
trending foods and historically famous ones. And older people are more attractive towards
historically famous or traditional ones. In case of our foods, both of our offerings are traditional
and historically famous. And current trend of sales of these foods tell us that every person
whether young or old, buys these foods.

2. Economic Environment
Economic environment is creating a little panic situation for businesses. But there is relatively
lower impact on food business because it’s basic need. However it has decreased demands, if we
compare it with past. But here is still a lot of opportunity and demands in food business. And
customer of traditional foods are very loyal, in case of Mianwalians.

3. Technological environment
Generally, technological changes have almost zero effect on Food Stalls. But a little impact of
technology is that, food stalls are now converting into Food Trucks and apps of these are
becoming common. So we are also going to place our food stall in truck. And app will be
launched, in case of need.
4. Political Environment
Political environment is unstable in Pakistan since many years. And government policies are also
very unstable. They are continuously changing. Government is more concerning about food
quality and environmental effects. More strict laws are passed for these purposes. Thus we will
have to be very careful about environmental effects and heath of general public including

5. Cultural/Social Environment
As Mianwalians are strict to their cultural norms and practices. So we will have to be very careful and not
to do any practices which may disturb their culture. For example, treating women customers in very
respectful way etc.

6. Natural Environment
People and environments are very careful about natural environment in these days. Like ban on Plastic
Bags is one of the best example to prove their concerns. Thus we will have to be careful and not to effect
any natural element which may create trouble for us.

Micro Analysis

As the products, we are going to serve, will be cooked by our suppliers. So we are very dependent on our
suppliers. Thus we will have to build strong relationships with them. Moreover we will also have to make
sure that they will not supply to anyone else because this will create trouble for us.
Currently we don’t have any direct competitor which is serving the same. But we have a lot of indirect
competitors like small food points and one giant is Gourmet Bakers. Moreover, trends show that soon
many other competitors will also in market. They can affect us a lot and we have to design very customer
friendly deals and services.

Marketing Intermediaries
As we don’t have any market intermediary, so we don’t need its analysis.

The General Public

As people of Mianwali are very integrated in their groups. So we must take care in building our general
opinion in public and different public group especially of young boys.

As there are people from every class but mostly from middle and lower class, so our prices should not be
very high. Moreover our service charges and delivery method should be very satisfactory in their views.

Company Description
Main offerings
Our main offering include Pulao of Musa Khel and Halwa of Kalabagh.

Unique Factors
We have a lot of unique factors. Some are following

1. Introducing Food trucks

2. Providing very famous dishes
3. These dishes are not served by any other
4. Most busy and Clean market location(Gulberg Chowk)
Key of Success
Our unique factors are key of success. In Sha Allah

SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
1. Famous dishes 1. Dependent on Supplier
2. Price 2. High capital Cost
3. Home delivery 3. No experiences
4. Food truck

Opportunities Threats
1. No direct competitor 1. Indirect Competitors
2. Changing trends of market 2. Overall Market is becoming more
3. Increasing trend of traditional dishes competitive
4. Supplier is very much interested 3. High chances of coming direct
competitors in market, soon.

1. Product
Our products have already fame throughout Mianwali. So we don’t need to focus on it.

2. Price
Price is very fundamental factor for our success. We have to be very careful in setting our price while
keeping in mind the lower class which has significant part in our sales.
3. Place
Location of our stall, from 4:00pm – 10:0pm, is Gulberg Chowk because it is most busy place during
night. And in daytime, we will keep our stall moving to different schools, colleges and university.

4. Promotion
Main promotions will be offering discounts in starting days. And then special discounts on purchases of
more than Rs.500.

Another promotional strategy is offering free delivery on orders above 300.