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SI M01 04 10 August 2010

Warranties Warranties

N14 Special Limited High-pressure Pump (HPP) Emission Warranty of
10 Years/120,000 Miles
R55 MINI Clubman S with N14 from SOP up to 08/09

R56 MINI Cooper S with N14 from SOP up to 08/09

R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible with N14 from SOP up to 08/09

MINI has become aware of a potential problem that could affect the
durability of the High–pressure Fuel Pump (HPP) of certain MY 2007, 2008
and 2009 MINI automobiles equipped with N14 engines. We estimate that
only a small percentage of vehicles will actually develop a problem.
Vehicles affected may have the Service Engine Soon lamp illuminated with
various high fuel pressure-related faults (e.g., 2880) stored in the Engine
Control Module (DME). Also, the affected vehicles may experience reduced
engine performance ("engine failsafe mode") when the High-pressure Fuel
Pump malfunctions.
In the event that the High-pressure Fuel Pump of an MY 2007, 2008 or
2009 Cooper S, Cooper S, Cooper S JCW, Convertible or Clubman S with
the N14 engine were to fail and exhibit the symptoms listed above, it should
be replaced with the improved part (P/N 13 51 7 588 879).

Prior to replacement of the HPP, make sure that the appropriate ISTA/D test
plan (B1214_M_KHDR_H_Fuel high pressure system) was performed and
completed with the diagnostic code included the warranty claim. Always
use the current version of ISTA/D (currently 2.21 or higher).
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For High-pressure Fuel Pump replacement instructions, refer to REP13 51


Part Number Description Quantity

13 51 7 588 879 High-pressure Fuel Pump 1
13 53 7 528 348 Pressure delivery line 1


As a commitment to our customers and to demonstrate our confidence in
our product, MINI will extend the emissions warranty of the High-pressure
Fuel Pump from 4 years or 50,000 miles to 10 years or 120,000 miles,
whichever comes first.

The emissions warranty extension for this component applies to the above-
listed models only, and is transferable to any subsequent purchaser of these

This extended emissions warranty is applicable to vehicles registered in all

50 states.

Warranty coverage for all other parts is not affected.

MINI will inform all affected owners of the above-listed models of their
extended High-pressure Fuel Pump emissions warranty. A sample letter is

The following Emissions Warranty Information should be used if a High-

pressure Fuel Pump replacement becomes necessary, as outlined above:

13 51 91 12
Defect Code:

Replace High-pressure Fuel

Labor Operation 0059053
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and clear DME fault memory

Main Work
Labor Allowance 12 FRUs
Replace High-Pressure Fuel
Labor Operation: 0059711
and clear DME fault memory
+ Associated
11 FRUs
Labor Allowance

Note: The following explanations will spell out the correct use of the work

Use this labor operation number when the only repair

Main Work:
performed is the listed warranty repair.


Use this labor operation number when other repairs

or services are performed along with the listed
warranty repair.
Under no circumstances should both labor operation
numbers be claimed. Attempts to claim both times
will result in an unnecessary delay in claim
processing and payment.

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