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“Micropore Ghee Filtration”

Customer: ITC Limited, Food Division

SKA Dairy Food India Pvt. Ltd.,
Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

No. 853/34, 1st Floor, Uttarahalli Main, Dr. Vishnuvardhan Road

Channasandra, Bangalore– 560 098
Tel: 080–43755055, 41206787, Cell : +91 8553030333, 8105550005
E-mail: admin@microporeindia.com, microporeindia@gmail.com
Dear Customer,

You have made a right decision. You have chosen a high performance filter manufactured by

We have created a completely new generation filter - the result of a successful research and
development program.

Our filters give you,

 High flow capacity with minimum pressure drop.

 Increased filtration area.
 Value for money.

A filter's job is to retain unwanted contaminants. So it is only logical that in time, the filter
media becomes saturated. So please be sure to replace your Micropore filter bag periodically.
Only this guarantees perfect filtration combined with reduced energy costs.

Be certain that you have always got a spare filter bag in stock because the technology, price and
service are right.

The pipe work leading to the filter must be completely clean (free from dirt, grit and liquids
etc.) and must be flushed before installing the filter. The filter is mounted vertically as shown
in the GA drawing.

The pipe work is to be done according to good engineering practice. Inlet, outlet, drain and
Instrumentation connections are to be made properly.

The equipment with Shell and Jacket type, Shell side is the product as per the requirement and
Jacket will maintain the Temperature and Pressure

The external valves controlling the flow of fluid into the filters must be opened gradually to
prevent shock loading of the filter Bag/basket caused by sudden volume surges due to rapid
opening of the valves.

Monitor the Pressure & Temperature at shell and jacketed side as well inlet & outlet of the
filters on a regular basis to gain sufficient lead time in planning for a set of spare bags and
avoid down-time.

Provide a non return valve at the outlet of the filter to prevent back flow thereby damaging the
filter due to back pressure.

Instructions are given below for proper installation which are to be followed strictly to ensure
safe operations and obtain good performance.


1) Refer the Design Data to set the Pressure and Temperature at shell and jacket side

2) Install filters as per the flow direction indicated marking as Filter-1 & Filter-2,
(Filter-1 is having 5micron filter bag and Filter-2 having 1micron filter bag)

3) Required sets of Bag/basket are to be placed properly on the element holder plate and
tightened with the bag holder cross plate. Do not forget to put Gasket below the
perforated basket cap

4) Place body ‘O’ ring on the ‘O’ ring grove after cleaning the groove properly. The Top
dish & lower housing bowls are to be tightened properly by Swing Bolts, The tightening
should be perfect and full proof for leaks

5) Coupling Joints to be tighten inserting the gaskets properly

6) Place the Instrumentation properly before taking initial readings, Set pressure to 6 Barg

7) Open the valve at the inlet of the filter gently and slowly to avoid shock loading on the
filter because of the high pressure.

8) Leveling of the bed to be check at four corners with respect to ground level

9) At regular intervals Pressure Drop, Temperature to be check

10) At regular intervals Filter Bags to be replaced with new bags


Fluid form of butter to be flow through inlet towards filter-1 having a 5micron filter at
4~6 barg pressure (max) @ 45/Ambient Temperature, the jacket side with 1~2 barg (max) @
120~150 Degree Temperature, rise of pressure to operating the fluid form of butter filter at
filter-1 over flow to the other filter-2 which is having 1 micron filter bag, the pressure to be set
at filter-2 is 6~8barg pressure @ 45~60 Degree with jacket side 2~3barg pressure with max of
150 degree temperature, Hot water is jacket side media, same will condensate through the drain
the final ghee form output will be collected through the outlet of the Filter-2

The contaminants collected at the bottom of the Bag/basket are to be periodically

removed manually. Observe the pressure drop across the filter. If it exceeds beyond the
pressure drop (dirty condition), stop the process and clean the filter bag. If the bag is damaged
physically after a long time usage, replace it with a new bag.

Maintenance Instructions for Bag filter :

1) Close inlet and outlet valves, check jacketed side temperature & pressure, the temperature
less than or equal to ambient/room temperature before isolate the filter-1 and Filter-2.

2) Slowly release all pressure / Temperature, completely through manual drain valve.

3) Unscrew the bolt/nuts of body flange & separate filter head

4) Remove the choked filter bag with basket.

5) Clean the filter bag, filter housing inside body, pipe line etc. If the bag is damaged, remove
it with a new bag.
6) Observe the filter body ‘O’ ring & gasket, pressure gauges etc. If damaged, remove them
with new ones.

7) Reassemble the filter with bolts/nuts and washer. Tighten the bolts/nuts to make it leak

8) Slowly allow the fluid to flow inside the filter housing by opening the inlet valve and allow
it to attain the stable pressure. Observe the pressure readings in the pressure gauges.

9) Slowly open the outlet of the filter to receive filtered fluid.

Important Note :

1. Filters are installed strictly as per the flow directions indicated.

2. Handle filter bag/basket only by end caps . Avoid touching the filter media. Do not apply
unduly large force
3. Monitor the differential pressure across the filter. Keep in stock
at least one set of spare Filter Bags & ‘O’rings /gaskets in stock.


Tag No. :
Shell Side Jacketed Side
Fluid : Butter fluid form Hot water
Operating Pressure : 6 barg 2 barg
Operating Temperature : 45~50 Degree 120~150 Degree
Flow Rate : kg/hr (max
Filtration Media : Polypropylene Filter Bags
Filtration level : Filter-1 (5micron), Filter-2 (1micron)
Gasket : Silicon
Material of Construction (MOC) : SS 304
Basket, Support leg : SS 304
Filter Model Offered : 8–30–50NB–SS304