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Vaisala Veriteq

Faster Set-up, Lower Costs, Better Results

“The Vaisala IQ/OQ protocol is very

nicely done... [it’s] very complete
and saved us 2-3 weeks of work.”

- Stephan Montag
Head of IT

“After researching several

companies that offer data loggers for
temperature validation, the decision
to purchase from Vaisala was easy.
The software is Part 11 compliant
and the protocol is outstanding!”

- Jean Wilson
Senior Stability Scientist

Compliance with strict regulatory large internal memory, and a 10-year Unlike other products that only state
guidelines and quality requirements battery, eliminating the threat of accuracy when equipment leaves
demands accurate measurement, power failure or lost data — while the factory, Veriteq’s instruments
secure data, and comprehensive saving time and money with fast are calibrated to maintain accuracy
reporting. Unlike any competitive deployment. for one full year. Each one has
product, the vLog™ system specifies vLog maintains all data and events NIST-traceable certification from
temperature and relative humidity in secure files, providing tamper- our A2LA-accredited calibration
accuracy for one year, eliminating proof security with presentation- lab. Calibrations are performed at
the cost of frequent calibration. It’s ready reports. You always have a minimum of 5 points and can be
an easy-to-use, cost-saving, high- documentation on hand to evaluate tailored to any customer requirement
accuracy solution for mapping critical each test quickly and meet — including ICH guidelines.
and FDA-regulated environments — 21 CFR Part 11.
from stability chambers, to freezers,
to warehouses.

Unmatched Performance The vLog system provides:

and Cost Savings
The vLog system is the most ▪ Temperature: -90 to 70 °C, up to 0.1 °C accuracy and 0.02 °C resolution

accurate and effective solution for ▪ Relative Humidity: 0 to 90 % RH, up to 1 % accuracy and
understanding your environments 0.05 % resolution
and complying with regulations. With
▪ Audit trail, 21 CFR 11 compliant graph and tabular reporting
easy set-up and placement of self-
contained data loggers, you can be ▪ Measurement accuracy specified for one year, eliminating the need
for frequent calibration
mapping a chamber in minutes. Each
logger contains highly stable sensors,
Flexible and Secure Reporting

Quick Visual of Results Industry-standard

Display temperature and humidity on Security Access “The Vaisala validation system
reduced our setup time for
one graph or separate graphs. Use Use all the capabilities of
temperature mapping by at
cursor limit lines for quick indication Windows password authentication least 80 %.”
that your study ran successfully. so your IT staff can implement
what they already use to protect - Stephanie Cowan
Quality Reports with other company assets. Validation Specialist
Simple Check-box
Selection Ease of Use and Industry
Create standard and customized Best Reliability
documents fast, including statistics Simply place the data loggers
such as min, max and avg values, where you need them — no wires
Mean Kinetic Temperature and other to handle. Their 10-year battery,
calculations, or export generic .csv internal memory, and stable sensors
files for further analysis. let you focus on test results
instead of time-consuming setup
System-wide Traceability and re-calibrations.
and Secure Data
With vLog’s validated audit trail,
no interaction with the system
goes unrecorded. Data remains
secure and tamper-proof, ensuring
reports are always compliant with
21 CFR Part 11. Ideal for mapping ICH Stability areas,
Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators and

Reports can be generated in tabular or graphical formats.

Customizable graphics include limit lines for viewing results
at a glance.
Comprehensive Support
Service, Maintenance, Warranties

Calibration: On-site or Productivity and Accuracy

Accredited without Compromise
To maintain the high accuracy
measurement of the vLog system,
▪ IQ/OQ validation
we perform calibrations and
complete functional testing in our ▪ Rapid support – answers when
you need them
own A2LA accredited lab, which
meets the standards of ISO/IEC 17025 ▪ Cost-saving extended
& ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994.
Calibrations include: ▪ Complete calibration plans

• Verification of specifications ▪ A2LA-accredited calibration,

against the original calibration NIST traceability

“It’s terrific to have real people • Battery check with any necessary ▪ Complete service plans
answering the phones and firmware updates
providing support. • Measurement accuracy specified and reporting. With a unique system
- Bob Burke, for one year—a specification that that combines autonomous internal
IT Manager is unique to Vaisala’s VL and SP memory and 10-year battery life for
data recorders. independent recording, we provide
Wherever sending recorders in for the most reliable system wherever
We design, develop and produce recalibration is impractical, we offer data on environmental conditions
our own systems, which means that onsite calibration for some devices. are critical.
exceptional knowledge and support On-site calibration includes NIST- Ours is the only environmental
capabilities are at your service, on traceable certificate and reminders of validation system that states the
demand. You can depend on accurate recalibration due dates. accuracy of its humidity and
and responsive support for all your To reduce the costs of calibration, temperature recorders after one year
Vaisala products. we offer optional 3- or 5-year pre- of field use. Whether your
paid plans that not only provide applications are FDA regulated or
protection from price increases, subject to other stringent quality
they are a significant savings compliance guidelines, Vaisala's
on calibration costs. For your systems deliver best-in-class
convenience, we provide loaner accuracy, fail-safe data and
data recorders while units are being customizable solutions.
recalibrated. vLog is available and supported
For decades Vaisala has advanced both directly and from a worldwide
the science, accuracy and industry network of distributors. Learn more
standards of humidity and at www.vaisala.com/veriteq
temperature measurement, recording

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