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Lahore University of Management Sciences

Molecular Biology (BIO216)

Fall 2017

Instructor Muhammad Tariq, Shaper Mirza, Syed Shahzad Ul Hussan

Room No. 9-415A and 9-419A
Office Hours TBS
Email m.tariq@lums.edu.pk; Shaper.mirza@lums.edu.pk; shahzad.hussan@lums.edu.pk

Telephone 8218 , 8413, 8351

Secretary/TA TBA
TA Office Hours NA
Course URL (if any)

Course Basics
Credit Hours Three (3)
LECTURES Lectures per week Two (2) Duration 75 minutes each
Schedule Venue
TUTORIAL Sessions per week One (1) Duration 50 minutes
Schedule Venue

Course Distribution
Core Yes (for undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Biology)
Elective Yes for all others
Open for Student Category Biology majors and minors
Close for Student Category Those not having taken BIO101

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to molecular biology and is designed for students interested in learning molecular
mechanisms which control cellular processes in eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Topics include structure of nucleic acids and proteins, organization
of genes, genomes, chromatin and chromosomes, DNA replication, repair, recombination, transcription, mRNA processing, protein synthesis and
turnover, control of gene expression, signal transduction pathways, non-coding RNAs, evolution of biopolymers and origin of life.


Introductory Biology (BIO101)


The objective of this course is to impart foundational knowledge and essential concepts in molecular biology to students.

Learning Outcomes
After taking this course students should:

Be knowledgeable about the structure of nucleic acids and proteins, and how genomes are organized in bacteria and
Understand specific roles of different proteins involved in cellular processes such as gene transcription, DNA replication &
repair, protein synthesis etc.
Understand mechanisms through which expression of genes is turned regulated in bacteria, viruses and eukaryotes
Be aware of quality control systems that work in concert in order to minimize errors as well as dampen genetic noise
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Grading Breakup and Policy
Surprise quizzes: 10% (4 Quizzes in Dr. Jawaad’s Section and 608 Quizzes in Dr. Tariq’s section)
Exam-1: 25%
Midterm Examination (Exam-2): 25%
Final Examination (Exam-3): 40%

Examination Detail

Yes/No: Yes
Combine Separate: Combined
Duration: 2 hours
Preferred Date: None
Exam Specifications: Combination of multiple choice and short answer questions (no exam booklets required)

Yes/No: Yes
Combine Separate: Combined
Final Exam
Duration: 2 hours
Exam Specifications: Combination of multiple choice and short answer questions (no exam booklets required)

Lecture Schedule
Date Lecture #: Topic(s) Reading
MT 1. Introduction – Biodiversity, Cells & Genomes Chapter 1: 1-42
Chapter 2: 45-65
AJA 2, 3. Cell Chemistry & Proteins (2 sessions) Panel 2:106-11 & 118-119
Chapter 3: 125-152, 171-177
4, 5. DNA & RNA structure; Chapter 4: 195-219, 233-235,
(2 sessions) Figure 4-72 on p244
MT 6. Chromatin & chromosomes, Transcription-I Chapter 6: 329-339
MT 7. Transcription-II; mRNA modification and Processing Chapter 6: 339-366
EXAM-1 (covering lectures 1-7)
AJA 8. Translation Chapter 6: 366-387
9. Protein folding and turnover Chapter 6: 387-399
RNA world and Origin of Life Chapter 6: 400-409
AJA 10. DNA Replication-I Chapter 4: 263-280
AJA 11. DNA Replication-II Chapter 4: 281-294
AJA 12. DNA Damage & Repair Chapter 5: 295-304 + Readings
AJA 13. DNA Recombination & Transposition Chapter 5: 304-322
EXAM-2 (MID-TERM; covering lectures 8-13)
MT 14. Control of gene expression-I (general) Chapter 7: 411-432
MT 15. Control of gene expression-II (bacteria) Chapter 7: 432-440 + Readings
MT 16. Control of gene expression-III (bacteriophage−λ) Reading material posted on LMS
MT 17. Cell signaling and communication Chapter 15: 879-954
18, 19. Control of gene expression-IV (eukaryotes)
MT Chapter 7: 440-477
(2 sessions)
MT 20. Post-transcriptional controls Chapter 7: 477-497
MT 21. Non-coding RNAs Reading material posted on LMS
Lahore University of Management Sciences
AJA 22. Molecular biology of mitochondria and chloroplasts Chapter 14: 855-870 + Readings
AJA 23. Molecular biology of plants Reading material posted on LMS
AJA 24. Methods-I (studying cells & proteins) Chapter 8: 501-532
MT 25. Methods-II (manipulating DNA) Chapter 8: 532-552
MT 26. Cancer Chapter 20: 1205-1267
FINAL EXAM (covering lectures 14-26)

Textbook(s)/Supplementary Readings

Molecular Biology of the Cell (Alberts et al. 2008 - 5th Edition).

Genes IX (Lewin 2008)
Molecular Biology of the Gene (Watson et al. 2004 – 5th Edition)