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Gawler Districts Orchid Club Inc.

December 2018
Post Print Approved 100002180

C. intermedia var. carrulea x Var. Alba

Grown by Valerie Clee

Patron Dr. Bruce Eastick

President Robert Pfitzner
Secretary Murray Page
Treasurer Rob Albrecht
Life Members: - John & Lyn Howard
Denotes Deceased Member - John & Liz Pohl
- Roger & Pauline Rankin
- Gordon  & Margaret Hewitt
- Stan Isaacson
- Ross & Freda Woolford
- Allan & Doreen Garner
- David & Pat Harmer
- Dennis Greenwood
- Brian & Mary Heddle
- Murray & Margaret Page
- Steve Howard
- Jim & Evelyn Cuming
- Graham & Sue Zerbe

Club Correspondence to:

PO Box 32 GAWLER, S.A. 5118
Phone enquiries to
President Ph. 0431 606 365
Secretary Ph. 8250 0689
Editor Ph. 82544253
Presidents Report and Committee News…………….......…...02-06
What’s Happening With Our Members....................................06-07
Christmas Dinner Information….…………………………….08
November/Sarc Results……………….....................................09-12
Registrars report……………………………………..…….…13
Culture Notes…………………………………………………14-16

GDOC 2 December 2018

Adverts/ Programme / Dates for Diary / Other Clubs...............14-16



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including photos, are covered by copyright. Consent for use of this material elsewhere
must be obtained from the Secretary. The Club accepts no responsibility for transactions
between advertisers and readers for the material content of advertisements and the views
expressed by author. Kyle Howard – Editor. Flower of the month – digital image by
Kyle Howard

As in all Clubs and Associations, there are times when members are not
completely satisfied with events, which occur from time to time. The Gawler
Districts Orchid Club is no exception. If at any time you have a complaint or
suggestions, please submit it in writing to the Committee with your signature.

Committee News:
Compliments of the season from the Committee & the Editor and wish
our members a wonderful festive season and good growing for 2019.

*ATTN* For all who send information to Gawler to be published into the
REVIEW or any general questions, I have made a new account to keep
everything in the one spot. GawlerDistrictOrchidClub@hotmail.com is
the new email address. For those who receive the REVIEW via email, it
may be directed to your Spam folder so just keep an eye if it does get
redirected there for any reason. Thanks, Kyle (Editor)

GDOC 3 December 2018

Nominations for EXECUTIVE positions for 2019 must be in the hands of
the Secretary by the close of December’s meeting. ALL POSITIONS
VACENT AT AGM IN FEBRUARY with exception of 3 Committee
who still have one year to run: Andrew Koch, Gloria Chester & Peter
by 2-year term COMMITTEE.
In addition to following appointments are made by Committee as ex
officio members of committee: Show Marshall, Editor, Librarian, Plant
Stall Convenor.
Current Show Marshal, Brian Heddle, has advised committee he will not
be continuing as Show Marshall in 2019. Members, this is your Club and
we urge you to consider if you can help in any way in 2019, if not as an
executive position, but to help with many other duties required. Please
speak to a Committee member if you could run in any way.

Subscriptions for 2019:

Subscriptions for 2019 will remain the same as 2018. Single $25-00 and
Joint/Family $30-00. A reduction of $5 to members who receive their
‘REVIEW’ via E-Mail. Payment can be made to the Treasurer or via
Bank Deposit into Club Account at Bank S.A Gawler.
BSB: 105-009 Acc No: 065534140
When Deposing Via bank transfer, state your name with ‘Sub’ on the

Sausage Sizzle:
Our next Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Gawler is on Saturday December
15th. Help is needed from 7AM for set up and man the stall until 4:30-

GDOC 4 December 2018


Trading Table Supplies:

To all members who wants to buy trading table supplies over Christmas,
phone Graham Semmler on 0419172237 and he will bring them to the
Christmas Dinner.

Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/Gawler Orchids

Mick Talbot has set up a Facebook page for the Club. Together with
assistance from Brian Heddle & Rosemary Phillips, he will continue to
update the page after monthly meetings & shows as well as any relevant
information on orchids in general. If there are any members on the
internet, please visit this page.

Review via E-Mail:

The Club can now send out the ‘REVIEW’ by e-mail. If you wish to be
added to the list, please send a request to the Editor, Kyle Howard on
GawlerDistrictOrchidClub@hotmail.com This will ensure we have your
correct e-mail and the Editor can advise the Secretary to cancel your hard

Sterilizer: The club have for sale Tri-Sodium Phosphate in 500g packs
makes approx. 2 ½ litres at $4-00. See Graham Semmler.

Orchiata Bark: The club have purchased 20 x 40L bags of Orchiata

Bark. 10 x 9-12 (Small) and 10 x 12-18 (Medium) for resale to the
members at $26-00 a bag. ANY MEMBER WISHING TO PURCHASE
approximate 1 week before monthly meeting.

Wanting to Buy these orchids:

Graham Semmler is looking to buy these orchids, if you or you know

GDOC 5 December 2018

someone who is selling a piece, to contact him. Mobile Number above:

1. Zygo. Artur Elle X Blue Eyes " Bringalong Purple"

2 Lael. Anceps Var Compactum
3. R/C Glenn Maidment ' Southern Cross'

The best laid plans of orchid growers are next year’s disasters.
- Roger Rankin Orchid Wise

What’s happening with the Members?

Birthdays for December

Happy Birthday to the following: -

Kevin Cattermole Pat Harmer George Marsden Garry Smith

Leanne Smith Dat Tran

Birthdays for January

Happy Birthday to the following: -

John Arthur Denise Cassar John Gale Stan Isaacson Malcolm

Osborn Murray Page Lorraine Smith Trevor Smith Peter Steyn
Ray Stock

Welcome back after illness.

To any member who has not been well recently we hope you will be joining us next
meeting, we are looking forward to having you back with us.

Birthday & Get Well Wishes can only be acknowledged if the information is passed on
to Mary 82557348

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all & good growing for 2019. Mary

GDOC 6 December 2018

Clare Garden Club Newsletter Special: Article submitted to the
Northern Argus.
Spring Orchid Display in Clare

A joint effort between two clubs resulted in stunning display of flowering

orchids on Saturday, October 27th in Clare.
The Spring Orchid Display hosted by the Clare Garden Club and sponsored by
the Gawler Districts Orchid Club showcased a quality range of orchids
including cymbidium (boat), Sarcochilus (butterfly) and dendrobium orchids.
In addition, a range of young and flowering orchids, growing products and
equipment as well as other plants and floral items were on sale.
Clare president, Norm Crowther, was pleased with the turnout of plants on
display and sale. “For a small club, it was a really good demonstration of
cooperation and hard work by our club, long with the dedication and
commitment from the Gawler members to travel to Clare and show their
orchids”. Gawler Orchid Club organisers included; Graham Semmler, Brian
Heddle and Steve Howard. Steve is an accredited orchid judge in Australia, and
a keen promoter of orchid propagation especially of native species and he was
kept busy all day with propagation demonstrations and answering questions
from the public.
This was an inaugural event with the goal of promoting orchid growing in the
region encouraging local people to show their plants in future Clare Agricultural
and Horticultural shows.
Members of the Clare club worked hard to provide Devonshire teas and lunches
for those who came to the R.O.A.B hall. Many positive comments were
received throughout the day and exhibitors are looking forward to next year’s

Annual Christmas Dinner and Presentation Night

Date: Thursday December 13th 2018
Time: 6-00PM for 6-30PM Meal, Following Monthly Meeting at 8PM
Venue: Elderly Centre, Fourteenth Street, Gawler
Cost: $15-00 per head for members &/Or Partners
Catered By: Barossa Wurst Haus Bakery, Tanunda

GDOC 7 December 2018

Cold Serve: Roasted Chicken Roll
Sliced Ham off the bone

Salads: Wurst Haus Potato Salad

Crunchy Coleslaw with Sour cream and mayo dressing
Garden green: tomato, cucumber, snow-peas & red onion
Watermelon, Red Onion and Mint.

Sweets: Apple Crumble

Fresh Fruit Salad
Both Served with Ice Cream

Appetisers: Sliced Bread, Butter and condiments

Vegetarian: Spinach Roll PLEASE ORDER WHEN BOOKING


Normal cordial will be supplied by the Club. ANY MEMBER REQUIRING

Tickets will be $1-00 each.

GDOC 8 December 2018

November Results List
Orchid of Second Division & Orchid of the Night
C. intermedia var. carrulea x Var. Alba Valerie Clee
Orchid of First Division
Z. EIF Jade ‘ Freckles ‘ x crinitum Kyle Howard
Orchid of Open Division
Cym. canaliculatum ‘ Wangaby ‘ Steve Howard
Seedling of the Night
C. Precious Jewel x Dal’s Good One David Murley
Popular Vote – Second Division
Den. Gatton Monarch ‘ Grace ‘ Kenneth Hinsliff
Popular Vote – First Division
Den. Thrisofalorum Hoa Nguyen & Dat Tran
Popular Vote – Open Division
Cym. canaliculatum ‘ Wangaby ‘ Steve Howard

Open Division
Australian Native Epiphyte - Hybrid
Lc. Aloha Ching Hua Maureen & Graeme Hazledine
Australian Native Epiphyte - Species
Cym. canaliculatum ' Wangaby ' Steve Howard
Cym. canaliculatum Steve Howard
Cymbidium under 60- any other colour
Cym. ( erythraeum x floribundum ) Peter & Marilyn Aigner-
Laeliinae - Cluster
Lc. Trick or Treat ' Deert Sands ' Steve Howard
Laeliinae - Non Standard
C. ( Solar Flare x Aussie Sunset ) Rob & Lyn Albrecht
Laeliinae - Species
C. coccinia Steve Howard
Oncidiinae - Hybrid < 60mm
Mps. ( Hamburg x Herman Sweet ) Rob & Lyn Albrecht

GDOC 9 December 2018

Orchid Genera not listed elsewhere - Hybrid
Phal. unknown Pink Rob & Lyn Albrecht
Phal. Chian Xen ' Violin ' Rob & Lyn Albrecht
Orchid Genera not listed elsewhere - Species
Cpy. Kentuckiense Steve Howard
Jumellea arachnantha Steve Howard
Orchid Seedling - any Genera
Cym. erythraeum x floribundum Peter & Marilyn Aigner-Muehler
Sarcochilus - Intergenerics
Rhinochilus Lava Burst Steve Howard
Sarcochilus - Predominently any other colour
Sarco. Topaz Steve Howard
Sarcochilus - Predominently red/pink
Sarco.( Cheries's Joy x Orange Glow ) Steve Howard
Sarco. Kulnura Dragon Fly Steve Howard
Sarcochilus - Predominently white
Sarco. ( George Colthrup x Heidi ) Steve Howard
Sarcochilus - Species - Hartmanii
Sarco. Hartmanii Steve Howard
Sarco. Kulnura Dragon Fly Steve Howard
Specimen Species or Hybrid
Cym. canaliculatum ' Wangaby ' Steve Howard
Cym. canaliculatum Steve Howard

First Division
Australian Native Epiphyte - Species
Cym. canaliculatum David Murley
Cym. canaliculatum David Murley
Cym. canaliculatum David Murley
Cymbidium 60 - 90mm Red Pink Brown
Cym. ( Phar Lap x Cabernet ' Zoe ' Andrew Koch
Cymbidium 60 - 90mm White Cream Yellow Green
Cym. Anna Szabo' Geyserland ' Andrew Koch
Cymbidium under 60- any other colour
Cym. Black Stump Ron & Elizabeth Hannaford

GDOC 10 December 2018

Cym. ( Bexley Devon x madidum ) John & Eve Howard
Cym. Cricket Kathleen Tregeagle
Cymbidium under 60 Red Pink Brown
Cym. Brown Beauty ' Darcey ' Andrew Koch
Cym. [( Gordon Gibbs x ( Tethys x devonianum)] Andrew Koch
Cym. canaliculatum x Fairy Jewel Ron & Elizabeth Hannaford
Cymbidium under 60 White Cream Yellow Green
Cym. Sir Andrew Andrew Koch
Laeliinae - Cluster
Epi. Wedding Valley Dulcie Fitzpatrick
Epi. Topaz Special Ron & Elizabeth Hannaford
Laeliinae - Species
C. intermedia David Murley
Laeliinae - Standard under 100mm
C. Precious Jewel x C. Dals Good One David Murley
Lc. Pink Spice x C. Royal Beau David Murley
C. Rosella's ' Precious One ' David Murley
Orchid Genera not listed elsewhere - Hybrid
Phal. Chain Xeh Girl x Tsiny Shin Cupid Kyle Howard
Den. unknown Hoa Nguyen & Dat Tran
Phal. amabilis x Friends of Black Diamonds Kyle Howard
Orchid Seedling - any Genera
C. ( Precious Jewel x C. Dal's Good One ) David Murley
Sarcochilus - Predominently any other colour
Sarco. ( Parma x Kulnara Joy ) David Murley
Sarcochilus - Predominently White
Sarco. ( Rachel x fitzgeraldii ) Hoa Nguyen & Dat Tran
Specimen Species or Hybrid
Sarco. ( Rachel x fitzgeraldii ) Hoa Nguyen & Dat Tran
Cym. Brown Beauty ' Darcy ' Andrew Koch
Cym. Black Stump Ron & Elizabeth Hannaford
Cym. Phar Lap X Cabenet ' Zoc ' Andrew Koch
Zygopetalinae - Hybrid
Zba. Kiwi Kyle Howard

Second Division

GDOC 11 December 2018

Australian Native Epiphyte - Species
Cym. suave Trevor Lehman
Cymbidium 60 - 90mm - any other colour
Cym. Dr. Len Geyserland Ray & Dianne Stock
Cymbidium 60 - 90mm Red Pink Brown
Cym. unknown Gloria Chester
Cymbidium under 60- any other colour
Cym. Cricket ' The Don ' Robert Pfitzner
Cym. Cricket Ray & Dianne Stock
Cym. Cricket ' Ginger Cascade ' Karen Fiegert
Laeliinae - Non Standard
C. Louise Georgianna Joe & Denise Cassar
Ctt. Trick or Treat ' Orange Beauty ' Joe & Denise Cassar
Laeliinae - Species
C. intermedia Valerie Clee
Orchid Genera not listed elsewhere - Hybrid
Den. unknown Robert Pfitzner
Den. Gatton Monarch ' Grace ' Kenneth Hinsliff
Den. Adela Doris ' No 1 ' Robert Pfitzner
Sarcochilus - Species - Hartmanii
Sarco. Hartmanii ( Mc. Molloy x Derri ) Ken & Rhonda Stock
Sarco. Hartmanii ( Mc. Molloy x Derri ) Ken & Rhonda Stock
Specimen Species or Hybrid
C. intermedia Valerie Clee
Den. Gatton Monarch ' Grace ' Kenneth Hinsliff
Cym. Cricket ' The Don ' Robert Pfitzner

A man is expanding his orchid collection too fast when he flowers a new
orchid but can’t yet pronouince its name.
- Roger Rankin Orchid Wise

GDOC 12 December 2018

Registrars Report:
Sarcochilus Division: This year is the start of the trialling of Sarcochilus’ in
their own division during the November monthly meeting. There was a
lovely display of 37 plats with the dominating colour of white. There were
also a mix of reds/pinks displayed as well. The champion was Sarco.
Rachael x fitzgeraldii ‘red;’, however this large specimen plant was white
with a little x of dark red in the centre. There were 15 spokes with each
ranging 12-15 flowers which were well displayed on long stems. They were
good in shape and filled in. This was grown by Hoa and Dat. The seedling
Sarcochilus was Sarco. Kulnura ‘Dragonfly’ owned by Steve Howard. A
small plant with 2 spikes and 11 flowers and 1 bud, and the other with 7
flowers and 1 bud. Very good shape with white segment overlaid with pink
blushing and striking wide red in the centre of the flower. There were 12
plants on display in Open division with a range of genera. The winner was
Cym. Canniculatum ‘Wangabi’ owned by Steve Howard. A lovely display of
14 spikes with numerous flowers per spike. The flowers were a green/yellow
in colour with heavy blotching of brown. The lip was white with tiny purple
spots on the end. The spikes presented themselves like a foxtail. The greatest
number of plants were in 1st Division. The eventual winner was Z. EIF Jade
‘Freckles ‘ x crinitum. 3 short spikes with 10 flowers. The flowers presented
themselves very well, with good colour of green, white, brown blotching on
the petals and sepals. The lips were even and flat with a white background
and purple striping. The plant was a credit to the grower. This was grown by
Kyle Howard. Second division had 14 plants benched with good quality
plants. The winner was a lovely cattleya intermedia species. A crossing of
“corrulea” (a blue colour) and an all variety. The flowers were white with a
very nice and appealing pink. There were 2 spikes of 4 flowers and 2 of 3
flowers. The plant was very well grown by Valerie Clee, a new member to
the Club. A credit to the owner. This plant also went onto win the Orchid of
the Night. Congratulations to Val for her first major win. The seedling of the
night was grown by David Murley, a small cattleya of C. Precious Jewel x
Dals Good one ‘Janelle’
Graeme Hazledile, Registrar of Judges.

GDOC 13 December 2018

Get your culture right first, and then you can distort as much as you
- Roger Rankin Orchid Wise.

Culture Notes: December

Another year has slipped us by. Hopefully this was a better year than last and
the coming new year will be even better. This is the key to successful orchid
growing and there is the requirement to try and go one up on the previous year.
Learning is a never ending process and success is based on lessons learnt. Some
orchids are not meant to grow here. Summer is well upon us and the growth
season is away. Obviously feeding and watering are they key requirements but
there are many other factors. Light levels are now at their peak, humidity levels
at the lowest and there is the usual army of bugs out there feasting on the soft
new growths. With rapid growth evident in many genera we need to keep them
moving but also consider that they are generally soft at this stage of growth. So,
caterpillars find a new growth much more tempting than a matured growth, heat
damage is more noticeable and much more likely to affect a new growth than an
old growth. Hopefully most of our division etc has been completed by now but
alas with so much to do nowadays this is not always the case so we find more
and more growers still dividing this late in the season. If these plants are well
looked after I can see not too many problems dividing this late, but I would not
expect a premium flowering next year either. Some of the plants that can be
done now are the cattleyas and the oncidiums as their new growths have new
roots that are not too long, and these plants can be divided without too much set
back or performance in the flowering stakes. Some of these plants can also be
back cut this time of year. Back cutting involves cutting the rhizome of a plant
that is intent on growing one forward growth each year and Oncidiums and
Cattleyas are classic species that exhibit this behaviour. The cut is made 3 or 4
growths back from the lead with a sterile knife dipped in a fungicide. Then
place a plant label in the cut to stop the growth growing back together. The aim
is to encourage a dormant eye on the back half of the division to start growing.
The plant can then be divided next year and you have 2. Zygopetalums are
growing fast and most new growths will be showing new roots as well. The key
to dividing a plant at any time is do it in active growth. If you divide a plant that
is resting you may end up with a dead plant or at least a plant suffering a major

GDOC 14 December 2018

setback. The old damaged roots won’t absorb water or fertilizer very well and
there are no new ones to take over. Even when it finally grows new roots it is
that far set back it may be years before it returns to normal. All divided plants
should be kept shadier, more humid and misted regularly for a while until they
settle down and then returned to their rightful place on the bench. Don’t forget a
couple of watering with Seasol to assist the recovery of the orchid and the new
roots. Terestrials are now in the shed stored in a cool shady place. Next month
will see the annual task of re potting. There are a couple of evergreen terrestrials
we can grow here and as long as you have some cover they won’t need too
much heat over winter. These are Phaius tankervilliae (aka the swamp orchid)
and Calanthe triplicata (aka The Christmas orchid). Both are grown under 55%
shade at my place and under cover all year in a deep pot with a rich peaty
compost. They both have soft wide leaves and look good even out of flower.
Caterpillars and scale love them! Both flowers mark badly if they get wet,
particularly the Calanthe that turns black. It would pay to keep the atmosphere
and the plant very dry when flowering. The Phaius is out in November and
funnily enough the Calanthe flowers in December. Keep up the humidity this
time of year as it is you ally when conditions get hot. There are many ways to
increase humidity. In my shade house I hang old man’s beard everywhere,
baby’s tears grows under the benches and along the paths, I have some
containers of water under the benches and even a few foliage plants scattered
about the place. The floor is bark chip that holds moisture. All of these factors
improve the humidity. Provide some extra shade if you can when temperatures
go through the roof and remove it when conditions cool down. We installed
foggers under the covered section and these are very effective at bumping up the
humidity and bring the temperatures down on those extreme days. Avoid
spraying for pests when temperatures are high. Learn to read the signs of heat
and light damage. Die back, pitting, sun burn, or scold marks and excessive
yellowing of the leaves are clear signs. I also test a few plants leaves and feel
how hot they are and if they are I’ll try to get the temp down. Inspect those
orchids that do not have psuedobulbs to tide them over the summer.
Paphiopedilums and Sarcochilus come to mind so make sure they are kept
evenly moist. They also will show up heat damage via pitting of the leaves and
once creamed by the heat will die a slow death. Inspect the roots anytime you
feel the plant is struggling. Lifting the plant partly out the pot and back in won’t
harm it but if the roots have no growth tips then something is wrong and action

GDOC 15 December 2018

needs to be taken now. Not later. Paphs are very sensitive to salt, especially
some of the species and regular flushing is essential to remove them. This is
why a well-drained mix is a must, not only to get valuable air to the roots but to
enable a regular flushing. If water drains out slowly then it is unlikely your
conditions are very favourable and problems will soon occur if not already
evident. They also have low fertiliser requirements. Pests are plenty and the
green loopers are rife. A month ago I couldn’t walk outside at night under the
street lights because of a moth plague and when there is moth plague there is
looper plague behind it. Fortunately I was prepared and I have a few pots of
sacrificial foliage plants under the benches and sure enough they are covered in
loopers that are easily removed by hand but the orchids apart from my soft
leaved Zygopetalums and Lycastes are untouched. I would still keep an eye out
for scale and mites as conditions become drier. December starts the summer
season and there are still plenty that flower this time of year. Many people won’t
grow summer flowering orchids, maybe it’s because there are no shows or club
meetings are recessed until the new year, I don’t know but I make sure I am not
in that minority. Brassia verrucosa and Brassia brachiata are now out, the
spidery flowers making a wonderful display even if their smell leaves much to
be desired, there are always a few summer flowering mini Cattleyas and
Oncidiums adding colour. I have always loved the Oncidiiane complex. Like the
Laeliinae group a well thought out collection can usually have at least one
member from the group or intergenerics bred from them that flower every
month of the year. I have Encyclias, Native Dendrobiums (yes, even in summer,
but they only last a few days), always Zygoes spot flowering, Sartylis,
Neofinetia , Biffrenaria, Native Cymbidiums ( madidum , canaliculatum and
suave) and their hybrids all providing summer colour. 2014 is about to bite the
dust and 2015 await. Most of these notes are for the learners in the clubs and
hope that these and the beginners group meetings have been useful in helping
you understand and improve your culture. For the rest of the growers I hope
they have been helpful even in a small way. We are all into this together and we
all need to interact, share ideas and dare to try something different. All the best
for Xmas and may Santa bring you many seedlings.
Steve Howard

GDOC 16 December 2018

Cobb & Co Pty Ltd EST: 1992
Unit 3/6 McGowan Street
Pooraka S.A. 5095
Suppliers of: Pots, Saucers, Trays, Stakes, Tying, Products, Fertilisers, Insecticides,
Secateurs, Gloves, Labels, Potting Mixes & Mediums, Perlite, Vermiculite & much
more. Open: Monday – Friday 8 30am – 5 00pm
Contact: Office: Ph 8349 7300 Email: cobbandcosales@tpg.com.au

Sims Orchid
Hybridisers and Suppliers
Cymbidium Orchids
From flask to Flowering size, Mericlones, Seedlings, Show Bench & Pot Plant.
Contact: Moss & Rosemary Bray
123 Barcelona Rd Noarlunga Downs SA 5168
Ph. (08) 8382 8822 Mob. 0418 82221

Programme 2019

February 14th AGM & Monthly Meeting

Show/Meeting/Popular Vote
March 14th Auction
April 11th Nicky Zurcher

May 9th Hands on Night: Steve

June 13th Interstate Vendor to
July 11th Kyle Howard TBA

GDOC 17 December 2018

August 8th Interstate Speaker

September 12th Hands on Night: Steve

October 10th Steve Howard: TBA

November 14th Sarcochilus Night & Normal

Judging + Guest Speaker
December 12th Christmas Dinner &
Presentation Night

Dates for your Diary:

- Sausage Sizzle Bunnings Gawler Saturday 15 December


- Sausage Sizzles Bunnings Gawler: Sunday 17th February &
Sunday April 14th
- Autumn Show Saturday May 4th & Sunday May 5th
- Winder Show Golden Grove Sunday July 27th to Saturday
August 3rd

GDOC 18 December 2018

Other Orchid Clubs –Where & when they meet
North Eastern District Orchid: - Meets in St Phillips Hall Galway
Avenue, Broadview from 7.30pm on the third Thursday of the month.
South Coast Orchid Club: - Meets in St. Bernadette’s Church Hall St.
Marys (Corner South Road and Walsh Ave) from8.00pm on the 1st
Wednesday of the month.
Daytime Chapter: - Meets in Lou Kesting Hall, Dover Square, off
Broadway, South Brighton at 2pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month
Southern Region Group: - Meets Carrakalinga House 17- 19 Torrens
St. Victor Harbor on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 2.pm.
The South Australian Orchidaceous Society: - Meets at the Uniting
Church building, 312 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park on the
3rd Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm.
Murray Bridge & Districts Orchid Club: - Meets at Seventh Day
Adventist Hall, Corner Myall Ave & Standen St, Murray Bridge on the
4th Sunday of the month at 1.45pm.
The Native Orchid Society of South Australia: - Meets at the St.
Matthew’s Hall Bridge St. Kensington on 4th Tuesday of Month at
Cymbidium Orchid Club of Sth. Aust: - Meets at Burnside Community
Centre, 401 Greenhill Rd Tusmore on the 4th Wednesday of the Month at
Orchid Club of South Australia: - Meets at the Enfield Community
Centre 540 Regency Rd., on the 1st Thursday of the Month at 8pm.
Daytime Group: - meets at Enfield Community Centre 540 Regency Rd
Enfield on the 2nd Friday of the Month. 2.00pm – 4.00PM

GDOC 19 December 2018

Gawler Districts Orchid Club Inc.
Elderly Centre
14th Street Gawler

Next Monthly Meeting

Thursday December 13th 2018
- 6:00PM for 6:30PM Meal

- 8:00PM Normal Meeting with plants

Presentation 2018 Winners

Christmas Dinner & Presentation Night

Plant Benching and Judging
Lucky Name Badge Wearer (MUST have Badge on to win)
Birthday Draw - December
Monster Raffle
Supper: Any member wishing Supper, Tea & Coffee will be available
but would need to make own.

GDOC 20 December 2018