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Train the Trainer Outline



Project Summary

Training Method Schedule No. of Participants

Training design and delivery

Design and Development

An initial assessment through a Skype call was conducted with Camille Valencia on December 10th to flesh out the training
needs and objectives. The primary target of the training would be for Camille to obtain an IELTS Band Score of 7 in her next

The 1-hour course was first conducted on January 6, 2020. It was conducted via Skype, 5:00-6:00 pm Philippine Time.

Course Objectives: To get high scores in all areas: Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range Accuracy, and
Pronunciation to obtain an overall Band Score of 7.0.

Course Outline:
Session # Date Skills Language Focus

Topic 1
Topic 2

Topic 3

Topic 4

Topic 5
Topic 6

Topic 7

Topic 8

Training Evaluation
Arman’s family and staff showed their support to Arman’s final presentation last Dec 10th by watching him retell the story of
The Emperor’s New Clothes. The trainers (Niki, Ali, and Amanda) were well-received and treated with humble gifts to express
their gratitude.

Highlights and Recommendations

Aspect Accomplishments, Issues, and Actions Taken Recommendations

Training Arman is quite expressive when he reads short and Sustainability options can include the following:
Outcomes longer reading selections with intonation and varied 1. Follow up workshops focusing on:
volume. In between our lessons, Arman would share  Persuasive Writing
his experiences as a member of the royal family. He  Proofreading/Spelling
recalled one story by his staff when he also did a 2. Additional workshops focusing on the
demo with his palms on kindness, something his
butler taught him.
 Conversational English/English
Camp (group class with other kids
Some of his interests include Science and Math.
of his age)
Surprisingly, he is also quite knowledgeable with
 Introductory Course on Cross
history. For instance, our Session 10’s topic was about
Cultural Communication
Letters to Lord Carnarvon with a touch of ancient
3. Echo sessions where he can share what
Egypt. We started the class with hieroglyphics with
he has learned in his school
Arman decoding some words. We then transitioned
to different pharaohs who reigned in the 1900s
including a young leader who died at 18. Some
details came from Arman as this is what he learns in

To end the course, we started with a short review

and an ice breaker game, 123 Pass. He enjoyed it
and he has won it. After understanding the story, we
then proceeded with his final story-telling in front of
5 members of his staff. The presentation went well
though he had to cut down some pages to read as
the story was a bit long. We then awarded his
certificate which he proudly showed his parents.
Attendance He was present in all sessions except On Dec 8 and 9
when his family had to attend a Seagames event.

Participant Participant was obeying and performing throughout Participant has to be committed in finishing
Participation the sessions. any class activity or homework.

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Aspect Accomplishments, Issues, and Actions Taken Recommendations
Training design The design and module content proved substantive
and delivery and delivery was considered smooth by both AE and
Arman’s family.
Logistical The training room was setup in a living room setup
Arrangements with a pingpong table surrounded by chairs. It was a
well-lit room and the trainer was provided water all
the time.

Arman’s staff like Sunil, Penny, Natasha and Fendy

made sure that anything AE needed was taken care
of. Harvey, the agent who brought the client to AE
was also very helpful in the beginning of the course.

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