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Sul fil d'un soffio etesio

Nannetta's aria from the opera Falstaff (soprano)

Libretto adapted by Arrigo Boito (1842-1918) from William Shakespeare's (1564-1616) The Merry Wives
of Windsor and Henry IV, parts 1 and 2.
Set by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

Sul fil d'un soffio etesio1
[sul fil dun sof.fjo e.te.si.o
On-the thread of-a breeze etesian
(On the breath of an etesian breeze)

scorrete, agili larve,

skor.re.te a.di.li lar.ve]
fly-freely, agile spirits,

fra i rami un baglior cesio

[fra i ra.mi un ba.or t.zjo]
among the branches a glow silver-white
(among the branches the silvery-white glow)

d'alba lunare apparve.

[dal.ba lu.na.e ap.par.ve]
of-the-rising moon has-appeared.

Danzate! e il passo blando

[dan.tsa.te e il pas.so blan.do]
Dance! and the footstep gentle
(Dance, your gentle footsteps)

misuri un blando suon,

[mi.zu.i un blan.do swn]
you-measure a gentle sound,
(tap out a gentle sound,)

le magiche accoppiando carole alla canzon.

[le ma.di.ke ak.kop.pjan.do ka..le al.la kan.tson]
the magic combining dances with-the song.
(their magic combining the dances with the song.)

La selva dorme e sperde incenso ed ombra;
[la sl.va dr.me e spr.de in.tn.so ed om.bra]
The wood sleeps and dispenses perfume and shadow;
(The wood is asleep and breathes out perfume and shadow;)

Etesian breezes are winds that occasionally blow from the eastern Mediterranean.

Sul fil d'un soffio etesio (Falstaff) Verdi - Page 1 of 2

e par nell'aer denso un verde asilo
[e par nel.laer dn.so un ver.de a.zi.lo]
and it-seems the-air is-dense as-a green refuge
(and the dense forest air seems to be a green refuge)

in fondo al mar.
[in fon.do al mar]
at-the bottom of-the sea.

Erriam sotto la luna scegliendo fior da fiore;
[r.rjam sot.to la lu.na e.n.do fjor da fjo.e]
Let-us-wander beneath the moon choosing flower by flower;

ogni corolla in core porta la sua fortuna.

[o.i ko.l.la in k.e pr.ta la sua fr.tu.na]
each blossom in-its heart brings (its own) good-fortune.

Coi gigli e le viole scriviam de' nomi arcani;

[koi di.i e le vi..le skri.vjam de no.mi ar.ka.ni]
With lilies and (the) violets, let-us-write some names secret;
(With lilies and violets, let us write some secret names;)

dalle fatate mani germoglino parole.

[dal.le fa.ta.te ma.ni dr.mo.i.no pa..le]
from-our enchanted hands let-blossom words.
(let words blossom from our enchanted hands.)

Parole alluminate di puro argento e d'or...

[pa.r.le al.lu.mi.na.te di pu.o ar.dn.to e dr]
Words illuminated with pure silver and gold…

carmi e malie.
[kar.mi e ma.lie]
incantations and spells.

Le fate hanno, per cifre, i fior.

[la fa.te an.no per ti.fre i fjor]
The fairies have, for letters, the flowers.
(Fairies have for the letters (of the alphabet), flowers.)

(Literal translation and IPA transcription © 2018 by Bard Suverkrop—IPA Source, LLC)

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