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The Ultimate
E-Whoring: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is a VPN?

Put simply, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a group of computers (or discrete
networks) networked together over a public network namely, the internet.

Businesses use VPNs to connect remote datacentres, and individuals can use VPNs
to get access to network resources when they’re not physically on the same LAN
(local area network), or as a method for securing and encrypting their
communications when they’re using an untrusted public network.

When you connect to a VPN, you usually launch a VPN client on your computer (or
click a link on a special website), log in with your credentials, and your computer
exchanges trusted keys with a far-away server. Once both computers have verified
each other as authentic, all your internet communication is encrypted and secured
from eavesdropping. This means that your IP will change so you cannot be found.

As you can read, a VPN is a very important tool when you are going to E-Whore.
This will hide your identity, and prevent people from finding you. So, I recommend to
use a VPN.

List of free VPN’s

- CyberGhost VPN
- HotSpot Shield
- ProXPN
- OpenVPN

List of paid VPN’s

- HideMyAss VPN
- 143VPN
- Ra4W VPN

The Payment system: PayPal Guide Niches and Alternatives
Some serious thought process has gone into this section; this is probably the widest
spread problem that everyone while E-Whoring faces; PayPal Limitation.

Now, you may know some tricks and tips but I guarantee after reading this section,
you’ll come out Ten times wiser. I highly recommend reading this before continuing
with any other part(s) of the E-Book.

These tips and tricks are used to receive your money. It’s not that hard to receive
money. Another way is to get paid in AGC (Amazon gift cards), but I’m using PayPal
for my receives.

If you wish to skip this part, you can easily skip to your desired section! Good luck
with it.

Method 1: A New Business Account
This method is the one I personally used and is probably the best if you’re going to
follow this guide step by step. If you’re not going to, refer to the others below.

1. Go to www.paypal.com and signup for a Business Account

2. If they ask you for what plan you want, say skip this step and move on.

3. Next, it’ll ask you for your real information, use your real information!

4. This is the part where you pick your niche. Pick what type of Businessman you’re
wanting to be and try to be as vague as possible when telling PayPal. ie. I’ll say Net
Services, so I pick the corresponding options on PayPal. Use an email as the master
email that has something to do with your business and sounds professional

5. Go to the next page where you’ll finish typing in the rest of the information.

6. Once that’s all done, you’re going to come to the part that’s a bit more
complicated. For this part, the more effort you put in the more you could potentially
get out.

7. You’re going to want to create a fake website that corresponds with your Business
and looks legit, it can be free or paid. (I suggest using a free .tk website or .webs.com
website). You may be questioning that last step but it all plays into the niche nicely. If
PayPal ever gets suspicious, you can use this site as a reference to show them
where you’re getting these payments from.

8. You’re going to want to create a Web Store, again I suggest.webs.com as it’s free,
you don’t need any skills, and it’s easily accessible. In this Web Store, predict the
prices which you’re going to receive and make products that correspond with your
Business. (ie. If you’re a Graphic Designer, you’re going to want to make .psd /
Youtube editing service(s) ect.)

9. Once you’ve created your fake Website, you’re free to sell and buy at your own
pace! To stay extra secure and give yourself that much more on the safe side, verify
your account using a real bank account!

• To avoid Chargebacks, use a Donation Link. Those can be found in Merchant

Services > Create Button > Switch Button from Buy Now to Donation > Enter Prices •

Method 2: Your Personal Account
This method is a secondary to the one above, it’s useful for those who don’t want to
use a Business Account or create a new PayPal Account.

1. Go to www.paypal.com and signup for a Business Account.

2. If they ask you for what plan you want, say skip this step and move on.

3. Next, it’ll ask you for your real information use your real information!

4. Instead of picking a business name, just use a realistic email account.

5. Once you’ve created your account, follow the steps from 7 until 9.

Method 3: A Sellfy Linkage

This is a new method, no one has seen or used before and I am glad to say I
invented this. You can use your traditional fake PayPal with this method and avoid

1. Go to www.paypal.com and sign up for a Business or Premier Account.

2. Type in your real and/or fake information and create your account.

3. If you use the Business Account format, follow the niche.

4. Now go to www.sellfy.com and create an account.

5. Make sure to use the same email to sign up to Sellfy as the PayPal account.

6. Now you’re ready to create a product on Sellfy. To avoid it being flagged, put a .txt
file and zip it so it’s a .zip or .rar file (Have the .txt file say “Skype me @
(putyourownskypenamehere) for your package”.

7. After uploading your file, create a product name, this doesn’t matter but don’t make
it “Sexy Pics”. Something you can prove to PayPal that is a legitimate product.

8. Create set prices which you’ll charge to customers/guys and finally publish your
product. You can now easily access the link and send that to your customers/guys to
pay through. You may wonder why this is a method for not getting limited, and that’s
simple. Sellfy is an established company and they withdraw a 5% fee from your
account after every purchase. If PayPal ever got suspicious of where your funds are
coming from, you have an easy source.

E-Whore Introduction: The way how to work
To me E-Whoring is the act of sexual manipulation used for monetary gain. In the E-
Whoring world hormones are our best friend. This is a technique where you (the
automated system) pretend to be a girl and seducing people to do favours for you!

E-Whoring is just a branch of Social Engineering in which you portray to be a girl and
use Pictures, Videos, or Virtual Cam Whores to manipulate and persuade men into
giving you money for the items listed above.

This may seem borderline homosexual, and it is but you’d be astonished how easy it

Method 1: E-Whoring ManyCam VCW Setup

E-Whoring: Flash VCW Setup: As much as I despise Flash VCWs I feel obligated to
insert a guide on how to set them up.

1. Downgrade your Flash Player to version 10.3 and download ManyCams


2. Once you’ve installed both, download your VCW File and extract it.

3. Once extracted, open up Firefox (must be www.FireFox.com)

4. Go to your extracted VCW file and find the file with a name like EasyVCWv1.51,
drag that file and paste it in your URL box.

5. A red box should pop to the left, click it and pick Allow Anyways; if done correctly
the Easy VCW menu should pop up.

6. Wait 30 seconds and if your VCW doesn’t automatically pop up, click Load VCW
and go back to your extracted VCW file and find the file default.vcw and load it.

7. Your VCW should now load and you should see your commands.

8. Go back to ManyCam and while on the Effects page go to Text over Video and
near the bottom uncheck the box that says Show Manycam Logo.

9. Once that’s done, go over to Sources and then to Desktop.

10. Drag Firefox to the left/right of your screen so your screen is divided and click on
the button that is of a window with a cursor on it.

11. Once selected, put that evenly over your VCW so only the video can be seen and
press Ok.

12. Go back to ManyCam and tick the box Hide mouse cursor. (If you don’t your
cursor will show up on the video stream if you hover over it.)

13. Go to Skype and under Tools click Options and let it load.

14. Once it’s loaded, go to Video Settings and change your Webcam to ManyCam
Virtual WebCam.

E-Whoring ManyCam VCW Download links

http://www.mediafire.com/?6q2vaqy115zsf21 - Bethany
http://www.mediafire.com/?lv9dpi22b9h8w83 - Meredith
http://www.mediafire.com/?gm0t3sjjjqjbjy5 - Kayla
http://www.mediafire.com/?280egw8yjuz4ze0 - Julianne
http://www.mediafire.com/?uiduyom4d3u9qw6 - Heather
http://www.mediafire.com/?qsogsyjsofq9s6c - Chennine
http://www.mediafire.com/?0v7tu7f1wl5o7hz - Amanda
http://www.mediafire.com/?9491vvcdl4swtwo - Rachael
http://www.mediafire.com/?0rykx4n161cqz48 - Tiffany
http://www.mediafire.com/?pymp5i52niucpuc - Nadia
http://www.mediafire.com/?4v2jpzqar6mj69h - Stripes
http://www.mediafire.com/?mw9f8ty374g99af - Jewel
http://www.mediafire.com/?ccr9d8mczntatvp - Pinkie
http://www.mediafire.com/?fbi75a615he7n19 - Josephine

E-Whoring: What to Charge
I know you bought this E-Book expecting everything to be done for you, and that’s
why we buy E-Books after all, isn’t it? Well, this E-Book is different from the rest; this
E-Book allows for expansion and creativity to flourish which is mandatory to be a
good E-Whore.

As with anything in life, you can do usually what you want but there are some
advantages and disadvantages.

The main thing while you’re E-Whoring is you’re trying to get some fast cash and I
am guessing you’ve tried before so you’ll know the just how difficult this can be.
There are two approaches which can be taken which are common sense but easily
passed by as not important / relevant. The very first one is my favourite, and has
earned me $700 in one month of use!

Prices for nudes (common prices)

$20 for 30 nudes
$40 for 65 nudes

Prices for video's (common prices)

10 minutes for $20
20 minutes for $35

Method 1: Small but Plentiful: As to what I mean, you may be wondering. This is my
favourite method and works quite well. As the title says, you’re going to be taking in
small amounts but hopefully lots of purchases.

There’s really no way of dictating how many purchases you’ll get, you have to follow
the execution steps inside of this E-Book as well as personal experience to depict
whether or not they’re willing to pay lots money. As to how you’ll execute this
method, that’s quite simple.

You can offer a lower timed show (e.g. 10 Minutes) for $10/20 and keep it under $30
per show while raising or lowering the show. This isn’t a huge money maker but it’s
done with the expectation that you’re going to be raking in more than 5 shows a day.

This method has its ups and downs like any other method, I used this method
personally as I gave the customer/guys what he purchased and made around 50-
100$ which was great money for myself for what I was doing, after all.

Method 2: Large but Less Chip: The wording above is made to sound professional
but readable. Chip is used in place for the word amount. So, in this method, you’re
going to be charging large(r) amounts but be ready to expect fewer customers overall
in a day.

I am not saying you won’t sell as many shows as above, but it’s highly unlikely since
you’re going to be charging 20-100$+ for a show and with a price like that, the
customer can easily get a rub n’ tug from a local joint than over the internet.

I haven’t made anyone pay for anything over $35, which was for a 15-minute show
and some pictures. I would highly suggest you work with this guy, seriously SE him
and get him to trust you. This approach can be taken to every method but isn’t
recommended if you’re seeking a quick buck.

Get to know him, communicate with him and sympathize with him which means if he
tells you something (e.g. his dog died) you make him feel more like a person and tell
him a fake story of how you lost your dog once. This makes them feel not only less
estranged but more comfortable around you and more likely to do things you’ve

There have been multiple times that I’ve gone clutch and have made customers pay
by doing something or saying something. So, if you follow what I say and put your
own personal twist on it (your swag) and you’ll be good.

Everyone does something their own way and they’re good doing that, when I E-
Whored I always listened to techno music, it just gave me this uncontrollable hyped
feeling that made me keep going, and going, and going.

E-Whoring: The Execution
If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that if you cannot execute your potential
earnings will be no longer. To maximize your potential earnings, you’ll need to do a
short list of things but can do them faster and better than none other.

The list will be below but as said above; you’ll need to put your own swag in effect so
you can maximize earnings and your progress.

Be Angelic: Be overly happy, almost like it’s a privilege to talk to them and they’re
the only person you should talk to. Make them the center of attention and make them
know that they’re.

Be Comforting: Don’t force them to give you the money, slowly bring it about and
comfort them if they begin to be vulnerable or open. Never force anything on them,
unless that’s a fetish or your own, unique swag.

Be Flirtatious: Tease them and just play with them, using your girly characteristics. If
you truly want to, you can use your own personal fetishes and asks if he likes that
because all men are wired the same. Just try to find out what he likes and what turns
him off, then exploit this.

Sympathy Card: This was discussed slightly above but get him to feel bad for you.
This can commonly be known as a sob story but make him feel bad for you, deep
down all guys, especially those who are love-struck want to play the hero role.

Be Outgoing: Again, this was explained briefly above but you’ve got to be outgoing.
Try to keep a positive attitude even after saying you’re short on rent. It’ll make you
more attractive but you can also downplay this a little bit, too. (e.g. Say “I guess it’ll
get better, most things do. :|”)

Talk Like a Retard: Now, nothing against tween girls but they usually talk like
retards, using acronyms constantly and shortening words just to be extra lazy and
relieve themselves of the overwhelming work load.

Use Emoticons to Your Advantage: I’ve actually got a guy to pay using emotes,
this can be also downplayed. Either use them strategically (e.g. “I am horny ;)”) or
use it as above and mess up a lot while using the emoticon, the guy will find it cute!
(e.g. “;0 Uhhhmmm! I suck with these emoticons lol”)

Overall: Know that most guys aren’t going to be anything but nice to you, even those
who are suspicious of you being a fraud.

I’m not saying that all guys who buy from you are lifeless virgins but they’re paying a
person they barely know for internet sex so use this to your advantage.

Using the above techniques combined with one another can seriously get you some
much needed cash and experience.

These are normal, but fast conversation examples how to make a customer pay
for pictures or videos.

E-Whoring: how to recognize & filter time wasters
We are talking about KIK right here, but it counts for everything so also Snapchat and
Skype. You probably have seen the classic time waster. He wastes all your time and
doesn’t pay you a single penny. I will explain some of the points how to recognize it.

1. Most people from Africa and other poor countries aren't going to pay you,
no offense. So, ask them where they are from to recognize the time wasters.

2. Someone who asks for this kind of shit,

Questions: “Can I have some sample?”
Questions: “Can I have some previews?”
Questions: “I need a lot of samples before I buy!”

Answer: Giving one preview is okay, but if they ask for some previews, block them
because they are time wasters! You don’t want to send samples. You want to earn

3. People that ask things like,

Questions: “Can we just sext?”
Questions: “Can we just trade?”
Answer: They are time-wasters, believe me!

4. people that want to sext and get pictures first and pay later.
Questions: “I will send you money later, I want pictures first.”
Answer: Those people are time-waster, most of the time they don't even have cash!

5. People that say something like this,

Questions: “I am so horny right now, can't we just sext and pics first?
Questions: “I am getting paid tomorrow; can't we have fun right now?
Questions: “I have a lot of money on my PayPal, if you make me cum I give you a
lot of cash!”
Answer: This is bullshit. They won’t pay you a single penny!

6. The guy that wants to see every part of your body!

Answer: If you send a ass picture, and they want to see tits to before buying,
Block them, because they are going to jerk off and run of just like every other guy!

7. People that send a lot of dick pictures.

Answer: From my experience, every one that sends a lot of dick pictures aren't going
to pay shit of you, I don't know why!

8. people with emoji in their names!

Answer: 99% of the time they won’t buy shit, believe me! They are very childish.

E-Whoring: Basic E-Whore Method
This section is made entirely for people who are new to E-Whoring and need to get
the basics down, or someone who just wants a different perspective on what to do
while just, simply, E-Whoring.

1. I like to setup my Notepad with what I’ll say to spam chat rooms. This can be
anything you’d like, but usually all E-Whores say something generic and to point.
(e.g. “Hey, my name is Sara and I am 21 from Holland. I am horny and on cam, add
my Skype: xXSexyLisaXx”)

2. You’ll need to find some sites. Whether you know what sites to use or you’re going
to use the list of sites at the bottom of this E-Book, you’ll need to go there and Copy +
Paste whatever you put in that Notepad into the chat text box and send it so others
can see it.

3. Depending on the site and how many people are active, you should receive a fair
bit of Skype traffic. I usually got around 10 requests within 4 posts in Chat Avenue.

4. You’re going to be soon chatting to your victim, you can use your own approach or
one above and you’ll need to offer him a show eventually and try to convince him to
buy it from you, if you haven’t already.

5. If he doesn’t agree to pay, there’s still a way to monetize him. You can send him a
link which is using a PPD or CPA website so for every click or download, you still
receive money from him but not quite as much. You can get quite a bit of clicks if you
do this!

6. If he agrees to the Camshow, tell him your prices or ask him what he wants and try
to work out a price. If he asks for a preview, do it but I highly discourage you from
showing any nudity or being on cam for too long, if you’re on cam for too long it’s
possible he could figure out it’s a video or he’ll cum and you’ll be out of any possible

7. He’ll more than likely ask you to do a weird command such as “Put up 3 Fingers”,
do this if your VCW has that command. If your VCW cannot perform this command,
you can either try to convince him to do another command or cut your losses, end the
call, block him and move on.

8. If he’s going to pay, send him either your PayPal email, a money request, or a
donation link. A how to for the money request and donation link is in the above
PayPal guide at the very top of the E-Book! 9) Once you receive the payment, you
can either run or do the show, I suggest you do the show as if you don’t, it ruins that
VCWs reputation and you may get receive a chargeback.

E-Whoring: The Craigslist Method
Whether or not you like using Craigslist, it’s a method which has gotten me some
success as well as others so it’s going in this E-Book so people can try it if they’re
beginners or for those who want to give it another go after they see the amazing tips I
give on it.

Craigslist is famous in E-Whoring for being almost as big as a bitch as PayPal

because they flag and Ghost ads constantly. When an ad gets Ghosted, that means
it appears to you, the original poster that it is up and viewable but in all actuality, no
one else can see it and it’s invisible even when using the search function.

Below, i’ll tell you what to post, where to post, and how to avoid Ghosting! What to
Post!? This is an age old question as you never know what to really post to avoid
flagging and ghosting. The truth is, it’s not quite what you say in the post but what
you say to the people.

Craigslist has an auto-spam spider bot which goes through the text of posts and titles
and if it reads anything that’s on its “blacklist” it will automatically flag the post as
spam. This is a pain in the ass so below i’ll give you personal templates to use to
avoid this problem. *NOTE: It’s always a good idea to wait a good 12 hours before
replying to Emails, that way, they build up and you get more from a post before it’s
flagged by the person replying to the post!

Title 1: “Got the day off, looking for fun!” Content of Post 1: “I got the day off today
and my friends went out without me so I am stuck inside all day. I was looking for
some fun, maybe a meetup but I’ve been plagued with a fine class of Craigslist
assholes in the past so I am not going to meet anyone on a wimb. If you think you
can control yourself and have a NSFW conversation I would appreciate it if you were
to me me. I am (insert age here), I weigh (insert weight here), I am a natural (insert
hair color here) and a little horny ; )”

Title 2: “(Insert name of city here) girl looking for more: “Hello, my name is (insert
name here). I am (insert age here), (insert body type here) and always ready for
action! I’m looking for a gentlemen that would take me to dinner so we can explore
each other and perhaps create love later on that night if the chemistry is there! ; ) I
like resto, cinema, and men in general so I hope the prince I’m looking for will see
this ad and hopefully respond! If you’re interested in meeting up, try and get in
contact with my on my Skype: (skype name here)” Where to Post!?

This, again, is important. More populated places would work best but usually the
more populated places have had more people E-Whoring post there so this is up to
you, do some experimenting.

The places below are the places I’ve tried and have had success with and no
success with. Good States / Cities: New York / Manhattan Brooklyn / Queens San
Diego / SanFran Bay / Los Angeles United Kingdom / London Cambridge /
Manchester Australia / Brisbane / Sydney Bad States / Cities: Florida / Orlando /
Daytona Illinois / Chicago Arizona / Phoenix Experimentation is the best way to find
new places out.

I see some people go after large cities but some also go after small towns/cities
which are both very self explanatory. I personally go after bigger cities as I reach a
larger demographic.

E-Whoring: Bonus Craigslist Method Fully Autopilot
This is a nice method I thought of, it’s efficient enough to be considered Autopilot and
can be used with multiple sites, not just Craigslist. It uses Sellfy or another auto buy
system like that so I suggest if you’re unfamiliar with this method, you read the
PayPal Guide!

1. Create an auto buy account. This can be done using many auto buy sites; I
suggest Pay Hip as they try their hardest not to consider your files and they won’t
limit your account if you get reported.

When creating this account, create a product and name it very vaguely so no
suspicions will be raised.

2. It’s best you create a brand-new email address and you set up multiple different
ads using the States and more. By doing this, you can then follow the above guides
and get over 100 replies so you can maximize your earnings potential.

3. Instead of replying regularly, you’re going to use something called “Vacation

Response”. Vacation Response will allow you to automatically reply to emails without
even being signed in. Follow the steps on the next page.

4. Once you’ve read and done everything, test try it by sending yourself an email. It’ll
almost instantly send an email back. Read it, if it looks good, then stick with it. If you
think it needs editing, I highly suggest you make it next to perfect.

5. Once you’ve done all of the above, follow the guides in the original Craigslist
method so you can properly reply to messages and manipulate customers/guys so
you can earn some stacks!

Step 1. Create a new email Account.

The first step is very easy! You just must create a new email with Yahoo, Hotmail or
whatever you want to use. But I suggest you should take Yahoo.

Now, you are going to want to create a new email (Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever you
want. I suggest using Yahoo), preferably one that sounds convincing for your E-
whoring. Example: Meirewes@yahoo.com

Step 2. Set up an Auto Reply on your New Email.

If you’re using Yahoo, go into your mail. Then click on the options tab at the top and
then click on settings. After you have clicked on settings a new window with will

Then you'll want to click on vacation response on the left-hand side and then create
your auto response message. The message shown below is just an example. Please
write something custom! It is needed.

Make sure that you check the enable auto response box and set up the dates that
you want your auto response to be effective.

Then type your custom message and hit save.

You can’t use my message if for your auto response, below is just an example of
something you should write. Write a custom/unique message. Be creative, be horny
and think like a man. Because you are man probably …

“Heyy nice to meet you! <3

I would like to get to know you some more :) And do you think you could do me a
favor please <33
I'm poor right now could you maybe send me like $10 so I can buy my mom a
present for her birthday that’s coming up?
My email for PayPal is yourpaypall@yahoo.com I could send you some of my sexy
pics in return ; )

Thanks, babe! ”

Something like that will work, you just have to make sure you sound like a horny girl
and give a convincing reason as to why they should send you money. Most men just
want naked pictures.

But this is what makes this method automatic, every time you receive an email, your
wallet of empty money, for money will be sent out to the person automatically, you
simply need to find the right people and get them to email you. It also depends on
your custom message

Step 3. Create an Ad on Craigslist.

You’re halfway done with the setup. Now you need to create a new ad on craigslist.
First make an account on craigslist of you don’t already have one.

Now just follow these steps.

Go to your account on craigslist and click on the New Posting tab and choose a
location for your ad.

You’ll want to choose a populated city so you can find more potential donators. I
chose Atlanta in this example. Then follow these steps below.

Then you will get to this page below, make a convincing ad that will attract guys. I
just made up some bullshit story.

You can’t use my add, below is just an example of something you should write. Write
a custom/unique message.

E-Whoring: KIK Introduction & Setup

with your friends and family. To use KIK messenger you need a compatible smart
device and WI-FI or data network. In short, KIK messenger is much like Whatsapp,
Messenger or Viber.

It runs on Android platform and it’s totally free to use. All you need to do is download
KIK messenger, create your account and connect with your friends.
KIK messenger is especially popular with younger generation of users, but the older
population is using it also. It’s simple to use and has a lot of features that make KIK
popular with the younger generations.

Another good thing about this app is that all the features are easy to use and
reachable. This means that you don’t have to go through complex menu and search
for a feature you want to use.

Most of the features are just 2 clicks away and that’s what good apps are all about-
simplicity and of course what we are going to do is to pretend to be a hot girl to get a
huge monetary gain (E-Whoring).

Creating & Installing BlueStacks: The execution tool

1. Download BlueStacks from http://www.bluestacks.com provided above.

BlueStacks is an android emulator and we will be using it to run three
applications as if we were on a phone.

2. There are three applications which we will be using: ‘Kik Messenger’, ‘File
Manager’ and ‘Fake Camera’. Kik is what we will be using to chat to our
potential clientele. Fake Camera is a nifty application that enables you to send
stored photographs as if they were taken on the spot, obviously, something
vital to a successful E-Whore.

File Manager simply allows us to move files around our emulated

environment. Download these for free on the Google Play store. This all
means that you can fool the wonderful elderly (and sometimes not so elderly)
gentlemen (or just dirty/horny men) into believing that you are who you say
you are.

3. Go to https://kik-messenger.en.uptodown.com/android/old and download
version of KIK messenger. It should look like the image below.

4. Open the .APK file and BlueStacks will automatically install the file. You don’t
have to do anything because BlueStacks will do everything for you. Unless
nothing happens go to BS/MEmu and click manually on “Install APK”.

5. Before you start, it is important to make sure you’re all settled and ready to go.
We’re going to need to import our picture pack into the BlueStacks/KIK now.
This is a bit more complicated than what we’ve done so far, and there’s no
one-click way of going about it.

Start by navigating to your ‘Shared Folder’ in BlueStacks. The file path should
be something like the following:
“Program Files\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder”.
Throw your picture pack into that folder, and then we’re done on this end of

6. Open BlueStacks, and proceed to open File Manager. This should take you
nicely onto your virtual SD card. From the launch page, open ‘bstfolder’ and
then ‘BstSharedFolder’.

Your picture pack should be found here, providing you’ve done everything
correctly. From the main navigation bar, press the ‘Multi’ button, then ‘Select
All’ and ‘Copy’. Press ‘Up’ twice and look for the ‘KIK directory. Once you’re
there, press ‘Paste’. As you’ll likely have guessed, this has imported all your
files into KIK, congratulations!

7. When you eventually come to sending someone a picture or anything, you will
need to click the little ‘+’ icon inside KIK and click the button ‘Camera’. Select
your ‘Fake Camera’ to be your camera source to be able to use the files you
just have imported. From here it’s very simple. Select the picture you’d like to
be send and you are done!

E-Whoring: KIK 2.0 Extra tools
Since some apps like BlueStacks isn’t working for some people anymore there is a
new program called LynxKik. To use this simply go to their website
https://www.lynxkik.org and download their program.

It has official and modded android apps like KIK! To use the fake camera on LynxKik
just press the chat settings and scroll down to turn on fake camera.
E-Whoring: Bonus traffic method for

Craigslist snapchat

This method is quite easily to execute, but it will gain a lot of traffic for snapchat. I
have used it myself and I made around 100 daily adds from it where I have sold to 20
customers for around 100$ daily only for posting a single post on Craiglist.

Step 1: Use the same exact method on page 18 of the E-Book, but only change
the message which you are going to post. Post something like this:

“Heyy my name is Rose and I’m a 22 year old brunet. I’m looking for a nice sexy guy
to talk to. I love romantic conversations. Also, I just came to [insert place where you
post] and I want to see more places of it and maybe hang out some times.
My Snapchat is [Your horny snapchat name: BrunetRose] add me xx Future bae

Rose! ”
Step 2: Wait till you get adds and filter out the people like you learned before. If you
have filtered all the not-customers, you can start talking and start earning.
E-Whore: Traffic List & Useful Websites
Fake proof verification: If you need any verification
pictures https://www.fakeproof.xenot.pro/

Traffic lists: For all the traffic that you

need http://www.Kickfinders.com/
/ http://www.321teenchat.com/
m http://www.sextingforum.net
m http://www.sextfun.com
s http://www.freedirtychat.net/
/ http://www.babblesex.com/
p http://www.chat-buddy.com/
/ http://www.spiralpalace.com/chat.php/
l/ http://www.preteenchat.net/teenflirtchat/
E-Whore: Unsaturated Packs
Mega packs
A0Vm7vBVQDoK0H0g https://mega.nz/#F!r9Z1ESxL!eq-
w https://mega.nz/#F!D5Zh1DgJ!012dFnTBhj61RIQiMh3gGg

Mediafire packs http://www.mediafire.com/download/yr2doup0ia1eurm/coteriska.zip

http://www.mediafire.com/file/jkhz5j55ub2tecy/Kate.7z password: gTudvFdd67rC
http://www.mediafire.com/file/9beesm2brbq256b/Skyler.7z password: nGjw79Nsk
http://www.mediafire.com/file/k98jgk7y3rzufe6/Carolina.7z password: gYeBmdIy79viD
http://www.mediafire.com/file/e1hrw6qnkd4rons/Ariana.7z password: TjsBeBPu80N
http://www.mediafire.com/file/so9be12yp1yxnwf/Lacey.7z password:
hvRiNc4Bd0dYwM http://www.mediafire.com/download/3q0dr9asw3rbjji/Fiz.zip
p http://www.mediafire.com/download/l1nab5mpeyl61r5/jenna.zip