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Assignment title: Games Developer Assessor: Frazer

Assignment Launch Date: 07.01.2020 IV Date of 18.11.19
Assignment 03.03.2020 Project Number: 1


YoYo games have approached you to produce a demo using their GameMaker engine. They are
specifically interested in promoting the 2D aspect of the engine and have specified that it must therefore
be a 2D demo. They are keen to promote the ability to export for a wide range of platforms from their
engine, and have left you with creative freedom to specify a platform best suited to the demo you produce,
based on the type of audience you are trying to attract with your demo.

The specific genre of game has been detailed as a top down perspective maze game. The game must
feature a controllable character or sprite design appropriate to the visual theme of your choosing. The
game must feature a menu screen complete with a control scheme guide. The games must contain
appropriate collectables. It must feature appropriately designed enemies. There should be at least 2 levels
of increasing difficulty.

As the theme and platform for your project are of your own choosing it is expected that you evidence
research and pre-production planning alongside any evidence of technical development through
completed workshop sessions and all of this should be reflected upon both as an ongoing blogging
process and upon completion of the final game.


 Research of relevant games that would be competition already in existence.

 Research of the codes and conventions of top down perspective games and 2D pixel-based games in
 Technical research to enable completion of the project/ specific elements to your design.

Planning and Production:

 Produce a mind map of ideas
 Produce a mood board to communicate the chosen demo theme
 Generate a range of plans for your demo
 Design assets for the demo
 Refine the design, seeking feedback and making changes to the designs based on feedback
 Produce a range of 2D assets suitable for use in your demo using Piskel or Photoshop - .png format.

Practical Skills and Presentation:

 Produce a working demo of your game using Game Maker

 Record production and annotate uploading to Weebly
 Upload a completed working demo as an executable game file based on your chosen platform to
 Conduct user testing of your demo – collating feedback in a survey
 Produce a 300 - 500 word reflection on your game analysing its fitness for purpose against your
original intentions, and suitability for the audience.

Evidence Required for Submission:

□ Evidence of research
□ Pre-production planning
□ Completed working game - .exe file and gameplay video footage.
□ Blog of process/progress
□ Completed Evaluation

Method of Submission:

Blog (Wix/Weebly), files and links with all the required content above.