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Sleep: Neurobiology, Medicine, and

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The objective of this course is to give students the most up-to-date information on the biological,
personal, and societal relevance of sleep. Personal relevance is emphasized by the fact that the
single best predictor of daytime performance is the quality of the previous night's sleep. The brain
actively generates sleep, and the rst section of the course is an overview of the neurobiological
basis of sleep control. The course provides cellular-level understanding of how sleep deprivation,
jet lag, and substances such as alcohol, ,ca eine, and nicotine alter sleep and wakefulness. The
second section of the course covers sleep-dependent changes in physiology and sleep disorders
medicine. Particular emphasis
Learner Careerwill be placed on disorders of excessive sleepiness, insomnia, and
sleep-dependent changes in autonomic control. Chronic sleep deprivation impairs immune
function and may promote obesity. Deaths due to all causes are most frequent between 4:00 and

50% started
6:00 a.m., and this second section a new
of the classcareer afterthe
highlights completing
relevance these courses
of sleep for preventive
medicine. The societal relevance of sleep will be considered in the nal section of the class. In an
increasingly complex and technologically oriented society, operator-error by one individual can

have a disastrous negative impact
got on public health
a tangible careerand safety.
bene Fatigue-related
t from this course performance
decrements are known to have contributed as causal factors to nuclear power plant failures,
transportation disasters, and medical errors.

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Syllabus - What you will learn from this



2 hours to complete

Unit 01 - Neurobiology Section:

Course Introduction & Neurobiology
of Sleep and Wakefulness (Part One) -
(Standard Track & Honors Track)
This unit begins with a Course Overview video from Ralph Lydic, Ph.D., followed by the rst
portion of the Neurobiology of Sleep and Wakefulness lecture, delivered by Helen Baghdoyan,
Ph.D. PLEASE NOTE: Only the Course Overview video, and the Getting Started and Syllabus
readings are required for students who have chosen to engage in the Standard Track portion of
the course content. Standard track students may also bypass all content in units 2, 3, and 4, and
6 videos (Total 93 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz SEE ALL
instead move directly to unit 5 after viewing the Course Overview video.

6 videos

01.01 - Course Overview - Ralph Lydic, Ph.D. 17m


02.01 - Learning Points 14m

02.02 - De ning Behavioral States 8m 2

02.03 - Historical Overview: Brainstem & Forebrain 17m
2 hours to complete

02.04 - Wake & REM: Monoamines 17m

02.05 - Wake & REM: Acetylcholine 17m

Unit 02 - Neurobiology Section:
4 readings

Neurobiology of Sleep and

Getting Started 10m

Syllabus 10m (Part Two) - (Honors
Help Us Learn More About You! 10m

Unit 2 continues
2 Orientation
the lecture
10m from Helen Baghdoyan, Ph.D. on the Neurobiology of Sleep and
Wakefulness. PLEASE NOTE: This content is only required for students who have chosen to pursue
the Honors Track certi cation.
1 practice exercise

5 videos (Total 73 min), 2 quizzes SEE ALL

Did you Complete Lesson 2? 2m

5 videos

02.06 - Wake & REM: GABA 16m


02.07: Wake & REM: Orexin 17m

02.08: NREM: GABA 14m 3

02.09: NREM: Adenosine 11m
1 hour to complete

02:10: Summary 12m

Unit 03 - Neurobiology: Mathematical

Modeling of Sleep-Wake Regulation -
2 practice exercises

(Honors Track)
Did you complete Lesson 03? 2m

Unit 3
02continues the Neurobiology
Honors Track section of
Quiz - Neurobiology of Sleep
the content with a lecture
and Wakefulness 30mfrom Victoria Booth, Ph.D.
on the Mathematical Modeling of Sleep-Wake Regulation. PLEASE NOTE: This content is only
required for students who have chosen to pursue the Honors Track certi cation.

10 videos (Total 67 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes SEE ALL

10 videos

03.01 - Introduction to Mathematical Modeling of Sleep-Wake Regulation 2m


03.02 - Two Process Model 5m

03.03 - Sleep-Wake Flip-Flop Model 5m 4

03.04 - Reciprocal Interaction Model 12m
1 hour to complete

03.05 - REM Sleep Flip-Flop Model 4m

Unit 04 - Neurobiology: Molecular

03.06 - Features for an Ideal Model of Sleep-Wake Regulation 7m
Biology and Genetics of Sleep -
03.07 - Introduction to Mechanistic Models of Sleep-Wake Regulation 3m
(Honors Track)
03.08 - Diniz Benh & Booth Model - Part I 9m
Unit 4 closes out the Neurobiology section with a lecture from Chiara Cirelli, Ph.D. on Molecular
Biology and the
03.09 - Diniz Genetics
Benh & BoothofModel
Sleep. -PLEASE
14m This content is only required for students who
have chosen to pursue the Honors Track certi cation.
03.10 - Conclusion 1m

6 videos (Total 52 min), 2 quizzes SEE ALL

1 reading
6 videos
Unit 03 Orientation 10m
04.01 - Expression of mRNA Varies During Sleep and Wakefulness 8m Show More

04.02 -2Wake
that are Associated with Energy Metabolism 7m

Did you
04.03 - Synaptic
Lesson is5?Genetically
2m Modulated 7m

Unit 03
04.04 - Brain
Quiz -Glial
Cells In uence
Sleep and Wakefulness
Regulation 10m

04.05 - Genetic Modulation of Human Sleep Phenotypes 8m

04.06 - Conclusion 11m

30 Reviews
2 practice exercises

Top reviews from Sleep: Neurobiology, Medicine, and

Did you complete Lesson 7? 2m

Unit 04 Quiz - Molecular Biology and Genetics of Sleep 10m

By JQ • JAN 3RD 2018

Excellent course! A great review on stu I should have remembered but of course have
forgotten as I've aged. My thanks to those organizing and teaching the course! Dr Quincy

By NI • AUG 26TH 2019

This is good enough to understand about the basic of sleeping.. Everyone should take this
course it has good knowledge.Teachers are nice.


Ralph Lydic, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Professor Emeritus,
University of Michigan Medical School

Helen Baghdoyan, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Anesthesiology, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology, Professor of
University of Michigan Medical School
About University of Michigan
The mission of the University of Michigan is to
serve the people of Michigan and the world
through preeminence in creating, communicating,
preserving and applying knowledge, art, and
academic values, and in developing leaders and
citizens who will challenge the present and enrich
the future.

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