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The essentials of the GDP LAW

1. Purpose. The GDP LAW tries to explain the phenomena of inter-cultural

relations (between people from different countries).
2. Paradigm. The paradigm of the GDP LAW is that the female ALWAYS give
long-term preference to male (Example 1), judging by their nationality (if she has
the opportunity).
3. Scientific explanation. GDP (Male home country) ≥ GDP (Female home
country) (Example 2).
4. Exceptions. If there are a very similar GDPs between the Male and Female (st.
dev. 5%), the male home country GDP can be lower than of the female home
country GDP in case the geographical distance. In other words – the importance
of the country GDP is inverse-proportional to the geographical distance.
(Example 3).
5. Effectively. The GDP LAW works at least in 95% of cases.

Example 1. Long-term preference – potentially marriage as a long-term goal, or at least a

solid base for further development (marriage-divorce-next marriage). Short-term
encounters like one night-stands etc. does not apply. Therefore the emphasis is on the
Example 2. Statistical data taken from a credible source like – IMF, World Bank, CIA
World Factbook.
Example 3. The girl has a choice – man from Germany (IMF GDP 20th place) or man
from Mexico (IMF GDP Mexico 59th place). According to rule 3, the advantage should
be give to male from Germany, but because of the geographical distance the preference
could be given to the latter.

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