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Dated 24th August, 2019

Dear Bapu, you are immortal

“ There is no god higher than truth”

“ Be the change you want to see in the world”

Some personages immortalize themselves with their grand deeds. Mahatma Gandhi is one
of such souls. His life has been an inspiration not only for Indians, but for people from all
other countries as well. He was an epitome of many virtues, self-less actions, and peace-
spreading thoughts. No wonder he is called Mahatma (The Great Soul) by the entire world.
People are born; people die. But some people after they are gone leave behind them a trail
of light that illumines the path for the striving followers. Longfellow has praised such people
in his poem, 'A Psalm of Life'. He says,

" And, departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time;"

Dear Bapu,

I am writing this letter to you to express my gratitude to you for everything you have done
for our country. You are indeed a the great soul and rightfully the Father of the Nation. Your
philosophy of truth and non-violence that paved the way for the freedom from the British

Your birth anniversary, Gandhi Jayanti, is celebrated on October 2 as a national event across
India. This day is observed across the entire world as the International non violence dayDear
Bapu, your Salt March from the month of March to April 1930 in India, was an act of civil
disobedience to protest the British rule in India. It was one of the first major demonstrations
of nonviolent resistance to the British colonial rule led by you. By this the Indian
independence movement gained more followers. The zeal for independence increased in

U BELIEVED THAT ALL beings are God’s special people and must be treated equally
irrespective of their caste, color, language, creed, region, and religion.

Dear Babu, you are immortal. You will always live in our hearts. Your memory will always be
cherished. You will always be remembered for your selfless love for the country and her
citizens, your humility, your truth and non-violence, and for your tireless efforts to remove
discrimination from every corner of our Motherland. Generations after generations will
come. They will all wonder that someone like you once walked on this Earth to overcome
wars with non-violence.

Dear Bapu, today India is a sovereign nation. She is one of the greatest countries in the
world. We are a free people living in a free country of equality, liberty and dignity. We are
no longer ashamed to be Indians and we declare to the entire world that we are proud to
Indians. We owe you for what we have become today as a nation and as a people.
Your non-violence and satyagraha policy lead India to achieve Independence without
shedding a drop of blood. India achieved freedom in August, 1947. Your philosophy of
non-voilence is admired across the world. It has been adopted by many civil and political
groups to stage protest against injustice and powerful corrupt leaders.
If Mahatma Gandhi's most famous ideology of non-violence is practiced by each
individual, state, and country in the world; conflicts, wars, violence, etc will be wiped from
the face of the earth. People will live in a securer and happier world!
Similarly, Gandhi’s ideologies on vegetarianism, truthfulness, self-government, self-
reliance, observing silence, cleanliness, etc., hold solutions to almost all the problems
afflicting people in the modern times. If put into practice, they have the power to enable
the modern man enjoy life holistically.

There is inspiration in everything he did. Thus, Bapu has become immortal with his great

Secondary School English

Great people are one in lakhs and so were you Bapu. Great
people like you are born once in thousand years and dies
after doing a lot to the country, to the people and they form
a ever living personality of themselves in the world, in the
heart of people. You were apart from all those crowd of
people who were normal, you were special, you made your
name in everyone heart and your inspirations are forever
settled in everyone heart.
What I can say about your kindness and your love for a country! My one of the role model
and inspiration is none other than you . You not only inspired me , you inspires, inspiring,
and will keep on inspiring people with your works and quotes, though you are not alive in
this world but you are forever alive in each Indian people heart.
War is not a solution to every problem, said by you, it's true, wars are not solutions to every
problem. You made me inspired by making me determined to always move to the right path
and solving problems, fights, and difficulties with peace. We all will carry this idea in every
field of life, as this skill of being peaceful and doing works wisely in difficult situations is
needed in every part of our life as it makes our character more sensible and we become one
of the likes of people. I believe that your ideas will be a mindset for everyone and everyone
will effectively use your ideas in their life.

It would be great if I would be able to meet you once in my life and if they would be possible
I am sure that day would be a great day of my life.You are the father of our nation, your
photo is not in currency notes like that only, you were special and unique that's why it's
there. You selflessly contributed to the people, you made them feel proud of their country.

You fled the Britishers from India by non-violence which is one of the successful thing you
have done. Children even loved you for your kindness and the love you gave to everyone.

The famous quote by you-

"The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong"

You made us realise that mistakes happen from everyone, but the strong is one who
forgives not punish, punishment can never make anyone accept his mistake, but the kind
words will make. One should be wise enough to forgive one who commits mistake.

You also said that we should serve everyone selflessly without caring of the price. We
should be happy that we are helping others, price doesn't matters, good deeds are more
than anything.Also , it is said by you , that work hard as you will live forever, that means,
that we should work hard without caring of future, we don't know when we will die, but we
should serve others as we will live forever so our name is forever alive. There are many
other things you inspired me with. Can't tell more in words.

At last I would thank you for your works and inspirations. You were alive , you are alive, and
you will be alive.
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Gandhi is still alive in the minds and hearts of innumerable admirers and will continue to
live there.

yours affectionately,