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Islam is a religion of peace, usually all the religions in the world teach Peace, and believe in

one God. Holy Quran tells us that all of mankind in descended from one couple. Adam and

Eve Thus we are all brothers and sisters. There is difference of language and race, so race

should never be a reason for discrimination against people.

We see that there are conflicts even among those who follow the some religion. But

the teaching of Holy Quran is quite clean about the humanity our Holy Prophet during the

address of last sermon. He said that no Arab is superior to non Arab. Nor white man is any

way better than the black man, only the goodness of a person makes him superior.

When harmony doesn’t exist within one community where a religion of tolerance isit

has accepted all faiths as one of the ten ‘Avatars’ of lord Vishnu. Apart from that India has

produced great kings and saints who saw the oneness of all religions in the name of one God

Akbar the greatest of the Mughal Kings gave even A Religions in 1582 blending all faith

calling it “Din-e-Ilahi;”

Islam is the only religion that guaranteed and respected the rights of religions

minorities. It said that attack on the place of worship of minorities were against the teachings

of Islam. It is the government’s responsibly to protect the rights of minorities in Pakistan.

Particularly,, because the constitution gave equal rights to all citizen of Pakistan irrespective

of religion. He said that having deep roots among the masses, khateebs and prayer leaders

could play a pivotal role in ensuring equal rights for religions minorities.

For over decades now, the twin plagues of sectarian terror and religions violence have

caused immeasurable harm to Pakistan social Fabric, taking thousand of ........lives and

causing evident fissure within society.

Much of the blame for this falls on the state for either promoting ideologies that have

caused havoc in society.

Shikarpur is the district of province Sindh consist four taluka, lahki, khanpur, Ghari-

yaseen and Shikarpur. There are so many people of different race inhabitant in centre of the

city Shikarpur is one of the oldest city in Pakistan. So before Pakistan there were so many

Hindus living in Shikarpur. In 1947 the majority of Hindus migrated from Shikarpur and

went India but there are still so many Hindus Families which are living there is yet and forbid

to leave their native town. There are some temples in Shikarpur where Indus go freely for

their worship.

Presently the minorities in Shikarpur like those in entire Province have no insecurity

of whatsoever. They are living their life just like common citizens of the state and enjoy all

the rights and favours like others. Muslims also have great regard for them. There is complete

harmony in their relations. They intermingle and exchange gifts without sort of al prejudice

and them also participate in all sorts of ceremonies. Each religions community shows regards

for the others. Recent heinous incidents of suicide attacks in the district, however, have

immensely harmed the fragile structure. Yet there exists enough tolerance level in the masses

and it is only because of the teachings of Allah and Prophets and sufi saints who dedicated

their lives as example and preached harmony and peaceful co-existence.

Literature Review

Literature is available in the form of Soft form and hard form. Indirect work has been done on

this topic. I am unable to find direct work on this topic.


It will provide and enhance understanding to religious harmony in Shikarpur, Sindh. It will
provide guidance to upcoming researchers.

Research Questions

Q 1: What is religious harmony?

Q 2: How religious harmony is effecting in Pakistan?

Q 3: When this unrest in religious harmony was started?

Q 4: How religious harmony is affected in Shikarpur?


Chapter no 1:

Background of Religious Harmony

(This chapter will describe religious harmony in Shikarpur)

Chapter no 2:

Effected province (Sindh)

(This chapter will give detail about religious harmony in Sindh)

Chapter no 3:

Province of Sindh

(This chapter will give details about Sindh and Religions in Sindh)

Data will be collected from primary source and secondary source also from



This research will be around the topic and researcher will only focus on his topic. He will

only write about the religious harmony and its condition in Shikarpur. Either it is flourishing

or not.