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January 8, 2020

Re: Notice of Civil Rights Injustice to United States Veterans on ADA and First Amendment.

Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
Attn: Criminal Section - PHB
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Subject: Color of Law, Due Process and ADA Violations

Montgomery County Maryland Courts
Ethics Complaint for Violation of Rules Rules 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 & 2.8.

The Montgomery County Circuit Court and District Courts continue to violate United States’
Veterans’ Civil Rights under Color of Law.

On November 25, 2019, former JAG Attorney Robert Bozgoz appeared before District Court
Judge Rand Lewis Gelber, an Associate Judge for the District Court of Maryland assigned to the
Silver Spring, MD Courthouse. Because the Courthouse was unwilling to allow me as one of
two of his legally trained ADA Advocates to participate and testify by telephone, the Bozgoz
family arranged to have me fly from Seattle to Maryland at substantial expense. I was joined by
a retired Army General and longtime family friend, Millie Daniels, who drive from Bedford, VA to
observe the Court proceedings. Her observations are highlighted below and seen in full in her
attached Affidavit at Appendix A.
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Margaret and Robert Bozgoz
Color of Law, Due Process and ADA Violations
Montgomery County Maryland Courts – November 2019 to January 2020

Judge Gelber was unprofessional, rude, and totally ignored Mr. Bozgoz’s rights to be assisted
by his two ADA Advocates. You are receiving under separate cover from the Bozgoz family a
DVD-ROM of the Courtroom Audio in which Judge Gelber calls Robert up to the front of the
Courtroom three times and angrily blocks him from receiving any type of assistance from either
of his ADA Advocates.

He then unlawfully chilled First Amendment refused to grant or even to acknowledge my right to
run video in Court, which has been requested by and through my other ADA Advocate weeks
prior, rendering the Court’s action to be in complete violation of the First Amendment and
related Statutory Law on Courtroom video such as:

Maryland §16-110, Mortgage Specialists v. Implode-Explode Heavy Industries, NH Supreme

Court Case No. 2009-262, (May 6, 2010), Chandler v. Florida, 449 U.S. 560 (1981) and Petition
of WMUR Channel 9 and Another, NH Supreme Court No. 2002-0181 (2002) and In re Petition
of Post-Newsweek Stations, Florida, Inc 370 So. 2d 764 (1979), Snyder v. Phelps, 580 F.3d
206, 219 n.13 (4th Cir.2009), aff'd, 131 S.Ct. 1207 (2011)

See also Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox 740 F.3d 1284 (9th Cir. 2014).

Retired Army Communications Officer Millie Daniels was a Courtroom observer. She has known
the Bozgoz family for twenty-seven (27) years. She noted that she coached ADA Rep Sue
Bozgoz for the U.S. Army South’s Army 10-Miler Team and that Sue participated in the Army’s
Wounded Warrior Camp in Texas, and that she did not participate in the Invictus Games as
scheduled. This was because she had to attend to Robert’s employment matters after he was
unlawfully DENIED the opportunity to work overtime at Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday while his
black co-workers were invited to do so.

In her open Affidavit (Appendix A) she noted the ADA and First Amendment Press violations
manifest under Judge Gelber:

“All eyes were on the Judge Gelber as he abused my friends. I made an extra effort to
keep an eye on Robert as I knew he suffered a stroke in Aug and his younger brother
died after his stroke in Feb.”

“Robert stayed calm, Sue shook her head, Chris stood his ground while Judge Gelber
screamed and denied Robert’s ADA Advocates.”

“Chris then laid his media request on the table and informed the Judge he wanted to
record this public interest case. He waited for Judge Gelber to respond but the Judge
ignored Chris and his media request…….”

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Margaret and Robert Bozgoz
Color of Law, Due Process and ADA Violations
Montgomery County Maryland Courts – November 2019 to January 2020

Although Mr. Bozgoz were able to resolve the case with a conditional nolle-prosequi, the
damage was already done not only to Robert’s ADA rights but to him as well because he froze
in front of Judge Gelber as I had predicted and had forewarned the Court’s ADA Coordinator.
His freezing in front of Judge Gelber caused Robert to forfeit his Right to Appeal the decision of
the Circuit Court Judge Debra Dwyer because Robert was prohibited from mailing anything to
Mrs. James the Petitioner who procured the Peace Orders against Robert and me.

He also has to serve Voncelle James’ husband with court documents because he clearly was
an aggressor in videos posted and maintained by me at his YouTube page:

Please ask yourselves when reviewing the letter, affidavit and the audio and video recordings if
Judge Gelber and the Montgomery Court system this to a disabled attorney who was present in
Court with his ADA Advocates and had requested Reasonable Accommodations from Court
WHAT are the Courts in Montgomery County doing to the common citizens, who are not
represented by attorneys or ADA Advocates?

As you may know, Robert is a disabled person under the Americans with Disabilities The
Bozgoz’ look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. If you have questions,
or need additional information, please contact me or Margaret Sue Bozgoz, Lieutenant Colonel,
U.S. Army Retired at 410-858-0107 or by email at: AdaAdvocateSueBozgoz@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, Judge Rand L. Gerber Ethics Violations will be presented to the Commission on
Judicial Disabilities because his actions are not questions of legal Judgment. They involve
Ministerial Actions pertaining to Fundament Rights (First Amendment, Right of the Press) and
Statutory Rights of the highest order (the ADA) and they do not go to the merits of the case.

This also renders Judge Gelber subject to Declaratory Judgment litigation.

Rules Rules 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.8.


It is clear by the unedited audio of the Gelber Court hearing that His Honor did not treat Robert
fairly as to ADA requirements.


It is clear by the unedited audio of the Gelber Court hearing that His Honor unlawfully harassed
the ADA Advocates and thereby placed Mr. Bozgoz, a former JAG Attorney, into a negative
posture because by not even allowing Ms. Bozgoz or Christopher King, J.D. to walk up with Mr.
Bozgoz and because of this, he predictably froze and forgot to clarify that he must still be able to
send LEGAL DOCUMENTS to Voncelle James’ husband Kahlil James so now he remains
scared and traumatized by a VA and legal machine that caused Veteran Whistleblower Jamie
Fox to sue and Settle a year ago.


This is speculative but still possible. His Honor’s conduct simply made no sense whatsoever
and as such, favoritism on behalf of the VA might be is a logical inference.

Page 4
Margaret and Robert Bozgoz
Color of Law, Due Process and ADA Violations
Montgomery County Maryland Courts – November 2019 to January 2020


His Honor’s handling of the case, in violating known ADA Law and First Amendment and related
laws pertaining to Cameras in Court, shows incompetence and lack of cooperation.


Again, for all of the reasons noted above, Robert Bozgoz did not receive his Right to be Heard
at all and was materially prejudiced as a natural consequence.


His Honor’s tone was completely condescending and rude, as noted by another Veteran present
for the hearing.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.


Margaret Sue Bozgoz Robert Erol Bozgoz, Esquire

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Retired Disabled American
Inactive Member, Oregon State Bar

Alan Burch, AUSA, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia
Via email

Christopher King
Independent Journalist, Former Ohio State’s Attorney, Professional Courtroom Videographer
and Americans with Disabilities Advocate for Margaret Sue Bozgoz and Robert Bozgoz
Via email

Mike Volpe
Freelance Journalist
Via email

Ben Krause

Ivan Buchanan
The Buchanan Report
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Marti Oakley
Investigative Journalist
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