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a. Identify proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed
b. Visualizing and representing fractions that are less than one,
equal to one, and greater than one, and
c. Show cooperation and willingness in having a group activity.


Topic: Identifying Proper Fractions, Improper Fractions, and mixed
Reference: Teacher’s Guide 4 pp. 132-135
Learner’s Material 4 pp. 102-104
Materials: Powerpoint presentation and flashcards.
Values: Helpfulness

A. Preliminary Activities
1. Greetings
“Good morning class!” “Good morning teacher Joy, good
morning classmates, good morning.”
“I’m glad to see you!” “We’re glad to see you too!”
2. Setting of Standards
“If the teacher is talking in front, what will you do?” “Listen carefully and sit properly.”
“What will you do if you want to answer or talk?”
“Very good!” “Raise the right hands.”
3. Review
“Who can recall what is fraction?” “Fraction is a number which indicates
Yes shiela. that one number is being divided by
“Very good! Who can give an example of Fractions?” another.”
Yes Sharmaen.
“Very good!” ½ ,¾, ¼ …
4. Drill
Divide the class into 3 groups.
Introduce the Incentive before proceed to the activity.
“I have here Gems with different colours. It correspond with
points. The Blue gems is equivalent to 5 points, the yellow
gems is equivalent to 3 points, and the red gems is ¼, ¾, 5/8 and 4/9.
equivalent to 1 point. I will give Jar in each group. All you
need to do is participate and cooperate with your group to
earn more gems to fill your Jar.”
Have a drill on visualizing and Identifying fractions using pictures.

Students are raising their hands.

5. Motivation
“Who among you here go to market with your parents?”
“What do you buy from the market?” “Why do you have to “We buy fruits, vegetables, fish and etc.”
go to the market with your parents?” “To buy fruits, vegetables, and fish. I will
help my parents to carry groceries that
“Very good! we bought.”
B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
Have the pupils read and understand the situation below.
One Saturday morning, Albert accompanied his mother to
the market to buy ingredients for their dish. They bought ¾
kilogram of tomatoes, 5/4 kilograms of chicken, and 1 ¾ Pupils are working on task.
kilograms of potatoes. Albert carried the ingredients in going
“What ingredients did Albert and his mother buy?”
“What do you think is Albert’s mother going to cook?” “Tomatoes, Chicken, and Potatoes.”
“What kind of boy is Albert?”
“Will you do the same to your mother?” “Helpfulness.”
Infuse the value of being helpful. “Yes Ma’am!”

C. Discussion
1. Divide the class into 3 groups.
Using regions, let the pupils illustrate the fractions used in the Pupils are working on task.
¾ kg, 5/4 kg and 1 ¾ kg.
Expected answers:

¾ kg 5/4 kg 1 ¾ kg
Less than one whole More than one whole Combination of a
whole and part of a whole

2. Introduce the term proper fraction for a fraction whose

numerator is equal to or greater than the denominator; and Pupils are Listening attentively.
mixed number for a fraction which is a sum of a whole
number and a fraction.

D. Generalization
“What is proper fraction?” “A fraction that is less than one, with the
numerator less than the denominator.”
“What is improper fraction?” “A fraction in which the numerator is
greater than the denominator”
“What is mixed number?” “A number consisting of an integer and a
proper fraction.”

E. Application
Using flash cards with fractions (proper fraction, improper Pupils are working on task.
fraction, and mixed number), choose three pupils leaders to hold
the signs: proper fraction, improper fraction, and mixed number.
Let the pupils form a lines at the center.
The teacher flashes the cards. The first group will go to the
pupil’s leader to give the answer for the card. Once finished
answering, they will go back to their own seats.
8/7 5/9 6 ¾ 12/5 4 1/8 4/5
Direction: Write P if the given is a proper fraction, I if it is an improper
fraction, and M if it is a mixed number. Pupils are working on task.
_____1. 6/11
_____2. 1 2/7
_____3. 15/6
_____4. 3/8
_____5. 7/18
C. Assignment
Direction: Write the given fractions in the appropriate column.
8/7 5/9 6¾ 12/5 9 1/6
Proper Fractions Improper fractions Mixed numbers