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About Grofers We are building a world-class tech organization with elite engineers and change-

agents who would spearhead this change.

Currently, we are looking for engineers who are skilled, passionate, driven and a wee
bit crazy (yes, crazy works!) to join our tribe. Our primary focus is on scale and cost
optimization. The small tweaks you make, the processes you alter, experiments you
run and the business decisions you drive will have reverberating effects on our ability
to add value to our customers and keep them coming back for more.

Designation: Software Development Engineer I

Role & Responsibilities: • Design and build systems which enable the logistics team to store and deliver
15 million products per month to customers across 20 cities in India
• Work on the vision, roadmap, and processes that make customer delivery
experience more delightful
• Work across teams to design a platform that scales and is flexible enough for
various kinds of future scenarios
• Work on optimizing the whole logistics supply chain from warehouse to
customer and innovate to improve the efficiency of the existing supply chain
• Work on one of the engineering teams and deliver features with a high
quality of engineering.
• Work with senior engineers and product managers on the team to decide
and iterate over what needs to be built.

Desired skills & abilities: • B.Tech. / B.E. degree in Computer Science or equivalent software
engineering degree/experience
• Hands-on experience & strong proficiency in any one of the following
languages - Golang, Python,/ Java, Scala, Javascript (Node.js)
• Strong understanding of relational databases.
• Good understanding of Git
• Linux is your primary operating system
• Some experience with bash scripting

Bonus if you can do • Knowledge of front-end application development with JavaScript

these: framework(preferably React) is a bonus
• Experience of using a cloud provider like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
• Experience in lean/XP development methods like continuous
integration/delivery, pair programming
• Configuration management using Ansible, Puppet, Chef, etc.
• Understanding and experience with Docker and Kubernetes
• Contribute to any open-source project

Designation: Product Analyst

Role & Responsibilities: • Will work closely with Product Managers in identifying the problems,
analyzing them and come with the right set of solutions.
• Will be helping the product manager prioritize user stories and issues by
doing impact calculations and working with developers to estimate effort.
• Will be executing and documenting product experiments
• Will be working with multiple stakeholders like operations, business,
engineering and data teams

Desired skills & abilities: • Strong SQL and Excel skills

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

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working on.