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***Our function is to lead the 1. To prepare and coordinate a. To implement a well-

congregation in true worship of Sunday worship services planned worship program
God in Spirit and in truth; to be that are dynamic & every Sunday of the year
responsible and accountable to edifying for the
each other. congregation & glorifying
to GOD.
b. To have regular devotions a. To have weekly devotions
and/or prayer time for the and/or prayer time before
WT members or after the practices

c. To have regular practices a. Regular practices every

before the Sunday Fridays (6PM) and
worship service Saturdays (5PM)
d. To involve individuals & a. Scheduled for every last
sectoral groups in the Sunday of the month
services through songs,
special numbers, or skits.
e. To add and expand the file a. To include at least 4 new
of all worship songs and songs in the worship song
teach the new songs to the files
congregation b. To teach at least 1 new
song to the congregation
every quarter
f. To repair/ replace a. To repair/replace the bass
destroyed music b. To acquire battery charger
instruments, sound system and rechargeable batteries
and missing song files for the guitar/s.
g. To have an organized a. To have soft and hard Folders/ Envelopes, Ink, Bond
filing system for the songs copies of the worship Paper, Flash Drive/External: PhP
songs 3,000.00
b. To have extra folders for
the hard copy of songs
h. To have a better-equipped a. To acquire a clicker,
laptop and DLP mouse, and printer ink for Batteries, Clicker, Mouse: PhP
the projectionist 4,000.00

i. To have a secretary for the a. To have a secretary in

Worship Team charge of the WT log
books and to help the
projectionist fix the
worship song files
j. To schedule a Praise and a. To have a camp
Worship Training Camp centralized on immersion PhP 35,000.00
and/ Praise and Worship in Praise and Worship
workshop training
k. To help prepare the a. Fix the chairs, prepare the
Worship Hall stage and the sound
l. To help other groups a. Send WT members as
outside the church for representatives for
worship and events programs

WORSHIP TEAM FOOD BUDGET: (PhP 250/week) PhP 13,000.00


TOTAL: PhP 55,000.00