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Careerlinked Education & Guidance (CEG)

Business Proposal

Careerlinked Education Council

(An apex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA, Govt. of India)

43-44 Block A1 Sewak Park, NSUT Road,

Dwarka Mor Metro, New Delhi - 110059

Mobile: 96507 22240

Tollfree: 1800 2122 401
Tel: 011 6140 8321
Email: mail@margdarshak.org
Web: www.certc.edu.in

About us

 We transform lives!
 We shape the destiny!
 We link education with career!

Careerlinked Education Council is an apex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA,

Government of India for making policies and planning at the national level to bridge the gap
between degrees and career competencies. The Council has developed authentic,
appropriate and effective career development tools and learning management systems to
cultivate a culture of “career by choice, not by chance”. We are embedding career in

We propagate the philosophy of “Be what you want to be”. We strive to help students and
adults find their passions in life and lead them to their dream career. We encourage young
people to think deeply about the things they enjoy most and then translate these into careers
that will drive and motivate them for the rest of their lives. We provide the tools to design,
monitor and develop their career which is self-engaging, authentic, impartial, measurable
and transparent.

Our programme and career professionals have just ONE specific focus “Excellence in Career
Management”. We live and breathe career guidance; nothing else gets in the way. We are
practical, idealists and confident that our career guidance programs are the best in the world.
A strong commitment to research and improvement ensures that we stay the best.

Benefits of Career Planning

 Career is now seen not as being chosen but as being “constructed” through the series of
choices about learning and working throughout life.
 Students with the right employability skills and qualifications are likely to achieve better
outcomes in the labour market e.g. higher earnings and greater satisfaction.
 Appropriate career planning enables students to choose the courses of study at school/
college that will lead to the qualifications they need for the right careers.
 Better guidance means young people are motivated to complete the courses and they take
fewer wrong turns. Also, they are less likely to drop school/college or to be unemployed for a
longer period.
 There is a statistical association between unemployment and crime. By reducing
unemployment, better career guidance can reduce crime.
 There is a correlation between income, quality of life and health status. Being out of work can
lead to stress, lower self-esteem, and depression.

“40 minutes of career planning prevents 40 years of struggle in life”

Margdarshak’s Career Education Tools & Technology
Career Assessor: Be what you want to be
Aptitude Assessment is an authentic psychometric tool for students to find their true interests and set
S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-specific) career objectives; if a career
has been already decided, then its compatibility is matched.

Talent-Tips: Recognise Innate Talents
Discovering a child's areas of intelligence and learning styles removes the 'trial and error' method of
parenting or teaching a fish to climb a tree. Using Dermatoglyphics technology, parents can identify
children’s 9 types of innate intelligence: Verbal-Linguistic, Mathematical-Logical, Musical, Visual-
Spatial, Naturalist, Bodily-Kinaesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Existential with 4 Learning
Styles: Visual, Aural, Reading & Writing and Kinaesthetic.

Career Explorer: Career by choice not by chance

Have you ever heard anyone planning a career in HVAC Technician, Yarden Architect, Dispensing
Optician, Memory Augmentation Surgeon, Podiatrist, Trash Engineer, Blockchain Developer, AR/VR
Object Designer, Emotional Intelligence Designer, Climatic analysis, etc. The Career Choice tool
provides details of approx. 1500 careers and how they are related to 1. Subjects 2. Skills 3. Activities
4. Abilities 5. Attitude 6. Aptitude 7. Traits and 8. Work Contexts.

Education Index: Don’t follow the crowd!

Education Index provides authentic and impartial guidance on more than 20,000 courses with the
"Students' Satisfaction Survey" of the colleges and universities so that they can select the right
institutes offering the right courses.

Study Organiser: View real-

real-time preparation with Progress Meter
The Study Organiser is a boon for such students who are not paying proper attention to studies. It
creates a personalised subject wise schedule so that students can get 100% consistent marks in the
exam. It includes much acclaimed "Progress Meter" to show real-time preparation of the exam in
three colours: Green: the student is doing well; Yellow: the student is lagging and Red: the
student has to work hard as it is difficult to pass the exam.

Skills Evaluator: Validate Employability Skills

Degrees without employability skills = a mobile without a SIM card. To strive in new economy following
skills are required: Cognitive flexibility, Cross-cultural competency, Emotional intelligence, New media
literacy, People management and self-direction, SMAC intelligence, Virtual collaboration, etc.

Work Attitude: Listen to your heart & mind

Work Attitude Assessment allows users to pinpoint what is important to them in a career. It helps to
identify occupations that they may find satisfying based on the similarity between their work values
and the characteristics of the occupations.

Scholarships Abroad:
Abroad: Gateway to Abroad
Study in best universities in the USA, Canada, Australia and European countries FREE OF Cost with
scholarships and financial assistance. Using this tool students aspiring to study abroad can apply for
2000+ courses and scholarships all over the world from one platform. Also, our expert counsellors
assist in documentation like writing a resume, essays, SoP, getting LOR, etc.

Price of Margdarshak Tools
Career guidance is provided free of cost and career education tools are moderately priced:
Career Education Tool Validity Price + GST @18%
Aptitude Assessment 1 Year Rs 1500
Attitude Assessment 1 year Rs 1500
Ability Assessment Life time Rs 2500
Career Explorer 1 Year Rs 1500
Education Index 1 Year Rs 1500
Study Organiser per subject 1 Academic Session Rs 1500
Skills Evaluator per skill 1 Year Rs 1500
Scholarships Abroad 1 Year Rs 2500

The above tools are packaged as:

Career Education Tool Validity Maximum Retail Price
Package 1. 1 Year Rs 6,500
Aptitude + Attitude + Ability + Career
Explorer + Education Index +
Scholarships Abroad
Package 2.
Study Organiser (all subjects) + Skills 1 Academic Session Rs 6,500
Evaluator (3 skills)
Package 3
For all the tools till the aim is achieved From Ambition to Rs 25,000 + an specified amount
Achievement) after achieving the career.

Your Work & Income Prospects

1. CAP-
AP-Contest and Free Tools
You can conduct CAP-contest and provide free Education Index tool (worth Rs 1500/-), cash
coupon for Rs 300/- and CAP-stipend of Rs 1000/- per month offered by the Council to
students. You’ll get Rs 300/- per student in your eWallet and your expected income will be:
Table – 1
Students per school per month Business done Income per month
through CAP in eWallet
2 x 50 Rs 300 x 100 Rs 30,000 p.m.
2. Career Planning
You can conduct career assessments and create a personalised career dashboard. If you are
planning careers of 25 students then your expected income will be:
Table – 2
Clients per month Business Done Income per month
@ 30% of the business
25 Rs 25 x 6,500 = 1,62,500 Rs 48,750 p.m.

3. CEG Cell in School/Institute
You can open the Council's Careerlinked Education & Guidance (CEG) Cell in 2 schools, then you’ll get
School Referral Income @ 10% of total business generated from that school:
Table – 3
Students from each Business done Income per month
school through schools @10% of total business
50 2 x 50 x Rs 6500 Rs 65,000 p.m.
4. Online Training
You can give online training to career professionals. Subsidised one-time training fee is Rs 18,000/-.
You’ll get 30% of the training fee paid by the trainees and your income will be:
Table 4
Trainees enrolled Fee per trainee Income per month
@30% of the total business
5 Rs 18,000 x 5 Rs 27,000 p.m.

5. Knowledge Royalty
You can provide study contents of any academic/competitive exam or employability skills; then you’ll
receive Rs 5/- to Rs 15/- per question in your eWallet + LIFELONG Knowledge Royalty @10% (Rs 60/-
per sale) of Study Organiser related to your subject. Your expected income will be:
Table – 5
No of Study Organiser sold p.m. Knowledge Royalty LIFELONG Income per month
1000 @ Rs 60 per sale Rs 60,000 p.m.
6. Admission & Placement Services
You can offer admission & placement services to private institutes & universities costing Rs 50,000/-
each. Also, if a student referred by you get admission in any of member institute/college then you’ll
get an extra income and your expected income will be:
Table – 6
No of institutes Business is done through Income per month
each Institute @30% of total business
2 Rs 2 x 50,000 Rs 30,000 p.m.
7. Team & Centre Benefit
If you have a small meeting place for advisors, parents, students and job seekers and can mentor
maximum 6 Career Advisors under you, then you’ll get @15% (10% for the team and 5% for the centre)
of the total business done by your team (table 2):
Table – 7
No of Advisors Average business done by Advisors Income per month
in Team through table 2 @ 15% of team business
6 (3 active) Rs 1,62,500 x 3 = 4,87,500 Rs 73,125 p.m.
8. Annual Bonus or Lifelong Financial Support
We keep in reserve 5% of the total business done by beneficiary members of the team. This amount
is paid to you in 2 ways:

(a) While you are actively working with us then this amount is paid to you as an annual bonus
either in cash or gifts; and
(b) Due to unfortunate circumstances like critical illness, disability or after demise, when an
advisor stops working, then the amount is transferred in the bank account of self or nominee
as per terms.

We maintain 100% transparency in business and distribution of income. We provide

you with an automated system, where your earnings are updated in Income
dashboard, you receive instant SMS + eMail and the amount is transferred in your bank
account between 10th to 15th days of the month.

Please Note: For updated information please visit our website regularly. The financial
information given under work & income headings is indicative and for illustration. You
are advised to understand the above income calculations thoroughly.

What makes this a viable opportunity

Most ventures fail due to dependency on a single source of income. Here you
get multiple points of income within a single business model, so that if you
are not getting results from your effort, still you can have a regular income.

The challenging part of any business is getting clients. After making

investments, most of the entrepreneurs use 90% of their effort to get clients
and only 10% is left to do business. We save you from such pitfalls and
provide you leads so that you can utilise 100% of your time and energy and
concentrate on your core competencies.

There is a huge untapped market in the field of career management. After

investing money & time to acquire degrees, students and parents are
puzzled due to unplanned career direction and stiff competition in
Government as well as other sectors of the economy.

Due to a lack of career education in schools and alarming skills deficiency in

the labour market, demand for developing career competencies is growing
and growing day after day.

Career Professional
You are proud of your achievements but there is so much more that you want to accomplish.
You are full of ideas and have a can-do spirit. You are getting the socio-educational
entrepreneurship opportunity to develop the careers of students and adults. Working as a
Career Professional will be an enriching and most satisfying experience for you.

Eligibility & Requirements

(a) Minimum Graduate degree in any field
(b) Training & Certification as a Career Management Professional
(c) Internet-enabled computer/laptop
(d) Good communication skills, willingness to contact parents.

Training & Certification

Competency-based training either face-to-face or online which is self-paced and consists of
15 modules of theory, activity and practical.
1. Career Management Practices 2. Career Guidance & Counselling 3. Interactive Instructional
Design 4. World of Occupations 5. Psychometric Career Assessment 6. Education in India
7. Employability Skills & Evaluation 8. Career Education in Schools 9. Human Resource
Management 10. Job Planning to Placement 11. Virtual Office Work & Team Building 12.
Digital & Social Media 13. Study Abroad 14. Parents as Career Planner 15. Scholarships,
Funding & Contests
Duration: Training is online and self-paced which can be completed in minimum 15 days to
maximum 15 weeks.
Training fee: Rs 36,000/- which can be financed by the Council on your request and can be
paid in 12 instalments of Rs 3000/- per month. You can also avail 50% discount and pay Rs
18,000/- as training fee.
Certification fee: You have to pay Rs 600 per module (total Rs 9,000/- for all 15 modules)
towards test & assessment charges.

How to Start
Complete your documentation, pay training fee, sign the MOU with the Council to empanel your name
in the “Council’s National Register of Career Professionals”. Finally, receive login details to access the
website, start working and earnings from the same day.

Support is just saying hello!

We are passionate to work with you and make this partnership successful. We provide you
with unlimited training, pertinent client management system and everything you need to
start and run your business profitably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is it possible to work without training?
No, professional training is required, if you want to do the career planning of students and adults.
Training is a must to conduct career assessments, analyse reports and draw inferences related to the
right occupation and create education pathways.

Can I get CMP training without investing initially? Can it be deducted from my income?
Yes, your training can be financed and you can start paying in instalments.

Is this training as a Career Management Professional useful for other jobs?

Yes, after completion of training programme as a Career Professional, participants will be competent
to perform duties appropriate to the career development sector and will be able to be placed in any
of the following roles: Education Advisor/Officer in training and employment services, Career
Development Officer in corporates & MNCs, Careers Adviser in Schools, Career Counsellor in
Colleges/Institutes, Training and Placement Officer in Universities and higher Learning Centres, Career
Coach and Mentor in private practice, Career Consultant in Human Resource Departments, etc.

Are training and certification recognised?

Career professional training and the certification programme is offered by the Career Education
Research & Training Council, New Delhi, which is an apex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA,
Government of India and recognised by all the educational institutions throughout India and abroad.

Can I get a full-time job, if I don’t want self-employment?

Yes, after training and certification you have the option to get jobs either in the Council or other
organisations for different positions as advertised from time to time.

How much time is required to complete the training?

Training is online, self-paced and it depends on the receptivity of the trainee how sooner s/he can
complete it, but the minimum duration is 15 days to a maximum of 15 weeks.

Can I do it along with my current job?

Yes, you can work part-time to give career guidance without disturbing your current profession.

How much time I have to work per day/week?

It all depends on you. You can work for a few hours or on Saturdays/Sundays, as per your convenience.

Can I get a regular income, if I am working from home?

Yes, you'll get a steady income, even if you are working from home on a part-time basis.

From where will I get the clients?

You get uninterrupted students leads through the CRM interface by conducting CAP-contests or
through subscriptions.

When I will receive my payment?

Your account will be settled on the last day of the month and the amount is transferred in your bank
account between 10-15 of the following months as per the agreement.

What will be the duration of our association?

There is no time limit. The association is renewed automatically after receiving your consent to
continue working with us subject to your adherence to the terms of the agreement and the code of
ethics stipulated by the Council.

10 strong reasons to work with us
1. No-Risk Opportunity: You are working with us without any investment, liability
or burden of overhead expenses and you earn steady, good income without any
risk of financial loss.
2. A dignified partnership: We work together on equal footings but we treat you
as an important stakeholder and you share a major part of the income.
3. Work from anywhere: You have the flexibility and ease of work @comfort of
your place. There is no travelling, no pollution, no stress and earn much better
than a full-time job.
4. Shape destiny of students: You plan the careers of young people using the most
authentic tools & technology provided by the Council.
5. Highly respectable service to society: Success of one child inspires the success
of others in the family and society. The positive difference you make to the lives
of the students is more rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine.
6. Ownership of the business: You run your business under the banner of the
Council and we take care of the support to enable entrepreneurship within you.
7. One-time effort; life-time income: Through knowledge royalty, you get lifelong
regular income with a one-time effort.
8. Transparent work culture: An atmosphere to share, evolve and learn together
about clients, competitors, business conditions and ever-changing
9. No harm in trying: Worst to worst, if you are not able to work due to some
unavoidable circumstances, you have nothing to lose and you can use the
training and knowledge to guide students in your family; and if you succeed,
you can earn ample money with name and fame.
10. A real big source of income: You are getting an immediate, stable, attractive
source of income. Through the team mentorship model, you are earning even
if you are sleeping or spending time with family or enjoying your vacation.

Tremendous opportunity and limitless income potential exist to

take advantage of the huge student population and inefficiency
that exists in our education system. Career education is the
fastest-growing sector throughout the world unaffected by the
recession. If you can't open a school/institute/university due to
huge investment, start a respectable, socio-educational
entrepreneurship opportunity, where you or any educated
family member trained as a Career Professional and a laptop can
have stable, lifelong source of income.