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Titan Level Titan Potion Tital Potion Increase Titan Potion Total Emerald Cost Emerald Increase

2 100 0 20 2
3 110 10 22 2
4 120 10 24 2
5 130 10 26 2
6 140 10 28 2
7 150 10 30 2
8 160 10 32 2
9 170 10 34 2
10 180 10 36 2
11 190 10 38 2
12 200 10 40 2
13 210 10 42 2
14 220 10 44 2
15 230 10 46 2
16 240 10 48 2
17 250 10 50 2
18 260 10 52 2
19 270 10 54 2
20 280 10 56 2
21 290 10 58 2
22 300 10 60 2
23 310 10 62 2
24 320 10 64 2
25 330 10 66 2
26 340 10 68 2
27 350 10 70 2
28 360 10 72 2
29 370 10 74 2
30 380 10 76 2
31 390 10 7,350 78 2
32 440 50 (400% increase) 88 10 (400% increase)
33 490 50 98 10
34 540 50 108 10
35 590 50 118 10
36 640 50 128 10
37 690 50 138 10
38 740 50 148 10
39 790 50 158 10
40 840 50 168 10
41 890 50 178 10
42 940 50 188 10
43 990 50 198 10
44 1040 50 208 10
45 1090 50 218 10
46 1140 50 228 10
47 1190 50 238 10
48 1240 50 248 10
49 1290 50 258 10
50 1340 50 268 10
51 1390 50 25,650 278 10
52 1490 100 (100% increase) 298 20 (100% increase)
53 1590 100 318 20
54 1690 100 338 20
55 1790 100 358 20
56 1890 100 378 20
57 1990 100 398 20
58 2090 100 418 20
59 2190 100 438 20
60 2290 100 458 20
61 2390 100 478 20
62 2490 100 498 20
63 2590 100 518 20
64 2690 100 538 20
65 2790 100 558 20
66 2890 100 578 20
67 2990 100 598 20
68 3090 100 618 20
69 3190 100 638 20
70 3290 100 658 20
71 3390 100 74,450 678 20
72 3590 200 (100% increase) 718 40 (100% increase)
73 3790 200 758 40
74 3990 200 798 40
75 4190 200 838 40
76 4390 200 878 40
77 4590 200 918 40
78 4790 200 958 40
79 4990 200 998 40
80 5190 200 1038 40
81 5390 200 1078 40
82 5590 200 124,940 1118 40
83 5990 400 (100% increase) 1198 80 (100% increase)
84 6390 400 1278 80
85 6790 400 1358 80
86 7190 400 1438 80
87 7590 400 1518 80
88 7990 400 1598 80
89 8390 400 1678 80
90 8790 400 1758 80
91 9190 400 1838 80
92 9590 400 1918 80
93 9990 400 1998 80
94 10390 400 2078 80
95 10790 400 2158 80
96 11190 400 2238 80
97 11590 400 2318 80
98 11990 400 2398 80
99 12390 400 2478 80
100 12790 400 293,960 2558 80
101 13390 600 (50% increase) 2678 120 (50% increase)
102 13990 600 2798 120
103 14590 600 2918 120
104 15190 600 3038 120
105 15790 600 3158 120
106 16390 600 3278 120
107 16990 600 3398 120
108 17590 600 3518 120
109 18190 600 3638 120
110 18790 600 454,860 3758 120
111 19590 800 (33.3% increase) 3918 160 (33% increase)
112 20390 800 4078 160
113 21190 800 4238 160
114 21990 800 4398 160
115 22790 800 4558 160
116 23590 800 4718 160
117 24390 800 4878 160
118 25190 800 5038 160
119 25990 800 5198 160
120 26790 800 5358 160
Total 686,760 137,352
Emerald Total Sparks of Power Sparks Total Titan Star Rank Gold Cost Sparks % Boost
TBD TBD 2* 75,000.00 ~45%
TBD TBD 3* 300,000.00 ~37%
TBD TBD 4* 750,000.00 ~34%
TBD TBD 5* 1,250,000.00 TBD
TBD TBD 6* 2,500,000.00 ~ 20%
TBD TBD Total 4,875,000.00 N/A
1,470 TBD TBD
5,130 TBD TBD
14,890 TBD TBD
24,988 TBD TBD
58,792 TBD TBD
90,972 TBD TBD
Titan Soulstones Elite Titan Soulstones
30 N/A
50 N/A
150 250
500 500
900 900
1500 1500
3130 3150
1. Once the day has res
(Condition) - As long as

2. If you do not buy it, i

3. If you do buy it, it sh

4. The more heroes you

**Note** It "usually" pi
1. Once the day has reset, (5am GMT-5) if you use any energy this will appear assuming the following con
(Condition) - As long as your hero is a high enough level to equip the item at the end of their rank then th

2. If you do not buy it, it does not return until the next day at (5am GMT-5) once you spend energy again.

3. If you do buy it, it shows up again once you use energy again and you have heroes who meet the level

4. The more heroes you level up, the more will be in this pool and the less likely you will be to get one yo
**Note** It "usually" picks from the hero closest to a new rank promotion.
suming the following condition is met.
end of their rank then they are eligible to be in the Rarity Fair rotation.

you spend energy again.

roes who meet the level criteria again.

you will be to get one you need so it's advised to only level heroes you plan to use initially.
If it is your heroes main stat

Main Stat + 1 Health Physical Attack Magic Attack

Strength 40 1
Agility 3
Intelligence 1 3

If it is NOT your heroes main stat

Main Stat + 1 Health Physical Attack Magic Attack

Strength 40
Agility 2
Intelligence 3

**NOTE** Main stat also factors in to be Dodge Penetration (land hits vs heroes with dodge rating
Please see the "Critical - Dodge - Redirect" tab for more specific details.
Armor Magic Defense


Armor Magic Defense


s with dodge rating more frequently) or Critical Hit Reduction (receive fewer crits from heroes with crit rati
m heroes with crit rating).
Click this option to get the most amount of detial about your characters skills and how the damag
Some moves indicate they have a chance to stun or apply some additional effect, but the chance i
If the target is equal in level to the number listed below, the additional effect will land 100% of th

So if the hero in this example

4 / (4+1 level gap) * 100%
4/5 * 100%
0.80 * 100%

This is calculated as 4 / (4 + defending hero level - level mentioned in

Level Gap
0 = 100%
1 = 80%
2 = 66%
3 = 57%
4 = 50%
5 = 44%
6 = 40%
7 = 36%
8 = 33%
9 = 30%
10 = 29%
skills and how the damage / affects are calculated.
al effect, but the chance is lowered if the target is over a specific level.
ffect will land 100% of the time.

ero in this example attacked a level 43 hero…

vel gap) * 100%

evel mentioned in the skill) * 100%

Energy is the yellow bar listed below the health bar for your cha
Certain skills require energy to be used (your first skill, aka ultimate).

Energy Source Energy Gained

Auto Attack +10% (100)
Skill Use +10% (100)
Damage Taken +1% (10) per 1% damage taken (your health lost)
Killing Blow +30% (300)
Jorgen's Shield 2x the values above while shield is active
Jorgen's Tainted Wounds Steals 100 (10%) from the target
Karkh Shield Bonus +15% on successful block
Orion Auto Attack Bonus +50% (500) per attack
Total Possible Energy 1,000
alth bar for your characters (as shown above)
t skill, aka ultimate). Once this bar reaches 100% your hero can use their spe
use their special skill.
1,000 Armor / Magic Defense = 25%
3,000 Amor / Magic Defense = 50% M
9,000 Armor / Magic Defense = 75%
27,000 Armor / Magic Defense = 87.5
81,000 Armor / Magic Defense = 93.7
c Defense = 25% Mitigation
Defense = 50% Mitigation
c Defense = 75% Mitigation
ic Defense = 87.5% Mitigation
ic Defense = 93.75% Mitigation

Critial hits are defined as a physical attack which has a damage modifi
Critical hits are signified in orange - red hue numbers that are larger fo

Crit chance is calculated by Crit Rating / Crit Rating + Main Stat (Str, Agi, Int) v
Example: If this Jhu is attacking himself, you have a 5898 Crit Rating / 5898 Cr
However if his ultimate boost is active it changes the values to 14,796 crit / 14
Dodge Chance

Dodged attacks are defined as physical based auto-attacks and skills th

Dodged attacks are signified in white-blue hue letters that say "dodge

Note: Dodge chance is calculated by Dodge Rating / Dodge Rating + Main Sta
Example: If this Aurora is attacking herself, you have a 8131 Dodge Rating / 8
However if her ultimate is activated it changes the values to 17,029 dodge / 1

Redirected Damage

Redirected damage is a condition that is only set by Jorgen's 3rd skill "
Redirect is signified by the white-blue hue word "redirect", as well as
s a damage modifier of 2x.
s that are larger font than a non-critical hit.

n Stat (Str, Agi, Int) value of the defender. So when Crit rating = the Main stat of the d
Crit Rating / 5898 Crit Rating + 10,697 main stat (str) which gives you a 35.5% chance
es to 14,796 crit / 14,796 crit + 10,697 strength which gives you a 58% chance to crit.
attacks and skills that were avoided and mitigates 100% of the damage.
rs that say "dodge".

ge Rating + Main Stat (Str, Agi, Int) value of the defender. So when Dodge rating = the
31 Dodge Rating / 8131 Dodge Rating + 10,452 main stat (str) which gives you a 43.8%
to 17,029 dodge / 17,029 + 10,452 which gives you a 62% chance to dodge. Which s

Jorgen's 3rd skill "Leper." Leper redirects all physical damage to your rearmo
direct", as well as the spiraling light red lines from all heroes funneling into th
he Main stat of the defender, you will have a 50% chance to crit.
you a 35.5% chance to crit.
58% chance to crit. Which sounds like approximately 20% more, but in actuality it's
the damage.

n Dodge rating = the Main stat of the attacker, you will have a 50% chance to dodge.
ch gives you a 43.8% chance to dodge.
e to dodge. Which sounds approximately to be 20% more, but in actuality it's nearly 5

age to your rearmost hero.

es funneling into the backline.
but in actuality it's nearly 50% more crit chance than before.
% chance to dodge.
actuality it's nearly 50% more dodge chance than before.
**IMPORTANT NOTE** All skins, whether you have them equipped o
So you should acquire as many as you can to make your hero as stro
When you get your heroes they all have what is referred to as their "Base Skin" or just themselve
You have the ability to unlock additional skins which are outfits that alter the characters appearan

**IMPORTANT NOTE** For those who are planning to spend money on the
Save all Skin stones for leveling them as they are the most scarce resource i

Keep in mind, the skins you see today may not be all that's in store for the hero, there are always
Artifact Levels
0 - 25 ( Requires 624 White Artifact pieces)
26 - 50 (Requires 1,050 Green Artifact pieces)
51 - 70 (Requires 790 Blue Artifact pieces)
71 - 85 (Requires 555 Violet Artifact pieces)
86 - 100 (Requires 555 Gold Artifact pieces)
Artifact Evolution
1 Star = No Change (1x artifact value) (i.e. 100)
2 Star = 10% Increase (1.1 x artifact value) (i.e. 110) (10% higher than 1 St
3 Star = 20% Increase (1.2 x artifact value) (i.e. 120) (9% higher than 2 Sta
4 Star = 50% Increase (1.5 x artifact value) (i.e. 150) (25% higher than 3 St
5 Star = 100% Increase (2 x artifact value) (i.e. 200) (33% higher than 4 St
6 Star = 200% Increase (3 x artifact value) (i.e. 300) (50% higher than 5 St

Level 100 Ring

1 Star = 1330 Strength = 1,330 attac
2 Star = 1463 Strength = 1,463 attac
3 Star = 1596 Strength = 1,596 attac
4 Star = 1995 Strength = 1,995 attac
5 Star = 2660 Strength = 2,660 attac
6 Star = 3990 Strength = 3,990 attac
1 Artifact Required
higher than 1 Star) 3 Artifacts Required 1 Chaos Cores Required
igher than 2 Star) 6 Artifacts Required 6 Chaos Cores Required
higher than 3 Star) 15 Artifacts Required 12 Chaos Core Required
higher than 4 Star) 50 Artifacts Required 30 Chaos Core Required
higher than 5 Star) 150 Artifacts Required 75 Chaos Core Required

gth = 1,330 attack and 53,200 health Agility = 3,990 attack and 1,330 armor
gth = 1,463 attack and 58,520 health Agility = 4,389 attack and 1,463 armor
gth = 1,596 attack and 63,840 health Agility = 4,788 attack and 1,596 armor
gth = 1,995 attack and 79,800 health Agility = 5,985 attack and 1,995 armor
gth = 2,660 attack and 106,400 health Agility = 7,980 attack and 2,660 armor
gth = 3,990 attack and 159,600 health Agility = 11,970 attack and 3,990 armor
1,330 armor Intelligence = 3,990 magic attack and 1,330 magic defense and 1
1,463 armor Intelligence = 4,389 magic attack and 1,463 magic defense and 1
1,596 armor Intelligence = 4,788 magic attack and 1,596 magic defense and 1
1,995 armor Intelligence = 5,985 magic attack and 1,995 magic defense and 1
2,660 armor Intelligence = 7,980 magic attack and 2,660 magic defense and 2
d 3,990 armor Intelligence = 11,970 magic attack and 3,990 magic defense and
magic defense and 1,330 attack
magic defense and 1,463 attack
magic defense and 1,596 attack
magic defense and 1,995 attack
magic defense and 2,660 attack
magic defense and 3,990 attack
As a general rule for stat growth for heroes in Hero Wars they scale ex
What this means is do NOT spread your build, do not evenly level all o
Even though it costs a lot more to level stats near the end, it's worth it

These are GENERAL rules and are meant to serve as a template for yo
but individuals may be required to boost other stats depending on the

For skins, reference the stats below to see which skins your hero will b


Warriors / Marksmen / Mages (DPS):

1. Armor / Magic Penetration
2. Attack / Magic Attack
3. Main Stat
4. Health
5. Armor / Magic Defense

1. Armor / Magic Defense (Mitigation)
2. Health
3. Main Stat
4. Attack / Magic Attack
5. Penetration

Support / Control / Healer:

1. Health
2. Main Stat
3. Armor / Magic Defense
4. Attack / Magic Attack

1. Attack
2. Main Stat
3. Health
4. Armor / Magic Defense

1. Health
2. Main Stat
3. Armor / Magic Defense
4. Magic Penetration
5. Magic Attack

1. Magic Penetration
2. Health
3. Magic Attack
4. Main Stat
5. Armor / Magic Defense
1. Dodge
2. Health
3. Strength
4. Magic Penetration
5. Magic Attack
6. Armor

1. Health
2. Strength
4. Armor Penetration
5. Attack
6. Armor
Wars they scale exponentially as the reach their peak.
t evenly level all of your stats because you will be greatly left behind if you d
e end, it's worth it because for example the last 10 levels, are worth more th

a template for you,

depending on the teams they're competing against on their respective serve

ns your hero will benefit from most based on the stat priority.
eft behind if you do.
are worth more than the first 30-50 combined.
eir respective servers.
There are 3 main roles for any effective party, but 7 roles that exist a
The simplest team structure all beginners should focus is…

1. Tank
2. 1-3 Damage Dealing units (Warriors, Marksmen, Mages)
3. 1-2 Support/Healer/Control units

In the Team Compositions (End Game) tab there are end game team example

1. Tank: Hero at the front line of the team whose sole job is to take damage and prot
2. Warrior: Melee range fighter who deals damage at the front line of the enemy tea
3. Healer: Mid-Back line hero who has abilities that regenerate missing health for yo
4. Marksman: Mid-Back line hero who has ranged attacks that deal high damage, typ
5. Mage: Mid-Back line hero who has magic based skills that deal massive amounts o
6. Control: Heroes who posess abilities that make enemy heroes lose control of their
7. Support: Hero who posesses abilities that grant shields, enhancements to allied h












7 roles that exist among the heroes.

game team examples but some of the units even in those teams can be subbed out fo

take damage and protect the rest of the team. Typically has high health and damage mitigati
line of the enemy team, typically has moderate health and defenses.
e missing health for your heroes.
deal high damage, typically has low health or defenses.
eal massive amounts of damage, typically has low health and defense.
es lose control of their actions for a short time. Slow, Stun, Silence, Charm, etc.
ancements to allied heroes stats, etc.
an be subbed out for others who share similar roles. Read up on the moves that the

h and damage mitigation. Always a strength based hero.

the moves that the heroes have, and try to come up with fun new interactions they
w interactions they could have.
The Tanks:
Simply the Best.

You can't go wrong with these.

Situational, but great.
Needs to be upgraded to be viable.

Top Damage Dealers (DPS - Damage Per Second) The META:

K'arkh The
Supports Anonymous

The Crutch: Nothing really makes a team feel quite as defensive

A League of her Own: Makes her teammates shine like no othe

The King of Disruption: So you thought your strategy is sound i

The Dedicated Healers: The name says it all.
More than Meets the Eye: Offensively and Defensively capable
Supportively Unique: Has a lot to offer situationally, both offen

Offensively Adept: These heroes can deal damage or create wi

The Leftovers: The color for this is poop brown for a reason.
The META: (Most Effective Tactic Available) Build your team around

Twins Satori
e as defensively fortified as having these heroes around, to a fault.
e like no other.

egy is sound if executed smootlly and according to a plan? Think again

ively capable, surprise your opponents with your heroes role.
y, both offensively and defensively, can make or break certain teams,

or create win conditions if given the right opportunity. They aren't th

a reason.
our team around these heroes, or pair of heroes and you will be amon

d, to a fault.
lan? Think again hahaha.
oes role.
k certain teams, or just be bad.

y. They aren't the best or the worst.

you will be among the top if you do.

Jhu, Nebula, and Andvari

Keira and Andvari
a and Andvari Cleaver and Pep
Cleaver and Peppy

Middle Line:

Back Line:
This team will probably kill you in under 30 se

All around powerful mages with a really stron

This team ensures that Satori is the only dam

This team oozes with synergy and every mem
Cleaver hurts this team by repositioning them

This team focuses completely on surviving long eno

This team is centered around survivability wi
Cleaver disrupting their positioning and deali
and Elmir stays healed by leaping to Dorian's

This team is centered around Keira and Orion's expl

This team is almost a perfect counter to K'ark

If built properly following the stat priority tab
ill you in under 30 seconds.

es with a really strong frontline to stay up long enough for them to burn almost any te

atori is the only damage dealer so he has maximum damage output, and has enough
ergy and every member of the team is assisting the other in some way.
by repositioning them (Helios loses Dorian's vampirism aura).

n surviving long enough for Jhu to rip through the enemies backline, it's incredibly eff
und survivability with Jorgen's suppression of enemies energy,
ositioning and dealing damage with Dorian's and Elmir's artifact boosts,
leaping to Dorian's side.

eira and Orion's explosive AOE (area of effect) damage and Nebula's buff and Astaroth

fect counter to K'arkh.

the stat priority tab in this spreadsheet and you ensure your tank is at least as strong
o burn almost any team down.

ut, and has enough support / heals to keep him and the tank going.
ne, it's incredibly effective against mages.

a's buff and Astaroth's ability to resurrect who dies first. Thea is interchangable with

k is at least as strong as the enemy K'arkh, you shouldn't be able to lose unless they'r
nterchangable with Dorian.

to lose unless they're + 200k power on you.

Utilize this tab to identify heroes who pair well together based o
You can then use the "Teams and Roles" tab to fill in the blanks
You can also try out your own ideas and find other heroes who
This list is not all inclusive, just merely examples of heroes who

Kai for his ultimate ability makes K'arkh to attack the entire ene

When Peppy uses her "Boldness" skill and places a shield on Cl

Cleaver activates his 2nd skill which damages himself every 0.5
Orion while squishy deals massive damage, and when adjacent

Keira while squishy deals massive damage, and when adjacent

Helios has very high magic atta

Dorian grants vampirism to Ori
Orion grants virtually a perman

Since Helios deals a lot of dam

Krista frequently applies a mark of water to opponents
Mark of water makes Lars deal 3x more damage and stun enem

Elmir will retreat to the back line and become a marksman whe
Dorian offers Elmir vampirism when he leaps to the back line a

Heidi has naturally low damage as all of his damage is pure dam
Nebula grants Heidi a huge boost to his magic attack making hi

Satori deals massive damage on his own if he can su

Astaroth offers Satori one free resurrection
There's no real synergy between the two other than
This hero was created specifically to counter K'arkh. Bring him with a tank who stan
Leverage him in your builds to find new fun ways to make heroes once unviable, shin
together based on move synergy.
fill in the blanks for other heroes.
her heroes who add to the already existing synergy.
s of heroes who have skills that synergize together.

Astaroth for his resurrection ability

Faceless for his levitate ability causing K'arkh to devastate them, as well as copying K'arkh's ultimate abilit
Nebula being adjacent to K'arkh makes his damage unbearably high

es K'arkh to attack the entire enemy team

ss" skill and places a shield on Cleaver (if he's the frontmost unit) so she strikes everytime he takes damage
which damages himself every 0.5 seconds which triggers Peppy's boldness damage
Jhu deals very low damage on his own, however Nebula being adjacent to him grants him more
Thea's passive make's Jhu use his 3rd skill 50% more often while low in health
Martha's ultimate ability make's Jhu activate skills 240% faster

sive damage, and when adjacent to Dorian can heal for a considerable amount

ive damage, and when adjacent to Dorian can heal for a considerable amount

Helios has very high magic attack but no penetration

Dorian grants vampirism to Orion and Helios
Orion grants virtually a permanent spell penetration boost to Helios due to his artifact weapon bonus

Since Helios deals a lot of damage due to Orion's spell penetration, he survives for a long time due to Dorian's vampirism.
k of water to opponents
3x more damage and stun enemies considerably longer.

ne and become a marksman when using his ultimate

when he leaps to the back line and keeps him fighting longer

e as all of his damage is pure damage and cannot be mitigated with armor and magic defense
ost to his magic attack making his attacks very problematic in longer fights

damage on his own if he can survive long enough to use his ultimate ability
ri one free resurrection
rgy between the two other than when combined they offer very formidable defense against mage teams

This combination can be utilized to attack a Lars hiding in the 4th position
Even if someone else has a higher intelligence, Cleaver hooks the backline enemy unit
Jorgen will cast Leper on the original 4th position (now being the 5th due to the hook)
Cornelius' ultimate ability deals physical damage and thus is affected by Jorgen's Leper ability causing it to ignore the intelligen

If you don't need to hook the back line member, you can leave Cleaver out for another tank

This combination was born from the recent Arachne upgrade where it seeks to abuse crowd control to lock down the enemy w
Maya's 2nd skill will pull the team inward, while Arachne's 3rd skill will AoE (area of effect) stun the enemy team for 5 seconds
Orion will be shooting missiles rapidly at the enemy team while they are helpless to move.
Orion will be activating his artifact weapon for spell penetration which greatly increases Aracnhe's survivability since she has 8
In this combination the hero Arachne will teleport just before Nebula buff's her, which leaves nobody next to Nebula forcing he
Nebula's buff is based on her stats (which her buff, buffs), so she then applies a buff to Orion, that is a buffed buff.

Bring him with a tank who stands far enough in front of him (Ziri, Luther, Cleaver, Aurora) that K'arkh cannot hit them both with his auto a
make heroes once unviable, shine like never before.
s copying K'arkh's ultimate ability
adjacent to him grants him more than 2x his original attack value
le low in health

ian's vampirism.
causing it to ignore the intelligence criteria

ontrol to lock down the enemy while simultaneously dealing massive damage.
n the enemy team for 5 seconds.

he's survivability since she has 80% vampirism.

nobody next to Nebula forcing her to buff herself.
hat is a buffed buff.

not hit them both with his auto attack.

Arena battles and Guild War battles might not seem like they're different, but there are a couple diff
As a result it is not recommended to use your wins in arena to choose war targets.

1. The war map is much smaller than the arena map which means the actual time of the fights beg
Team positioning matters a lot and this gets thrown off because of map size.

2. The usage of a hero's ultimate (1st) skills timing is different. In arena when your auto attack gives
In war however, there is a brief pause prior to the ultimate skill being used. So some heroes who he

3. The battles have the option to manually control your ultimate skills. Save them and time it for ju
but there are a couple differences that can cause the battles between the two to have very different outcome

ual time of the fights begins sooner which also means some heroes may reach others faster or be in range ev

hen your auto attack gives you enough energy to hit 1,000, your hero will use their ultimate simultaneously w
d. So some heroes who heavily rely on their ultimate skill may be stunned, crowd controlled etc in that time t

ve them and time it for just the right moment for devastating effects.
ve very different outcomes.

rs faster or be in range even when at the edge of the map etc.

ultimate simultaneously with the auto attack.

ontrolled etc in that time they might normally have instantly used their move.
One of the most commonly asked questions is where should I spend my Emeralds?
Where will I get the most from my investments?

Before following this chart exactly keep in mind that everybody may have different needs
and want to invest them wherever will give them the biggest immediate boost, however this chart i

1. Artifact Chests - you can get a lot of Chaos Cores from opening the chests in the airship bu
You're better off paying the weekly subscription and using the 900 artifact coins to buy 2 pieces of g

2. Cleaver - Rolling heroic chests (particualrly during discounted events when they are 55% off)
Not to mention help you level up the stars of your other heroes while you're at it!

3. Skin Stones it's true this is the rarest and hardest currency to come by without buying them
Buying the deals you get in the shop are the fastest way to get them, otherwise the direct exchange
You have about a 32-38% return rate… so if you spend 100,000 emeralds you will yield 32,000-38,0
It takes approximately 30,000 stones to max a base skin and 50-55k to max a skin you purchase.
4. Early Titan Levels - While leveling titans too much can be a costly feat with Emeralds, if y
This sets yourself up for an easy grind in the dungeon and lots of guild activity points which will ma

5. Summoning Titans - Save your emeralds for discounted summon events but this will lev

6. Energy Restore - Yes, who doesn't like going on an adventure, stomping through campaig
Just be mindful that it's cost effectiveness decreases dramatically doing it more than 2-7 times per d

7. Miscellaneous - Shop Resets, Tower floor skips, opening chests in the tower, purchasing th
different needs
oost, however this chart is for the long run and the patient player.

he chests in the airship but don't go too hard in this after your main team is at 5* artifacts as the RNG is not g
coins to buy 2 pieces of gear per day.

s when they are 55% off) can land you the near best tank in the game .

e by without buying them.

rwise the direct exchange in outland is your only bet.
you will yield 32,000-38,000 skin stones as it's up to chance.
x a skin you purchase.
tly feat with Emeralds, if you're just starting out, you can level from 1-31 using only a few thousands Emerald
vity points which will make you a star among your friends.

on events but this will level up your star ranks for your titans which is crucial for any competitive team and th

omping through campaign mode, finding new equipment and leveling up all the while?
more than 2-7 times per day.

n the tower, purchasing the last o+4 item for each hero (17,400 emeralds each), etc.
tifacts as the RNG is not good.
a few thousands Emeralds.

y competitive team and those advancing quickly in the dungeons.

Strengths: Aurora has very good amount of health for a frontline tank and too

Weaknesses: Aurora lacks any real mitigation in her defenses which are lowe

Times to use Aurora: She is ideally an offensive tank who can help you dish o
Also if you are trying to kill an enemy Ishmael and star

Times to avoid using Aurora: Anytime you are looking for a decidedly defensi

Interesting Note: Play around with team compositions, some heroes could giv
Giving Aurora healers or Nebula will give her more firepower (since her shield
Since Aurora's magic attack is so low already, having Nebula buff her for great
rontline tank and tools to deal with Physical as well as Magical attackers. Her ideal op

nses which are lower than all DPS (Damage Per Second, aka damage dealing) characte

can help you dish out some serious pain when coming up against some mage compo
my Ishmael and starve his vampirism or dodge those being healed by Dorian's ultima

a decidedly defensive fight and need to provide maximum protection to your 2nd po

ome heroes could give you very interesting effects.

wer (since her shield is based on her health, she's required to lose a certain amount b
ula buff her for greater than 5x her base value could yield interesting and potentially d
ckers. Her ideal opponents would be anybody who relies on landing hits for survival

e dealing) characters, so while she can avoid an amount of damage at times if she do

some mage compositions who like to fire off damage indiscriminately especially towa
by Dorian's ultimate skill.

tion to your 2nd position hero who may be your only damage dealer, or a crucial part

a certain amount before attacking, this will ensure she gets to use it more often).
ng and potentially devastating results.
ding hits for survival (such as Ishmael for vampirism) or Mages (those who primarily d

ge at times if she doesn't have a way to recover her health she can go down fairly qui

ately especially towards the front line. Orion, Helios, Lars, Krista, Celeste, Peppy are a

aler, or a crucial part of your team makeup.

e it more often).
ose who primarily do magic damage such as Celeste, Krista, Lars, Orion, Helios, etc).

n go down fairly quickly... or not, it's somewhat random.

Celeste, Peppy are a few examples.

Orion, Helios, etc).
Strengths: Rufus has extremely high health nearly tied with Ziri making him o

Weaknesses: Rufus lacks any real mitigation in his defenses which are lower t

Times to use Rufus: He is ideally going to be utilized vs mage heavy teams inc

Times to avoid using Rufus: Anytime you are in a damage race with your opp

Interesting Note: Characters with low attack stats but high move ratios pair p
Utilizing Rufus as an off tank (second to the main tank like Luther) or providin
th Ziri making him one of the best damage soaks especially early on. He is unkillable

es which are lower than all DPS (Damage Per Second, aka damage dealing) characters

age heavy teams inclusive of, but not limited to Orion, Helios, Lars, Krista, Celeste, Pe

race with your opponent to kill their tank first. You don't want to be using a physical

h move ratios pair particularly well with Nebula. Nebula can buff over 109,000 magic
e Luther) or providing him with an off tank who gives him additional protection such a
n. He is unkillable by magical or pure damage and must be defeated with a physical a

ealing) characters, so while he can live seemingly forever vs a squad of mages, near a

Krista, Celeste, Peppy seeing as he will virtually be unable to be killed and his health i

e using a physical hitter to try and chop through 20,000+ armor while your Rufus is to

ver 109,000 magic attack so if put into the equation for his passive heal at 500% x 109
protection such as Astaroth absorbing a large % of physical damage done to Rufus m
ed with a physical attack making him near mandatory vs mage centric teams.

uad of mages, near any character with an agility main stat will rip through Rufus given

lled and his health is high enough he can usually buy you enough time to get what yo

while your Rufus is toting less than 6,000 armor. Even with additional health, Rufus w

e heal at 500% x 109,000 you can see where the benefit would be.
age done to Rufus making him a force to be reckoned with.
ntric teams.

through Rufus given a dedicated amount of time attacking him.

time to get what you need to, done.

onal health, Rufus will be brought to his knees rather quickly.

Strengths: Jhu being a "strength" based hero innately has a lot of health so h

Weaknesses: If Jhu is unable to land kills he becomes a very lackluster damag

Jhu, while having the potential to do a lot of damage, is only a

Times to use Jhu: For lack of a better term Jhu is always looking to bend you o
Once his third skill activates he will only attack the back-m

Times to avoid using Jhu: Anytime you are facing a very high armor tank and
If he is your only damage source but they have a lot of pet

Interesting Note: Jhu pairs exceptionally well with Nebula since his base dam
Pairing Jhu also with heroes like Jorgen who may shield him to boost his energ
If you've ever encountered "God Mode" Jhu, then you know the potential he
Stat bonuses in this game stack, so if he uses his ultimate a
s a lot of health so he isn't going to be OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) by anybody. When

ery lackluster damage source. Having high armor tanks (Cleaver, Galahad, Luther, Ast
of damage, is only a single target damage dealer, the more targets that appear on the

ooking to bend you over and take you from behind. So if you see they have very wea
ly attack the back-most hero even if they benefit from Astaroth's resurrection skill (u

igh armor tank and your goal is to get to your opponents 2nd position hero ASAP, or i
hey have a lot of pets or clones.

a since his base damage is so low and he gets most of his leverage from his ultimate's
m to boost his energy gain and Thea who when you're low in health boost the rate at
ow the potential he has. He enters this state from landing a kill, popping his ultimate
e uses his ultimate a second time while the duration of the other is still active he gain
anybody. When Jhu enters his rage mode he can be one of the most fearsome heroe

ahad, Luther, Astaroth) and backline with high health (Martha, Dorian, Lian who char
hat appear on the battlefield the harder a time Jhu has keeping up, especially if he's th

ey have very weak or low-health heroes in the backline (Orion, Lars, etc) Jhu should b
urrection skill (unlike Jorgen's Leper which curses the target so when they die they ge

on hero ASAP, or if you see they have a very high health rear line as well because you

om his ultimate's attack speed boost and 3rd skill (which the damage boost can also b
boost the rate at which you use skills by 50% (meaning he will use his 3rd skill to snip
ping his ultimate which increases his attack speed, and then he pops his third skill cle
still active he gains double the attack speed bonus and crit effect from the artifact we
most fearsome heroes on the battlefield and will get a massive boost to his stats.

orian, Lian who charms him, Helios etc) becomes cumbersome for Jhu to get through
p, especially if he's the only damage dealer. (Astrid & Lucas and Elmir create addition

rs, etc) Jhu should be the first chosen for your lineup.
hen they die they get cleansed), since Jhu's skill buff's himself he still targets the back

as well because you want to ensure you trigger his ultimate skill by landing a kill on th

age boost can also be impacted by Nebula)

e his 3rd skill to snipe the backline more often and gain additional damage boosts) so
ops his third skill cleaning up your usually weakened backline getting more kills which
from the artifact weapon. The more kills he gets the more damage he will do. You ha
ost to his stats.

r Jhu to get through.

lmir create additional targets)

still targets the backline until the duration ends.

y landing a kill on the backline.

al damage boosts) so as you can guess this pairs well with his rage mode.
tting more kills which triggers his ultimate again.
ge he will do. You have to stop the bleeding and have a strong backline to prevent th
e mode.

ckline to prevent this.

Strengths: Ishmael is the quintessential front line bruiser for Hero Wars. He i

Weaknesses: Ishmael lacks the ability to pierce some of the newer high armo

Times to use Ishmael: If you see the opponents have a low armored tank, suc

Times to avoid using Ishmael: When the main offense of the opponents team

Interesting Note: Early game he's one the easiest to access with the most app
It can be very easy to become dependent on Ishmael from early on and dump
So while he's not useless at the end game META, I recommend focusing more
for Hero Wars. He is the only hero who is specifically dedicated to only attacking the

he newer high armored tanks introduced to the META, in some situations finds himse

w armored tank, such as (Ziri, Rufus, Aurora) or if you're planning a physical hitting th

the opponents teams are mages such as Orion, Krista, and Lars, or support heroes su

ss with the most apparent usefulness to the newer player and often finds himself to b
m early on and dumping all of your resources into him because he makes the most ob
mend focusing more on teams with synergy and just adding him for a spot to fill.
o only attacking the frontline and does not let up from the time the battle begins. He

tuations finds himself over extended and relying solely on his vampirism to keep him

a physical hitting themed team because Ishmael's ultimate can offer critical hit to tho

r support heroes such as Helios with a high armored tank or formidable defense you'

en finds himself to be the backbone of most teams. If you're going to be raising him
makes the most obvious difference, but end game he lacks the ability to simply bulld
or a spot to fill.
he battle begins. He has vampirism and dodge for longevity as well as high critical hi

mpirism to keep him going.

ffer critical hit to those who lack it such as Elmir and Keira while they offer him armo

midable defense you're unlikely to push through before he gets gunned down.

ng to be raising him I can't stress this enough… ARMOR PENETRATION should be you
bility to simply bulldoze teams.
ell as high critical hit, armor penetration, damage, and attack speed buffs.

they offer him armor penetration and more attack.

nned down.

TION should be your priority from all sources Glyphs, Artifacts, Items, etc.
ed buffs.

ems, etc.
Strengths: Cleaver is the only tank who is guaranteed to disrupt your oppone

Weaknesses: Until recently Cleaver's main weakness was that he lacked armo

Times to use Cleaver: In all honesty, in the current META as long as you have

Times to avoid using Cleaver: When the use of his hook will cause problems f

Interesting Note: Cleaver is the only hero you get at the Absolute Star rank an
disrupt your opponents positioning so depending on the rest of your team it can mak

that he lacked armor compared to most of the tanks, however he doesn't have any e

as long as you have his armor built up, there's very few reasons you shouldn't be usin

will cause problems for you more than them (i.e. Pulling Dorian granting their frontline

Absolute Star rank and he has the highest base power of any hero in the game. If it w
our team it can make your opponent second guess before attacking you. He has a un

e doesn't have any exploitable weakness now other than his hook can sometimes hav

ou shouldn't be using Cleaver. At least in your Grand Arena team if you use Astaroth

anting their frontline Vampirism), if you need Astaroth's ressurection ability.

in the game. If it weren't for Astaroth's amazing support kit, Cleaver would be the u
ng you. He has a unique pairing combo with Peppy and also Cornelius / Jorgen.

k can sometimes have unwanted affects like hooking a Dorian to the frontline and hea

if you use Astaroth for your main.

tion ability.

aver would be the undisputed best tank in the current META, so he comes in at #2 cu
elius / Jorgen.

he frontline and healing their main more than if you had left him in the back.

he comes in at #2 currently.
in the back.