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a Yanmar type 4BY150Z 4 The Powerful Gem Configuration Inline, 4-streke eye, water cooled diese! engine Maximum output at crankshaft * 110 kW (150mhp) / 4000 rpm. = Continuous rating output at crankshaft 85 kW (114 mhp) / 3600 rem Displacement 4.995 L (122 cu in) Sa a Bore x stroke 84 mm x 90 mm (8.81 in x3.54 int Cylinders 4, Common Rail with vertical injectors Combustion system Direct injection Aspiration Weastegated, turbocharged with intercooler Starting system Electric startng 12-2 kN Alternator: 12-1508 Cooling system Fresh water cooling with heat exchanger, and sea water cooled charge ait cooler Lubrication system Totally enclosed, forced lubricating system with pump. Can Bus Device net according to NMIEA 2000 pretocol Direction of rotation (crankshaft) Counter clockwise viewed from stern Dry weight without gear 250 kg (651 bs) Environmental EPA Ter 2, PCD, SAV, 850. Mees the EU comprehensive emissions reauiation 2006. Engine mounting 7 Rubber type antivbration mounting NOTE: Fuel condtion: Density a1 15°C = 0.84 g/em % 1aV = 1.3596 mép = 1.9410 HP. = Fuel temperature 40°C atthe iret of tho ua inaction ump (SO BBE) “Technical data is according to ISO 8665 / 3046 Dimensions ior desis ne awe, ase fro cur vba wwa.yanmaratne com ma Front view 769.7 ev (90.3 in) Right side view $e.7 mm (1.7m) S71 mm (146 i) peccomnlies u ( i E a Ze 8/8 a 2 Ez] z a2 266mm | 286 mm a army | Gis YANMAR marine Sx Performance Curvas (ns axing 80085) z £ 7 7 . . i my » oe i ie EE 4 | DE a] a: s ! ib g- Thos a Mode 1 = “Nercruser” Bravo Stemdrve series ao =a = eae aime Length engine ant ovar {loner ad or vagon avace muster whe Sen aja ovred ty Yanson ples i rah wth waream ticket is. 2 Aas covered yg! Musing sosemb} must bo att whi Bm 5. Aes coord bye arco lta must Dt own 82m Taom ane oto 18 Instrument Panels CContal nes A® Optional LCD panel display: + engine information - maintenance inforration - diagnosis messages Accessories Standard Package ‘Bet of flexible mounts ‘Alternator 12 V - 180 A single pole (24V is not avalable) ‘Engine top and belt cover “Power steering pump Optional "High riser mixing elbow + Exhaust side dipstick ECU boat mount kit * Glow plug controller and related parts www.yanmarmarine.com ‘CAN Bu oysiom ise nah Sree end BraveX. Contac yourlotal spp for vate conigrn (CAN Bus imertane Engine room [Exhaust mixing albow (L-type) + Single side meunt control head (throtle position sensor included) * GAN tachometer with dighal display + Dual top mount Telefax control head (thretle position sensor included) * Teleflex CAN single and double top mount control heacs: + Teleflex igterface module for analogue sensors (engine oll pressure, fuel tank level, etc) Various gauges tent nding. Ya Mati eres he gta nroeice apttonswinout pr nest YANMAR marine