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The Doctor!

50 Years of the Doctor; consider this my celebration!

50 years...it may seem like a lot, but for a Time Lord, it's all relative.

So join me and together, let's go and explore that fascination we all have

Time Travel!

– Anthony Black
“There’s no point in being grown up
if you can’t act a little childish
- The Doctor

“Have you ever done something really silly...then regretted it? I have!
Quite a few times in fact, it's times like these I wish I could travel back in
time and stop myself from being so daft. Time travel fascinates me; which
is why I have built a micro time machine! I know...you look dubious, but
I'll show you if you don't believe me...you can even try it out!”

The performer takes out a battered old TV remote control with tape
around it and places it on the table.

“Now...I know what you are thinking! That's not a time machine...and
you're right of course, I'm saving up to build a TARDIS, so for now I use
this. It's a micro time machine...still not convinced? Let me show you how
it works...”

The performer then brings out a pack of playing cards, before allowing
the spectator to choose one and sign the face.

“As long as the batteries are okay, this should work!”

The performer then places the signed card into the middle of the deck
before placing the cards on the table. He then hands over the remote.

“Now, lets see...here you go...just be very careful with it, as it's a bit
unstable and sometimes strange things happen...but I'm sure you'll be
fine...I think...right...so your card is roughly about halfway down...point
the time machine at the pack of cards...that's it...steady...now very
carefully I want you to hit the rewind button...”

Nothing happens.

“Well, if this has worked...hopefully you will have just re-winded time by a
few seconds...to when we started...turn over the top card for me...”

She does and gasps as her signed card has now jumped up to the top of
the deck!
“It worked! See! I told you I wasn't mad! Lets try it again!”

The performer then picks up the pack and gives it a shuffle, loosing the
signed card inside the deck.

“Okay...get ready...aim...fire! Turn it over, let's see...”

The top card is turned over, it's the wrong card. It hasn't worked...

“That's odd...very odd...it worked the first time! I told you it was
unstable...maybe the batteries need changing...can you peel the tape off
for me please and I'll change them.

The performer then puts the cards away, before taking a battery out of
his pocket and placing it on the table. Then asks the spectator to take
the back of...and inside...is a folded up card!

“What! How's THAT happened!”

He takes it off the spectator and tips out the card into his hand, then
hands it to her, whilst he places the remote back in his pocket.
The card is unfolded by the spectator and it's her signed card!

“I told you it was unstable...I warned you didn't I...I think we should leave
it alone until I can get it fixed. Who knows what might happen...”

This is just a traditional ambitious card routine; but a bit more interesting
than just having it jump back to the top!

There is also lots of room to add some comedy!

The set-up is this:

The TV remote control has a folded up card in the battery compartment,

which is glued in place and never moves. It's just the back showing.
Then the plastic back is put on top; with a piece of tape over that.
Then you are good to go!

I'm not going to explain the ambitious card, double lifts etc. I'm sure if you
are reading this you are way ahead of me...
I will add a couple of links at the end if you need to brush up.

So when the spectator is removing the tape from the back, you just do a
mercury fold as you take the deck back, keeping it hidden in your hand.
Then as you pretend to tip the card out which is glued in, just bring your
hand concealing her card up at the same time, as if you are dropping the
card into your hand. (Think shuttle pass)
You then hand her the card as you pop the remote away in your pocket,
leaving you clean.

You can buy old TV remotes off eBay for £5-10, the older the better as
they are larger and have bigger battery compartments for the folded card.

Other Thoughts

Like the idea, but don't want to carry around another prop?

Take a few of your business cards, on the back draw: Play, Fast Forward,
Rewind buttons.
Do the routine as above, but when it doesn't work the second time, ask
her to check the batteries (have some fun) whilst she is misdirected,
mercury fold her signed card and take the remote off her.
Slide the folded card behind it, give it a shake, and produce the signed
card that way instead.

Then draw a mute button on the card as an afterthought, hand it to

her/him and say...

“I bet you can think of a few people you would like to use THAT button




“The universe is big. It’s vast and
complicated and ridiculous. And
sometimes, very rarely, impossible
things just happen and we call them
— The Doctor

The performer places a coin on the table; it's visibly warped and bent.

“A single moment in time can change our lives forever, a word here, a
gesture there...there are moments throughout our lives where our fate
and future can change with just the smallest of actions, it's often called
the butterfly effect. For me, I remember one such moment in my life
where I things could have gone very different for me...it was about three
years ago when it happened. I had just had a big row with my partner and
had stormed out of the house in a bad mood, without even saying
goodbye, I ended up in a bar down the road. I had a few drinks, maybe a
few to many...then I decided to go home. I couldn't drive so I decided to
walk back as it was a nice evening and my house was not too far from the
On the way home I spotted something near the by the side of the road,
shining in the dark, it was just a quick glimpse really.
Anyway, I made my way closer to it I stepped in the road and went to
bend down and pick it up...just as I did...I heard someone behind me call
out my name. So I stopped and walked back a bit onto the path, trying to
see who it was in the dark...the next thing I know a car comes speeding
past me with its lights off...it must have been going over a 100mph at
least! It scared the life out of me I can tell you that much! I had been
seconds away from death; I'm sure of it. My heart was thumping in my
chest, as fast as that car. I looked around me looking for whoever had
called out my name...there was nobody there...I was alone. After a minute
or two I calmed down enough to head home, but not before picking up
what I saw...it was this coin...”

The performer picks up the bent coin and holds it up to the light; looking
at it. He then places it into the spectators hand before gently closing her
fingers around it.

“As soon as I got home, I woke up my partner. I apologized for storming

off like that, I told her I loved her. That night I asked her to marry me, she
said yes. I couldn't believe how close I had come to death, I didn't want to
waste another moment. I told her what had happened to me, she was
upset too. I told her about the voice I heard...she asked me who it
sounded like...and for the first time I realized...it sounded like me...like I
was calling out...it was a very strange night...I gave her the coin and told
her to hold onto it until I could get her an engagement ring...after a while
we both fell asleep in each others arms...she was still holding on to the
When the morning came I felt like a new man; I wasn't sure at first
whether I dreamed the whole thing...but no, there she was...fast asleep
her fist curled up with the coin still inside it.
I gently woke her up and as I did so, her hand opened and the coin fell to
the floor. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing...”

The performer gently prises open the spectators fingers; there resting in
her open palm, lied the coin...completely straight.

“I was as shocked as you are now, I just couldn't believe my own eyes. I'm
not sure why I was saved that night, or by who, but I do believe that there
are forces at work we can't see. I want you to keep that coin as a gift,
maybe it will bring you luck like it did me. If you find yourself at a
crossroads, unsure of which direction to take, flip that coin. Before it
lands...you will know what decision is right for you...whilst it's spinning in
the air...you will be hoping for either heads or tales, you will be wishing
for one more strongly above the other. Listen to your heart; I did and I
think it saved me that night.”

A simple coin switch, for an unbent coin.

The smallest things can make the biggest difference...

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just
make it a good one, eh?”
— The Doctor

The performer takes out a small leather wallet, removes a photograph

and places it on the table.

“This is a photograph of a dog named K9, he once belonged to a

Magician. The Magician would use him in his act; he called him 'K9 The
Psychic Dog'.
His master taught him lot's of amazing tricks; he could find cards, he could
jump through flaming hoops of fire and some even say he could predict
the future.
Although this may sound odd to you, dogs have been used since ancient
Greece to predict the future, mostly earthquakes.
In 1975 in the Chinese city of Haicheng, the government were alarmed by
the anxious and strange behaviour of dogs throughout the city, so much
so that they ordered the evacuation of over 90,000 residents. It's a good
job they did; a few hours later an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude hit the city
destroying 90% of it's buildings.
Some say they have a sixth sense...a supernatural ability to be able to see
through space and time into the future.”

The performer takes the photograph and places it back into the wallet
before removing a pack of cards and asking the spectator to select one.

“Now, K9 passed away many years ago, but if there was anything
supernatural about his abilities...maybe he can still help...”

The Magician places the selected card back into the pack, then puts it on
the table.

“Whoa...did you feel that...did you feel the ground shake? Look at the

Slowly...the cards start to move...and cut themselves to one card...

“Was that an earthquake? I felt strange...all light headed...”

The performer asks what card was chosen, sure enough, that's the card
the deck has cut to.

“Well...maybe K9 helped after all, lets thank him!”

The performer removes the photograph once more and looks shocked!
K9 has vanished from the photograph!

“I guess K9 felt the earthquake too...he's gone! Next time you see a dog
acting a little strange...just remember...they may be able to see
something, or even sense something which you can't perceive.”

Again, very simple, allowing you to have some fun!

It's a Haunted deck and a Z-Fold wallet to switch the photos.

The photos can be found below, just print them out and away you go.

You could of course make the story a little darker if you are so inclined; a
vicious master...with K9 leading him to his death...in an earthquake before
escaping himself...Murder Dog!


There is plenty of scope here to add your own little twists and plot points
if you so wish to.

Further Reading

“If it’s time to go, remember what
you’re leaving. Remember the best.
My friends have always been the best
of me.”
– The Doctor

Well fellow Time Lords, it's time for me to leave you.

I hope you have enjoyed our time together; enjoy playing with these

Time Travel awaits...

See you next time,

– Anthony Black, November 2013, Albion.


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