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Republic of the Philippines

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Directions: Read the statement carefully and choose the correct answer that corresponds to the question. Write the
answer in a space provided before the number.

___1. It is used to describe the fusion of West African with black American. What African music style is this referring to?
A. Afrobeat b. Juju c. Jive d. Kwasa-Kwasa.
___2. How is traditional music of Africa being described?
A. Described as a fusion of all western music influences which all their techniques, instruments and genre or style are all
came from European continent.
B. Described as functional in nature which is used in ceremonial rites also viewed as social in nature and traditional
societies view their music as entertainment
C. Described as pure and unique music develop by African people only and did not integrate any influences from different
countries or nation.
D. A and b are both correct.
___3. This is popular music style from Nigeria that relies on the traditional Yoruba rhythms, where the instruments are
more Western in origin. Identify what style or genre of African music is this referring to?
A. Juju b. jit c. Apala d. Jive
___4. The following are Latin American Music influenced by African Music, EXCEPT:
A. Reggae b. Samba c. Salsa d. Marabi
___5. Which of the following instruments belong to the classification of idiophones?
A. Atingting kon b. talking drum c.lute d. Zithe
___6. The statement which says: “ African music is a collective result of the cultural and musical diversity of the more than
50 ethnic divisions of the continent” is _______.
A. True b. false
___7. Why is it necessary to discuss and understand the Afro-Latin music?
A. It guides us to excellently perform the music and play the musical instruments of Africa.
B. It brings us to a better understanding the life, culture and identity of Afro-Latin people through appreciating the
uniqueness of their music.
C. By understanding and appreciating Afro-Latin music this will make us realize that our music is not as beautiful as
D. We need to discuss and understand the Afro Latin music because it is our responsibility as students.
___8. What do you call this Latin American Music influenced by African Music which is a Cuban, Puerto Rican and
Colombian dance music. It comprises various musical genre including son montuno, guaracha, chachacha, mambo and
A. Samba b. Soca c. Zouk d. Salsa.
___9. The following are the vocal forms of African music, EXCEPT:
A. Soul b. Call and response c.Maracatu d. Marabi
___10. The notes create an expressive and soulful sound, where the feeling that are evoked are normally associated
with misfortune, lost love frustration or loneliness. What do you call this vocal form of African music?
A. Soul b. blues c. call and response d. Spiritual
___11. Among the classification of traditional African musical instruments which of them uses human body to be the
musical instruments?
A. Aerophones b. idiophones c. membranophones d.chordophones
___12. what type of vocal form of African music that has a method of succession of two distinct musical phrases usually
rendered by different musicians, where the second phrase acts as a direct commentary on answer to the first.?
A. Spiritual b. blues c. soul d. call and response
___13. Give the classification of the following musical instruments: musical bow, lute, kora, zither, zeze.
A. Aerophines b. chordophones c. membranphones d. lamelaphones
___14. Discuss how African musical instruments are sourced from the environment.
A. Many of the musical instruments from Africa are made from metals, tin cans and bottles.
B. Most instruments of Africa are made from natural elements like wood, metal, animal skin and horns and some
improvised tin cans and bottles.
C. Many of the African musical instruments are basically made from recycled waste materials such as roofing metal and
empty oil drums.
D. Both A and B are correct.
___15. This is basically computer-generated and/or manipulated. To what is this referring to?
A. Computer arts b. technology based art c. Digital arts d. camera arts
___16. Explain why mobile phone art is a technology-based art form.
A. Because it is made of modern technology approaches where everyone can access and modify through editing different
kinds of artworks of others.
B. Mobile phone art is technology-based art form because it allows everyone to generate original works of art in nay
purposes. These could be photographs and videos that you can manipulate with effects both visual and sound and music.
C. Mobile phone art is technology-based art form because the medium itself which is mobile is a product of technology
where it is crafted to help the artist make their artworks be done fast.
D. A and B are both correct
.___17. With the advent of technology, what do you think will happen to every on if technology-based art will continue to
A. There will be possibilities that all artist will depend their capabilities on the existence of excellent technology
innovations such as laptops, android phones rather than using their hands to create a masterpiece.
B. If technology will continue to produce mobile phones laptops and other gadgets there will be possibility that no one will
no longer use paints, paint brush and other art materials.
C. As the technology continues to develop and incorporate the artistic capabilities of the large-scale computers, it is now
a big possible to anyone to be a digital artist.
D. If technology continues to evolve its capacities on the digital arts it will make a huge impact to those artist who are
strong supporters of the traditional arts.
___18. Which of the following application that run on today’s android devices that defined as a fast and fun way to share
images, snap a photo, choose available filters and share via Facebook, Twitter and more.
A. Youtube b. snapchat c. Instagram d. Photo Booth
___19. Which of the following statements best explains why many professional photographers remain loyal to the
traditional or non-digital camera?
A. Because the traditional camera captures the real image of a subject unlike digital camera the image that it captures are
B. Because traditional camera is affordable while digital camera is too expensive.
C. They believe that film photography has an authenticity and genuineness to its images that is lost in the artificial and
automatic manipulations of digital photography.
D. They believe that traditional camera is time consuming work due to its complexities while digital cameras are easy to
___20.Prince thought of taking pictures of farmer folks while they are harvesting the rice grains. What variety of shots
does Prince want to take?
A. Pose shot b. medium-distance shots c. candid shots d. close-up shots.
___21. Anarita uses a point and shoot camera, which allows her to focus tightly on the details of her subject. What variety
of shots is she taking?
A. Pose shots b. medium-distance shots c. candid shots d. close-up shots
___22. Rully aspires to be a game creator ,however, he does not have formal training so he decided to take time on
watching videos regarding on how to create games on youtube and other downloadable programs, and eventually pushed
him to create his own electronic games. What conclusion can we take from the situation of Rully as an aspiring game
A. To become a game creator is not an easy stuff to handle for it takes numbers of hours just to study and learn its
process and other elements of creating game.
B. Technology allows everyone to be a game creator he or she aspires by making information accessible and available
through online streaming.
C. To become a game creator requires every person to focus on watching videos such as online tutorials.
D. Technology makes the person lazy and dependent because many who aspire to be a game creator rely on watching
___23. In the advent of computer technology, explain how is Imaging videos use in Medical or scientific purposes?
A. imaging videos allow the medical practitioners to make their work fast and easy by just using videos available in
social media platforms.
B. Imaging videos can be used to create and record visual images of a patients’ internal anatomy in order to diagnose
and treat diseases and injuries.
C. Imaging videos help the doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners to develop and create videos so that
patients will easily understand their medical status.
D. Imaging videos will help the patients lessen their diseases or any injuries through watching videos that would
entertain them.
___24. Discuss the importance of technology to every person considering that we are already in fast and easy digital
A. Technology can be one effective tool for empowering a person to express his or her ideas, goals and advocacies he or
she wants to pursue.
B. Technology allows and encourages every person to be expressive and open to different people and various
experiences that he or she is capable of.
C. Technology can be the anchor of every person’s life, for it motivates her or him to express the feelings and ideas
regardless of its consequences that may occur.
D. Technology can be the dependable stuff for every person’s life.
___25. Which of the following is not a positive outcome of personal fitness?
A. Improved physical appearance c. enhanced self-esteem
B. Hypertension d. stress reduction
___26. How can one maintain an ideal body weight?
A. Follow the latest diet fads c. balance the amount of food you eat with regular physical activity
B. Believe in the power of your genes d. consult a doctor about an effective diet pill that you can take
___27. Participation in active recreation is everyone’s responsibility. Which of the following is the best reason for this?
A. To have a health lifestyle c. to have fun enjoyment and socialization
B. To maintain an ideal body weight d. keep physically fit and healthy body
___28. Your friend Richard is overweight, he wants to start her weight loss program. What strategies and advice would
you give him?
A. He should try “junior size” instead of “super size”, use smaller plates, bowls, cups, or glasses.
B. Use and apply the weight loss and slimming products promoted in televisions.
C. Incorporate easy and enjoyable exercises into the program to be motivated.
D. Both A and B
___29. Which of the following is not a health-related physical fitness test?
A. Sit and reach b. 50-meter run c. sit-up d. push up
___30. If you will be invited to talk on how to prevent diseases and live a healthy and quality life. What would be the focus
of your talk?
A. Nutrition and physical activity of the family c. environment where the family lives and family lifestyle.
B. Health background of the family d. lifestyle and behaviour of the family.
___31. Which of the following are NOT good effect of media on fitness and physical activity.
A. It allow individual to access and view modern or latest methods or strategies to be fit and physically active through
video streaming in youtube and other media platforms.
B. Media help individuals to monitor the pulse rate, heart rate and other vitals sighs through the use of latest gadgets.
C. Inspires and encourage individual to value themselves as they take care of their body through listening and watching
testimonies of a healthy lifestyle.
D. It make individual dependent on what ideas, information and even products what the consumers must obtain to make
themselves healthy without seeking other opinions and thinking of its consequences.
___32. Marcus, was an active computer game player. He gives a lot of hours by playing games, and he does not play
outside, does not join active recreational activities. As a result he become an overweight student. What conclusions can
we take out from the situation given?
A. Too much exposure to computers or any media might help you to gain weight.
B. Too much exposure to computers or any media will lead you to a bigger size of your body.
C. Too much exposure to computers will lead you to an unhealthy lifestyle where its effect will give illnesses or diseases.
D. Too much exposure to computers or any media might give you pleasures and entertainment because games has
vibrant colors.
___33. Judy Ann enjoys playing Mobile Legends whenever she has a vacant time on the other hand she also wants to
achieve a healthy life. Based from the situation given what recommendations would you give to her ?
A. Always give time for self recreation through playing enjoyable and entertaining games so that she can avoid stress.
B. Give a balance time of playing entertaining games like Mobile Legends at the same time a time for active recreational
activities such as jogging, walking and have a balance diet.
C. Think of some active recreational activities that would make her feel comfortable and relax but never lessen the time of
playing entertaining games because this is something that would make her happy.
D. Focus first on playing the game because it is enjoyable and do active recreational activities if she already feels
___34. What law is it that provides for maternal and child healthcare, family planning, and responsible parenthood?
A. R.A.10354 B. R.A 7394 C. R.A.8504 D. R.A.9165
___35. The following are the objectives of R.A. 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines, EXCEPT:
A. To protect the interest of the consumer
B. Promote his or her general welfare
C. Challenge the business system to favor consumers
D. Establish standards of conduct for business and industry
___36. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?
A. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus which can easily determine its
symptoms in its early stages.
B. Human Immunodeficiency Virus is highly infectious through unprotected sexual intercourse, breastfeeding and blood
C. A person with HIV/AIDS is treated with utmost confidentiality by medical personnel.
D. Pre- and post test counseling sessions are given to those who undergo Human Immunodeficiency Virus testing in
accredited centers.
___37. Robert and Alice are newly wedded couple. Do they need to learn about Reproductive Health and Responsible
Parenthood act?
A. Yes, so that they will be knowledgeable enough on how are they going to manage their future family.
B. No, because this will only lead them into confusion for the law has many provisions to be understood.
C. Yes, so that they will be guided in determining their ideal family size and equip themselves as parent with needed
D. No, because as couple they will eventually learn about reproductive health and responsible parenthood on their daily
___38. Upon scouting the Area, neighbor Z identifies a certain plant as a source of an addictive substance. The area is
owned by a rich businessman in the city. What is the best action would you take?
A. Talk to the rich businessman in the city as an owner so that he will know the laws that he violated.
B. Report it to the neighborhood so that they will be alarmed and eventually make actions against the hazardous area.
C. Report it the right authority near the city so that they can immediately create plan on how to implement the law against
the said plant.
D. Strongly announce the information to the neighborhood and other concern citizens for public awareness.
___39. Doctor Aubrey sternly observes services that are ethically and medically safe, legal accessible and affordable and
shall be given primacy to ensure the health of the mother and child. Identify the Pillar of Responsible Parenthood and
Reproductive Health Act does Doctor Aubrey adhere to?
A. Respect for Life b. Birth control c. Responsible Parenthood D. Informed Choice.
___40. Upon checking the products she bought from the grocery store, Alicia noticed some products that do not have
specific expiration date, and even the name of manufacturer is absent. What specific objectives of Consumer Act of the
Philippines the producer or manufacturer had violated.
I. Protect the interest of the consumer
II. Promote his/her general welfare
III. Establish standards of conduct for business and industry
A. Objectives I and III only b. objectives I, II and III c. objective II only d. objective III only
___41. It is said that gateway drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are considered as windows to unprotected sex. Do you
agree or disagree?
A. Disagree because drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco are just part of human socialization and it will help individuals
to freely express their feelings and thoughts and this is not related to unprotected sex.
B. Agree because of too much drinking of alcohol and smoking cigarettes in their leisure time or recreational time they will
be active and aggressive to do what they desire.
C. Agree because when people drink too much alcohol the central nervous system is affected, as a result he or she is
more vulnerable to do dangerous acts because of depressed decision-making skills.
D. Disagree because if alcohol and tobacco are really dangerous then why the government still allows manufacturers to
produce these kinds of products.
___42. Which of following shows violation of the R.A. 8750 or the Seat Belts Use Act?
A. Peter strictly observes himself wearing seat belt whenever he drives
B. Joshua always reminds his wife and children to wear seat belt never allows young children to sit in front seat.
C. Athena loves to see her baby to sit beside her whenever she wants to travel with the family.
D. Choice And B are both correct.
___43. The man on the internet cafe, posted a nude a picture of a lady and sent a message to the lady which request an
amount of money as a payment for him not to further spread other nude picture of a lady. What law the man violated?
A. R.A.9775 or Anti-Child pornography Act c. R.A 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act
B. R.A. 9165 or Comprehensive Dangerous Act d. R.A. 8949 or Anti-Hazing Law
___44. In relation to Child pornography, which of the following best defines the child according to the law
A. It refers to person who is young and not mature and competent enough to take care of herself or himself regardless of
his or her physical preparedness
B. It refers to a person below 18 of age or over but is unable to fully take care of himself or herself from any form of abuse
because of physical or mental condition.
C. It refers to a person below 18 of age or over but still under the supervision of his or her parents regardless of their
educational attainment.
D. It refers to the person below 18 of age and unable to provide his or her basic needs.
___45.Joanna, owner of a sari-sari store just a few walks from the school, sold a pack of cigarette to a student whose age
is just 14 years of age. Is it acceptable to sold to a 14-year old student?
A. No, because she should not have sold a pack of cigarette to young student so that the student will not engage in
cigarette smoking and other negative vices..
B. No, She should not have sold the cigarette to a 14-year old student basic the Tobacco Regulation Act restricts access
to sale of tobacco products to minors and may not be sold within 100 meters of a school.
C. Yes, because as an owner of a sari-sari store she has the right and authority to choose whether or not to sell cigarette
to students, and she will stop selling only if there are complaints against her.
D. Yes, because the students have the right to choose products what they think might suffice their wants and make them
feel comfortable as they enjoy smoking cigarette.
___46. Discuss how the over population growth affects to the welfare of the environment in the country and the world as a
A. Over population affects the environment because there will be no enough space to live in and foods and other
necessity will no longer be sufficient for all citizens, as a result people will be opted to do illegal actions just to provide his
or her needs.
B. The higher or bigger population the country has, more resources are being demanded and supplied, however, the
people do not manage the resources properly. Thus, pollution arises, food, and water scarcity occurs.
C. The over population does not strongly affect to the welfare of the environment because environment has its own ability
to produce fruits, rice, and other things what the people demands.
D. The over population affects the welfare of the environment but this is just an isolated case that people should not
bother themselves on this matter because this will just pass after few years.
___47. Why is there a need for DSWD, DOST, and DENR and other educational agencies to integrate environmental
education in their curricula?
A. So that they will effectively perform their duties and responsibilities for the public is always expecting their excellent
performance in addressing different social issues.
B. So that the public will be aware what are the encompassing concepts, principles, laws, best practices and
responsibilities of humans in conservation, protection and rehabilitation of resources and development.
C. So that the public will be informed that we should conserve the daily consumption of foods, water and electricity as a
way of helping the environment preserve its resources.
D. A and B are both correct.
___48. Why people with HIV/AIDS is not allowed to donate blood, tissues or organs?
A. Because their blood, tissues or organs are already weak, thus, no longer be useful if ever donated.
B. Because their blood, tissues or organs might be harmed and be infected.
C. Because HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through blood transfusion or injection procedures.
D. Because they should be the only owner or their blood, tissues or organs not the other people.
___49. As a teenager or adolescent, there are benefits that you can get from the Responsible Parenthood and
Responsible Parenthood. Do you agree or disagree?
A. Disagree because the law itself promotes confusion to all teenagers because this will encourage them to avail
contraceptive whenever they desire sexual activity
B. Agree because through the said law many students will be aware and educate the teenagers on the effects and
consequences of having unwanted or unplanned child and responsibilities as young parents.
C. Disagree because this will create negative perception and impact to the society. Teenagers might be tempted to do
experiments, and exploration on the aspect of sexual activity.
D. Agree because this will make the teenagers ready and become strategic enough on preventing themselves from
getting pregnant.
___50. As a concerned citizens of your barangay, where the child pornography occurs, how will you help the victims to be
saved from such crime?
A. Tell the parents of such children about the condition being faced by the children and tell the operators of the laws they
B. Tell the authority and file a complaints against the syndicate group that operates the child pornography, ensure the
safety and treatment to be given by social workers.
C. Tell the neighbor to unite themselves and create plans on how to stop the operations of the child pornography.
D. Tell the other children not to go to the place where the operations of child po rnography occurs.