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Present the requirements needed in STEP 2 STEP 3

Enrollment Center.
OLD STUDENTS: Report Card (settle the Fill out the Enrollment Assessment of fees
NEW STUDENTS: PSA Birth Certificate,
Form. Ask for through enrollment-
Good Moral and Report Card assistance if needed. in-charge.

Release the textbooks to
Pay the assessed fees to librarian and purchase
Cashier. Ask for Official school uniform, patches or
Receipt. neck tie in canteen.
School Forms Requirements Persons/Offices-in-
Fee Working Days
and Certificates Needed Charge
School Form
Request from
10/Permanent Record Records-in-Charge P100.00 1 - 2 days
current school.
(Formerly Form-137)
Good Moral Guidance Counselor’s
Full Name P50.00 5 – 10 minutes
Certificate Office
Certificate of Guidance Counselor ‘s
Full Name P50.00 5 – 10 minutes
Enrollment Office
Guidance Counselor ‘s
ESC Certificate Full Name P50.00 5 – 10 minutes
Certificate of
Full Name and
Graduation (in Principal’s Office P50.00 5 – 10 minutes
Year Graduated
Replace for Diploma)
Certificate of
Employment/Service Full Name and Directress’ or Principal’s
P50.00 5 – 10 minutes
Record (For Faculty & Years in Service Office
GRADE LEVEL Number of ESC Grantees ESC Amount
Grade 7 128 P9,000.00
Grade 8 100 P9,000.00
Grade 9 92 P8,500.00
Grade 10 90 P8,500.00

Number of Qualified SHS Voucher Amount

GRADE LEVEL Voucher Recipients From Public From Private
Schools Schools
Grade 11 63 P17,500.00 P14,000.00
Grade 12 54 P17,500.00 P14,000.00