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Papandopulo Quartet consists of four Croatian saxophone players, all of them

graduates of the Music Academy in Zagreb. They continued their education at

Conservatoires in Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna as well as on the
masterclasses held by world renowned saxophone players. Quartet performs
regularly on many festivals in Croatia and abroad and has accomplished a
remarkable series of more then 200 performances from the year 2008 until now.

They cooperate regularly with Zagreb Soloists, Amstel Quartet, Mobilis Quartet,
Zagreb Quartet, Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, pianists Ivan Batoš and Linda
Mravunac-Fabijanić and also with eminent soloists like Arno Bornkamp, Jean-Denis
Michat, Jean-Yves Fourmeau, Lars Mlekusch, Bruno Phillip and others.

Quartet’s performances have been described in superlatives by the critics.

Trpimir Matasović wrote in the magazine "Zarez": "Stars of the evening were the
members of the Papandopulo Quartet, the ensemble which, with its superb
music but also extraordinary dedication, was the best thing that could happen to

Special attention has been given to a promotion of new music therefore they have
premiered more then 20 new pieces dedicated to Papandopulo Quartet, without
neglecting the classical music of the past centuries.

Members of the quartet are also engaged in pedagogical work teaching at

Music Academies in Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo and Novi Sad, music schools in
Zagreb and Jastrebarsko, working as teachers on the workshops in Croatia and
abroad. Together they founded School of Saxophone in Jaska, a highly
successful international spring masterclass for saxophone students that won
annual City of Jastrebarsko Award.

Their discography consists of 3 albums, recorded for Croatia Records:

Papandopulo (2013.), Per Quattro (2015.) and Scherzo (2017.) and their debut
album won Porin prize and it is a best selling Croatian classical album in the last
In 2019. Papandopulo Quartet won a Diploma Milka Trnina for their highly
successful project “We’ll take 2000 seconds of Your life” produced by
Showroom of Contemporary Sound Festival in Zagreb. In the same year
Quartet won 1st prize at the 3rd Berliner International Music Competition and
made it’s Berlin Philharmonie debut in October of 2019.