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20 Dave

The drum giant takes a step
out of the limelight and
shares his success story
backstage at The London
Drum Show
28 Mike Mangini

32 Nisan Stewart

06 Word
Features 14 Letters
16 Stateside
18 Recycled
28 Mike Mangini 46 Vinnie Paul 44 The Riser
86 Audioscreen
Another LDS star and record-breaking Texan metaller and Hellyeah’s pounding
drummer, Mangini breaks it down and heart, Vinnie offers some very sound
puts the record straight advice on playing for the people
90 Tuition
32 Nisan Stewart 52 Jody Linscott
Keeping the faith in every possible Some things are just meant to be.
sense, Nisan Stewart takes worship in Jody’s is a remarkable story of belief,
the church of rhythm and spreads the passion, creativity and the guiding
gospel of groove hand of fate

38 Steve Smith 58 Gigging Guide

Master drummer and educator dissects Drummer’s own Nick Carter lets us in
the Indian grooves and concepts on a few tricks of the trade in his
featured on his latest release, The Raga beginners’ guide to a successful
Bop Trio gigging career 46 Vinnie Paul

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04 DRUMMER December 2010

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Issue 86 December 2010

62 Earthworks
Who would have thought that Dave
guilty of at some time.
We also have the wonderful
Weckl was happy to be a sideman? It percussionist Jody Linscott, Steve
Our tech expert Oli Bell finds it very just goes to show what a consummate Smith guiding you through his new
difficult to part with the DK25/L drum mics professional Dave is, happy to provide Raga Bop Trio record, along with Nick
his wonderful playing to support the Carter offering wise words on finding
66 PDP music of others. Though, I am sure that and keeping gigs. Plus, there is a tuition
The new Mainstage ‘kit in a box’ promises in the future Dave will be fronting his section chock-full of inspiring beats
to have any beginner on stage in no time own band once again, giving us the and grooves. Time to hit the woodshed
pleasure that he brings as he has never my brothers and sisters.
68 Ford played it safe or ploughed familiar Until next time
Two highly impressive snare drums in troughs, instead, he comes back with a
Corian and Maple lighten the mood at this new, higher level of playing each time.
gloomy time We can all learn so much from Dave’s
attitude, not to mention his fluid and
70 Hayman seamless playing.
Retro revival: Britain’s monstrously We also sit with the amazing Mike
powerful rock kit is back where we like it - Mangini who has some forthright
in the spotlight views and like Dave Weckl, Mike
has chartered his own course to
72 Odery tremendous success.
The Fluence Jazz kit offers great-sounding, Nisan Stewart is a big, big man, but
excellent value entry-level drums and his heart and wisdom are even bigger!
hardware made by Brazil’s finest Inside, Nisan explains his approach to
playing and how the song is the most
74 Liverpool important aspect.
This same sentiment is echoed
Liverpool sticks made in Brazil? Qual?
Quality new sticks made from new wood whole-heartedly by Vinnie Paul, who
makes the apt observation that, “A
76 Yamaha lot of drummers get wrapped up
in playing drums for drummers”.
The modestly priced DTX550K features
How true that comment is and it is
Yamaha’s advanced textured cellular
something that we have all been
silicone head. Thank you

Worth a look*
85 Yamaha
Pocketrak W24 Meinl

Benny Greb Signature Sand

Hats Fuego Bongos & Spirit Congas
Issue 85 November

INTERVIEW Drumming Matte
Matt Cameron Chris


Pennie London Drum

N “It is an ongoing


- Chancler Fisenden

“Luck has a big part in

any success story”
Greb Lockett Mangini

Ndugu Chancler
Andy Fisenden
Benny Greb
Pete Lockett
Mike Mangini
Matthews Stewart

Ian Matthews
Genista Maple
Nisan Stewart
Dave Weckl
& Genista Ben Clark
Weckl Clark

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