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Ricoh Canada
ISMS Policy Manual August 2007
Revision No.: 1 Approved by: Phyllis Gallagher
Date: January 1, 2008 Title: ISMS Management

1.0 Information Security Management System Policy Statement

Ricoh sells, leases, warehouses, distributes, services, and re-manufactures multi-functional products,
photocopy equipment, facsimiles, printers and scanners, while operating in a manner that will fulfill its
responsibility as a leading corporate citizen in the communities in which it operates.
The President & CEO, the Senior Management Team and all employees are committed to an
effective Information Security Management System in accordance with its strategic business
To that end, Ricoh shall:
• Develop and implement measurable policies and processes while considering the
protection of the organization’s information assets from all threats both internal and
• Foster customer confidence by acting in accordance with security standards and check
• Continually improve the Information Security Management System through the
establishment and regular review of measurable security objectives at relevant functions
and levels of the organization;
• Commit to comply with business and legal regulatory requirements and contractual
security obligations
• Provide systems for protection against unauthorized access
• Ensure confidentiality of data
• Develop, implement, and test a Business Continuity Plan
• Create mechanisms to identify and review the risk and impact of breaches in protected
• Communicate all pertinent security policies to Customers, Employees and other interested
parties as applicable
The Management at Ricoh Canada is committed to the Information Security Management
System, and shall ensure that this policy is communicated, understood, implemented and
maintained at all levels of the organization and regularly reviewed for continual suitability.

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Glenn Laverty Phyllis Gallagher
President and Chief Executive Officer, ISMS Management Representative,
Ricoh Canada Inc. V.P. Finance & I.T. / CFO
Ricoh Canada Inc.

Haskell Bahar
ISMS Manager,
National Manager, ISO Programs
Ricoh Canada Inc.