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1. TopStar Glucose Solution .................. 4

2. Toplactine ……………...................... 5
2. TOPwater ……………….................... 6

3. ANAPAT-Formol Gel ....................... 7

4. ZERO DNA ………........................... 8
5. GERMEfree ....................................... 9
6. MYCOPLASMAfree ........................ 10
7. ETHYGEL …………......................... 11
8. CLORpur .…………......................... 12
9 TOPclean Alkaline ……..................... 13
10 TOPclean Neutral ............................... 14


Medical Industry

Special points of in-

terest of the TopStar

 Ready to use.
The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is a tool for diagnosing  Concentrations of 50,
diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes 75 and 100gr .

 Well tolerated.
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test patient.
They make up blood samples in  Pleasant aroma and
This test measures the ability of fasting and 30min, 1h, 2h and
the body has to metabolize 3h after ingestion of glucose
 Practical and inviolable
glucose and should always be solution. packaging.
performed in the presence of a
specialist. TopStar Glucose Solution  More hygienic.
It’s made in the morning after a
12h fasting (at least no more It consists of a glucose solution,  18 months validity.
than 10h and 16h). Accordingly, available in three different con-
the patient should drink a glu- centrations, 50g, 75g and 100g, TopStar 75  Practical.
cose solution of known compo- with Orange or lemon aroma
sition, over a period of time that and taste. The advantages of using this  Safe.
should not exceed 10min. Served chilled, is very well tole- product are obvious: it is ready
rated by patients with substan- to use and eliminates the use of
Glucose solutions are presented tial decrease of vomiting. a glass. Moreover, its image,
in 50g, 75g or 100g, and the It presents a practical PET pac- color and appealing flavor, like
concentration to drink is pre- kaging - like glass, 200ml capa- a soda, make it easier to take,
viously defined by the physician city, with inviolable screw cap, without the connotation of a A product
or technician, taking into accompanied by an individually diagnostic solution.
account the situation of the wrapped straw.

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by:
Presentations: Composition: purified water,
glucose, acidifier, aroma, flavor
Orange: enhancer, dye. ESTERIPLAS
850.001 - 50gr/200ml I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA.
850.002 - 75gr/200ml Shake before drinking
850.003 - 100gr/200ml . Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3
Dietetic products for medical Espargo—S. M. Feira
Lemon: purposes. Portugal
850.004 - 50gr/200ml Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350
850.005 - 75gr/200ml Registered at Direcção Geral de
Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
850.006 - 100gr/200ml Saúde.
Shipping boxes with 30 bottles geral@esteriplas.mail.pt
web site:


Medical Industry

Special points of inter-

est of the lactose so-
 Ready to use.

 Concentration of The Oral Lactose Tolerance Test is a tool to diagnose

50gr/200ml .
intolerance to lactose or lactose malabsorption
 Well tolerated.
Oral Lactose Tolerance Test toplactine is excellent to admi-
 Pleasant aroma and nister the exact dosage of lacto-
Toplactine is a lactose solution, se required.
economical and ready to use.
 Practical and inviolable This solution is intended to be Advantages and benefits of
packaging. toplactine for Laboratories and
used in the lactose tolerance
test to diagnose lactose intole- Health Area Technicians
 More hygienic. rance and / or malabsorption of
lactose.  Packing ready to use: saves
 12 months validity.
time to the technician and
Each 200ml toplactine bottle can be used immediately at
 safe contains 50g of lactose, the any time.
recommended dose for adults in
the lactose tolerance test.  Standardized concentration
of lactose toplactine
toplactine is presented in a  Easy to take
plastic bottle, practical and  Nice raspberry flavor 200ml/50g lactose bottle.
light, and resembles a soda with The dose for children is 6.6 ml
 Prolonged storage at room
raspberry flavor and aroma. It is temperature. (1.0 g Lactose) or 13.3 ml (2.0 g
very easy to drink, and even Lactose) per kg of body weight.
A product more enjoyable if taken very In the lactose tolerance test, the
cold. usual dose for an adult is a

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by: Presentations: Shake before drinking.
ESTERIPLAS Raspberry Dietetic products for medical
I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA. 850.050 - 50gr/200ml bottle purposes.

Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3 Shipping boxes with 30 plastic Registered at Direcção Geral de

Espargo—S. M. Feira bottles. Saúde.
Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350 Composition:
purified water, lactose, acidi-
Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
fier, preservatives, raspberry
email: flavor, dye .
web site:


Medical Industry

Special points of inter-

est of the TOPwater
PRACTICAL, RESISTANT AND SAFE bottles for sampling

The collection, preservation and transportation of water samples  500ml or 1000ml capac-
for analysis is one of the critical points in the characterization of a
water sample.  With or without Sodium

General characterístics: te, according to the recommen-  Inviolable screw cap

Available capacity: 500 and dations of Standard Methods
1000ml; for the Examination of Water  Packed individually with
Raw material: HDPE (food gra- and Wastewater - 20th Edition: visual sterilization indica-
de); . bottles with 0.8 ml / liter of tor
Inviolable screw cap; thiosulfate solution to 10% for
label identifying the sample, highly chlorinated water;  Large size label
with large format (easier); . bottles with 0.8 ml / l of thio-
Packaging of sterilization wrap sulfate solution to 3% for water  Each batch has its own
with included sterilization indi- intended for consumption. TOPwater 500 ml sterilization certificate
cator, providing greater assu-
rance of the maintenance and The packaging of mixed sleeve
status indication of sterility; has several advantages: inexistence of open spots sus-
Can be supplied with or without . resistant storage and handling ceptible to the entry of air,
sodium thiosulfate; of bottles before use; which might affect the steriliza-
Sterilized by ethylene oxide. . the presence of sterility indi- tion of the product, complying
cator shows whether the pro- with the requirement of 3mm
Sodium thiosulfate
The bottles with sodium thiosul- duct was subjected to steriliza- minimum height of solder.
fate are wrapped in a sterlized tion; A product
mixed sleeve. . multiple welding points at the
Supplied in two different con- close of the sleeve, prevents
centrations of sodium thiosulfa- and ensures effectively the

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by:
Presentations: Sterile with Sodium Thiosulpha-
370001— 500cc I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA.
Non Sterile 370002— 1000cc
370001S— 500cc 370001M— 500cc - type M
370002S— 1000cc 370002M—1000cc - type M Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3
370001SM— 500cc –type M
370002SM— 1000cc –type M Espargo—S. M. Feira
Bottles of 500cc into shipping Portugal
Sterile boxes of 60 units.
370001E— 500cc Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350
370002E— 1000cc Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
Bottles of 1.000cc into shipping
370001EM— 500cc –type M boxes of 35 units. email:
370002EM— 1000cc - type M geral@esteriplas.mail.pt
web site:


Medical Industry

Special points of interest

of the formaldehyde gel:

 Very good fixative

 Does not produce


 Does not emanate

strong odour
Disposable container for surgical specimens
with 35% vol. of formol gel 10%
 Eliminates the extra-
version risk
In pathology laboratories, the tion keeps all the excellent
10% formaldehyde solutions are properties of formaldehyde as
 Protects and high-
lights the specimen well known. In fact, they are fixative and is a safer product.
often used as the best way to fix
 Has good refringence and preserve surgical specimens By one hand formaldehyde gel
to light or biological tissues for diagno- formulation protects properly
sis. the specimen due to its consis-
 Easy removal in case of tency;
accident Also the harmful effects caused on the other hand it reduces
by formaldehyde vapours are almost all the vapours levels
 Stable well known, causing eyes and and the strong odours, contrib-
respiratory system irritation, uting to the bio safety of the
 Does not change col- headache, nausea, drowsiness. user and the environment.
our over the time Formaldehyde vapours have ANAPAT 1.000 ml
been classified as carcinogens Formaldehyde gel is a ready to
 Ready to use. use formulation, with 10% of complete the container volume
by OMS.
formaldehyde, colourless and to the exact desired volume.
To minimize these harmful ef- with gel consistency and a
fects ,we present a new physical pH=7. It’s supplied in a wide The containers are cylindrical
A product state for formaldehyde solu- range of different size contain- with wide mouth, double clo-
tions: the formaldehyde gel. ers (35% to 40% of container sures (an inner cap and an outer
volume) and in refill bottles screw cap), in high density
This new and practical formula- with a dispenser in order to polyethylene.

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by: Presentations: carbomer.
120ml — Ø56 x 71 mm Destroy after use.
I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA. 250ml — Ø69 x 94 mm
500ml — Ø86 x 107 mm Warnings: contains formol
Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3 1.000ml — Ø111 x 128 mm gel 10% v/v
Espargo—S. M. Feira 2.000ml — Ø111 x 235 mm
Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350 1.000ml refill with pump:
Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359 75 x 75 x 250 mm
geral@esteriplas.mail.pt Composition: water, formol, pH 7
web site:


Medical Industry

PRACTICAL, FAST AND SAFE Special points of in-

terest of the ZERO
Total solution remover of DNA and RNA particles con-
 Strongly active in the
taminants of examinations, samples and tests decontamination of
ZERO DNA is a preparation used before and after PCR
analysis.  Ideal for use on a PCR
designed to be used on PCR
(Polymerase Chain Reaction)
workstations. Particularly active Decontamination of surfaces
(nonporous): Spray Zero DNA  Ready to use
against DNA contamination on
directly onto the surface and
surfaces, instruments and labo- rub with the help of a paper  Spray bottle
ratory equipment. Ready to use. towel. Then rinse with DNA free
DNA contamination is a matter water and dry with a clean pa-  Stable
of extreme importance to the per towel.
techniques of high sensitivity  Non alkaline
PCR. DNA contaminant may Decontamination of laboratory
devices and porous surfaces:
ZERO DNA 1.000 ml
cause cross-contamination be-  Non carcinogenic
tween samples, resulting in Apply ZERO DNA on a paper the zero solution of DNA for
inaccurate data and unreliable towel and rub vigorously clean one minute. Then rinse with
surfaces, appliances or equip- DNA free water, dry and assem-
ments. Rinse then with DNA- ble the pipette.
Even a single DNA molecule can free water and dry with a towel.
be detected in the amplification ZERO DNA is easy and conven-
process. Decontamination of pipettes: ient to use in a light bottle with
Using ZERO DNA, the DNA Follow the manufacturer's in- a trigger spray. A product
molecules are completely de- structions to disassemble the Non alkaline.
pipette. Immerse the stem of Non carcinogenic.
stroyed and removed from any
surface. ZERO DNA must be the pipette, without the seals, in

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by:
Presentations: This product complies with
current legislation for this type ESTERIPLAS
of product. I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA.
680003—250ml bottle with
trigger spray
Our suggestions shall not pre-
680004—500ml economic refill
vent users from checking their Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3
adequacy for the purposes they Espargo—S. M. Feira
Shipping box with 4 units.
intend. Portugal
Stable for one year. Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350
Can be stored at room tem- Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
perature. email:
web site:


Medical Industry


Special points of in-
terest of the GERM-
free disinfectant:
Wide Spectrum alcoholic disinfectant
 Broad spectrum for instruments and surfaces
 Non corrosive
The disinfection of instruments nes, Proteus mirabilis, Clostri-
 Ready to use and working surfaces, specially dium Presuntive perfringers,
in laboratories where biological presumptive Enterobacteriacae,
 Spray bottle samples are handled, is the most fungi, salmonella, among
appropriate way to avoid cross- others.
 Does not leave any contamination or even infec- GERMfree desinfects in an
traces tion. effective, quick and economic
This is achieved using appro- way any kind of suface, machi-
 Easy removal in case of priate disinfectants. nes, equipments, tables, mat-
accident tresses, etc.
GERMfree is a disinfectant
 Stable for two years based on isopropyl alcohol 70%, Benefits of GERMfree:
supplied in bottles of 750 ml Alcoholic solution, non- GERMfree 750ml e 1lt
with sprayer. corrosive and non-carcinogenic
and may be used in routine surfaces to be disinfected until
It has antimicrobial properties plans disinfection it’s completely wet.
against a broad spectrum of . Let the syrface dry.
microorganisms: E.coli, Coli- Effective against a broad spec-
forms, Listeria, Staphylococcus It does not leaves any traces.
trum of microorganisms.
aureaus, Enterococcus faecalis,
A product Bacillus subtilis, Candida albi- Directions for use::
cans, MRSA, Pseudomonas aeru- Spray GERMfree directly on
ginosa, Streptococcus pyoge-

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by: Presentations: The GERMfree bottles must be
kept closed to prevent evapora-
ESTERIPLAS 680010—750ml bottle with tion (so it doesn’t change the
I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA. trigger spray concentration of disinfectant
680010-1—Economic 1.000ml solution).
Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3 refill bottle Some rubbers and glues can be
Espargo—S. M. Feira sensitive to the GERMfree.
It is stable for two years.
Can be stored at room tempe- This product complies with
Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350
rature. current legislation for this type
Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
of product.
email: Flammable: Keep away from fire
geral@esteriplas.mail.pt or other ignition source.
web site:


Medical Industry

Special points of in-

terest of the disin-
fectant MYCOPLAS-
 Active against my-
coplasma and others
Alcoholic disinfectant particularly active micro organisms
against mycoplasma  Broad spectrum

The Mycoplasma sp is a very ma, laboratories that work with  Non corrosive
common contaminant of cell cell cultures should promote a
cultures and, unlike bacteria and thorough disinfection of the  Does not leave any
fungi, given their small size, is workplace and encourage good traces
extremely difficult to detect hygiene practices.
through ordinary methods.  Safe
Mycoplasmafree is a disinfec-
Often goes unnoticed in cell tant, particularly active against  Practical
cultures resulting changes in pH mycoplasmas, but also against
of the cell, change in cell mor- bacteria, virus and fungus.  Easy removal in case of
phology and subsequent cell It is a preparation in a spray accident
death. form for use on all surfaces of MYCOPLASMAfree
Although not as obvious, low the laboratories and equip-  Stable
levels of mycoplasma contami- ment, including benches, incu- Effective against a broad spec-
nation will lead to inaccurate bators, storage boxes of cells, trum of microorganisms: Myco-  Ready to use
results in the cell tissues as cell containers of liquid nitrogen. plasma, Staphylococcus
growth, metabolism and protein aureaus, Streptococcus faecalis,
synthesis were affected. Benefits Mycoplasmafree Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabi-
One of the sources of mycoplas- Alcoholic non-corrosive and lis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,
ma contamination is the forma- non-carcinogenic solutions with Candida albicans, HBV / HIV,
tion of aerosols that can occur an agent capable of eliminating papovavirus, Adenovirus, ... A product
during handling of infected cells. mycoplasma.
To tackle the high level of conta- Can be used in disinfection
mination of cells with mycoplas- routine plans.

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by:
Non corrosive. Non carcinoge- ESTERIPLAS
680005—Bottle 250ml with nic. I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA.
trigger spray This product complies with
680006—Economic 500ml refill current legislation for this type
bottle of product. Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3
Espargo—S. M. Feira
Shipping box with 4 unitss. Our suggestions shall not pre- Portugal
vent users from checking their Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350
adequacy for the purposes they Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
It is stable for one year. intend.
Can be stored at room tempe- email:
rature. geral@esteriplas.mail.pt
web site:


Medical Industry


terest of the alcohol

 Hand disinfectant Disinfectant gel:

 Without rinsing bactericidal, fungicidal e virucidal
 Fast
Gesture of hygiene and disin- ETHYGEL is a hydroalcoholic
 Without fragrance fection without water and rin- non greasy gel, without parfum
sing, fast and practical in all which disinfects hands without
 Non oily circumstances, at home, at irritating them.
work, traveling, outdoors, in
 Frequent use public places and transports. Has a anti-dryness complex that
protects hands and prevents
 Anti-Dryness complex Alcohol 70% gel has antimicro- dryness, allowing frequent use.
bial properties against a broad
 A presentation for spectrum of microorganisms: Pale blue color.
every situation E.coli, coliforms, Listeria,
Staphylococcus aureaus, Candi- Directions for use: Apply a small
da albicans, Enterococcus faeca- amount on the palm of the hand ETHYGEL 300ml
lis, Bacillus subtilis, MRSA, Pseu- and gently spread over the enti-
domonas aeruginosa, Strepto- re surface, including the spaces Do not apply on wounds or
coccus pyogenes, Proteus mira- between fingers until dry. mucous.
bilis, salmonella, fungi , Clostri- Do not ingest.
dium Presunptive perfringers, Do not rinse. Keep out of children’s reach.
A product presumptive Enterobacteriacae,
among others. Precautions for use:
External use.

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by: Presentations: purified water, acrylates, propy-
leneglycol and blue dye.
I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA.  20ml — travel
Flammable: Keep away from fire
 100ml — practical pocket
pack or other ignition source.
Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3 No smoking.
Espargo—S. M. Feira  300ml — table pack, with
Portugal dispenser
Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350  1.000ml — refill
Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359  5.000ml — economic refill
geral@esteriplas.mail.pt Composition: ethyl alcohol,
web site:


Medical Industry

Special points of in-

terest of CLORpur:


 Bactericidal action 80
to 300 times higher
water disinfectant tablets for household than liquid bleach
and industrial use  High residual power

action against a broad spectrum  Less corrosive than

CLORpur is a preparation in the liquid bleach
of microorganisms, including
form of effervescent tablets,
bacteria, viruses, fungi, myco-
developed for the disinfection bacteria and spores.  Stable for more than 3
and protection of water inten- years
ded for human onsumption. A CLORpur pill added to water
in the indicated proportions,  Accurate, pratical and
The use of inorganic chlorine eliminates in a few minutes, the easy-to-use
derivatives such as sodium and microorganisms causing these
calcium hypochlorite are very diseases and continues to pro-  Easy to store and dis-
common in this kind of applica- tect the water from later conta- tribute, without leak-
tions. mination through it’s power of age or loss
However, since the 70s, the residual disinfection.
emergence of chlorinated deri- Main advantages of chlorine CLORpur pills  Ready to use.
vatives of organic origin, such as, tablets CLORpur:
sodium dichloroisocyanurate 3. Less corrosive than liquid
(NaDDC) brought significant 1. In solution, give rise to solu- bleach;
benefits and safety to the treat- tions with pH close to 7, unlike
ment of drinking water, disinfec- hypochlorite that produces 4. Easy to store and transport
tion of utensils in industrial and alkaline solutions (pH> 9); without spillage or leakage .
residential áreas as well as disin- 2. Have better and more effec- A product
fection of floors. tive biocidal properties than
liquid bleach, especially in the
This compound has an effective presence of contaminants;

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by:
Presentations: 300 times higher than sodium
hypochlorite (bleach) and cal- ESTERIPLAS
cium, being completely harm- I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA.
370500 — Jar with 15 tablets.
less to health.
370501— Jar with 200 tablets
Stable for over 3 years. Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3
Each CLORpur tablet contains Espargo—S. M. Feira
1.7g of sodium dichloroisocya- Portugal
nurate and disinfects 500 liters Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350
of water. Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
Its bactericidal action is 80 to pH ≈ 7 geral@esteriplas.mail.pt
web site:


Medical Industry

Special points of in-

terest of the alkaline
 Biodegradable

 Phosphates free The ideal solution for manual cleaning of

 Does not leave any
equipment and surfaces

 Strong degreaser Detergent with strong  saliva,

power degreasing power .  proteins,
Cleans actively without leaving  blood,
 Excellent foam pro- any traces.
duction capacity  fats,
Universal detergent for the  wax, ...
 Can be used with hard removal of heavy and hard de-
water posits. Enhancer of the cleaning power
Excellent foam production ca- of the ultrasonic baths.
 Free of odours and pacity.
fragrances Can be used without restrictions
For the manual cleaning of: with hard water.
 Ready to use. stainless steels, surgical instru-
ments, TLC plates, glass Petri Biodegradable.
dishes, laboratory / pharmacy Phosphates free. TOPclean alkaline
glassware, Free of odours and fragrances,
instruments for the phosphate so it doesn’t hide important
odours and identifiers of the sensitive materials and equip-
analysis, enzyme test tubes / ments.
vials, distillation vessels, samples, tests and places.
Colourless. The increase of water tempera-
A product bottles and jars, milking equip- ture accelerates and enhances
ment and mil lines. Soluble in water.
Shall not be used in alkaline cleaning.
For the removal of residues of:

Presentations and characteristics

Manufactured by: Presentations: of water.
ESTERIPLAS Can be stored at room tem-
680001—5lt jerry can practical,
I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA. sturdy and stackable. perature.
Shipping box with 4 units.
Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3 Avoid sun exposure.
Espargo—S. M. Feira 680002—Bottle of 1lt practical
Portugal and sturdy.
Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350 Shipping box with 16 units.
Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
email: According to the degree of
soiling, dilute in 10, 15 or 25%
geral@esteriplas.mail.pt pH ≈ 13
web site:


Medical Industry

Special points of in-

terest of the neutral
detergent TOPclean
 pH neutral

The ideal solution for manual cleaning of  Biodegradable

floors and surfaces  Phosphates free

 Does not leave any

Use:  Good cleaning power:
cleans actively without  Strong degrease
TOPclean Neutral can be used leaving any trace of ves- power
in homes, businesses, clinics, tiges
hospitals, health centres, institu-  Biodegradable  Excellent foam pro-
tions for the elderly, for manual duction capacity
cleaning in areas as diverse as:  Phosphate free
Surfaces (tables, chairs, counter-
Can be used without  Natural aroma
tops, appliances, tiles, pottery
constraints with hard water
bathroom, walls).
 Can be used with hard
Utensils, toys, plastic items, water
How to use:
computers, ...
Floors (except wood floors). TOPclean Neutral 5 lt
TOPclean Neutral can be used  Ready to use.
with or without dilution.
 Detergent for general use For heavily soiled surfaces, ap- The use of hot water enhances
 Good foaming capacity ply directly on a damp cloth and the action of the detergent.
 Neutral pH wipe the cleaning area. TOPclean Neutral is a ready to
use solution. A product
 Natural and pleasant For all other situations: two thin
aroma caps of detergent per 10 gal-
 Blue lons of water.

Presentation and characteristics

Manufactured by:
Avoid sun exposure. ESTERIPLAS
680007—5lt jerry can, practical, I.P.E.P.A.S., LDA.
sturdy and stackable. This product complies with
Shipping box with 4 units. current legislation for this type
of product. Z. Ind. Roligo—Lote 3
680008—Bottle of 1lt, practical Espargo—S. M. Feira
and sturdy. Portugal
Shipping box with 16 units. Tel: (00 351) 256-330-350
Fax: (00 351) 256-330-359
Can be stored at room tem- email:
perature. pH ≈ 7 geral@esteriplas.mail.pt
web site:



A department of the company:

Medical Industry
Zona Industrial do Roligo, lote 3
Apartado 3000
4520-904 Santa Maria da Feira
Tel:256 330 350
Fax: 256 330 359
Email: geral@esteriplas.mail.pt
JUL 2010