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Here are thirty questions to discuss.

Always explain your answer, of course!

1. Would you be prepared to leave your country for an

excellent job?
2. In what ways will the world be different in 100 years do you
3. When was the last time you prayed to God?
4. Would you be able to kill somebody? If so, for what reason?
5. After one month you find out that you have received the
wrong child at the maternity hospital. What are you going to do?
6. You are given one day repeated. What day would you choose to relive?
7. You find out that your husband/wife has been acting in an erotic movie. How would you
8. Your mother gets really sick and can’t live alone anymore. What would you do?
9. You have to choose between saving the lives of 10,000 people in Africa, 40 people in your
company or your best friend. What would be your choice?
10. Would you be prepared to sell your left thumb for 100,000 dollars?
11. What would you do if you could change something about the way you look?
12. Have you ever wished that you were somebody else? Who?
13. Would you be able to drown a puppy, if you received a trip to the Bahamas if you did so?
14. Do you believe in guardian angels?
15. Where would you go if you could travel in time? Would you go even if you knew that you
only had 50% chance to return?
16. You get three wishes —just like in a fairy-tale. What would you wish for?
17. A man has an accident in front of you on your way home from work. What would you do?
18. You are going to an uninhabited island and you are only allowed to bring one object. What
would you bring?
19. How would you prefer to die?
20. Have you ever read other people’s letters or diaries?
21. Do you think that you could give your life for someone or something?
22. Would you manage to be left totally alone for two months? What would you do not to get
23. You are at home alone. A stranger knocks on your door and says that someone is trying to
kill him and that he needs to call the police. Would you let him in to your home?
24. To get the trip that you’ve always dreamed of, you are not allowed to sleep for a whole
week. Would you do it?
25. You find a wallet with 100 dollars in it. The owner is someone you hate. Would you keep the
26. You are offered a part in a big Hollywood production. In the movie you would have to take
your clothes off and run around in the rain like a mad person. Would you accept the part?
27. Would you take steroids to improve your results in sports?
28. If you invented a pill that would make everyone tell the truth—would you use it yourself?
29. When was the last time you lied to your husband/wife?
30. Would you be willing to donate one of your organs when you are dead? Would you accept
an organ from someone who had just passed away in order to save your own life?
30 29 28 27 26

25 24 23 22 21

20 19 18 17 16

15 14 13 12 11

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