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"Our actions speak so loud that often others cannot hear the words we say"

I want to thank you all (Brockport, Rochester, Buffalo, Geneseo, Syracuse, Albany, Manhattan, Long
Island, New York City and so many others) for the overwhelming, humbling, and heartfelt support I
have received over the past two days. Do know that your voices are being heard – by me and by
our greater communities.

The values and priorities we communicate must be actualized in the daily operational and structural
processes we implement. Diverse, equitable, and inclusive systems benefit all people - excluding
none. We must commit ourselves to continuously asking "Who is missing from the table?"

As Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) at The College at Brockport, it was my privilege to champion
collective attention to the needs and hopes of all; intentionally honoring our differences yet
celebrating our commonalities. Inclusion agendas and personnel will never be successful if it is the
responsibility of one, and not the expectation of all.

We must remain committed to challenging systems, structures, decisions and processes that
exclusively represent and benefit some, choosing to retire our silence in such matters which impact
us all. As a community, region, state, and nation, we must change - NOW!

I am grateful for the many students, faculty, and staff at The College at Brockport who recognized
the opportunity for us to become "MORE." On many occasions during my tenure, we stood united
as a community - refusing to continue the repeated mistakes of our past. We embraced the
meaning of the single word I added to the name of our Strategic Plan, Building a Better Brockport,

I am grateful for all those who have stood and continue to stand and ask for change, both in and
outside of The College. As much of this is about me, it is truly about so much more – with many
clearly recognizing that if it was "me" today, tomorrow it could be “you.” We must remember that
courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to face it head on, and push forward regardless.

I am extremely proud of the meaningful impact our work has had on the lives of so many. The work
must go on, for the true measure of a leader is the ability to inspire others to carry it forward.

I remain with you always in solidarity.

Dr. Cephas Archie

Please direct all future inquiries to my attorneys:

Andrew M. Burns and Jill K. Schultz

Burns & Schultz LLP
(585) 385-7900