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there was • stipulated


was a etipulated peace pact put be. be.. pinata.
patched. But Hut •a-nuanant
remnant retired mired dur- flu. muldbive
tweed could have easily turned wiracd oat out •a thou- thou. eormeted
oorreeted this outrageous ontrageona wrong If If it it
tween Brous Sioux end and Ojibwa.,
Ojlbwsye, and both ing Ing the der.w darkness of the eight night to their Ned
tribes sand warrior• warriors at that no*, time, hid had badhad hero beeo left leffc to them thorn love long mouth.
enough. At :
tribes must Lone have Inures.
Inoreaaed greatly In la lest
last remelting
remainiDg village village oe on U. tbe Mallee
smaller anal joined irlolerigthe-Dey
Holo-ia-ths-D»y the tbe India Indian that tbatUmeitUme It was •a milithey military neceasIty,
numbers.. In In that year8 year^a fee few Ojibwa,
Ojlbway lag lake. Den Here they made their Ibelr last reessecre BBore of miller. settlors In lo 11491662 would sod and m t» long se as that administration
-■irriors wore were killed by the 810es Sioux aid and stand, and the Oribweye, Ojibways, following beat.. i been one of the wore, worst recorded en la name
power 'ere there was no 1a. In­
A Talc of the Ofibways or Chippewa Indians—The aWoetribal
A Tale of the Ojibways or Chippewa Indians- •The tribal wr war was eonsoseneedoommenced alels which them ibeiR up, the hayon havoc among their tholr Melteranks In the annals of toe
leauuula the country.
ooontry. Tbeir Tbelr fringement
frinassent in any way on the reserve- resorva-
was kept kept op up for candy nearly one had. huadred was antInued continued during dueleg thin the wale
whole oatm course ahem
per. icos were meet
most willingly accepted,
aoeepted. lion. Bin Hiit when
wiun •a Mame change ot of adminis­
Great Battle of Kathio, Where the Sioux
Great Battle of Eathio, Where the Sioux ycari. The Rio. Sioux at the tho arameoca-
commeocf. el q attOtbor
another day! day.* and
and Canauloper
Cororoiasioner Dole thanked Ike them traria
tration took place there no was trouble
menl of the. these wars between them ibem end and "The
“The out next morning . the tho OjitisOjib- eery
very heartily for thole their smart.
support. When ai are. There Thor* wore hundreds of
Were Completely Vanquished.
Were Completely Vanquished. the Ojibwa.
Ojibways coupled oooupled en as empire of of ways:
^ays, Loaf
wishing ■ to renew
raw tbe the chief Mouesmd
the requested him to try and on se- millions
mlliions of feet of the finest Anent whilewhite pine
itself exteading
extending from the borders on oa omelet,
oonfllct, found the village etimularl evanuBt«l re awe thorn sea..annuities he bo preening
protBlaod M. trtora covering
the north to Iowa
from the tbe Ss.
Iowa on the south,
Bt. Cll.,
Crlox on the eam
Boutb, and
east a
and by the few who
to the nod during
who survived. They
the night down
They had bad he
■ould do so. Bow How he ho did it
covering thole
It will lembermen
imbermen ad
(heir reaystion
reservation and greedy
and lard-shark.
land-sharks were soon
• Loyalty of the Mille Lacs Chippewas in 1862, and
• Loyalty of the Mille Lacs ChIppewas In !Sas, and
mountains on the west; they they most
must have their
tbolr mom.,
canoM, and It it beestee
became a oastne
elver in be Mona Bhowu later. later, at
at work. For For wee was It it sot not public do- do­
Up to lo 1855
1665 the Chippewa.
Ohippowas onupted occupied main, and did not the pear, pitbHo money monay
lumbered ma. many thousands
thousands. Ithacan RodlAson siiyleg
How They Were De.spoiIed of Their
How They Were Despoiled of Their
lays there
eays there were seven thomand
ssylng that the former dwellers o of all1 the emmtry ctmntry of which they thoy ha hod alo-dls- gogo to pay foe for them these lacdth lands? Whet What
thousand at Mlllo L.
nt Mille Lads bees.,
beosroe, by nil. this th roe day.'
throe days' ne...a
possesBOdtho the Sioux •a hundred yearn years right •ight had any Valor official to bar them frt.0 from
Time Hallowed Homes. Time Hallowed Homes. It.thlo
Kathio when he hotted visited them In In 1659IfiSU, *goggle,
struggle, swept away forever from befons before, and so as the white settlers began entering entering ill it? Bo So In in Ian ISn &theism
that there net were three large settlemento
settlements of their ta verns villsge
favorite village sites. The Tbo re. re- to °rant ■owd upon their lards londs the tho govern.
govern­ Chnudler,
them east, won, west, north and south. mitts Chaudlor, who controlled controllod the tbo laud
land do-
:i8 of their earthen wigs... wigwams are rant ment made a treaty that year which Ferment,
There from were large villagesvillage. of el. them et still Manly
at 001 partment, lead
issued on
an order that
cost the tbe
ROBBJNS. OP VINELANIS, VINRl.ANO. MINN. M»NN. plainly alt. v'lilble hn In ergot
grqat numb.,•num' transferred te to the pub. pubito domain lend
nice lake, Clarilson,
Garrison, Hen Platt lake and all ail on the land ea was mina subject to easy, entry, mei. either m by
,ho olio*
spots 'bore whore them these even* events are milliouB • o!
of acre.,
acres, the Chippowee Chippowas re. re- meth,
long Rum aid and Snake ethers. rivers. .aidto ripl, pre-onsptioe
pre-emption or hounethed, Lomf'siesd, and
Bald to have °Queered. occurred, buts but are re now eviedleg Into the present rewervalloaa reservations • general rush woo
Tho Bedewed.lux.
NadouosOoux, or 8101., Sioux, na- Inquii-ed bathed the tlie use of dung them. When IL it cal The
Tho Ojibwa.
Ojibways ’ brave. braves must bare have meetly was mode.made. Mg Bui a few
was mostly covered by forme forests of rnapio maple throughout mgboui the state as they are oro who
t-lou date.
daWs beck bauk beyondbejrocd soy au; atombistorj’ eipielDed ;pialced that use the guns guue anon were to le kill coogregated
oogrogated In lu maria
swarms DJ lo dare attar attack owes. lO mderstonl
understood lend land Is., lowo ha besl went
ireqs. rho Tho Ojibwa.Ojibways assets assert, so as a 111201•11 wn (odes.
(oday. The Tlie lithe Mlllo Taos Laos only imadlelely
we have of ol It. It. ThanThese 'India.
-Indians were tbdreemnies
tbelr enemies or to kill bill game for food, the peat great SloneSionx town of Keithio, al- woof immediately to the tbe land office, ad and In In
' Katbto, ii. proof of of talradllion,
this tradition, that ...thee whenever resermd reserved the four fractional tractional topicalpntownships a Ins
Orin spokes
spokoc of of by the oily early Jesuit the Indians world
tbe adieu. wanted to experiment ex{>oriinoat on though they were armed with Minh Hint- they fow dare days every foot of tho the rmc reserva­
first they have have dug lath into these mounds, bordering the tho mouth
south 'thorns shores of blllle Mille non
Tho white men leeks locks and cast tion that
that bed bad a pier pioo tree treo on it it wenwas
fatliors In in 1540.
1640. They They are mentionedmentioned One of thole Iboir number.
numlwr. The must hare have accumulated a whICh vrhich they ..elooslly
ocoaBlooaliy do, do. they have Lace lOkCs lake. It sae w'aa several year years be­ be• either covered with scrip or pre-
then as a & tribe who °moo oamo from On. tb refused to that eboot of at an IndianIndian but when Istgo large apply supply of powder sod and load and discovered human bone. bones to in great fore they thoy really tioderetoodimdorslood the tho skeet
exact minted.
shores of the mg sea, hut whether they en aelinionme namoute (dog) en. was UM lied up killed felt sure of aucoese. They had to abundance
'f soma. impted. About No five monuiCQ olalned
olulmed the thn
.bundoooo end and lying mama suallered pro- pro­ bounderies
boundaries of their tbelr remme,reserve, not pot know- whole, prisolpally
ibo report of the gun nun make 4 a three or four days' prlnolpally the Sank Bank of Mah- Madl-
carao from the east or up the bile.
earso Missis­- fl It at 6t awe.
once. At the niamh to salsoutmely
days’mai'oh miscuously in the tbe soil, Mowing showing that tbst leg anything about ourveyore. surveyors' lines an, wig.,, mid
k Mphsippi Moorriver mina,remains a tannery. mystery. They there Ihero wee was a general maiming scampering to get re. roach Kalb Kathio from Superior and to they had not and Dean Desn Of of Minnespolle
had not boon regularly burled, burled, or or tba definitions maimed
thfldofinltione ombraeod in the do. do- The hod
then oonsi.ted lUied or seven tribe. tribes of out of too Uio math
reach of the "thunder “thunder men," men,” give five battlebaUlo e to numerous outlying but wore cut land lam Iqws are were eco so loosely ob-
cut Into
into pleem
pieces and weltered scattered seelptiono. iptions. They euppiseeel supposed they thoy hod had served
council fives, time, who from some ease oaus as the India* Indians tormod termed them, end and the aulements
letUements before reaching Mille 'od then that •a ma man had only to
)IIIIe stout,
.bout, es as Indiana atwoye always treet treat name tlioao maned srved nit nil no the lands armed around 01111e Mille lay two 'Woks
afterward emended, separated, ad and are were then thei geesguns were vfere named thuodor thunder slicks., Lam
Lacs, which would naturally give they slay in battle. sUoka cross-way and throw
Lscs lake, especially those witia within sev- sev­ ea oa •a piece of sod to math, make o a valid pm- pre­
known se Aesielbolnea and Creel
as Asslnibolnes Crees in li nehmen
Radisson in his hie rope.report mya ^ays may they warning rning to the tlu) raa main mtheromt
uottlecoent at "itt le well to dote
the eat
east and north, norlb, and hi in the wontwost •N a were ere detained
detalDod M. at Kathie
ICathlo .tell some­ Kathio.
until bola Ka
thie. Whet What opposition they and mot that some of the
is state bun
tho old men who re- F..
liuro eral
eral colleen
E. 0.
rolleu of the shore, and not until
O. Garrloon
Garrison woe was mot sent these
that) by the
until apnea,
emption, and Ifs
tlie men,
iortp enough he
if a May
bo avid
party did not havo
oould at get bleak
blank forme
hove '
DnkcjtahB, whiob dUtiDguisted those lime
whleb distleguistod time in In August
August, when •a party amber- number­ with we lathe hove no record to Mow, show, hem but late lie thin
this tradition give the ante nurao of government )rnmer.tini86ato in lea to Homo locate the dif- nanufaetiircd enufactered sod
ond All
fill them out in a
11 ring in
llring In the timber Irate
plains. The rase,
from them
Towas, Cheyennes sod
those on the the' lag
ing severs!
and wearly
several hundred started off In
westerly diiorlinndlrtw.-tion balmy taking the.
in •a probably
probably testy
them along. were killed before the lett.
many Simi.Siouxs and Ojibwa,. Ojibways Onsaumee O-maum-co to
rcacliod Mille Lacs, end
latter mead
lo the former dweller.
and they
dwelUTS of feral ferentoounly
they further assert to what little space they
eounty linos did they fled
ihey had been cog-
find out few fw nilmiteo.
niliiules. Be
cod- he had bought It
Ho had had only to lo sweor
Wienebogos all ail seem to have sprung spninB They Thoy followed a eerie. series of email lakes Kathie.
Keibio. that these people 'very hs boaght h es a» an Innocentinnocent pun pur-
Wlnnebaeos small lake. that were felony
fctaliy march.oxiormi- ▪Hnod. E. K/0. t). Garrison hi* has detailed to lo olia.or
The main obasor when he ho would be allowed alloiccd to
from the same sanio race raco as the Sioux, sod and end nd 'rivers terminably (preaumably Uic ho little liu settiernent
settlement at Kethie Kathio ens. was hued d on Ode this occosloo.
occasioD. The mom more roe mo the dlificuit difficult time he ho hodhad to explain buy tho
.Mille lowed
Irjr.ated on high -high rolling tbe land at one dollar and snd Mean-twenty-
they all.n
buHevn they were created croatad whore where etr'ng .Hng of lakes euealise running from Mille roiling grafting
grouund with intellIgat Intoliigont oelrm affirm Lb.* that they viiey ea were the u> throw Lhera eby why they meld could\not ...it Imm have all /Ivo vQ cents in an acre. There were hills,. ludiuns
thoT wore
limey were ern discovoved, In
first dincovored, in thetho ro-re­ lace
Lace to Platt Platt ;alto lake'and teed down else Platt eoramending
iommandlng patios, pualtiou to observe avy. any­ Ati.oin
Ab-oln or liakotelpt, Dakoinijs, elics who Levine having the land
;ho land surrounding surrouudln? the
tho lake. enoueli )Ough theie thei'e then
thon to hove have cleaned
aloanrd out
gion about Itathio
an Kathio or the tho thoesend
thousand river) 'Ivor) nal until they eamy uaiue to a large thing goins going on In in mar,
every direction,
dlreotloD, and their ihelr prtheIple
principle village ou on e, a penlosuls,
jitnlDsuia, Ii. Ho said there thoi-o Acrewere eight good slued sized °eery ;or.v entry.roen
entry-man in on an hour, but they
lakes. Theo
Islets. Tho Ontmaye.
Ojibways, or Chipman,. Chlppowas, stream ilream Rho (tho laselesippl),
Mississippi), +hen where the the numerous unerous old remains romalna of earth. eanh- Mene.waten,
Mln-a-wanm, were lama knowu In lu th000ihoso villages
'lilagos res.-oil scattered around on ii• ita thought
lought they avow vm-e coolyuiily eta after me tho pine,
us we knee, know them, sere were known to got oc­ water
vaior wee was so shallow they could walk wolk works and mounds mounds to in all direction.
dlrocUoDS deye days by the tbo name of Omaum.m. O-maura-eo. ahem shores aud over three thousand In- nod ad et as theythoy bed had been Mid told they had
cupy s
cup, atrip of country along the
a 'fine tho across,
icioss, (probably
(probably near Little Falls), Ma that If
Little Fella). If •a strong force Icy lay behind This. s, connected width with the fnvu hicr, .worded
afforded dictee Ians ocoupleil
oooupled them. thani. sold
)ld It u farfall- andand mean..
square thoy were wa- wlll-
shores of [eke
shore. Lake Superior as early cc as Allar
After moniescrossing ihey joumosa on in •a them, neon
they journeyed even with only bows arid and error.
arrows us by the tho early Freon, Frenub explorer.,expiorers, During Ibo tho winter of 1813 a dying.
of’!803 delega­ led ig to
lo steed
stand to their tljoir bargain.
bargain. But If If
IfiOO, but seemedseomed to to’ bebo in ontleual
continual wetter],westerly direetfon dtrcct.Ion thrash Uirougb •a ana etUed sueb as were hied i.«d lo killing buffalo,
In kminr buffalo, Itaineplo,
Hennepin, Du DuLuthLuth and Le I,.o Beetle,
Sueur, non tion of of tbooLlels
tho chiefs wee was invited to go to they tea had suspected that ihut the whites whiles In- in­
war with the Sioux Slou.x and were at at Ulna
limes timbered country for severer several days, they must have lald laid maymany no Ojlbway that the Mdehrakeetont
an Ojibwa, Mde’wakantons were former Washington by the
coiapollod to live on tho udjooont Ossify finally coming out Iva Into a country that Uml low a«r before they pony.red penotrstej thole eanb- dwellers
ttiuir eats- lers of Mille
Mlllo Lea, Lacs, Is suniceint
sufilceint to stoner
tho lodtau
Indian COMM15. coromls- tended tended to clam
cinim thole
their ma.
laads there
tiiorc would
or to make the tbe treaty promised have been a lively ibloolog thinning out of
islands. The origin of the Cappsw• Chippewa eras devoid of tree. trees as far as ^thoy they work., 'orks, and the Ojibwa,. Ojibways must hem have prove the identify Identify of the people whom than them in (o Main
obtain anouttleo.
onuuUkB. They Thoy hold those ;hc>90 oqua.es.
tribe owewas on the Atlaotici Atlantic, and they could me see batbut covered with droves of numbered umbered many many thouesedi
thousand^ to hove have tho the Ojibwa:.
Ojibways drool drove from its pees... posses- • general *anon counoil of the tribe. tribes and About this time lUne the writer wade made the his
have been nand traced from the mouth of beaten bcefes (healer. (buflalo). They were to so sumooded
ucoeodod in making ouch such •a clean olcau don. lion. they neat went laromadiustructed to make any era first aqualotanon
acquaintanca with the tho Indies.,
the St. Lawrenee.
Lawreufio. Their migratory plentiful that the Indian. Indians had uo no mamaro
jsssacro as they did of the Ihe whole -"Ojlbway
Onbway tradition further news states treaty they liked, except that under eo no oomlog
coming la in by way of Brooked& Brunswick ad and
trail can ha be 'eared
traced areurotely
accuralcty to the tmoble trouble ie In mearline
crawling through the tall tali therm
three Uwe. towns and ond adorn...
settlements. Din But few that hat the Dui... Dakotahs who bad had beau beeu eoneldoratIon■IdcralAoH were they to do any- any­ Soaks
Snake elver. river. Thay They were very Madly friendly
west, Although
although it it occupied a long Jong pet- per­ greess end nod with their boa bows and arrow. atrowa of tho Sioux apparently escaped. driven from 61111. Mille Laos made another thing that would dispossess them of to nil all the tim what
whitoa who esse come on tho tl)0 roe-
iod of time. They Thoy moin socin to hove liwvo leeptkept billies
kilting gee. great Dna,.numbers ul of them which whloh The writer',
writer’s maddenn
roBldenoo ample. oeouplos whet what villagelllogo ou oa Runt
Rum elver river and flint that they the lade
lands competelog
oumprUlng their tbelr old ervallht irvation to sae make Wakes claims and aud there
north of all the lake., lakes, keeplos
keeping in the were cut up into stripe, strips, dried ad and isB ouppoired
supposed to he be thetlie main point they thoy did not Coolly leave thl,
no', finally this region of honvia 08. Archie'Arriving st at Weshiegton
Washington they were vero .bout
about ithrty thirty who were occupylee occupying
heavily 0:abatedilmhei-ed country until uniH they smoked tod for future use. The hide. hides attacked,
iiisckcd, oomprises about toe ten acme ncies country itry till about the year 1770, atter after thed, In
mot iu the elmentionionern.
cotomlsbioner's office reed and smellimall &bend+ shaniU'S N as prewtoptom,
pre-emptors, the
roached where the tho Soo °sal canal connects wren were tanned and worked into robes. and mil Is clothed
cireiod by a long line of earth- earlii- Moletbelr great expedition or wee war peva parly to staled stated what they were wen, indents.d
luslructed to U) do largestargesi part of the tho land.
landK having been
the groat
great lakes M of Michigao,
Michigan, Huron They remained hare beie until they thoy had had works
wcirks and and. mounds.
mouads. Not knowing the tbe the head waters of the tho Allesielippl,
Mississippi, sad nd what not to do. The writer ob. ob- covered with Sloe, Bious halhlweed half-breed scrip.
nod Superior. 110,0
and Snarler. Here they remitted romalued coilwiM al all the tbe whole petty patty could algal •ranee' of the.
aigaiaunncfi’ those earthworks.
earthworks, which h moulted
rceuUod in the tho balebattle of Cron Grow tattled lined thl. this information from the tbe vol.
voi- 1I aloe
also found •a lumber furaber amp camp In in op.-
for •a gloatgroat runnymany years and spread pack, when they started back for Monty twenty yea. years ago II plowed and seemed sc,railed Wing." =Inoue
tniuous record. records on file In in Wash.
Wash- tinn. tion. Thie This woe was on notion Bcollon 1, 5, 047,
out over tiorthern
uorlhern Michigan, Mlcblgan, WI... Wiscon­ Mato, icatblo, Machiug ro'ar.hiiag tha there none some time tlcne In in may
many of them awe, down, but enough no re- Tea
Tho Chippewa nation from 1150 17.70 to lo laton
igton when be he was there •a few years by Anil Ami Cutter (Mtter of Anoka. This ITils was
sin end
und along tio the shores of Superia. Superior. Septerna.
September. Reason Radlsson now prevailed prevailed mein .In 10
io eselly
easily follow their course.
aces lea, 18M, or a period of over one hendra hundi-cd ago with the Male ahiofs trying to obtain the tbe nem
6ret husherIng
luiobcrlng dew douo on the lire t< resvr-
Tho beetfirst amanita
authentic tents account of of the mon1 the iho Ina. Indians to allow he end Oils ground meet
and Tills must hem have ...eel
nitnessei) one yines..reprired comprised the tho whole country items some ndroN redress for their damages. lie, He, Yellen,,tioc, and ise bo was pieklee piokiog over •a
present band hand of Chlimewee
Ohtppewaa on whet what Is is Chouart to depart by the tho promise of of if tho
tbe most fierce nod and brandy
bloody maw mas- north
north Mors from Taylor.
Taylors Fell. Falls In in a b line lease.)n company, with a conimilthe commitlco or of see-
sea- number imbcr of sonnet*. secUons. cLoosins choosing only
now klinnecota
Minnevotn toil soil damedates book back to reeling some thunder Woke
to •rading sticks end and pow- seams ttoroB of mirage.
eavagos thee
that are
over romping ling to Crow Wire, Wlcg, thenoe ihenco to More, dors, went to tho deportment department to end find tho be Street
finest long timber. Umber. Ue He hod bad tin sev-
1634, when Father Father DeLuth DuLutb elelened ciaimod der.handlor,.and they were wero aompanied
accompanied bank bauk took cook pieceplace on Ameriesn American soli, (ns White Earth, Rarth, on to the Roil Red Ricer River of an out the tbe statuU
statuts of those India. ludluus In in oralrai Indiana
Indians working is la his estop.
they had made an ao alliance with the th< to bo thiperlor
Buperiuc-by by •s number
uiucber of India., Indians, no doubt thou... tliousuuilB 1,11 fell before the Ute the ho North, which practically ave.d covered order ■der to ere see II if the deparkeent
deparlitieni could The administration that Utat hod bad made
Assiniboines In in •a ear war strainer,
against the thi all ill loaded with fur, aslah which was traded Sioux Bloux goye gave up thelr their dem time bellowed
hallowed all ,11 that heavily timbered limbered co untry, end
country, and allow low an apprepriation
appruprlation to reimburse relroburso Ude >la weaty
treaty a with k the Ina. di
Indians was am.
1.1. buc-
Sioux, who at
Sioux, at that time come. occupied the thi for or articles, ornureenta
ornaments and •a tow guns throe.
few gun. homo.. The battle mat must her.have estandof
e.vtended O. dead line ran in a circle embracieg embracing the 11)0 loll.*
IcdiacB for their losms loeses by the Deeded' ceedod by another with Gael Carl Saha Schurz
whole coma, country Iron from the Bt. St. Croix
Ci-olx to U —the-the letter
latter wore thrown away a. as soon from Cormorant phut point down 10 to neer near latthat area. It was wan deelhdeath for a Chip. Chip- white rbite senior*settlors minas taking their Ibolr improve- *secretary wrathy of tho Interior. interior. ter.
the wont.
wosl. Th0 Aosiutholuen occupied sew
Tho Aasiuiboiues ,s the powder as. was seed used up. No re reo-c. the distance of one and ►
he outlet, a tilmence a bolt
half pews
pwa to arose oi'OSB overovOr to this tlie south or toe for Moto.
mentH, Tho The old round rcorntl of and!. allglio eon- oon- fkitre•
Schuvz's attentionattontlou bevies having heen been called
the. Labe
the r.,ako of the tho Woods country, eounti and ord. irds Mote
show that the Indians Indians wore woro again rug, oilcs, end wee an .11
and was all day, het., bniOo, for • Sioux oux to cross to the tho earth,
north, and al- al­ venation
arsatlon .between bet.en the commissioner commlssloucr to U* tho pmullerpeculiar ciroutostavers
olroumstanccs under
the beadqoarters
headquarters of all alt the Sioux
Sioi wee vielled
dsitod by any white while man maa for twenty the bo °name
Ojibways did not yeah reach the though •a fieree fierce porpetuol
perpclual war was mud .nd the delegation
dologaiion of thief., chiefs, whoa wliou the aileb which the tho laude
lands hod had been then ceded,
coflwl, he ho
tWn at Kathio, or what .as
at Kathie, »aa Mau kn in mem, ears, •Iten
when Ifmnepin
Ifennopln seas was taken pine. prls- other ilhov side of the river until the toot next kept up between tho tribes the tbe Chipm.
Chlppe- treaty wet was mode made In 1003, woo
in 1863, was gone promptly cached canceled all ontrles entries nod and II. fil­
that Ilene time ail as At'de-Waken
M’de-Wakan (Spirit oner mor red and carried to Hanley Kathio in 1000. day. A
1680, deny- A gall
small *landisland wee was then situ- en. restate.] raaiotained their '.heir herel.fongth
hard-fought over.'. The Tlio had hoftd vat, chief, Show-bold,
fihaw-boah- Imp. ings. Tan
Tho lauds lands remained in MI. this
Water), although the olden oldest maps glee givo TheTbe SlooxSioux then must hare have been boon eery very std .led at the tbe outlet, a mem more molehill,
molohil), but lend.. lands. ,^iey They kept up their scalp kag, kuDg, was the tho spokmenno,ok
spokeamun, oo, and he condition until &ornery Secretary Teller in In
It as Lake Bend..
it As Beuda. numerous,
unerous, es as they
thoy p.ased
possessed the tho whole which was occupied by •a tow fei^ wig. wig- deems, )03, orated
erected their medicine uicdicinc lodge., lodges otstelstated they witutiol to tell
lliey wanted sell the Chic,- CblD- lea, 1682, In in an order land, issuol, aid said be he felt
Tlio fret iulelligoiit history of the country
first lotelligett imtry from the tho boundaries of 1111. llli- warns ns. The aceouot account of tho different dlfleront hunted their deer and und gathered their theli quote
quak (pine trees) but not the lad. land. II Ii cooeueloed
constrained to subeteadally subslaotially adhere adhero
osUtocco 01
0116,011Cd of M4110
Milld Loon Lacs lake demo dal nolt )is to the tho Lake of the Woods, and beetles
tho Wood.. lies ae as related by the akin.* riceat
tbo historlaoB at Kathie.
Kathio. Ulster's.,Uistoriane among amoDf was explained to helm him that tbe govern- govern­ to the denlelen decision made by Secrethry Secretary
from IOW,lOoS, when Pierre Pierre EspritKsprlV Radio-
Radi from cm the tho St. Croix to the Missouri Missouri rens >s as follows:
follows; this tribe ham havQ .1111 still emoinetion
miolletaion of anent ment Wald could nut not buy stumpage. stumpage, bet. but It Chandler, and an
it Chandler, on Ahem Aupiist 1. 1/00, lW»a, ho ho.
sou end and his brother-Maw,
brolbcr-in-iaw, Mindard Mcdard river. "Having
Having made the oustomary oustoroary prep. prop- eueserous erous bettlos
battles and fight. fights with the tho would buy lend, land, trees and und ell. all. They *Waled ■dored the remstatcmeni of the m-
tbo resastatnent en­
Cbouart, wore made prisoeere prisonc and Mamie
HcDBepio la hie
his meetivo
aliv( states
Bates .tloas, and invoked the tbo Gra Great Sioux IX natinn,
nation, and their one war other.chief, would lid at not content
oonsont to that alld and rho tho aketries cancelled by by Secretary
Secretary Schurz.
taken to Kathie,
"Moo Kathio, whIeli which was situated that 130 with others stoned started le in Spirit to their *Id, aid, IM. this large war 1,10.404011.•, '.o-ma-no, be. ban related to the strike writer treaty buelnoss banos wu• wue likely to fell fall An order was Wood issued on August 15. 15,
at the calm outlet at of thetho lobe
lake that forced formec February, 'ebruary, 1000, 1680. with goods to trade party :y whioh
which the old man mao hod had collated
oolleoted hit ommuut kocouutqflho of the battles
bottles et at the Mg Big through.
through, A thing the tbo gomrignest
govern) MIL J882, Inatrectleg
Instriietlcg the tho local alters ofilcers at
Rum river. These two nem members • lyi the Indians and to explore the loft Fat
Kei-e members Fon du Lao and followed the tho trail Eddy Biddy ou Oh ICmo
Rum river and the one neer near Olt!.ilsls were detertelcal dciermlned not to allots allow if If Taylor*
Taylors Palle Falls to rciaste roinilate said a- oa-
of a 'ergo
large partygirth sentsr^nt by the tbe Iludnon
lludsot ann.
country to the
Uio northwest,
northwcRt, but no
on their lora. .rde 111111.
Mllle Lam,
Lacs, witluh
wiiiuh was then Sunrise, silo
also of Ina
the one near Arnam
S.uako- possible,
lossibio, for if ml.
11 tills delegetion
delegation Of of In-In- isles- Title Tiiis was the Iho catering
entering wedge wedge'
Buy Fur cutepAny
company to eteabllith establish trad- trad' le y up ip the tbe Missisolppi
Mississippi they were wote ooneldered ired the stronghold of their pco—tho only lime
thuli pro—the time 0. the Chippewa.
Oblppewas digos llaus returned to Mille Mlllo Lees Lacs dissatie.
dUsatls- aleh which finally deprived dnprived the fho Mille
Mills Lore Lars
iug porta.
pcisls. They followed foliowwi hong along the taken prism., prisoners by a bend band of one enemies, and where the blood whicb which crossed -ossod the tho Misoissippl
Mississippi a ’.o ettack
attack their fed fled it It meant ...roue serious !double, trouble, and und the Indians of their lards
Uio Idlers lards,
short. Supoiior until they reached hundred and twenty Sloes
shores of SlIpOtior Sionx warrior*,
warriors, they font went to rorenge
revenge had been ail. spilt. old id enemy
cneiuy-aud —and where where he iraa was badly government 'ovornment, wee war not thistles hunting for fur more The
Till) tetwill
I'ucoi'd of our doailugs with
uur 41.1lugs
the Apostle laud., Islands, then the tho majority who seem wci-e ov on thoth
tholr way down to attack The Deka.. Dakotshs oomph:Al occupied the tho lake in in wounded.
ouDded. trouble
rouble at at that particular time. The Tba these 1CSO lean.ludlans In is unpleasant readies reading
of then,
them milt
spilt a lip into parties of two Indian seltlcmcuts in Illinois.
Indian settformets Illinois. They two> lama largo allege.,
villagoB, one being located Tho Chlapoun
Thu ChlpiHJwa mud Sioux warfare halal.
and ellima ifiinials felt se as though may they were In in sad nd Move
shows gram grave wrongs Cl on the part
and were seat sent out to iu different
dllBereDt dna direc­ were I’flre Arcoed
armed entirely ctiUmly with wiih hum bows and on Cormorant Coi'morant point and the tho other at was s. conithesily
continually krpt kept up, end and le Is a tale talc honor
honoi-bound hotted to reward rowat-d thaw ihcst) Indian.
liidlaBB of ol Lagos...mut.
Ihegovcrnujeut. 01 Of came.
course the In- In­
tions Intointo on an entirely unknown comp cuiiu- one. iri'OWH, so 80 they ma. inusl. hat hiivo • hod
hud no the outlet of the tho lake. A few mile. miles hoo be- of •f battles nod and scalps, defeats end and oh , foe
vie- for their meritorious
aserltorlous colon acvlon In in smog
going dia. dians nem. never Ind had •a heelenplefce-simplo title to
try to teed•
trade with tho the leans
Indians nod and in. lo­ gas:uus along
among them Si at that tieno. tiaio. The Tho a this lat last village,
vltiago, they awned possessed tortes lorU-s until PM, 1862. when the tbe Sioux out• out­ to lo the relief of Fort Fort Iliplay
Ripley in date.* defense than ^hoHO Isdh lands, at. ns we 110301elamlUDderstaud the
cate trading
iratilrig posts. Iladleson
Fiacllsson and net
far may
parly thee
then tamed
turned back
back anotherithor mmeldareblo ethane
consldftrablo village on a
5 break occurred who. when Utile Little Crew, Crow, •a ofif the government. A soluMM
solution ef the term. They alarmed
of tho olaltued them a bj con-,
Cliounri emoted crossed the tho divide barren between and ind left loft the Mississippi .Mississippi at at or or smeller
smaller lake, coosemed connected with Mille MlHe Stony IX chief, end IfoIe-ln-tke-Day, •a affitir
and noleadte-Day, .ifalr was finally served agreed epee, upon, els, vis, gee* se all all oder other tribm iilbes claimedciaiu)ed
Superior and und the St. SI. Croix
(Iroix river and, and, near lear whore Dayton's Dayton's Mud Bluff DOW now Io,Is, be- Laos by •a portion of fi Riunne river
river which CbippeeillChippewa chief, conspired conspii-cd to lo join that s a treaty be drown up Mating
he drawn suiting 111111(hat grin. No b tribe had an uncottemod uncoctestod
as near as can be hammer. HRcertnincd from from low ow St. St, Peel.Fanl, mod and started overland overland was luns through It. Those aka* villages con con- forces
orces to whiff wljie out the white outlets eailei-s thenrrrrr ) rcfervoilon don wouldwo)iId ho lx> ocircil
occed to the tbo title of oily large nal
tlsioolauy tract of land, and
the weeder
mcRger records. records, they most must hove have for or Mon Mine loon Laos via Item Rum river,river, or or alga
listed mostlymostly of ettrdwo ourtlieo whiwarsio
wigwams and .ad regain
regain tholetheir old Ousting hunting grounds.grounds, government vernment and •a proelolon provision would he be emit
each tribe looked with Delousy jealousy upon
outablishcd theteselven
themselves fee for winter
w'ietcv nearoenr Cam,Coibori, o. os It it wo•
WQB then thon called. They such ■uvh as are still 1111 found to be bo in In use it le deleted (bat
Itisolainiori that •a eldpf chief at, at OenGull Inserted ierwd to the tbe effect that ton the Indians all interlopers.
■ jtorlopers. 11M,
But II it would
wliere the Beak° Snako river emetic. empties Into the &reveled traveled about Ave five -or or Ho six days sod apd *tang
among the Arnica ArlckaVees . nod
and other tribes lake ftip gamgave the tho Om.fim warning K. Fort would
to Poet mid areas always hap keep the land. land, It it mem that bat the government, kn.. kaowiug
St. Croix. The load. loads of Inn fine fun furs hen hen noted
roaobed the tbo lase village, Oita
lower village. situ- nadirs ddlDK on ou the Upper Allesouri, Missouri. The ItIpley Ripley of the tbo approala
approoch of Holanta. HolG-lo-ihc- sea* )n)S that a verbal rigreneent Bgrof.nicni Cu. was the font fact 0.1 that thin this true tribe hod had for lor es so
brought in iu by tho Indian. Indians from the ated ,l«l upon AquIpuhatan
Aqulpoguetin Islead, island, tethers
which vanguard uguard of the Ojibwa. Ojibways toll fell on the Day Day, alb with his warelors,
warriors, bet but Me ^fo-i•,o-.o• made ido with them that the
tbe government
goverament anyly year. years held It it In in reverence,
west trotted
aroused their thnlr ranny
r.uvoRli.y end and by in- in­ was ra« amountdd
surrounded by earshee, mursheR, and and obeythey Dakota*
DakoUhs at 00,1120P•Ot Oovroorant poise point esti,
early to in Quid
mid ant out end and minima
removo toe the elne
pine to re-- would ban
quiry and raga. signs they !serried learned there bed had to 'ado wado knee deep to teeth reach It. it. ekebo enonthig,
morning, sod aed .00hsuoli nos. M
was the extent to the writer, elated
e, to
)a, In relatitig
relA'vUig the oirgenoteimeo
slated that ifole-Igthe.
Hole-In-the- i
burso treasury for die
rse the trottoury the money re
wouey tIons of
have tried to femme
>f lad
land for th the
rcsorve o
e old Indians
a leefew nth
Indians era
was is a largo body of water about three liiree Thole
Their goods good* ea, wci-o hem boro divided pro. pi-e- of •f the
tbe ear war party that helore befuro the thu rear Dap Day had bad mouthed
marched down with whet what paid in anmiltlcs. not
In 'malting But tbe tbo treaty though It It cannoned
compelled the majority of
days journey west west end and •a large scttle- enennbly
largo sale- umably so that the other bands bands *kw situ- bedhad arrived the battle , et at tabtills point
point for.ehocould be could eaa.6 oollcct to mar near whore does at not Mow show &annoy anything of title. this, It it the tribe to go to White Terth, Earth, where
meut of Indians.
Indians. Thin This prompted
prompuid them awe,t<a In
in dm
tho villages sear
near Deihl°
Kathio could bad
had &heed,
already ended by the Moat almost total total Beelnerd
Hralnord no. now le Is and Bent sent three rue- run- simply
limply goes on iv
in the
tho general form of everything wee was prepared for them.
io make
make tbe journey 10 in the •poingspring to to ootlOt claim the whele.
whole. Benno* Henaopin externithatIon
oxteroilnatloQ of It. its inhabiiants, end and •a .. to Mille
te Mine toes Laos to lore have the tho hand band trestle.
treaties when hods /ads art arc road,
ceded, and a le II was wroog wrong for U. tbe governance
Bovernreent to
discover where ell ail the for fur owes
came from,from, &awe claimed be he wen was afterwards lidten taken to to smell
small remnant only retired In Mole their jell
join them; that a two days' days’ council Ilnlo little prolleion
provision is inserted Inserted something make false prom... promisee. It It would Lei. hare
They must h•ve .have followed
rnllowod the Baokt •Kathio, their main
tbe Stake main sienlemmet,
ROltlement, sad mato. oaDoes to the tbe gem.
greater villea vilUge roomed looatod was held iisld sod some of the tho :cane young Ilb like this.the. "By “By the tho twelfth article of been bard to many of thorn them at ad,
river up to where the old poring. poriago tall trail kept
kept pelsoner
prisoner uotil
until a wooer
runner wee
was elm at at
the entry. We, lb.
This, tbe Ojibways at­ bucks
bucks wanted
and NW=
wonted to go and join Hole-In- Tfole.lo. both the men
treaty of lea
1803 and thin lea but they would not have been left In
that of 1864
crossuB to Ginalesishug
CimiiaiBsiug bey, bay, near Alm Ma­ to Vather Father DuLuth, DuLuth, who had had osteb.
oslab- tacked stint with all ail their fawn foroes; after a thafey, the-IJay, bet Althothmame,who wee the It he enfolded
butMo-zo-roa-na.wliowaBthe provided that, (hat, meleeowing to the here- here­ such *aka. wretched condition as they Uiey are aro
lone's, wherewhore Isle Isle in Is now &Stated. situated, linked lished •a minion mission neer near where tho Olt; oUy brave denma defease with there their bogsbows and and big war chief of the tbo bilnoMlllo ham, Lacs, de- dc- tofore good oonduer, conduct of the Mille Mlllo Lae. Lacs today. II feel confident confidont that hod had hey they
Tho old limit trait Is is about four mils. miles of d Duluth 'I. 'Is now Mesta, situated, end aud who whi barbed arrows the Dakotas. Dakotahs took rod- ref­ cided
ilded positively not to lot them do ea bo. hate
Indians they .hell shall not be compelled to t< acme
knowu of tho the actual cooditioneconditions of the tho
Bocoss. Somewhere near r there • come amo overlend
ovorland to hie his relief by way GI of up
uge in their earthen lodges from frora the tbe WhenVhon •a min vow en* was mimetaken •a large largo major-major­ remove eiDove so lobe long as us they shall tot cot lo treaty of IS67 1863 they would ■would not have
party ad of Indies.
Indians who bad had never sea sec Banging
Hanging Horn flora lake and Rico Rico river,
river, mre mere deadly weep.* weapOD*.of of their ebony. enemy. ity voted [mallet against It. it. They voted, voted. tray ny way lanai interfere with or in any man- m slated
signed It It for All all thetho gold in the trou- treas­
while man look took them primmer* prisonni's sad roacibing Mille
and ennobles .Mille Lace Lacs et at Malmo,
Malmo. no on 'The
"The only manner by eblehtheOnb. which thoOjtb- however, ho'vever, to and send it a party a, at onceonoo of ner ler molvet
molest the tho porton.
poreone oil or property of t.. ury.
marobod them to Kathlo. Kathio. It It seems what was Moen known later at as the
Uie CrowCro’f^ werewaya meld oould h harass and dislodge dislodge-them Vireo their beet warriors to Fort Ripley, the
best worrier. whites." This simply gave them
tbo wthese." Of
Of anise,
coufise, looking at this thU testier
the lettlaa
Indlace wind u»cd them cell well and Wing Wlog sed and Superior
Superior testi, trail, endond thene
thenc# trots from NW these otherwise es um retreat
secure retreats and P.10.40.3olonli
Mo-zo-ma-na took two hundred the eight
right of maps's.,
oocupancy, but nu
no tItth
title Ur from penny purely a busk.. businesK viewpola viewpoint,
Viewed with superstition.
suporsUtlous awe Moog
ewe along the mast wpst thorn
shore to Kathie. Kathio, Du. Dui was to throw ten* some small bundles or se.rriore, warriors, marohed marched al! all night and the soil. •, the goveroment
governroeni paid them shon ahout three
.Meuanl Cnouart.
Ohouan, who assumed the tho Loth,
LuUi, it umiak seems, bad bad been hoen benhere thetho year
yoai bagsbogs of powder Into the aperture made Mahal reached them there at 9 o'olock o'clock next morn. morn­ ' Trio The deceived chid. chiefs mime oame back floppy happy hoes s as anteh much per per soreacre for those these land.lands
title of ol Moue
Siour des GrosellilersGrosellllers end and before sod and bad had gained their tbair cone.
confl- in the top of each, enoh. both for lbw the run pur­ In,ing and thnliared
toiidorcd thole services in
their service. to tire
tlw in the tbe thought that they bad done as Itt wee was willing
soiling other leads lands fur for lyre,
seemed to hive have bed had light flaxen Hasen hair, hair, doom,
doDco, en 80 that he 1« had no no troulEe
trouble In in pose of giving light within, and emit- emit­ government. As the Mille Mlllo Lox. Lacs war. ' Bometblng to benefit their ram,
something race, whenwhet on all )11 sides of dile this reservation.
reservation, The Tho
something they Uiey had never .wen upcn before. CAI., gelling the pekoe... prisoners inhumed. ralessrd. A ting the tile amok,
etaokc of the tbe wise..
wigwaiu Ira. riura had tee
(Ire. rhos ton miles lee. iess to travel thee i in Isethey
fact (buy bed had Wanda Nlgned a ilocumeet doctimem Ilovereeseet
Bovernraent then sod and for 25 2-5 year.
The Milton
Indians felt of end und examined Iit perm party of the 10.11111.10 Indians aecompaled
acuompanlod the ih* The bundles, Ignited by the tho flee. fire, Hole.inthri.Day'n
Holo-in-tbo-Day’s ninnore, ninnors, who did wait which wee wae the Oath death warrant of the theralthe thoroa/ter told sold lands for ono one dullerdollar
• eloaly
OloBoiy to site BBo If if it
Ik we.
was real
roa! °r colored. Mealln
or oared Uonnopln party down the tho RomKum clear.tivor, spread destli death sad and dims, dismay mon. among too tho not mart until it ea.
Inavo untll was fleolded
deoidod Oa tiiut the th< Mile
Mille Leos Laos bang band. The governor.h govcrumcni, and twenty-fn twenty-five pate cents per note. acre. The
According to ItatiliwooN ItadisBon’s mmoent, account, erasingoroBslng the Misolseippl Mississippi at the tho month,
mouth, miarahla
mtserablo beinga beings htm wfip crowded
crovrded within within. Mille Lacs, who numbered many more
Mlllo 1.0as, mon through their thsir Internee.,
Interpreter, had cheated aly only ones who seemed to know knotv of the
thoy were
wore timictioned
CiucsUonca deftly closely by oigno slgnt peerjvar to where wlicre cheuiplin
Cbuinpltn n now stands, eeds. Not haelna having as yet, like the tho more for foi- than any other tribe irlbo of Chippewa.,diippewas stem them wt out pf of the 11.1 last eon acre of thole lad. order being tented
tholrlami. issued allowing these sin en­
to fled
fiud not
out who they were Ind and where whfert when wboro another allement seltlemont ofow Sh
S iouxt was .tunate Ojibwa, Ojibways, been tile.sed blessed with wllii would not loin join there
them agate against eke tbe gor.
gov A ann Rrtino Of of their awn own moo race had for •a tries woro re this
tbo mentors
sanatora and ropienot. roprcsont-
they came frooh from, their numbers and a sc situated.
altuaied. From there Nampa Henuopin sod and lbw tbe prams
presence of while white leader.,
traders, thto the Det DB' oromaiJl, they probably malted i-cochod the ibi few
lew dollars in gold jnlsintoqireted snleIntorprekd the tbe atones
alivos, and they made m sure that the
forth. They were furbished furnished with Me party Journeyed
with ,hiB journeyed on down tbe the kilo
Mis- laotah•
kotahs eine were etill
still Ignorant of the no- nO' I.Fort mom
Ira eomo hours afore before Iffolerth.lbs-
Ho!o-in-lbB- toasty treaty to teem, them, which would is in time public ••• w 1106 rusd• steam w of it un-
tepees and each given a squaw. They
tepee. They sleolppl
aisRtppl end and made mode his drat first dlmteery
discovery tate turo 01 ol emposider,
gunpo^er, and the Ides idea pen. Day’s runner.
pot- Dsy's runners resehod reached their time. camp. leave them paupers on the shores of til the oat miring, when w the John
were both armedwith old-fasbtonod of at.
armed with old.feethonod 8t. Anthony fails falls. WM.(
seising their Wade minds the enonioi At any rate Soledale.Dsy
that their enemiee Eoie-in-tlte-Day boat •a their beloved beioved Mille Labs. Cues. No doubt. do Marna
M Lumber
m ampsoy
m commenced
filt h-look gone,
fiint-look guns, amiable(
something the India. Indians From
From that time to the year 1160 1750 we were aided by mini*, spirits, they (eve gave op up tiethe preolpitath
preoipitatq.relTeab retreet beck back to Leech Loach Isks. lake. the government
governeamn odiciale ofilciais in oreee office at proceeding. to prom up on
had never moo, scud, and by sigeala slgnala they hare to 'records to show but what Sight
have ao>eeords fight le in death
despair ad and 'Wens
-trere easily Ds. dis­ If If' the Mille Uwe Laoa bend, band, chid% which that lime time meant well and would have some petreeerAone,
m and thee
there was • rose i8h for the '3»iidi'otBca;':
land bane. Mr. Mr. SOW Sablu to nice enter thetbe lao4e,tholt
Isudu, bui ode fift- weptoopt Byron CestAvoilon, loade'oni hfillU .......... lea relorala Mte1 a
6112.11ff• Olth good, bed the% •Ito man iii• init.' tor tb, Mil. U III ban Lu, Wait I,dMn>. Too: T«.
It was BTfts eno soon dis.oned
dUcotered Wet clod Died knowing .iDythiDg ',evens of .tho.stA^i the gnus effort to maids raaide on «b Ida bla olgee ulalm In in dot
firet coon>couDoU with wltti thetbe Millets.
MIlletAct Nadi bi'adi^ althoeatenoe wna w«t oneom of them. them, Ii thee liion a Una thWi.pf: of Ude thiii. WM ea low snap /and
Senator Babin . heed
Ssbio had a!)
all the of theTndians’olain
theledleos' oloint to thosk those land. lands.. wh'at whet tt''nbir''
lb now the' town of Bobbing, on
Os 'tbwor'of'.'-Rotiilhij' oo ,OcMiber:2;T890.
October 2, 1890. "ThSaebuiwliSwas
Tin council at tofoiM toad "hbme''rbut''-ebmls-
bome but gala Otte tale lUid and tbahigb
the el. lead land .oa the tract U el• al­
seam Is
uiosl eulusble valuable pine lend, land, about Prom the InformatiOn Infonnatlou ,bi be cove en at Melton. althougb •a puma number had ipre-empti.ODi
'preemption celled called to order by the gonna chairman or of till
the gonersilonm again when Ihe; the final
and ..ty 4mty road; ready planted nth Indiana two and
with Indians
half ibe the aervatIon.
resorvatlon, oorered weerrod with vith that time, and lucking judglug .from from what end and would woad some oome up nod and gall
fish a .day day• or comnraton,
eoromltalon, Hoo. Hod. U. H. M. Riae, Rloo, god anc an was mode made to .to oee’Jfif It
It no
was posable
posMble mat that Solo three MY, deep, as it It has been both osel used for
soldiers'lore. uililitlona!
writhing alp. Thero
scrip. Den happoned happened "efterwarda,Afterwards, II was satisfied MO
wee angled two et at a elms. time. Pm'
For weeks I
1 latherdialy
Immediately following Commissioner Commiaaioner they would make nob such patina
promises to totha the burial purpose, purposes Mr for the last three thre«
was o a h..]ho^l of ol oiraodo
“fraad" from trom pea poo- beann be was entirely lgoorast ignorant of the way would tea uot see •• deo olgR Of of •» white one Whiling Whitby spoke gooks to the tee lodians
Indiai as fol. Indigos, Indians,^ sod and If H a the intorpreter,
interpreter, Pool Paul hundredhundred more. years. The government governmenl aloe also
pie end and prep, press, and Soon. Senator Waroboro Wadhburn I Rabin Sabin bed acquired the rod,
had thquirad land, but be be Degog
During the tbe edgy.winterof 1083.1894
1683-1884 there loom lows: "My “My friends, % have beard
i hove heard Beaulieu.Beaulieu, one of their owe own mew, raw, agreed lo In this
tbi* Morel.
Morris sot act to disinterdfslnler
was broad biatHEd for Tor' what they called.* called tbo I said he would communiage communicate seith was. was 80 moo much woad comment by by the tbe prose press mooch much of of you. II boo. know Of of the trouble would steed stand up and an so mieload
mislead th them.
en all bodiee bodies of Indians to be found
ol loans found
Brand sad. steal, when In
In fern
fact he did nol
cot Stehle
SablD, who re wa»t In In Walegoo,
Wsshingtoo, sad about tW
tbe manner
'sena Is ia aide
which Iheoe
the.e loodo
lasdi you
you have bed. had. II now, know, too, that in He Wel was 10 the interpreter who ant first duped ground around the Joke Jake and reinter relnter them Uiem
get •a foot of land.
get /and. have him .01117
have notify the authorities oft a 10 were op.sd opened that that the station
aUention of aMs• oon lean years ton gone by you were friendly end and them into eignity signing the treaty .bleb
tbe take which there. Mot But not one bas has ben beeo monadremoved
The Online took out the gr.
The. .«ritor drsi. fling flliog thietsto
tho'staio of offs.* affoira. He engaged eegagef am gross eon was .11ed called to it. H. By • mole. anted
Byaresolu rendered important Important nova service le to youryoi Modell
made It possible for tee tbe whin
white my majs to and and probably nor never will. About this
mode by en an aloud
actual settler, welder, and al. al et at that Moo time to look after tbe land to lion
the bode Ion of Onator Bonator Rolman Holman of Indian Indiana •i Great labee's Father’s onvemose. government.. Yoi Your sequin acquire their lands. lauds. Tho The final
teal ootall
oouooll time time •a orator uuwUer of hallos families removed removed
though the looel local land office oOice did not hie hl8 beret.
inicroai. demand Deemed. was made CM Secretary Tblier
oh Seemt•ry Teller ISTV10011, faithful..., to
ittes, your faithfulness lo yoi /Oar was bald held in la the woods on tbe baok of to
the book to SeaWhite Earth,Eartli, but abort about stx hundred
six 'madeed
havn any Order order to open, it rottoo- Having hoes boon IhOD then seemed ossured that to know by chat what right or authority ti to Crest it Pave
Father In time when the oldie white the .be loge
lake Mille Lacs).
(Jdllle Lost still
atlli hang to their belong beloved MUM Mlile Lacs Lac*
ably oonoluded
ooucludcd that if if •a orator
aonat could the Indiana Indians WOO were wrong and that the Ihe openedOpened these lends lands. Semen,Secretary Teller people lea
' Nile, were In in peril, been have sot not bon been Taken fthmfrom the re.rt report of the Chip 119
tbe 'Ole' like grim dnth death.
scrip Leif half of it It a yeoman
coturaon Miller settler ethic could govornment emerged expected me to mire take pow pot In In naponee
response end: said: "No “No order or fis. io- forgot,.
forgotten. He fade finds that yne youi nin- pens Commission. October,
pewa COO211111100. October,-6, 6, blab.
1889, Durhor
During the winter of lathe writer
1900 the writer
have s a hundred sad and sixtyeisly any acre tract. traoi tensionsession of my gels claim ad and conform to l 4.ouias
struotloas appear eppoa; to ban bon is- th. oace es as s people has hi boom too Mr. Rim..ad...we RIcc, addreistog the Mllie
the Milt* Inc.
L*c« woo availed
wa* prevailed upon tee to late
take the four four
By tho tlio next winter •a large largo majority of the tbo lend laws, II dotage.
land lags, dotermiuod to aunt retur sued by this am, ofllooto to the looal local ofike office thrilled,
psi'ilied, owing to lo the groat change of Wad
great, change band of 0:11may Ojibway Iota., Indians, nth: “You main roads
said: "You chief* to WatblogtonWashington sad and 1.12. en­
the lands ■wore won tOemed covered with borne bome- Cu to the lake. Bete/of
tho lako. Being of ran rather la a amcon regarding the tho allowaye
allowanoe of entries or
of loon. or clouniaccee
olruumstancet welch which sureouedsurround you. y< Irani
Jjava not forfeited your right to oc. o dnwor
deavor to lo hare
have •a teeny treaty made to to
sioads and aud preempilote.
pre-emptiois. During the tbi bone
baUve natare nature and not nol k000log
knowing of i ellngs
filings oo on .old
said land.,
lands, save the tbe letterletter la la view of this feet, fact, and tearing fearing that con cupj the tbe amebae
reservation (page 1641. 364). •• •• • gratisfy satisfy the bend band by a psymeas payment of
winter of 1183, ontrydalog beteg
1883, everything being nay ready what whet danger I1 was running la, into, II addressed o ld reseed to them on August Augur. IS, ULM, your oondiiioo
16,1882, oondition would acme become worse worn I)ou You are entitled to seal oeled. for yoi your some come lump sum soot for their loss thee and and
to elinab
clinch lb* pimp land deal,
the pine-land deal, the bill
0111 bought •a Inc Bain.. fine Remington ropentWg
repeating relnetating
relnstatlDg the entries above referred until It would a
be unbeenblw
unbeat-able to you,
you, allotmonte
.llotmonts tbo the lands called farming damages
colled Leming duraegea monitionedoccasioned by the ocoupanny occupancy
known se as the Ihe Nelson
Kelson bill bill aswas named.enao^ed. gee rifie and a good apply supply of swag aramun!'- to, and it would sent therefore, tat 'lie
seem, therefore, Ile ant sent your old time friend Mead horo hero to lank aads, all that en can be bo used a as nob: such; of their Isods
of their lands previous to their thole sign. sign­
Tho Edson Kelson hill so as le It not wont from frotr slop.tion. II loaded my me skid skiff at Houle'. Boule'i from the antra entries and tiling. alined
aud filings allowed all tell you what Due was ben best for you to do.. do. “ we re do not ask you to lo dispose of a ion loot log ing the Wean Nelson MN, bill, and which tho the
the booteebouso was oh right, but wbe•
aU right, when It stopping place and started up tho
it goppiog tht by them in 1682.1883, 1882-1883, end and during^ring the tbo (1 (F163 103 Report of the Chippowe Chippewa,Com- Com- of if that, endand there
tiierewlliwill be bo nothing
aothlng dour, dom govancoot
governmooi roectded conceded they had bad so ao un- un­
reached the mate all
senate all but the Ont.
ouact- river, tesohing Oho
deer, reaching Iho truthg
trading post no
iwc current yeor,
year, that without wailing
ostilog for mission,
teissloD, approved Margo
March 1, 1000,
4,1890, by with the landa lands unUi until you have you:
your disputed right to before that them tine.
iug n niaiisft was deka. Rtcicben Cat out OM (Ui dole days Igor, later, where Ii loaded my mj It,.Irwiocs
Instructions from this ofilm o£Boo It tee the ',redden.). president). ellotongs. • ' •" Arriviog
Arriving lc in Washington .creator Senator :Od- Nel­
writer bee has •a oopy copy of of thetbo °gaol
original be- bo- outer
outfit in In my large bone, bateau, aod and hoe-hav­ premises and se as previonly
previously ordered, In the oar. course of the tho pro...-
proceed- abetogmuocer
Muh-qng-aunoe: "Re “We .antwant to lo know eon, son, with :be the montane
asstistanoe of Rao- Rep.re-
furo him ay as be he went)
writes) end and the whole wboh ing rigged •a toast mast with my tont tent for a c midsaid olltthrs
omeers have been sang acting upon lags of ths the counoll
counoU Cbairmac at
Cbairman it what
what time we will revolve receive from the tbi n ative Morns
sentatlve Morris a. and the tbe Indian Indian
mclatnorphosed to gilt
bill metamorphosed suit Sonar Soustoi sell, sail, II Maned started fur for thetho outlet. It It was was their own judgment judo.. (Doe.. (Hoase Ex. Dera. Dexx, bile. Rica refereedreferred to the treaty of 1103, 1863, gonronsont
reveroment our patent?’
medltionel patent?" tommtutoner,
oondliionsl liomtntesioner, did agree to lo onsin oe.rtaln
Sablo. Het But tbe the prinolple
principle Ithe Wooled the first
line Injected fa. boat the Indiao Indians had ethr over 148, nth 48th Coog., Cong., let gees)," Cot-
1st Sess).'" Con­ iiereinbcfot-e
loreinbefOre alluded to, os se follows:
follows: Mr. Rice:
film. “Yon “You will receive IL just oppropriaas
it lust appropriatons and had them embodied
into If WAS: "AO
it was: "And enuring nothlug lo Ode ▪ pepellod
piopeilod by •a loll sell and they they o.a thereupon, lo
gress ihoreupon, in slew
view of tbo ton con- dory. ‘T shall detain you hot
- 1 'all hut •a tew mumenti as
few MUIDOIlle ta soon e. as Itit eon
can be bo made out after in e the the penalgeneral Indian oppropriation appropriation
tin 0.111
uct shall ho wangled to Imelda.
bo construed inralldato gathered aloof along the tho domeshoi-u where Oby they ditlcn dition nr of offal. disclosed by said re-. booth
affaire dleelned before dinner. I I wUh
with to refer to an an the iba alkourno
allotuienU aro arc taken. That yi you bill, which whine if if it H bad had but been corried carried
uny existing filing or entry, hot
any egging but any were 0 'ramped
camped to a sco no mo go by, by, but did spoDSO spouse or to sold
said resolution provided by old meets matter that has glen given Yoo• you a Rat greai Oleg may oedema,'
understand It it. 1I will tell you that through would have ...nested compensated lbs the
such Sling filing or entry then shall be subject not onaet molest me until II nabd reached the tho oat, out­ the set act of July 4, 1881, 1884, (23 {23 StetStaK 861 deal of Uvalde. trouble. That lo is the tread we aro
tbe treaty tre appointed to make the aline allot- Indians
Indian* in to •a large degree dogroo for their tholr
to proof motor under the lend land lane laws coo In let, which whleb was then tbeo hardly a Oak, crock, then that esld said lends “shall not be prated
lands "eball patented made at Radnor. Washington nom twenty-five mann,
some thonty•live lU, sod
and when tau wo bee,
have done It that lose. loss. But Rut another Beaulieu, a pro. pre­
force." Tent
force.” That rookedcooked the goose. BM
tho room Rut and id II had to polo ref my won way opt.up to Oho Iho or darned disposed of In In soy mannor until
any manner until tholeyears ago. 1 I was there sod aud beenkuoi all le iatho the cod of It it (p.m.
(page 106).
108). ended
tended find, friend, abo who wet was there at the
were the •erlp scrip eggesentries ads made under la tho main liu hike lake for at lent least forty rode. rods, further legidatIon legislation by coupon." congress.” nom
abpul it. U. It ten was •a win wise Irony,
treaty, sod and hielreng.aunce:
ih-eng-auDce: "One “One word more. date, time, agog having ben bren refund recognition
refused twofold.
Chacidlor deol•lon
<Inmate, decision to reinstate, as l Thera tere had assembled at the point point Nothing further was done for for I! if It bud her
it bpd been properly carried out There Ina Is a quegloo
question don these peopA
people don't don’t by the Indian comminionee commissioner for the
was supposed, the
kreS tha old sevelp scrip allege/ filtngi when
where Dolgies Daigle’s store le U now lasted located lovers) several yes.., years, but/on buV'’'oD January It, 14, you eneld would h•ve have ...al oso&psd all treohle t.ro adorstand,
uedontand, ad nod that h Is why I1 an aak It. it. payment
meant or of •a clam claim ealalt which he pro- pre­
Not one Of
Mot of them. The scrip that ton wi was %bout tbout three tan hood,. hundred Ina., Indians, It it being 19AD, congress passed a hill bill entitled
eBlltled that bet has befolleobefallen you. Men who cored cared When When these then lend. lands are allotted the n
see alloitod ged aping tbe
sented'against tho Indians, went bo- be­
originally laid urn. upon these lad*, fthawaelekung. (the head chief's)
lands, Shaw-hosh-kung’s ehral'M "Ao “An *et act for /or the nilet relief and olvIlles. oivllii tang,. thau
more for themselves thee 1110)
they did fo fur nether. lumbers iu to sovences
accordance with whit tbethe gov- fore on the the coocurreace•committen'of
conourrence/coinm{iteea:of tbe
(when the order snaring eancoling Iheentriea thank.' headquarters. ladquarters. When they saw my tlon tine of the Chippewa Indians in Min. Mil YOu you thought they bad had found •s bolo bole in ii errant
rnmeat tinny
survey shall be placed op­
op. two house& houses with •a few of Isis bis demo.demo­
was taado;made) en. was all taken up end used all and used coffilug they gathered
sail craolog gotherod along tho the neon nesota (23 (23 tee.
Scat. 6121," wider,
642), ” which provided il, and that they would taka
it, advaciag posits
take ennui. posite the Indian'sIndian’s name; that 14 Is hie his erotic
cratic senstor1.1
senatorial friends friend* sod and blocked
on other lands lauds Moen fifteen go.. years 1,e1orq before, outlet, big nod and Mar, little, cod and am. to for (or the tho appointment 01 of throe
three cot:alli-
commis- of that and demiva deprive you of your ellotment, kllotmcnt, sod and then than the oondUlcaal O.
tbe conditional tho whole mat.. mattei'. As there was no
and bacod instcud of tbi• this old scrip now rein me with ilh cariosity
ciirioslly until the tho old gators tiouers to negotiate with witbtheClolppens
the Chippei riga.
rights, ^hey They knew that the VOTOTID govern- patent I. is gine.
given. Is Is Ohl.
this right,
rlghiy" " provision embodied unbodied in gee the bill there
sr.tdiors’ndditlnnHl seelp
.,milers, scrip eta mostly ob.
wastuoslly chief pet put le in hiehis apeman**.
appoarsnoo. Re Ho could
could Imago Indians lo state of MInnosota
tbo sego
In lieu MlnD<}sota for rant lent ern was peened
oagaged In •a great war Mr.
Ml*. Blom
Itlos: -“It It Isis (page 110." ni)).” was ...weao chance for him to lo mothmake any
used. Co So 110 tho order es os it H road ou wai look English qua
.peak Pegligs quite well and aud ho in- the...late tbe complete cann cession and tolinquIsh• relinquish- uhlck .'hich occupied all Its its time. Time They Mulene.s.tho
Muh-eng-aunce: "My “My friend, the tlie illegal
Illegal rollerolon.cflllectlon. The Tho following
not carried taut, out, but 11, It bel ted Us pow
soi tea pur quad quired woe. Where 1 going. Of sff.w.
was Ithalo
1 wee coursf teem monl lu iu writing
svriling of WI all their
thi title sod thought tlioughl that under ender the tho OITTUID•L•1100
clrcumsbi time beo has arrived
orrived when we mast must ask ssk Mar winter another bill was worked
pose end
pama and eoverodcovered nil all the valu•ble valuobh II explained explgood to him him II oar was (Winggolug 1.0 to Interest
interest in und to all the reservation
In and roiervatiaos thoy they would be ohlo to
bo nblo drivo you from you numblog.
ter Miro somwhipg. Thle This Is t» aoothee
another of lbroueb through coHgrejB wage.* but bat for a consider. consider-
lands as oo far as us the pine timber moth wcut my uiy ci•im claim nag about 1ut one stile
mile ha from that.lhc;e. of seld said Indians 1, gate of Minn-
In the state Minne­ ibis reservatioe. You had come
this reservation. sonu able
.ble ionless amount tlmn than ars, intended.
first intended.
informed by the Med land Okra ollkors Ho Teo said somethino soiiiothing to e, the other otlwi- In. In- sota, tom, except tho the White
While Ruth Earth rod and 1001 Red triundg ran who worked for you condom. contlnu The wording of this bill was on so loose
lleiug informed
the weeks
that eoti'les could be made, made, II Visited visited discs dlans In in Chippewa und tend they Immodi' anal. Lake Luko retorvation,
i-esorvatiaos, end and lo to all and at op ally. They had ill all they could pos ye that Benno
that Beaulieu manned managed to mouth soqurc bin Ms
(hat geolon section during the fall 01 1S82 any
of 1682 atcly grabbed my boot boat and almoot almosi much much of these two rosereations reservations .i II Moly
sibly do to mane preserve you your your rIffht•righti claim oil
Moho ail rIght,
right, although
altbough the secretary
tho secretary
and onde made a eirealt elvculc of the lake. la I pulled II It out of the water. Re He ex. ox. the Judgment judgment of sold said enonaleelon
cnramissli Is and
und to bee see that la in the end Joel!. juetics of the tha interior and tho the Indian commis. commis­
found only Inn two white seeders settlers en In planed
plained to me that I
1 could not go to
tc not required to
t-o make and fill the
theolloeallcrt- saga
should 1. done. Among then
bedoe.. these friends
friend: Wooer
sioner loth noth tried by earl legitimate
every 'Kith.to
shores, It.
sham 1C. 0. OarrlKoi: In
O. Owen. in Crow Wing stay'ihove, that the
Witig ...there, tbo Indians melt were and mad emu. uieins required
re<iiilr*‘d by thls this mad und estates(ixIsUdi woe Joseph !ph Roberts, and II am sorry sorrj mesas
means to proem prevent it it. The next manor suramor
couiuy, and Mr. Niebole
enure. Nichols la in AnnAllki; sod and would hurt toe. luo. II nor thou II was sets.
saw theta acts. Seattho Section 9 H of Oho llio act provided
providet that koe iho Master of Life ahnuld
the Maar should have havr Major
Major Mograughlan,
.McLftiighlon, the special agent,
tho nodal...
ociiiDty. During During the tho Molar winter of of 18t 1882 lo In •a ex fix mulund •ald said II would go upon t for the amoral removal of of all
all the Ohlppewai seen at
tbo Chime.. fit to take hies him mem,away, became
because it I' and Indies Indian Atom Agent Simon Mtchelet, Michelet,
aodlWlU la I hod had emendsevova! team loads of
oi an
so Weed.
IslnDd, Rant.
alimii two miles up tile
the luko
lotto In
In the sner.
slate of 1.1140sots.,
Minnesota, except tbi
the mould
would here
have been a planate-a
pleasure to him to
It wit,
with mysell,
myself, ado
made Its
the appraisement
provisions cud tool. token taker and sod wait Logli until the O.ge-mon 0.geman (their (tholi Rod Red Lalso Lako Cblpponae,
Cbippewas, to tho the White Willie here have beau been bore sod mint meet us te e Imlay.
today veriog the fogy forty tanned thousand dolls,. dollars
lumber, provingun
up en
and et
to iho the point Moro
us soon von as aprieg
aud tools
whore II uow
spring opened.
vow reside,
openEil, wUb
reside, n name on for the head ’man)
coming from Washington.
with cooling WashIngtnn. He
man) who one
Ile agreed Oho
wai Verdi
tho ri same
reservation, but
Earth resonstioa,
me sectiou Wyman
hut:• provielon In The Uwe
stipulates leg that l'Acy “Any tell you that all he
here and
timo has coinii eon. when whon II am able to
be odd, said, all 1 bare

propriated by co
loss and olomages,
000000 for oho
(lomofca, and which the In-
.Tames Lochren sod and Tim Davis to as• aS' to that end
and the lodlane
Indians pushed my
tny Indlao
Indian residing
legal oe
on soy
any of said Reid
Slid to you, all tho cafe
chiefs told you diana
dians sccethed
accepted In
in lull
full of
of, all claims,
sUt me, we emoted o largelog
wooi'cclcd lurgo-iog boon. bouse. boat .t off and II proceeded op to the rosernoloos,
on t rosorvuUODS, may, le
in in
his disorcllon
dinrelin oho
who were wore there and made the treaty II end
and agreed, upon the paymom payment of the
We had but, been et at work
work bet but •a few (civ On. days Wised, ,nd, where I put op up my tool., wuLi snd take lake ble his allotmeot
allctmest be In snag.
sovoralty under uodei omen: correct; tint understandiog of the
that the uoderetooding sumo,
same, to leave.tulle
leave .Mlile ran Lacs and end memo remove
wLeu the anon
etee Indiaus begot began to woke make he iu- roe it it turned out II was obliged to ea 8tay tin Ibis not act on Ito tho rearvation
reservation wine where in he rola
chiefs as to the treaty wag was gibe. right. to White
iVliite Earth.
ouirlos as us to our intomioos. Wears*
our iotrWloor. O'course for about arson sovon weeks. Oppoeloo Opposite this thii live. lives at Um tbo thy time the removal herein More Here is the aolonowlodionrot
aoltoowlodgincnt of ol the The
Tho Minna Minnesota luglelaturo leglslaturo In In 1501Itol.
wc nausea
iiiloriucd Mom them of die the Ore Iruo alto stale hand .nd on the point.
tbe point of the main hood
laud provided
provided for lo
is effroted,
effeeted, lanced
Instead of be­
be government that you nth
governmeot were eight,
right, tint Ihui voted to the Higtorkol thelaty of lb.
Historical society tho
ufTairs and
of affairs otod that we bed had Oda taken •a thoro here was u ethomontot ladiant
a largo acttlomoDtof fedi.* log ing manedremoved to and taking talon such all. allot- yea you herehave not forfeited your right lo to Mato
state a welded% •ppropriatiOn
a sufilcteift appropriation to en. en­
homestead there. That soemod
hontemeed woad to be lt« and:nd tho the young hunks bucks took par:looter parriuulai ant monv upon upon the White Forth Earth remen• reserva­ croupy occupy the resereagon."
reservation.” able It it to pronoun
prosecute •a more oioro sstio• satis­
the Omenfirst information
lii'iiricafioii they had had rearedrecci pas
pains to fire Ara orerover that way every day. day. tion.” Comeolsolotier
Commlsslouer RIM Rico hoeing
having been ire In- factory archaeological exploretioo
factory exploration 01 of
thit tbe the foram.t
govorninent had opened tho tho Several of Ihelr thelv bullets wont through through During During the peeled period Wole from 1841 1884 to IMO im formed that the writer welter was woe loomed
located ma or the northern
nerthorn pert part of Minsteeo0,
MlnitOBOlu, red and
land to Settlatoent,
scitlemcDi, sod and the news dew .dev the top of my tent. This was kept all !sod land agora matters ley luy dOrant•
dormant. The Tbe the tbe reservation and aad claiming Uoe ilie ste.su- eapeolelly
ospoolally to locate tho the greet
groat loon town of
like wildfire. The Tbe second fidget chief of the tlu up itll my my tottlecee
patience was exhauelcd, miler,
wee eahnend. writer, with mars, nthora, man made speller.,
applioatlon ion anoint.
pervlxlon of a large port part of it It, .ant
sent a a Kathie
Kalhlo, the boa Of the NeeknenioeS.
ihohunieoflho Nadotiessiuus.
Millo Lacs (nod,
Mille band, llob.eng•suree,
Muh-eng-aucco, end am when II set sot my old RemingtonKominglon to week work to prove rep, up, hotbut our appileadociwero
applications were runner ma to me and related requested that 1 1 call
cal! Mille La Lacs lake ocean occupies •a ortioloo unique
his band band of two bowie., hundred, el..od claiiued and
tho old
id ohm
old This brought
shot an ou Indian through
the old
llu-ough the leg.
oaf orris en
leg. tuna turned dowe
down to
u> await the noon
there owe
action of
a o on him. So.
(my heena)
So, moulding
hovRs) II rode op
mounting old Doha,
up to where
position. Tbere
enterloS ILO
Thero area
enwrlogils ..are, but lewaters,
are no large
largo AMPS
It i•
is fed hr by
this whole polol, point, embralog
embracing the
town of Kalhlo. A general rattle
of ICtlhio. rai ' of whet what was the tbo motor.
matter. I1 glowed showed him othoolosInete couuuissioners end and special mato agenti were stopplae. stopping. II found them dotal. domi. logyolon
forty-tbreo mall small lake. lakes which are aro
tom-toms oat was teas scon beard hoard eating calling the holes through my ten*.. tont Re Ifn ink im easing coming •nd and going continually. Tin The oil. oiled with Mr. dam e. 1I inorndood
silo. Jubes. InlrnduoeO moored
scattered about In lour adjoining
them together in to email
council and Otrerai several oredistely idlately returnod, j-eturnod, red and from the tin loan Indian agent. agents could would tell the alleys Indlaoi myself to Mr. Rho Rice and Dr. Whiting. Whiting. counties. These lobos lakes am act roe artificial
as setlfirial
luindivd wiicl, wild, gem loaning boas
gebiiculatlug brutes beating of oho thnotome II law
tho tom-toms knew he ho nce wui Ihu tbu agile.
setllurg were enallog stealing their lands, lands They explained to me that they bad had WAH.WE.YAT•PUNI•10.
WAH-WE-YAY-CUM-IG. resorvoire
reservoirs for the main iske. lako. Thor The
Mm gathiwd about forty rod*
were gathered rods from from tailing .lllug or u coucoll.
council. Prom From that timi time and to moire make it It an
as unoomfortabk
unoomfortablo for foi heard IX en was in elan.charge of •a large largo par pa [bleb
Chief 0131111e
of.Mlilt* Tyer«v,s and Chli)-
Hand of Chip. Igoe
lake On has so 8B eloration
clovatlon of twelve tocsin bon. liun-
whore we were et at work rolling op logs. until
up log.. nil II was visited by Judge Wright II gee us aa as pneghle
possible oithoutwithout using violcnco violence, of the enemata reservation and requested lu. li pewa 1.31ans.
thwa Indians. deed
drod and Ofty.loor fifty-four Int feet *boreabovo ses sea.
They kept kept .singcoming fan front orere every &the- direc­ wag it notuoi molested further. Be cft.-n that
He otera0 1110
Iho gee
governnicut tut FOOS
tvouh formation irmation as to whore and hots how I1 lone can lent
level, oho Iho envoi
general contour of the c.o. coun- *
tion nod
ta and the !ono*, longer lay they talked 110 accompanied by the lodian
the at...solid Indian agent sod am soon von remove us. us, Tap Tlieji would ease comt to be so. II sold told Mr. RI. Rice be he ought greet great COOSTQUeDee
conscqueDcc. This youog young moo ; My
try eloping
sloping og off Le to the SOS, east,. west,
more oxelted oxcltod they become. became, elostly rinally e squad id of Indian pollee police with sin ai •a meal agent
si'teclal Bgonl from lin
Iho general not It to bebo eurprind
surprised a. cue of bio
os our his coy neat (Wah...thoy.ouneig)
(Wah-wo-yuy-oum-ig) has Jody today pro- oorth north end and work.
south. The Tho village of Ait­ All-
two of thooi oho
of them who could speak English English order order from the lean Judlan department to t< land god office o.1ie<s awl and he would ICI tell the tbe nolohbors
noighhors burl and ...near,
townsoion, A. II. U. d...1 claimed his hla rights aa us the head
heed chief no of ele,
kin le is litepen
fifty-Hve leo feet loner
lowr then than Mille .Mlile
cane to vs and cod mooed ' med to t we our row i-ciaovc re Goy wh 'tee ha
any whites ho found oroopylog
occupying settlors aloes they are were ell all right, to kap keep Wilder, no was the none owner of about one. one- this tribe. Ilo Hu ba•has said that he wished effsbed La. Lacs.
ous.sc-ua.gi idling (Gliog papers) tame) wlilcb which IC the •he rotarrosion.
reservation. Ilut )3ut on 011 •howlog
ahowiog him fiool cool and tho gororoment would soc
the Conran*. soca half of the too rethention,
roservatioo, and aed exploloed
expl scorer of the
to accept Oho ptopoellin.
proposition. Ro Ho Uoo.
Uon. -J. J. V. Brower was wee given ghee
tiowod theta them am/ aud explained
C-vplalned their pew pt toy
aiy hametesd
homestead paper. papers he cold said that that remove the Indlans. Indians. In deal their
In fact thole In- ii thatthen gloatalmost all tbo eat rest had boon been sled filed wished to ;all ten linnornblo
cail tho honorable male. commig- the task teak of Meanly dennltely Inotiog locating prolils-
ion. They then mutat returned to tthe enthooded iupoi'scdcd ble his autberity.
authority. Ue Ile said etruellons struotlons are wci-e so at variance wli with no by promanstore pre-cuiptors and homesteadi hookocaders. 'loners iioners to the test, test and that tho the three lotto torlc Kona Kalhio end and Imolai he 8i>0Dt the MOM most of
omicil and IJ. suppose explsined etrplalucd it to than& .hut the govenmeotgoveromoat oaken. officers, baying h.aving out One soother
another that tire Indian deem,
tbo ladin depai TO cloiwed ho bed
Ho claimed had just come from f. coal...loath
cominissioDei's should oil ail declare to tu the maser summer oi ol leallat
1889 at MilleMlllo Lace, Lacs, and and
a t at
hfl vest wan pandcmoulum broke taken my moon
when goodemodum luonoy for foe this lead, land, men: meat coold conld ca not ha.have known whet what ore tbo Waehlogeon
Washington end and Oastthat they bad had um not oo• the tho Honer .Master of Life that they will will with the writer wear succeeded le in mapping
loose atone. At those this tin, I WOWS more in honor boned to prong protect, a wo. land nod department
dopurtment ran was doing, sod aud vice vice titled
tided him of any seck
such elate
slate of offal..
affa Wanly
solemnly carry out 'vat
what you have
heee the ougloto
QuslioM of tbe
the original village.
uiiderstond any of the
no: ad...land tbe Chippewa
Chippei Bonne,
However, he claimd claimed that the Joao Indiai II theeed
showed him him by by 0 ^ doe
floe se, township ponnolgaled
set of t000nip itomulgatedtothem.” M dom.. The non next summer h.. he, lo company olth
in ottoman with
luiigucge but
leogotge bui Locher.
Lochren amid, could, end and a departiat icpartuient was not not mum.awaro of of any 61• fil­ The
Tbe M. fir.tt regular cot...situ cominlsalcu pion, plats, which Mr. Wilder had furnished
Mr.'Wilder Weleeorysymunolgo
Wuh-ive-yay-curc-ig: “The h000r• honor- D. D. J. J. ihotheoll,
Bushaoll, jr., jr,, as accomplished
an aroomplithed
dclcgatiou of Indians Indians ogled called on on us leg ing being mode made when holoh.WeshIno•
Ito loft Washing. to o prang
present itself inth wua the Wright-Gins-
Wrlght-LaW me ell all the tekeo or rang aiod ebbe
land hike,
tho leod ihle emaloolonors
commissioiicis will plean please put <Miner, eulguuer, roade• made a much more complete complete
nnd tanned us
informed H8 with DO uuccrta
an uoceetalo loo, all he could de
do was to call
cell Oro
tho bee commies!.
cotEmission In
in lb*
tho fall
full of 1885.
1801. congaed rincad him ITS1D1 from other metergs I down
records I lown their omens
names before wc sign.
we alto. As As sue.;
survey end
and •
a mop
inap sec
was mstle
wide of tlie
signs and
alBiis cud galculations
BcsticuUtioos titer that no we mug uit Indians together and IDASTI101 Insiniol them to Tho The arminioners
couiuiUslonBrshold bold akar..nr
ibelrpow-wow had 1,1..11 that all but about Ion thousand poen
iivo ibousand ioon a as your agouti..
slguatures ea are wriaen,
wellteo, whole whole country, country, .11 all of which Is is em-em­
match on on mem..wcu-wip (moa), (quick), ltd that they they leaf. ave no, mo, Or or any Others others who had with tbe the Indians on who what wan was known awn s of the lead land was nomootedsegregated from from we sign.”
v« will al.." bond
bodied In in a volume waives furoishedfurnished the
were nol goleg going to allow my any pan jvnlio Meolfild raight klinge filings, done.alone. This Tut. he did then hen S. as Spirit point on the bill hill now tho noddle public domain. Thereupon he be The °moonstones
coinmissiouers signed their tholr Historical society, sad and from which wbkh
man to build •a ...hamar.
non wa-kl-n-Han (hone.) {house) and 1(1 hold a emseall for sever
acounoil covou Jaye day. at oooupled wronged by the tho hotel near sate tiro tho outlet. prone. Inccd a roll of nothoecrIpt mafiuscrlpt and aud 0400• iRines. may
many of the item, Items enestioced
mestioced In in this
on that tond, land, i). that It u was Liblppeo• Chippewa the tho outlet
outlet, where at keg least Ofteeofifteen Moe- 1 It no was Orenthen almost cothred covered with lo- said ho would reed m me what he bo len was Wabbwe.yayoutn-lo:
Wah-we-yay-cuin-Ig: "Let “Let us relee raise ankle article were wen token.
ioiid, and If if we did tea not go they would da drod Iodluesludlaiis bed had gathered. Be He finally dl. illuii grovel
graves Irma from whichwhiah II myths* suppose It II %mooted
Instracted to toll these ludas. Indians. His our mr heads
hands as token of •Ineere friend-
sincere Irked- J.
J. V. Brower was •a ?artful fofcefu! miner writer
nopo (kill) (kill) us at at once.
once. Lochreo Lochren der de­ angled
prevailed upon them thorn to ammo agree to lel let derived he its Lene.
name. There was •a porkal vdrfcst Instructions
Instructions wee* were to tell the Indians ship."
tho Indian ihip.” lit (U was en an oath that the la- In­ and and an elaborgeelaborate aceuroular
acciimulaior of lost
cided that ihut 11 if we did rev not wentwant them tbent to lbe the wearmatter meg rest where
wbero it it woewas until be mass of boxes or hen ben nap coops and acd that that they vfould be Arun
thoy would given ell all the •Mir agri­ ding dians sere were not boing boltig deceived, sod acd It it end
and forgotten (arts facts. Ho wees was a man mao
go Into
iuld On
the hair
heir raking
r.-ilslug ImsloesB
Inman we aro.Id
could awe
retura to Wallington
Washington and oor.
( eleveo
eleven hundred Indltos
Indians assembled
UBaerobied Io
to colour.'
cultural hood land and enough of the tho pine bee 'las boo
been reported with at toed least •a pos• pos- whose whoso name thould should be bo honored, as he
hud bettorbelter Neve, leave, othielowhich we wo did, load. load­ rai roc*, an *gide affair MOM whiub he ho assured them hear the good words spoken that Ike tbe 0.14 lid 6, bo reserved to build them thorn tibillty ibllUy of truth, that Wdh-we-yay- Wilimeisy. has need saved to our bison" history •a vast hied fund
ing up a R large
largn loath bateau, welch wbloli I1 had had woe was MI all a oalsookol that
amlstalco: the. oil eothlord good Pother
all settlers tVasbington had dele­
leather at koshingun dole. hones houses and oar., barns, Olackendth
blacksmith shops, shops. earn•Ig oum-lg stated at the time, thou, Uiatthat he be Of if Information ehIch which would otheruise othierwiso
brought ep up In in tbntho elan.,
winter, 'kb with all lbe the wooed
would be removed by tho governmeat. gated three
the goverarneat. then ea...loners
commissioners to tell school bouses, and nondlis
taboo/ houses, sawmills to =tow manu­ wanted the eortageeinnere commissioners to agree agree hove lave herebeen lost.
provisions, loots touts and tools it It would The Tbeebl,i chiei Mall.engeounoe,
Mah-eng-aunce, trtjoclaimed who claimed them. They pre:tooted presented a very gaudy facture focture the lumber. lumber, end and they would under oath lo to Ito truthfuloess of their
tho truthfulness to
In future yea. years some 1e100 scion of the
carry. Dents Davis sod and anti myseif staged started the tho land 1 I bad
had filed on, positively re- re. appearance, •• as intioy
many of them
mien wore nalsoth be furnished tom.
bo furulahod teams and Ingo. wagons represcuotion to the ludIans.) tudlans.) The MM. Mlile Goa Lacs may snood suciteed 10 seatching
iu arching
down the tho lako /gm while Loehrm, Loohron went fad fused to allow ma mo to occupy it it, but It ii red blanket,
blankets. The Loxes bbxei were all well and necessary °sole.
md all nenstary cattle. The balanco balance remonleslonert and Wah-neyoyane 1 ■e-yay-t out sod id compiling
compllingjho jle Mary history of the
overland with the tho teem tonvn tbrooghthrough tho ..greed
agreed mutually teat that II could lire live ocouplod
occupied end and all loole.looked mare very oulerne.
suleuiu. of the pine pice 'Unbar
timber lend laud would be bo sold Ig good up mod
Ig.stood and ratedraised their bade bauds els..d rise and fall of bia-race, his race, and alihough although
woods, there being Cu no rode,
roads, simply 00 lbe Ue and Island peacelully until the IL It wee
was certainly •a graveyard mold'. confab. to pay Om tho govorotooto
govornuiout for tbe monies whilePi the Indiana
the mooles Indians shouted oelo!. ‘‘Ho!” ho will ‘111 Andfind an unbroken unhrokoo seria sorlos of of
trails. Of Of course I1 bad had to ebsodon abandon mane r was lotoefsolorily
satisfactorily arranged. ar It [need
lasted a week and sir as usual •a lot of exponded. expended. II 'limply simply laughed et at bin,
bini Wahaisymn.ig
Wah-we-ysy-oum-ig then signet signed the broken promisee promises and trona treaties by by the the
all the loatherlumbor and Some some of the homey heavy I1 was domiciled no thii One
thle fine, promises were made them-.neuter them—never red odd: sold; "You aro arc notnot going to tell agreement. igreemenE, followed by by the Uiv utbet lber Melte ■iaufhu moor hu will oleo alio hod find that it it
tools whlcb which wo suw tow goinggolog ep up in smokt take bleed island for
fO! the next two to he be kept. do Indian
Indians neh such foolish guff stuff as that °hide, chiefs, headmen, braves, bros., end and youngyouog was .Only )ly mode
made possible pcaslble lo to deprive
w pm we
bofore wo ernwore , out of eight. sight. At AS ten this thews MOM while I1 wee looking looking after During the tauter of leg.
winter 1884- lamingknowing you ocelot cannot carry It It one.
ouf:”’ men len (page174).
{P8gal74). bid
hia race of their thole birthright by the
time IT was cot uot ovenaware of the crooked the
crooked' tbe image
intei-ei Its of Mr. Wilder
IVilder and wee 1886
18851 I had goers]
several loads of inmbei
lumber Be
Bo said be knew nothing gran about this The elation
Tbe signing of tho tray, treaty, under tho tbo train,coaohery of ono pp(( M air iheir own kith kith
ness in in the acquisition of those thou lands, reed., noonmd engaged continuoutly
confinuously in thoolog toted up and by feeding tho old ohlef
Is running chief offs. affair except wlia*. whet II hod had told him. I1 Nelson bill, bili, on October 6, 188S, closed ad
5, Illee.elosed .nd kit.
kin. Be Ho will red sod that the finger fingor
•and alter reaching tho
after retching trs’ding
the WWII, g poetpost, floes ter oho Ihe dIvision
dlvhioQ of blo his hoodelandi well he offered agreed to dhow allow me to build roommate.wd istrsted wite with hint him, claiming It it the 1001c. book. The Tbe lac.last right 01 of ibe
the 011ieOjib- pate points with unerring auouraoy aewuraoy to the
which was stinted situated when where Oman Onamli from the SPAM scant lands throughout tho on my olsion. claim. II cowed erccicd the tho ant frame tbeil strange tat
first irate that tbe Formant, govemment, ways wage at KetbooKstbio was wiped oath out, but the the mordrecord which shows tbe tho damning feet fsot
now le is .4ami rte vvqs keg kept by a smonenee squaw-niai four towohips. ,htp8. The Tbe IaUueeiDdluas ad did not almoner house ever built. built ut the :slob building knowing the facto
lake, build!g fact* ID in regard to tete this poor )or duped Indians Indians departed bappy happy that the tbe MilleMiiio Lees Chtppow&a as
Laee Chippown a* •a
named remberloo Pemberton, 11 loft my entd outfit moles me, (, they cot understanding it out.e
Bot understandl. out on tbe polot point of land running miner, matter, ehootldshould still Inei.o insist in In carrying le tho tbe thought ,tfaat dot ay they had finally bend
bad fioolly hood bed bad been Maga-ed Boaolieu-ed no out of ea. ex­
with him bint end startod for the land
ntid etehod laud whet that IL it anent
u lant to lath. thorn. 1 frequomly Into
1 frequently into the late lake on on section 28, lot 1, of Out es system iystem of dere. deceit. Ro Ho oltdmed
claimed *wad./ iccoodod In in hvel.g
having me government Igenoe.
the goveromeot istence.
ofllcQ at Tag.. Taylors Palle Palls. The nation ofHcialt met >1 parties of them UiciD backback in the den. dens my homeetna. homestead. hate
that If wbot what 1 sorted was a (set
I stated fact those raga.) rooognire their rights right* to a part et at • At tbIS orltiog
At this writing the woodsman’s woodento'• as ax
could not, not., or would not, not, It..giro on mo any anj wOods lods on tholr their huntiog
hunliog lrlpe, Irlpg, alb wk: Daring
During the winter of 16141•111911 1888-1898 the to. Mille
Mlile Lacs tort Indians were pee:gall,
practically least of the node which they thought;
lands thought thuedieg
sounding Iho
tbo dente hall
death knoll of the
Information In relation to how
In ragou how the th( nottu • Md.
white moo nave than twenty
man nearer Wooly. Nolo. Nelson bill was wee muted
enacted and •aoommis- commie paupers end and It it became doubly yea neces­ thoy they were ontitied
enUtied to as •a reward for | red ea man as 11 olearsvthe gen
li olesnothe right of of
tide of the lands lay,
title lay, except to to say saj One miles.-'. Knowing now the anal
e =Ilea aotua lion sion oonelstIng
oonBisling of Hoc. Hon, HenryMoney M. M, RiceRioc tory sary that thet they sign We this treaty, wbfch7 which, their heir valor end ond connote
courage at the bale battle' way .y the
for thetbe white mon's man’s iron iron hone horse
that the Indians had told
tho inane sold the lend, laud, no re. damage I1 was dolog doing tnem them It was wa• •i of bfloonota, Minnesota, Bishop Martin Many Marty II became •a law, would entitle them of
if it brooms Knelt.. They
jfKaUiio. Thoy waited In in vain, and : along 'beg... the shore* of bls his belorod
beloved kthle M’de
ceived their re,' pay sod acd tat that, the lends lands he. bo. sader thoy ^hoy did out not nolo aooip. me. mo. 01 0 ef of South Dakota end and J. 3. a Whiling tO
R. Whitt. to somecome In and share alike with all the allore
in sod sealers took penotsionpossession of *V all the tbo Week.,
Wakan (Spiro
(Spirit Water),
Wag, and the
longed to the tho g ...000mom and
government and ma were onse course gI was opting locations to 616
red. noting fil Of of Wite00010
WIscoubId was wu appointed. After the other Iodises Indians on oc other rean. reserva­ remaining land, lands martoxenpt *Ow fraef ions pews
a few freeelna pewa oil! win goon soon be b« obliged to lo sal aieul
o}>ened to nary. entry. 1 1 tau
then oat weut to to M. St. settlers upon Wherseer wherever wither Wilder Ind had do m eningvisiting tho ton Chippewa,.
Chippewas upon the Red tIon• tions noith north In In thetho pro...
proceeds derived located on •ectione section* 28 sod and 31,
33, Sown
town 43, 43, away Imo ipto the tho dark 'nods woods to . tho the
Paul sad aud called on or A. H. Wilder, whet
H. Wilder, who early crlpt Ind. laid, and I1 did oll• afterward Lake. While F.arth,
die afterward* Earth, LeechLeach Lake Lako. Wire Wln- from from the vast body of pine
tho east ploo which wee wos •aoge wge m. 27. congrees
Congres* thers, Uicii, tau May tat
ou No, 2Hh, toorth. uortii, for tbe (bo eras white ma'* man's gam steam
Ir Yon
tvas Inane.
informed could pro give ma me the the In. in- a large number upon these lends iand nebegosieb. rebegosiah, Can Cass LakeIteke and Miseir• Missis- to be gold. sold. He Ho oleo
also ol.Jmdclaimed that In in 1828, ;898, under the tbe atolls
Morris a.. act, a sot ti aside lde whistle
whlslle will slug sing the tbe last auks requiem to to
fOrrooloo desired.
foruiatiou desired, Re n.c j leformel
infomed me when •hen the.vthey nee were open to oniry estet again.
again elypi
iippi reoure•g000,
reservations, nod
and •lso
olso those on
at deeding with Indians n wee namely lots
dealing it wes extremely^ lois 1, i, 2 a.and 4 on the shore* deaths of 611110 Mlllo his hope. hopes so the cars rattle over the
a* tbe
that he hod had loroleired
fiirnishcd the tio scrip for for For two years not •a rebloo
Poe white man, ea. ex Gull und end Study
Sandy lakes, it arrived'at arrived et necesiory Yonne, lo to deceive them for Iheir their Lys Lac* en a* •a porpothel
perpot'nal boning burying iground
kayoed boa bones of a aDecatorE/-
his soccotors