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Value points for value based questions for communicative

English for class x

Virtually True by Paul Stewart -- 1


1. a. Michael

b. The second person is ready to help Sebastian.

c. Helping nature, service mentality, service to others is service to God

2. a. Warzone

b. Yes. Michael had been trying to save Sebastian desperately. At last he was

c. determination, perseverance, selflessness

3. a. Michael

b. Everything he had described is true-virtually.

c. self confidence, self esteem

4. a. without causing harm/injuries to both of them, be healthy

b. the helicopter was on the ground

c. caring, determination, goal setting, unity, confidence, problem solving


4 Mark Questions

a. Sebastian thanked Michael for saving his life. He expressed his wish to
meet Michael and he wanted Michael to keep the games since he had
earned them. Sebastian expressed his gratitude . A perfect example of
team work. Their team work had won. A new friendship /bonding had
formed. Sharing and caring-Sebastian was ready to share his games
with Michael. He was very selfless.
b. The dragon was interested only in Sebastian, and there was nothing
Michael could do to prevent it from getting Sebastian. Sebastian had
wished Michael better luck next time and advised him not to give up.
He encouraged Michael and exhibited his problem solving skill when he
suggested that Michael should try ‘Jailbreak’. Instilled confidence in
Michael and cheered him.

5 Mark Questions
a. They were in a warzone. They climbed into a jeep, a tank was hurtling
after them. Michael leapt and jumped into the helicopter but Sebastian
was still inside the jeep. The tank crashed into the jeep. Sebastian was
thrown into the air. He landed with a thud, just below the hatch and
Michael pulled him up. Their determination to be successful had paid
off. It also proves –United we stand divided we fall. Systematic planning
and execution, team work and dedication towards a common goal had
perfectly worked out.


b. Develops scientific thinking;

able to relate to the characters and the story because of the plot and
team work, problem solving, determination, perseverance, expressing
gratitude, selflessness, goal setting ,service mentality

Snake by D H Lawrence

1. Value Points:
• A snake came to the water trough
• He came from the burning bowels of earth to drink water
• Man of Patience, civilized person, respect for other living being
2. Value Points:
• Like a king in exile
• Simile
• He admires and respects the Snake as one of the Lords of Life.
He repents for his mean action.
3. Value Points:
• Snake is poisonous. It must be killed.
• It was a very hot day so he came to drink water.
• Even though the snake is the figure of evil, the poet sees a
positive force and feels honoured and waits for his turn due to
his civic code. (Aditi Devo Bhava)
• Hospitality.
4. Value Points
♦ The Snake came from the crack of the poet’s face wall.
• The poet had come to the Water trough to get water in his
• He decided to wait in a queue since the snake had come there to
drink water before him.
5. Value Points
♦ The poet felt sorry for his mean act of throwing the log.
• He did a mean act of throwing the log at the snake which was
moving away from him quietly with its back facing him.
• The harmful snake moved quietly without harming the poet
where as the poet, a harmless human being hurt the snake..

4 mark questions
1. Value points: a. (for 2 marks)
• Missed the chance with one of the lords of life.
• He has to atone for the meanness of his action.
• The snake appeared like an uncrowned king but was ready for
receiving the due honours from the animal world. (any 2)
b. (for 2 marks) Man’s separation from animal world leads him to his
• Exhaustion of mind
• Fretful nature
• Dissatisfied mind
2.Value points:
• The poet did not want to do so. It was not cowardice
• He was afraid but more than that he felt love for the creature.
• One should be bold enough to accept one’s weaknesses..
• Social behavior with politeness, respect for other living beings
• Voice of education.

5 mark questions
Value points:
• Conflict between civilized social education and natural human instincts
• Voice of education challenges his manhood and courage as well as his
instinctive admiration for the snake.
• Civilization had torn men from their basic nature
• Experiences the feelings of self-derision, guilt and regret as he tried to
harm the guest and harmless creature.
• One has to expiate for the mistake.
• One should follow the heart and be guided by the light of wisdom.
Julius Caesar


Value Points:

1. a. Caesar.
b. he has always tasted success and never felt threatened by any obstacle/
c. Fearlessness, Over confidence, Strong, arrogance

2. a. Calpurnia. Julius Caesar

b. as an evil omen indicating danger for Caesar/violent end to Caesar’s life
c. fearlessness/caring / listens to his wife’s pleading

3. a. The conspirators
b. Death
c. Noble person, valiant, brave

4 Marks

1.Value points

• *Seeks revenge.
• Incites the mob against the conspirators.
• Figurative language
• Powerful oratory

2. Value points

 Swayed by emotions
 First influenced by Brutus’ speech, then by Antony
 Fickle minded
 Take law into their own hands. (any 2 values)

5 Mark Questions

1. Value points
• Loyalty
• Faithfulness
• Firm
• Understanding
• Love, kind, affectionate
• Assertive
• Boldness to go against all odds.

2. Brutus logical, relying on intellectual understanding, places nation above

friendship, falls prey to Cassius’s conspiracy, true to his principles, not

Antony- impassionate, with emotional appeal, perfect speech, creates

sympathy for dead Caesar, appeals to their desire for a powerful ruler,
incites them to take revenge, proves that Caesar was not ambitious with
facts, uses his powerful oratorical skills

Julius Caesar – 2 -- PSBB Millenieum School.


1. a. That Caesar was not going to the Capitol as he was ill.

b. It refers to the old men, the senators.
c. Caesar thinks of himself as a powerful and able General. He was
proud, arrogant and contemptuous of others.

2. a. Calpurnia believed that these unnatural incidents signalled the

advent of some grave danger to Caesar’s life.
b. It means the most unnatural occurrences that never take place.
c. She was scared/terrified, apprehensive, superstitious and believed in

3. a. Antony was filled with grief. He was also very angry and incensed at
the brutal murder of Caesar.
b. Caesar loved the Romans and was extremely generous to them
c. To rouse the people to mutiny and revenge; uses diplomacy, oratory to
prove that Caesar was not ambitious; uses irony, sarcasm, tact to

4 Mark Questions
1. a. To allow Antony to carry Caesar’s body to the marketplace and to
speak the funeral oration. Cassius was afraid Antony would instigate
the Roman plebeians against the conspirators.
b. Yes, his greatest tragic flaw was his misplaced trust. He lacked
political sagacity and also under estimated Antony’s oratorical skills.
Brutus’ commitment to principles leads him to make miscalculations.
2. a. Antony to the conspirators. He intends to assure them of his allegiance
and loyalty by pretending to join hands with them.
b. No, Antony is extremely clever, shrewd, astute and very practical. He
knows that he must pretend to support the conspirators if he wants to
survive. Thus, he shakes hands with them.

5 Mark Question
• Caesar was stubborn and unyielding. He ignores Calpurnia’s
entreaties and goes to his final doom.
• He confused wisdom with over confidence and this led to his death.
• He was disdainful and contemptuous of others.
• He was arrogant and conceited and lacked humility which should
have been the hallmark of a great General.
• He believed himself to be invincible. He could no longer see the
difference between his powerful public image and his vulnerable
human body.

A Shady Plot by Elsi Brown

I. 1. a. The ghost gave up haunting as they had to remain glued to the

Ouija board to answer the queries → 1 mark content

b. The expression displays frustration and disgust of the speaker.

→ 1 mark content.
c. fanaticism/addiction/feeling of superiority → 1 mark. (value

2. a. The ghost – Helen of Troy, NewYork with other ghosts. → 1 mark

b. ‘The Writer’s Inspiration Bureau’ was formed to find the needy and
receptive writer and supply him with ideas and inspiration.
→ 1 mark content.
c. forthcoming/sympathetic/helpful/enterprising → 1 mark.
(value highlighted)

3. a. writer and an accountant.

b. submissive / confession
c. caring / devoted / hardworking.
4 Mark Questions
II.1. John Hallock embodies the typical middle class spirit. He had many
responsibilities. He could not devote all his time for writing. He
worked as a book-keeper in a lumber company. He had to pay for
grocery bills and Lavinia’s fancy shopping. He cared for his wife but
was also upset about her spend-thrift attitude. The writer puts
forward some universal traits of men. He believed that the woman is
frail, weak and cannot stand the unusual. He is so protective that he
does not reveal the truth about Helen to his wife. [ C→ 2, V→ 2]

2. Trust is the edifice for any relationship. Families should be built on

the concept of love and trust. The unpleasant incident at the Ouija
board party almost brought Hallock’s relationship with his wife on the
verge of breaking. She suspescted him of having an affair with another
woman. She decided to leave their home. But later when she
realisesd that her husband was true to her and it was only a ghost
which was responsible for her suspicion she reconciled with her
husband. It is important to have mutual trust to save relationships.
[C →,2 V→ 2]

5 Mark Question
III. The ghosts inspired writers who suffered from lack of inspiration –
they helped by triggering inspiration – I was inspired by the idea –
Given a chance I would form an association to help the needy / under
priveleged / children / …………. own response. (5 – value pts)


Modern Senior Secondary School

Value Points

1. a. The narrator’s first publisher Jenkins pestered him to write a story on

supernatural element and when he sat down to write he could not get
any shade of an idea so his mind began to wander off on other things.
b. Writer / book keeper / accountant for a lumber company.
c. Yes, people show off that they are different from others / incur loss of
money / expensive / interest towards fad will last for a short time /
practical utility and value will be less / harmful to ones mental, moral
and physical health. (any two) (Highlighted values)
2. a. “You” refers to John Hallock and “we” refers to the ghosts.
b. The speaker asked the listener to exert his influence on Ouija board
fanatics to stop using it, so that the listener could get the help from the
c. Highlighted values.
Reading books, listening to music, vocabulary improvement, solving
password puzzles, Sudoku, yoga and meditation, doing social service.
(any two)

3. a. Lavinia is a weak – willed and a sensitive women, subject to hysterics by

nature and when she looked at the apparition in her own living room he
thought that she would faint.
b. He got the bulliest plot for a ghost story.
c. Caring/ protective/loving (Highlighted values)

4 Mark Questions
1. Lavinia decided to leave her husband when she came to know at the
Ouija board party that a woman by the name of Helan has been
communicating with Hallock and suspected him. Later on she came to
know that it was only a ghost of a woman communicating with him and
not a real woman. So she decided not to leave her husband.

Value highlighted

i. One should not take others’ words on their face value and suspect the
integrity of dear ones.
ii. Mutual trust is essential to uphold relationships.
iii. One should avoid being faddy. (Two marks - content and two marks
- values highlighted)

2. A Shady Plot is a different kind of story.

• We have no horror or spine – chilling scenes
• Helen is no Helen of Troy but she is an owl eyed unattractive
• The atmosphere is different.
• The appearance of the ghost does not send chill down in John’s
• No dark castles or forest or horrible and shocking ghosts and
• Ghost does not threaten but helps John and provides inspiration
and the best plot for writing another ghost story.

Values highlighted.

No, it is not good to believe in superstitions. It affects one’s mental health. No

practical value – one’s innocence/ ignorance is being exploited and ruins one’s
domestic life. Fear on superstitious beliefs should be conquered. (Two
marks - content and two marks - values highlighted)

5 Mark Question

Value Points

• Have a futile imagination.

• Have knowledge about the world around and a hold on one’s language.
• Inspiration is an essential ingredient.
• Keep your ears and eyes open.
• Read classical stories by good writers of the past and the present.
• Adopt your own style.

Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram


1.a. “I” refers to the ancient mariner.

b. The mariners hung the dead albatross round the speaker’s neck to
remind him of the sin of killing the albatross.
c. The mariner was held solely responsible for their misery. As it was he
who had killed a friendly, helpful, harmless albatross for no reason.

2.a. The sun has been described as ‘glorious’ after the fog and mist.
b. Simile is the device used in the above lines.
c. Fickle minded sailors (first praised him, later cursed him for killing the

3.a. The hellish thing refers to the killing of the albatross.

b. ‘And it would work ‘em woe’ refers to the unhappiness and sorrow the
killing of the bird would bring the sailors.
c. ‘Hellish’ because they had killed the bird which brought them good
weather and which they considered as a Christian soul.

Four Mark Questions

1. The sailors first praised him for killing the bird but later on cursed him
for the suffering caused.
Not justified in the punishment meted out; partaken of the crime by
hailing him; also became guilty of the crime; should have owned
responsibility collectively. Not right to blame the mariner alone for their
2. Irony in the lines “Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” .
Repetition of the word ‘water’ conveys the idea of the vastness of
the ocean. In contrast the thirst of the mariners, they could not drink it
because it was impure and salty.
Deprivation in the face of plenty. Tongues parched and throats parched
with soot. Having wealth is not the point but it is the ability to enjoy
wealth and health to the happiness and prosperity of all, that is
important and this can happen with right actions which will not include
any hurt or injury to another living being.

Five Mark Questions

Content – 3 Marks
1. Held the mariner responsible for their suffering.
2. Felt killing of the bird was the sole cause of their troubles.
3. They felt that only the mariner should suffer for his sin, not the others.

Values – 2 marks
They felt he had killed the bird which was considered to be a good omen.
The pirit of the dead bird had caused the ship to get stuck in one place.

Ozymandias DAV Public School

1. a. the sculptor’s hand (1mark)
b. Sculptor’s fine work (½+½=1mark)
skilled workmanship
the features of the king
the emotions that came through the sculpture (any two points)
c. keen observation (½+½=1mark)
perfection in work
dedication (any two points)

2. • Two vast trunkless legs of stone (½+½=1mark)

• Half sunk, a shattered visage
• disappointment (½+½=1mark)
• antique land – shock – broken statue of a legendary king 2
• Care for heritage (½+½=1mark)
• Appreciative of art
• Civic sense
• Awareness of Fundamental Duties (any two points)

3. a. Desert (1mark)
b. destruction caused with the passage of time (½+½=1mark)
due to wars, battles or natural calamities
c. not to be boastful (½+½=1mark)
show respect for others

4 Mark Questions
1. • arrogant (1+1=2marks)
• boastful
• autocratic
• proud (any two points)
• Dedication to work (1+1=2marks)
• Keen observation
• Unprejudiced approach / no bias
• Perfection that lives on for ages (any two points)

2. i. Category – great men who make others feel small (1+1=2marks)

• he considers himself mightier than anyone else
• others unworthy
ii.• Humility, modesty (½X2=1mark)
• charity, benevolence
• understanding, considerate
• empathy
• fair and just (any two points)
iii • Gandhiji, Mother Teresa, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
or any other contemporary personality of repute (1mark)

5 Mark Question
1. •Humility, modesty (1X5=5marks)
• charity, benevolence
• understanding, considerate
• empathy
• fair and just
2. a.• Do not agree (3marks)
• Fall prey to the ravages of time
• forces of nature
• example of the statue of Ozymandias
• broken, uncared and forgotten.

b. • kind acts (½X4=2marks)

• genuine affection
• compassion
• respect for others
• practise what they preach

Amrita Vidyalayam, Chennai


1. a. Gogon Pakroshi and Patol Babu

b. to understand the role- to go deep into the character- present it to
perfection to the audience
c. made a positive impact- a monosyllable was taken as a challenge-
performed with precision

2. a. So that the scene could come out well

b. time factor-/ bright sunshine needed for the scene
c. lack of human touch / impersonal attitude

3 a. Patol Babu’ s wife, Patol Babu

b. not to expect too much/ could not be successful
c. did not dampen his enthusiasm/ wished for a clear throat to act with

4 mark Questions
1. Went to small lane to rehearse- used moustache- tried various emotions-
used newspaper- Calcutated distance -values: to be meticulous, to bring in

2. At first disappointed- mentor’s words made positive impact,- rehearsed

well- performed to perfection .values : Passion,dedication, not money-

5 mark Question
Faith in mentor, hard-work, dignity of labour, contentment, meticulous