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MMM – Festivals Edinburgh Case Study

Process using the adaptive cycle Associated milestones

Pre 1999 Festivals working together informally
RELEASE 1999 Festival Strategy Implementation (CEC)
Leadership/Initiative Phase 2005 Thundering Hooves Report and Steering Group set-up and identified need for strategic
body. [read Thundering Hooves]
2007 Festivals Edinburgh set-up by Directors of Edinburgh’s 12 largest Festivals (1.5
employees, £30,000 turnover) [read list of 12 festivals]

2007-2008 Identified areas of collaboration and formed six collaborative working groups across the
REORGANISATION Festivals to meet every six weeks and identify projects and areas of mutual interest.
Exploration Phase [read about working groups]
2007-2010 Identified and sought on-going commitment to funding. [read list of funders]

2008 Business Plan drawn up; based on Thundering Hooves recommendations

First Major Funding; £6 million from Scottish Government over three years for
development and promotion of Scottish made work. [read more about Expo fund]
Implementation of first major joint Festival project: Marketing Strategy and Plan; inc
launch of first joint Festival website. [read more about key projects]

GROWTH/EXPLOITATION 2008 Realisation and adaptation to limitations of resources, time and capacity across
Festivals and FE. External resources brought in where internal expertise was limited
Identify capacity restrictions and or capacity restricted
barriers Collaborative Groups begin to drive the business plan through the development of
.cohesive strategies and action plans across each area. [read collaborative strategies]

CONSOLIDATION/ 2009-2010 Joint projects moving from incubation to market place

CONSERVATION Innovation | Setup of Innovation Lab. [find out more about Innovation Lab]
Environment | Green Venue Initiative and partnership building. [more about GVI]
Maturing Development | new FT role created to execute joint sponsorship approach
Marketing | Execution/launch of international & digital campaigns & travel trade
Programming | collaborative approach for 2012-2014. [read description]
Professional Development | Execution of year-round training series and keynote talks
Advocate support of 2012-2014 ambitions
Advocate for continued support in light of current economic climate
8 FT, 5PT staff, £900,000 turnover. [see organogram]