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01-12-2010 Master Sarvari | Gurusfeet.


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Master Sarvari Brikta Rahita Tharaka Raja Yoga
Subm itte d by Mas te rcvvyo ga o n Fri, 07/31/2009 - 05:05. C anchupati Venkatarao Venkaswamy Rao (guru)
Ta gs: Brikta Rahita Tharaka Raja Yoga Maser's Yoga Master's Meditation Mynampati Narasimham (guru)

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Master Sarvari

Master CVV's Path

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In His/Her Body ("alive"): MOST POPULAR

Yes m ys elf the diffe re nce betwe en
spirituality a ...
Descendant Gurus:
Master CVV
T he now is bo ring, s ays the
Related Gurus: CancerTreatment m ind (blo g)
C omplete C ontrol
Ekkirala Krishnamacharya with Healthy Life No It's petrifying how little fro m
Master CVV Side Effects, the world truly ex ists : only the
Permanent Results.
Master Sarvari C o wurine.com /C on… now. ...

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Master Sarvari is my Master who initiated me. Master Sarvari is in Master's Yoga
line for the past 40 years. He wrote great books on Yoga and its Path.

As Master CVV said,

“You care for me. I’ll take care of you”.

“You pray w ith me. I’ll make you equal to me”.

Master Sarvari is just an example for the above words who reached to para
nirvanic levels.
What can I w rite about my Master. No words. RANDOM QUOTE
Any one w ho w ant to join in Master's Yoga and who are interested in Yoga
treatment can contact to the given address-
The m ind can e as ily be bro ught under co ntrol thro ugh

Master Yogaashram equanim ity, no t b y force o r ins is tence.

Plot no- 89,

— Pu jy a Sa n t Sh r i A sa r a m ji Ba pu

www.gurusfeet.com/guru/master-sarvari 1/3
01-12-2010 Master Sarvari | Gurusfeet.com
— Pu jy a Sa n t Sh r i A sa r a m ji Ba pu
Krishna Enclave,
Military Dairy farm Road,
Tirumalagiri, more quotes

Secunderabad - 500 015

Ph: 040-2779-0094/0-98491-03322
email: drvaasili@yahoo.co.in
Contact person : Mr.Vasanth Kumar.

If you w ant to meet the Master,my advice is first check your levels w hat you
are? Its a time w aste asking silly questions there. True Masters w ont speak, try
to pray w ith the Master, you will get your answers. For uncurable diseases you
can contact him. Its not cancer and AIDS. For this type of disease you can
extend your life.
Some people call and ask when the new batch is starting and any exercises are
there. These are all stupid Questions. Most of the people have w rong concept
about Yoga. They think Yoga is an exercise or Asanas or Breathing. Its is w rong.
Yoga is Beyond Mind.
Its a Souls w ork gives you link with supreme.

Master Sarvari w ritten around 50 books on Yoga -like-

- Life beyond Death.

- Masters and the art of Meditation
- The Mysteries of Kundalini
- Yoga Treatment
- An Opus Magnum - Andhra Maha Savithri ( Master Aurobindp's Savitrti)
- Asathoma Sadgamaya
- Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya
- Mruthorma Amruthangamaya etc..

Biographies of Various masters like -

- Master Buddha
- Master Jesus
- Master Aurobindo
- Master Ramana Maharshi
- Master Osho
- Master JK etc

Books are very easy to understand and vibrates excellently according to their
The blogs w hat you are reading in mastercvvyoga, are the w ritings of Master
Sarvari. Master Sarvari say's - " I wont plan to write- but it happens, some
power is behind it. The books are not the copy cats. The words and sentences
in the books are TRUTHS.

Location is at MD Farm Road, after crossing Thirumalgiri cross roads you have to
take left turn

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01-12-2010 Master Sarvari | Gurusfeet.com
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