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5 Author: Senator Lippert
6 Sponsor: Senator Lippert
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11 Whereas, Under Article II, Section J, Subsection E of the ASG Constitution and
1 Title VI, Section J, Subsection B of the ASG Code, the ASG Senate has
13 the authority to appropriate monies of the Allocations Budget by
14 legislation to be passed by the ASG Senate and approved by the ASG
15 President in the form of an Allocations Budget Resolution; and
1J Whereas, According to Title IV, Section 8, Subsection B of the ASG Code, monies
18 shall be appropriated to ³promote a diverse array of programs and
19 events, facilitate intellectual engagement, encourage collaboration
0 between students and student groups, and/or foster campus
1 community´; and

3 Whereas, The Appropriations Committee allocates nearly $40,000 each year to
4 Registered Student Organizations for administrative, special events,
5 and conferences; and
J Whereas, Being involved on campus and participating in extracurricular activities
8 promotes retention as well as general student well-being placing ASG in
9 a unique position of providing funding for these groups that are so
30 meaningful on a campus such as ours; and
3 Whereas, Despite the collaboration between the ASG Treasurer, the ASG
33 Appropriations Committee, the ASG Office Manager, and the ASG
34 Graduate Assistant, and their best efforts, many ASG funded RSO
35 events remain poorly promoted and often under-attended; and
3J Whereas, The ASG Allocations Budget is comprised of monies collected from the
38 ASG Student Fee, and the programs we fund are only as good as their
39 attendance by students paying into the student fee; therefore, it is our
40 responsibility to serve as responsible stewards of fee money; and
4 Whereas, One of the greatest outlets for the dissemination of student information
43 is via The Arkansas Traveler with a print circulation of 6000 issues
44 each week released on Wednesdays and a ³pick-up rate´ estimated at 3
45 different individual readers per issue, as well as an average of around
46 100 page views per day online and last year averaging ,916 page
4J views and 5,515 unique visitors per month; and
49 Whereas, The Arkansas Traveler offers a special discount rate of $J 34 per
50 column inch to on campus groups, however, the cost of advertising an
51 individual RSO event can be too great a burden for each group to bear
5 alone, especially when only four groups this round were allocated
53 funding warranting a Level 3 Budget; and
55 Whereas, The ASG Senate has a unique opportunity to collaborate with The
56 Arkansas Traveler to run a weekly print ad and running online ad to
5J promote these ASG sponsored RSO events in order to encourage
58 participation of more students with the following proposal:
60 For the Spring Semester, the Traveler will print 16 issues as follows ±
6 Jan 19 & 6
63 Feb , 9, 16 & 3
64 Mar , 9, 16 & 30
65 Apr 6, 13, 0 & J
66 May 4 & 11
68 The Traveler proposes the following advertising schedule ±
J0 Weekly Online Ad (Full Color Story Page Skyscraper)
J1 $5 00/week x 16 weeks = $400 00
J3 Weekly Print Ad (Black & White ¼ Page Ad)
J4 3c x 10 5´ x $J 34 = $31 1/week x 16 weeks = $3699 36
J6 Total = $4,099 36
J8 Whereas, University Programs and The Arkansas Traveler has operated this
J9 semester under a similar agreement to much success with attached
80 examples of advertising; and
8 Whereas, The total allocation amount would greatly benefit all the RSOs
83 receiving funding as well as encourage student knowledge, interest, and
84 participation in the groups we have on campus; then
86 Be it therefore resolved that: The ASG Senate appropriate $4,099 36 for the Spring
8J 011 Semester from the Allocations Budget to fund a
88 weekly online and print ad with the on campus student
89 paper, The Arkansas Traveler, for the purposes of
90 promoting ASG funded RSO events and other ASG
91 sponsored events in order to increase our outreach and
9 better utilize student fee monies; and
94 Be it further resolved that: This appropriation would be managed by the Traveler
95 Business Manager and to be paid by the ASG Office
96 Manager; and
98 Be it further resolved that: Any unused monies would remain in the ASG
99 Allocations Budget
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