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Introducing CarSim 8

The world’s most widely used and validated vehicle simulation software adds features to improve
productivity, streamline product development, and extend support for designing, testing, and
evaluating active safety technologies.

Sensors, Traffic, Scenarios

Automotive manufacturers are rapidly
integrating Advanced Driver Assistance
Systems (ADAS) that require vehicles to
monitor their environment and communicate
with other vehicles and road infrastructure.
These systems include: active cruise control,
crash avoidance, lane departure warning, and
parking assistance.
CarSim 8 provides a comprehensive set
of tools for developing and testing ADAS
controls and methodologies. CarSim 8
provides up to 20 vehicle-mounted sensors
that can detect the range, velocity, orientation,
and signal return strength of up to 99
stationary or moving objects. Each object in
the three dimensional environment can be Here are some of the new features:
programmed to coordinate its motion with • Copy and Link—automatically generates a duplicate data set and links
the primary vehicle, or any other object in it to the existing run.
the environment, allowing users to develop
complex test cases involving multiple vehicles • Automatic Plotting and Animation Aids—CarSim automatically
and other objects. generates output variables based on your selected plot and visualizer
All variables representing the objects in each
sensor’s field of view can be exported to a • Events and Procedures — simplified Home screen layout:
Simulink, LabView, or a custom C code model
that monitors the vehicle’s environment and
activates an adaptive control or warning
system. Objects that are no longer in the
current field of view can be automatically
recycled; they are dynamically placed in the
emerging field of view.
Sensors and moving objects add only a small
amount of extra computation, and work fine
in real-time HIL systems.

Productivity Tools—Ease of Use

Already renowned for our industry leading • Import and Export—several database and consolidated pars file operations
graphical user interface and vehicle data make it easier than ever to share data with co-workers and partners.
organization structure, Mechanical Simulation • Automatic Vehicle Colors—Change vehicle colors for animation overlays
has polled a diverse group of new and with a single selection:
sophisticated CarSim users to determine how
we can make CarSim more productive.
With this in mind, we have added features,
redesigned input screens, and automated
procedures that previously required VS
Commands or several steps. • Automatic Force Arrows—single screen interface to add force arrows
to your animations
Introducing CarSim 8
Run-time Visualization Panel 3D Road Enhancements
A run-time visualization panel provides CarSim 8 includes several three-dimensional
real-time information along with live road enhancements to provide more real-
animation during simulation. world topologies for vehicle dynamics experts
to develop increasingly sophisticated test
In addition to displaying driver input
cases and traffic scenarios. Users can add
commands such as throttle, brake, and
wandering troughs/ruts and create roads
clutch, the window can display up to
with variable widths.
five data points, and provide a visual
representation of the status of ESC, ABS, CarSim 8 also supports a new Step input table
or seven programmable indicator lights. that greatly reduces the effort to define road
Plots track user specified variables. cross section geometries.

FTire Support—Flexible Ring Tire Model

CarSim is known for accommodating many different tire models
allowing vehicle dynamics experts to select the best tire model for
their particular application. CarSim’s internal tire model is based on
classical combined slip theory. CarSim also supports the Pacejka 5.2
tire model and the MF-Tyre model supplied under license by TNO.
A continuing feature of CarSim is compatibility with the MF-Swift tire
model which is available at additional cost from TNO.
CarSim 8 adds support for the FTire Flexible Ring Tire model that
characterizes high frequency behavior, and provides better fidelity Data Encryption—
when tires encounter obstacles such as potholes and curbs. Green Links
Similar to the MF-Swift model, FTire requires significant The product development
computational power and cannot be run in an HIL system. process involves collaboration
between multiple corporate
entities – typically an OEM
and Tier 1 supplier. In order to facilitate
collaboration, CarSim is designed to allow
easy exchange of vehicle, chassis system,
or test maneuver datasets by means of
parameter files that can be readily shared
with product development partners.
CarSim 8 supports encrypted datasets—
allowing OEMs to provide suppliers validated
CarSim data in a confidential format.

Green links show encrypted datasets.

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