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Board Exam Recalls Massive transfusion - FFP

O neg patient - possible to give

Chemistry Anti-H reacts strongly with blood type O
AC for open heart surgery (heparin) NS1
Mechanical hazards (centrifuges, refrigerators)
Minor lipoproteins (IDL and Lp(a)) Microbiology
Pre-analytical (specimen collection and processing) Resistant to novobiocin (include novobiocin units)
(asked thrice) 0.04 U bacitracin
Moderate cholesterol levels (40 years old) Trichomonas or Enterobius (?) - most common urine
One step cholesterol - Liebermann contaminant
Cholesterol esterase - Enzymatic Larva migrans
Conversion factor of albumin and thyroxine and bilirubin Leishmania
(problem solving) Haemophilus X and V
Hypo and hyperthyroidism - lipid levels ASH (heart lung)
Taenia asiatica (third species ng Taenia)
CM Bile esculin
Tyrosine crystal, dropped with HCl yields what: tyrosine Salmonella
and leucine (petal-like) - Henry!! Apollon
Acrosomal cap Quellung/Neufeld
Gradings Corynebacterium ulcerans - same morphology as C.
Fire Hazard and Extinguishers diphtheriae on BAP
Bence Jones temperature Czapek's - Aspergillus
Refractometer Germ tube
Synovial fluid and blood glucose Cryptococcus
Hoffman - Brightfield Smallest RNA virus - Enterovirus
Ehrlich units - parameter in strip which uses this - Stuart's transport media
urobilinogen Epidermophyton morphology
Conversion of Ehrlich units S. aureus MSA
Pseudomonas - serrated edges
Hema Enterococcus UTI
Macrocytes - 25-50% (Grade if 1+ or 2+) NMP - urinary bladder cancer marker
Anemia of endocrine disease (erythropoietin) Water bacte - differential test media except: lactose
Aplastic anemia broth, endo or levine, bgbl (answer: lactose)
Layers of centrifuged capillary blood (3rd and 4th)
CD34 Histopath
WBC corrected count Inventors of Microtome
Stomatocyte Honing and Stropping
Coag Other name of clearing - dealcoholization
Factors 7,11 (cold) Color of non-biodegradable wastes - black
Factors 5,8 (labile) Ayre's spatula
IS Endocervical
Number of H antigen: four Unfixed lungs
HDN titer possible: 16-32 NBFormalin
Diego (prominent in Asians)
HDN least common
Cryptococcus - AIDS patients most common fungal
PCR - molecular assay
Type I Hypersensitivity - hives and itching
Blood bag colors in the Philippines
Gamma counter - isotope, fluorochrome (answer: