Oxidizer - fractal flames for OSX.

Please report any issues the Oxidizer community at http://rapmant-mac.com Oxidizer change log... Visual Clipboard. A window you cqn drag and drop genomes too and store them for later. The clipboard is persistent, and maintains the genomes between launches so they are available the next time you start Oxidizer. Fix for file type extension, the first save would use the wrong suffix if the ty pe was changed from sgi. Oxidizer change log... Snow Leopard Compatibility. However Oxidizer no longer supports Tiger, it works but some of the buttons have no text. Working on the genome while rendering it will no longer lose the progress window . Add file type extensions to image / movie files if missing from save dialog file name. The example genome_makes_valid_sheep.lua script now checks for compatibility wit h Electric Sheep 2.7

Oxidizer change log... Update flam3 Up and Down buttons for XForms XForms should now consistently order from 1 Brand new interactiive Lua Console XForm order should start from one when deleting / adding new XForms Fix for tree selection when driven from XForm table, wasn't setting current XFor m. Fix preview quality when not limiting the quality Oxidizer change log... Transformation Editor and Xform Editor selections now sync on Leopard, changing Transformation Editor selection will change Xform selection on Tiger but not vic e versa. Add 'Add empty genome' options. Enable new palette mode flam3 parameter. Add creation of loops ala Electric Sheep movies. Can now create a 'sequence', i.e. loops for all genomes loaded joined by edges. Get rid of colour shift, it's been obsolete for months. More thumbnails ignore the quality scale and size scale settings. flam3 updated to 2.7.18 Loading and Saving of Gradients enabled. Clean up resizing of gradient window. Insert some qt debug prints, will hopefully give some ideas why some people cras h on second render. Add Hue control to the gradient editor. Preview for gradient editor. Changes to quick view index rotation. Fix the centring of windows, should open where they closed.

Image save dialog maintains previous settings. Rendering can now by Cancelled Added Rendering ETA's to the progress Window. although there are still a few controls th at have not been adjusted to use it. Some of the default values are pretty useless.Oxidizer 0.. Having no comment would crash conversion of genome to Lua format for scripts. Drag and Drop flam3 files on to genome list views. This version of Oxidizer is mostly localized for the French. .2 change log...5. To use switch your Mac to French :-) There's a new menu option to re-run the last Lua script used. Changing the height now updates the width again when the aspect is locked. Auto-preview extended to all windows. New Gradient Editor. The odd parameter that could have QuickView applied does not. New Bits mean the French localization is incomplete. Auto-preview setting persistent between sessions. It does not take into account that some parameters are integers. Oxidizer 0. Known issues. can be set in preferences. Backing up the Genomes to ~/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer is now optional ..9. To use it press one of those strange buttons with a Q on it. Extended QuickView usage on Gradient Window.. Preview/Thumbnail Render preferences.. Allow drag and drop from Breeder Result Image Well to Gene Pool. Oxidizer 0.9.5. QuickView is a naff name. allowing you to set the size of the longes t dimension of the preview and limit the quality. Conistant labels for co-effs xform window now titled Transformations..5 change log. Bigger preview image wells A few parameters now have sliders. The main new feature is QuickView which renders thumbnails for range of values f or a particular parameter.5.1 change log. Render Movie as Stills now has jpeg.. so the window title is still "Window". Drag and drop from main window to Gene Pool would render a full render for the t humbnail rather than a preview.. the Oxidizer equivalent to Apo's Triangle Editor.2 change log. Transformation window. Most Recently run scripts list view on main window. Window size / positions are persistent between sessions.. with quality setting. Oxidizer 0. and 16 bit png option s.5.

.11 Oxidizer 0. GUI now resizable. Fixed Crashes related to colour selection from the Color Well palettes. and check if the flame would be compatible with Electric Sheep Oxidizer 0.. Oxidizer now generates genomes compatible with flam3 2. Greater stability as bad flam3 parameters should no longer crash Oxidize r. Oxidizer no longer compiles in flam3 source but runs executables included in the application bundle. Only keep the last three 'edits' information when breeding... Oxidizer now starts in the centre of the screen. This should make the Gene Pool more stable. when saving a file for the seconded time. Reduced memory usage. Oxidizer no longer attempts to breed 'empty' genomes if selected.4. . create and render Genomes . These last two change significantly reduce the amount of memory Oxidizer needs t o breed. This should have the following bonuses.4 change log. Increased Leopard Compatibility. More efficient use of multiple cores and processors. The bar progress indicator was using stupid amou nts of CPU. The default value of many of the Environment options can now be set in the prefe rences window. Fixed a Core Data issue where the first genome loaded into the editor would not get a preview render.Added a 1:1 aspect to the drop down window.5 Minor changes to the file dialogues to change the button labels Extra example lua scripts to sanity check flames before animation. Oxidizer 0. The Gene Pool would chose union method of breeding far to often leading to huge number of xforms in a genome. Copies of each genome rendered is now saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Oxi dizer rather than log..7. Oxidizer 0.7. Fixed an issue where Genomes generated in the Breeder or GenePool that used Fina l XForm could render differently in the main editor. Faster loading of flam3 xml files.5 Applies a few fixes in flam3 CVS to fix issues with really stupid numbers of xfo rms.. GUI changes to progress window.. GUI changes to the Gene Pool to make it a little more obvious which genes are ac tive. especially noticeable for flam3 files with do zens of Genomes. There is a preference option to change if the preview kindow is kept on top or n ot..3 change log. Fix crashes on Save.. Its now even chances for each method. flam3 code updated to version 2..2 change log. Oxidizer now includes a crucial fix to flam3 2.4 Lua scripting: Oxidizer can run Lua scripts to modify. Oxidizer now generate genomes compatible with flam3 change log.7.4.

A new prettier icon. Credits in the about window~/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer. .

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