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My names are Oromo Alfred Odiha artistically known as Check-B Magic, i was born on 1/1/1993 to Lily

Hidita Nartisio and Peter Caffenol Julius in a small village called "ohiri" of "oronyo" Boma Torit State. I
am a social worker, human rights and disability rights activist,Talent developer, creative executive
producer and entertainer, i am the Founder of Able Disabled Organization(ABD), a Cross Disability Non
profit Charity talent development organization championing for inclusion, integration and empowerment
of persons with disabilities, vulnerable children and disadvantaged groups in society.

I was born with my right leg shorter than the left leg, I also lost half of my hands and fingers to fire at a
crawling stage of childhood. I have been abondoned, neglected and rejected because of my disability. I
became a victim of abuse, stigma and discrimination, . It wasn't my choice to be disabled, neither did i
blame my parents for what happened to me

Growing up, i never felt unequal from the able kids, i learned to write with my right hand and inclusively
study with able children with no fear of being stigmatized at school. it hasn't been easy to come out of
the closet and proudly accept the fact that i will live with a disability for the rest of my life, my mother
has been my greatest mentor and motivator,

I went to Agago Refugee Camp elementary school in 2000, St. Kizito Primary School in Isoke 2005, and
sat for my primary leaving examination (P.L.E) in 2007 at Uganda Martys Centenery in kitgum Nothern
Uganda. I completed my secondary school studies at Merryland High School Entebbe in 2010 and
acquired the Uganda certificate of Education (UCE). I joined Multitech Business school in 2014 for college
and acquired an advanced certificate in cisco computer associate and a diploma in Information
Communication Technology (ICT). I am pursuing a bachelor in Social Work and Human Development at
St. Lawrence University (SLAU) Uganda.

Socially, I began entertaining at a young age, i started doing dramatic arts, writing songs and scripts
before i eventually recorded my first song in 2015, Music has been my soul redemer, it is a medium i
vividly utilize to speak and advocate for matters that impact the lives of persons with disabilities and also
be a Motivational and inspirational lead voice for the most vulnerable voiceless groups in society.

Musically, i have been nominated and awarded various awards, my music is gaining national regional and
global attention, going all the way to being the first south sudanese disabled musician to get a constant
music video play on MTV, Trace TV, AfroMusic, Soundcity TV,

My mission is to advocate for able and disabled youth and the elderly.

No child should be neglected or abandoned because of his/her disability.,

My Disability is My Pride. (Check B Magic)

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