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1 State vs chetan manchanda 19/7/18 Ld. PO is on leave. Put up for the
(498A) scrutiny of documents of
chargesheet /Argument on
2 Sheetal Makol vs Vineet Makol Adv. Anuj Aggarwal appeared Ld. PO was on leave. Put up for
(DV) on LDOH 27.03.18. so next date PE. On the last date the
is to be checked from him. complainant was directed by the
court to file the complete list of
witness before the next date of
3 Sanjeev Prasad vs Nandini 31/5/18. Order for fresh PF/RC was made
Prasad (divorce) on 28/03/18. PF/RC to be done
before NDOH 31/05/18. Order
for dasti summons was also
done, which are to be collected
and served on DV date i.e
4 Sanjeev Prasad vs Nandini 24/04/18 On 10/01/18 the matter was put
Prasad (DV) up for argument on interim
maintenance. Proxy council took
adjournment and the matter
was referred to mediation.
5 Deepika munday vs Rakesh 26/05/18 Cross examination of
Munday (125 crpc) complainant was done. PE
closed now put up for DE.
Evidence was not filed by
defendant, So cost of Rs 5000
was imposed on defendant.
6 Deepika munday vs Rakesh 22/05/18 On 03/02/18 respondent
Munday (u/s 9 HMA) (rcr) appeared in person. Main
counsel for respondent was
absent so adjournemtn was
sought by respondent to make
efforts for mediation now put up
For mediation
7 Deepika munday vs Rakesh 23/05/18 On 17/02/18 Ld. PO was on
Munday (u/s 12 DV ) leave. Reply of 340 was to be
filed by the respondent and also
for Argument on interim
8 Deepika munday vs Rakesh 23/05/18 Argument on charge
Munday (498A)
9 Sangeeta vs Mukesh (DV)  Order to be checked
10 State vs Ajay 23/04/18 Scrutiny of documents of
chargesheet done. Copy of 161
statement collected now put up
for Argument on charge
11 Rita Pahuja vs Mohit Pahuja 07/05/18 WS on behalf of R1 and R2 was
filed on 07.04.18 from our side.
Copy of CD of recording is to be
filed in Court on NDOH.
12 State vs Naresh Aggarwal 18/07/18 Put up for arguments on point of
summoning of the accused
13 State vs mukesh (498A)
14 Shalini Arora vs Rahul Arora 19/05/18 Cross of complainant
(125 crpc )
15 Shalini Arora vs Rahul Arora 21/04/18 On Final arguments.
(revision) (appeal)
16 Shalini Arora vs Rahul Arora Satisfied and case closed. Put up for the payment of Rs.
(execution) 60,000
17 Shalini Arora vs Rahul Arora
18 Shalini Arora vs Rahul Arora
19 Shalini Arora vs Rahul Arora 05/05/18 Affidavit for evidence is to be
(divorce) filed and cost of Rs 1000 is to be
20 Shalini Arora vs Rahul Arora 30/06/18
21 Vikas chaudhary vs Hakumat 10/04/18 Due to strike, Client Original documents are to be
singh paul appeared himself, and NDOH is exhibited and verified
to be checked from Him.
22 Chand rani vs keshu bhargava 16/04/18 Application for cancellation or
modification the exparte order
to be filed