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Living Way WALK... ee 7 eee roo Col. 2 6&7, 1 John 2:6 In Love Eph. 4:31-5:22, 2Jn.1:6 By Faith ee eT Cots) EEE El Paso Texas ‘You will hear = z ‘As most of you know, we We have been so blessed this businesses in El Paso and aword saying ° this is the way. |fansport the donations in a 24 year, and God has been an- Juarez. Please pray for his pro- walk there in, | foot trailer and when we return swering our prayers one by _tection as he crosses the bor- 15.30:21, to El Paso, the trailer is parked one. One thing Ihave been _der. As most of you are aware, Rom.10:17 in front of my mother’s home. praying for, for some time, is Cd. Juarez is the number one Walk in light, |As ROOT Intemational grows, that God send someone to help murder capital of Mexico. Hohn. 1:7 ‘we have been looking fora me in El Paso and Mexico. My Innocent people (women and Jobn 8:12 place to work from instead of prayers were answered when children included) are killed John 3.19-21 | Out of our trailer and my Francisco Javier Salas crossed everyday. Walk humbly {mother's home. We are happy my path. Javier was born in with God. to announce that we have Mexico and gave his life to Micah 6:8 found a place. The Manhattan Christ at an early age. He has a Press toward {Presbyterian Church of El desire to serve the Lord in any the mark, the |Pas0 has provided us a one capacity that God might direct high calling _|F00m building that at one time him. It was fortunate for us of God. had been used by the Boy _that God directed him in our Phil. 3:13-14 |Scouts. Itis large enough to direction, Since May, Javier is Be lead of meet our present needs, and it in charge of working with the the Spirit. is where we can have volun- _ pastors who are operating din- left to right Romans 8:1 __|teets come to help us, We are ing facilities in Cd. Juarez. He Francisco Javier Salas, so gratefull to God and to Man- does on site visits, brings food _Neli, Karoll, and Marlene. To walk in good works, |hattan Presbyterian Church. across the border and works Future board members of Eph.2:10 Thank You. with coordinating help with Root International Mexico Titus 2:13,14 z Col, 1:10-14 Mexico 1 Thes. 2:12 houses about 15 men, and we please call me, Becky at 915- There have been some donate food and household 540-8737 or 724-699-1182. Sowecan be | changes, and we are no longer items to them when we can. ROOT International will also an example, working with De Manoa _Both the dining facilities and be buying food and drinks for bees ae Mano, but we are still support- the men’s home are in need __the party. Help us make ing pastors and their dining of Spanish Bibles and tracts. Christmas a special time for facilities. There are three din- Some of the money we receive these children. ing facilities that have an aver- from your support will go age of 35 children each and _ toward buying the Bibles. 9 gt {two more that will be opening In December we will have our in January, Because you sup- Christmas party, and we are port us, we have been able to anticipating distributing close Spreading Roots | buy food and gasoline. to 500 toys. If you live in the We have also added a men’s _ El Paso area and have some rehabilitation home, that toys you would like to donate GROW Love in eer] rer) giving eee tern Pee) smear ee eae Ezekiel 33:31-32 Cyd eae ead ee une Pia ru Cece eos ri ec his peace. Ped the ccs Cora eres eee LIfe ieee) Tam happy to announce that we are partnering with Appalachian Outreach, Inc. The Founders, Rose Hart and Diane Reineke, have servant hearts and work to help the needy in over 25 counties in West Virginia. Their mission is to alleviate poverty and bring relief to disaster areas in West Virginia. ROOT International made three trips with trailer loads of furniture, bedding, household items, small appliances and many other goods which were very much appreciated, and would end up in one of the 25 counties they serve. Your monetary donation helped pay for diesel fuel and a lunch for our driver and volunteers who went along to unload the trailer. Thank you. Back to Grove City College For the past three years Erica Damcott gave of her time and talents to speathead the student donation drive at Grove City College. She graduated in May, and we want to thank her for all ‘the support she gave ROOT International during those years. Our thanks also go to the stu- dents. For the past six years ROOT International has been collecting household items, appli- ances, food and furniture which would otherwise end up in the dumpsters. These donations are given to organizations we support in PA, Ohio, West Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and Mexico. It has made a difference in the lives of the people they help. We are making plans to contact other colleges in the area and will be looking to build a warehouse in Mercer, PA. Thank Yow For Your Prayery August 21st my sister was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She was vomiting and screaming due to the pain. A few houry later she was in a coma. Many prayery went out for her. My family andl are grateful to all, but I would like to give w special thanks to- Pastor Jason and the congregation of West Middlesex Presbyterian Church for their support. The help I received with travel expenses made it possible for me to fly out immediately. God way merciful, and three weeks later Rachel regained consciousness. Her total stay ithe hospital way nine’ weeks. She spent time inthe ICU and CCU, and we never knew from one day to the next what her condition would be. It took the doctory a week just to receive confirmation that she had West Nile Virus. One person died from thiy in the El Paso area. Rachel almost died afew dayy after she way admitted. Today she ivina nursing home receiving therapy to help her walk again. She stil needy your prayeryand we are not sure how long it will take for her to recover. Thank You, Becky Vogauv Navajo Update On June 18, 2010, Root International founders, Art and Becky Vogan, along with Root Navajo Nation coordinator, | Jim and Karen Bennington and her husband, Jim traveled to Karen Waynesburg University, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. They | Bennington attended the Synod of the Trinity Presbyterian Women’s gathering in support of Navajo Pastor Norma McCabe and to provide a Root International information display. Navajo Presbyterian Pastor, Reverend Norma McCabe and her daughter, Milinda Benallie from Arizona attended also, Norma is the part-time Pastor of Kayenta Presbyterian Pastor church, Kayenta, Arizona, She also works as a part-time | Norma Native American consultant to the Grand Canyon Presby- | McCabe tery. Reverend McCabe led two workshops on ‘Navajo and her Spirituality, Past & Present’. She shared how after her daughter Mother's death, her Christian older brother led the family | Benallie to become Christians. Reverend McCabe & Milinda were able to bring Navajo beadwork & some weavings to display and sell. Kayenta Presbyterian church was one of the two recipients of a Synod of the Trinity (Presbyterian Women) grant for 2010. Shenango Presbyterian Women sponsored | A much the grant application & helped with transportation fees, —_| needed housing, and airport connections for out Navajo friends. | delivery ‘Thank you to all the women of the Synod of the Trinity from and the Shenango Presbytery who worked to make the ‘Kayenta grant possible. Presbyterian Women’s Fall Gathering On October 16, 2010, the Shenango Presbyterian Women’s Fall Gathering was held at East Mai Presbyterian Church, Grove City, Pennsylvania. The ladies brought many useful items for the Navajo Christmas at Kayenta, AZ. New toys, new afghans, school supplies, personal hygiene products, wash- cloths, and towels were some of the gifts placed on the Root trailer to be taken out to the Reservation. Bethany Presbyterian church, Mercer, Pa. had their sock, hat, and mitten tree full of items to go out on the trailer also. Donations of money for gasoline to get the trailer to Arizona were a very big help. Your support of the people of the Navajo Nation who are part of the household of faith is greatly appreciated. Just a few of the happy faces you have made possible with your love and generosity. CONTACT US: We need your e-mail address. Please e-mail us at rootinternational@yahoo.com. We hope to re enter the refresh Pepsi contest and need your vote. We were 196 on the lst last time and needed to place ‘st or 2nd. We will need your e-mail to also send updates when we can. Macy's Update Our thanks go out to all who bought tickets. We do not have a complete tally on our sales but should have a report in our next newsletter. This year I was not able to get the word out in time and fewer tickets were sold. We are still thankful for whatever we receive, Prayer requests: It would be our privilege to pray for you. Please feel fee to contact us with your prayer needs at rrootinternational@yahoo.com or you may contact Vicki Narlee the Root International prayer ‘and supplication director at narleev@gmail.com All prayer requests are kept confidential Php 4:6-7 KJV Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with ‘thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (7) And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. 1Pe 5:7 KJV Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. ‘Do you know answer: #1