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  Ta xp a ye r / With h o ld in g Ag e n t' s p a r ticu la rs
Payment Year 2020

Payment Month Jan, 202

  Tax Month 01/2020 Select Type   Name NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMPLEX/CENTRE (NDC)
 Cre a t e Pa yme nt Slip 9010629-6

Sales Tax
  Sa le s Ta x With He ld       Sta
Federal Excise
    Pa r t ic ula r s of Wit hholding Age nt
Income Tax

Sales Tax With Held     Collectorate RAWALPINDI

    NTN 9010629-6
Plot No. 94, NESCOM Complex (NDC), H-11/4, Islamabad Islamabad U rban , ISLAMABAD

Attach File for Payments:  

Attach File
  D e t a ils of File s Uploa de d

     No files are attached with this statement

Taxpayers Detail :  

1. NTN 2502202-4 2. Name of Supplier SHU KRIA BANO 3. Type

4. No of Invoices 5. ST Charged 9,500 6. ST Deducted


  D e ta ils o f P a ym e n t:

 He a d of Ac c ount D e sc r ipt ion

 (NAM Code )
  B-02341 Supplies
  B-02366 Services
  Tot a l   

  P a r ticu la rs o f P a ym e n t:

Mode Amount PO/CH/AC No. PO/CH Da t e Ba nk Cit y

Cash 9,500
S e le c t ADC (e -paym e nt) m ode to Pay e le c tronic ally through any Online Com m e rc ial Banking S yste m
   Add Payment Mode

  Co n ta ct D e ta ils :

    Email Address

    Mobile Number*

System sh all sen d Em ail/SM S in tim ation for th is PSID to above con tact details. You can also provide oth er M obile No/Em ail Address wh ere you wan t to recieve th ese n otifi cation s.

Select ADC (e-payment ) mode t o Pay elect ronically t hrough any Online Commercial Banking Syst em