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March 8-10 2011

Nikko Hotel, CBD Kuala Lumpur


Foundation Series

The next conference on the Foundations of Islamic Finance Series is

being sponsored by leading institutions well known for training,
practice and research on Islamic Finance. You are invited to
participate in the second Foundations of Islamic Finance Conference
with the theme “Islamic Banking Products: Theory, Practice & Issues”.
The first Symposium held in May 2010 in Dubai was well received by
the industry resulting in a manuscript to be published
internationally: the book has 13 well-researched chapters written by
eminent practitioners and scholars on the theme “Sukuk Securities:
Theory, Practice and Issues”.

This event is a joint effort by tertiary institutions and top

industry players to create public discussion and authentic literature
for the industry and for universities. Professionals and scholars
need to attend this and the ensuing conferences in the years ahead to
keep abreast of the literature being created.The main focus of the
2011 Conference is to generate a series of publications based on
contributions from scholars, regulators, and industry players on
Islamic Banking more narrowly focusing on Islamic banking products:

•Banking: Framework of maqasid al-Shariah & Related Issues

•Banking: Product structuring, instruments & innovation
•Banking: Issues of Shariah Laws, Regulation and Compliance
•Banking: Accounting, legal and regulatory issues
•Banking: Risk management & Treasury operation

For more information, please see the page "Call for papers and
Participation" by clicking here.

The aim of this research-based series is to encourage open discussion

leading to quality publications: authentic books, refereed journal
articles, doctoral proposal discussions and conference proceedings.
All papers will be carefully peer-reviewed by practitioners and
scholars in order to provide a forum for advancing this new niche
Islamic finance being taught in tertiary institutions.

Islamic Finance has grown rapidly over its short 50-year history. The
total assets managed by some 500 institutions amount to US$ 3,000 to
US$ 4,000 billion in 76 countries. With about two-thirds of the
markets being managed in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has emerged as the
major hub for Islamic financial markets although there are six other
sizeable markets elsewhere.

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The conference series is sponsored by: Graduate School of
Management, University Putra Malaysia; Association of Islamic
Banks Malaysia; International Center of Excellence in Islamic
Finance (INCEIF); International Shariah Research Academy for
Islamic Finance; and Malaysian Islamic Financial Center.

The chief guest giving the keynote is very likely to be from

the Bank Negara Malaysia (central Bank). Prof Abbas Mirakhor,
formerly of IMF, is an expert on Islamic Finance, will deliver
a keynote speech on day 2 of the conference. The following
industry professionals and scholars have agreed to

Industry Experts:
Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (invitation pending confirmation)
Dr Abbas Mirakhor (INCEIF-ISRA formerly IMF)
Prof Bambang Permadi Brodjonegoro (Islamic Development Bank)
Mr Mohd Rithuan Dato’ Mohd Shamsudin (Executive Director Association
of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia)
Mr Meor Amri Meor Ayob(CEO, Bond Pricing Agency)
Dr Yeah Kim Leng (Group Chief Economist, Rating Agency of Malaysia)
Mr Peter Casey (Director of Policy and Head of Islamic Finance,
Dr Nasser Saidi (Chief Economist, DIFC, Dubai)
Prof Norredine Karchene (INCEIF, formerly IMF)
Mr. Syed Alwi ( Director of Origination, Standard Chartered Saadiq)

Prof Syed O. Alhabsi (Chief of Academic Affairs, INCEIF)
Emeritus Prof Rodney Wilson (Qatar Foundation & University of Durham:
pending confirmation)
Prof Munawar Iqbal (ex IDB and Dean of Faculty of Islamic Banking &
Prof Mervyn Lewis (Chair in Banking, Australia)
Prof Obiyathulla I Bacha (Head Postgraduate Studies, INCEIF)
Dr Akram Laldin (Executive Director, ISRA)
Dr Asyraf Wajdi(Head of Research Affairs, ISRA)
Prof Abdullah Saeed (Sultan Qaboos Chair, University of Melbourne
Centre of Excellence in Islamic Studies)
Prof Michael Skully (Chair in Banking, Australia)
Prof Murat Çizakça (Distinguished Chair Prof at INCEIF)
Dr Paul S Parashar (Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance)
Dr Mansoor Khan (Researcher, university staff, Australia)
Prof Zubair Hassan (Scholar, INCEIF)
Mr Aderi Adnan (Director, Islamic Finance, DIFC)

Several more eminent industry practitioners and scholars will be

involved, and their invitations are pending decision.


The conference will be held at the Nikko Hotel in the CBD, Kuala
Lumpur. The conference will start with an opening reception in the
evening of Monday March 7, 2011. The conference proper will be on 8
March with a keynote speech by a central banker. On 9 March, a panel
session will discuss all the commissioned papers for the book. A
doctoral colloquium will discuss the best selected papers on 10
March, 2011.

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Twenty papers accepted for the conference will be published as best
papers in two leading journals in finance. The commissioned papers,
after review and revisions, will be edited and published by a
reputable publishing house as the next volume of a research book on
Islamic Finance: each conference leads to one research book. All the
accepted papers will be collated and edited as a non-copyrighted Book
of Proceedings to be sent to leading universities across the world
(authors can decline articles being included in the proceedings


The submission deadline is Friday January 14, 2011. Paper writer(s)

will be notified of the International Review Committee's decision by
end January. The registration fee is US$240 (payable as RM 750)
collected through credit card authorisation via the web site. The
conference papers, if found to be relevant, may be considered for
inclusion in the book as a commissioned paper. The conference
participation fee includes the welcome reception on March 7, morning
drinks and lunch on March 8 and 9 with a dinner on March 8.

The submission deadline for doctoral papers is Friday 7 January,

2011. Doctoral proposals will be considered by a panel of professors
before being accepted. Doctoral proposal should be made as per the
instructions to be posted soon in the website. The proposals can be
on any topic within the Islamic Finance area.

Paper submissions:


Inquiries about the conference may be sent to:

Prof Shamsher Mohamad; Ph +(603) 89467433; shamsher57@yahoo.com;

Prof Murali Sambasivan; Ph +(603) 8943 7703; murali@econ.upm.edu.my;
Ms Siti Badarny Hassan; Ph: +(603) 8946 7723 badamy@putra.upm.edu.my;


CONTACT: Mohamed Ariff

Email: mariff@bond.edu.au
Tel: +

CONTACT: Shamsher M.
Email: shamsher57@yahoo.com
Tel: +

SECRETARIAT: Graduate School of Business

University Putra Malaysia
43400 Serdang, Selangor DE
Malaysia. Fax: +(603)-8943-4019

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