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Minutes Of The Meeting

October 20, 2018

I. Call to order
The facilitator called to order a meeting for the construction of the new Call
Center Building in Brgy. Daro, Dumaguete City at 1:00 p.m on October 20, 2018
at The Cliff, Valencia, Dumaguete City.

II. Roll call

The secretary conducted a roll call. The following persons were presented:

Peach Ansula

Sheila Bacolod

Jude Cabugnason

Angelica Cadavis

Reggie Candido

Cristina Paculanang

Frexy Villa

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

The secretary reads the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were
approved as read
IV. Agenda
Ms. Ansula presented the agenda of the meeting then asked the corporate
officers if there were any other agenda they would like to add to the
1. Looking for trustworthy partners for more construction workers.
2. Looking for specific company that has construction materials which
cheaper to buy.
3. Transportation
4. The attorney’s to handle agreements and government approvals.
5. The environmental consultants and soil engineers.
6. The general constructor of the project who will hire sub-constructors to put
the architectural plans into actions.
7. The site planners that will address project design.
8. The market consultants that will determine demand and project’s

V. Agreement
It was agreed that the PhilX Condex Construction will be the priority in adding
construction workers for the project. For the building materials, Robinson’s
hardware was chosen. It was decided that 2Go traveling company will handle the
transportation. Ms. Cristina Paculanang already inquired Atty. John Locke for the
agreements and government approvals and was already settled by Ms. Sheila
Bacolod represented to inquire Stephen Currie PE, D.GE,F.ASCE for the
environmental and soil check up. For the general contractor and site planning Mr.
Jude Cabugnason already asked Mr. Chu Yen for the partnership of the project
and was agreed by everyone and was already settled. As the market consultant
Ms. Angelica Cadavis represented to work with Ms. Peachie Ho in order to
determine the demand and the project’s economics. Everyone agreed to have
the required task complete before November 25 2019.

VI. Adjournment
The facilitator adjourned the meeting at 3:30 pm.

Minutes submitted by:

Frexy Ellyzza Villa
Cristina Paculanang
Secretary 2
Minutes approved by:
Reggie Candido
Engineer, TC Company
Angelica Cadavis Jude Cabugnason

TCC Representative, Cebu City TCC Team Leader

Sheila Mae Bacolod Peach Ansula

TCC Assistant Manager TCC Head Manager


The partnership proposal of Tulip Call Center Company with the PhilX Condex
Construction has reached to an agreement. The project then commenced immediately
after the partnership was passed and approved by the Government and hereby
authorizes the collaboration of both parties in accordance to the Civil Code of the
Philippines R.A No. 432, Title IX Partnerships Chapter 3, and Chapter 6 : Obligation of
the Partners, Section II, Obligations of the Partners Among Themselves.

1. At a meeting of the partners held on October 20, 2018, during which all
the partners were present, the following resolution were duly passed and
approved unanimously.
2. The only item that was discussed of the said Partnership between both
parties was the date of the jump-start of the construction and the
estimated time it would take to built.

RESOLVED, The construction commenced on the 25th day of November, 2019,

with the assistance of the PhilX Condex Construction, with the expenditures covered by
the allotted budget, and with the extra manpower from the associate, the construction of
the said building is estimated to finish in the year 2019.

IN WITNESS WHEREFORE, we have here unto affixed our signatures this

October 30, 2018 in Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete City.

Peach Ansula Chu Yen

Head Manager OIC of PhilX

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